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Ready for Some Real-Life Dragon Questing? Dragon Quest: The Real Opens for a Limited Time at Universal Studios Japan in 2017!

Have you ever wished that you could set out on a real-life adventure to battle monsters like the ones in Dragon Quest? Since the release of the first game in the series in 1986, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest has remained intensely popular, selling over 66 million copies. “Dragon Quest: The Real” at Universal Studios Japan is a real battle attraction that gives participants the chance to experience battling with monsters for real, recreating the world of this nationally (and internationally!) beloved game to stunning perfection on an overwhelming scale. This attraction is open for a limited time only from Friday, March 17, 2017, so if you’ll be in Japan make sure you pay a visit to Universal Studios Japan!

“Dragon Quest: The Real” is the result of Universal Studios Japan’s expertise in creating content that brings the world of popular franchises to life. This amazing technological strength and creativity has seen the production of attractions like “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, and the world of Dragon Quest is the latest to get the Universal Studios Japan treatment. Dragon Quest fans are sure to be blown away by the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of this incredibly popular game series and set off on a real-life adventure!

Intense Real-Life Battles with Wave Upon Wave of Monsters - Arm Yourself With Real Weapons and Wield Them Against Monsters! This Is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Become a Hero for Real!

Participants get to experience the world of Dragon Quest for real as everyone gets their own weapon and works together with the rest of their party as they travel through amazingly realistic dungeons and fight the monsters that appear before them. Remember the locations in Dragon Quest that you always dreamed of wandering through in real life but could only experience virtually? Thanks to this attraction, you get to become the main character of the game and explore those scenes in real life! This experience is only available at Universal Studios Japan, thanks to the first ever Dragon Quest real battle attraction. Look out for more “Dragon Quest: The Real” info in the near future!

Comment from Ryutaro Ichimura, Supervising Producer of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Project:
“The day when Dragon Quest fans can experience the world of Dragon Quest for real is getting closer and closer! We’ll continue to work together and put our heart and soul into bringing you the most incredible Dragon Quest experience ever as the grand finale to the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Project, and we hope you’re all as excited as we are!!”

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Mizunewt, the Bubble Pokemon!

Type: Water/Fairy
Abilities: Bubble Bath*/Dancer
Hidden Ability: Serene Grace
Height: 3ft 11in
Weight: 98.9 Lbs

Their scales shimmer with a myriad of colours, like a glistening opal, which has lead to their scales being used in many assortments of fine jewelry. the Males have larger and more vividly coloured fins to attract mates, keeping their scales clean with their naturally produced soap from their tail hairs. 

*Bubble bath: Upon being sent out, the pokemon’s speed and accuracy increase by one stage.

Base stats:
Hp: 70
Att: 50
Def: 70
Sp.Att: 100
Sp.Def: 80
Speed: 90
total: 460

Evolves from Mizupole at lv 36

Evolves into Mizutsunami at lv 60

The Signs' "Types"
  • *Use Venus sign as well as sun
  • Aries: Athletic, usually blondes, green eyes.(Those who like females like around the 5'5-5'7 range, boys 6'0+)
  • Taurus: Intelligent, usually brunettes, curly hair. (Likes Females 4'11-5'3, Likes Males 5'10+)
  • Gemini: Intelligent, freckles, day-to-day talkers. (No height type).
  • Cancer: Nice, cute. No physical "type". Likes clingy.
  • Leo: Supportive, quirky, spoilers. (Likes Girls, cuddle height. Likes Guys, taller than them).
  • Virgo: Hopeful, big dreamers. Generally physically attractive. (Likes Girls, shorter than them. Likes Guys, like an entire foot taller than them they do not play games).
  • Libra: Conversationalists, "True Neutrals", very "odd" physical affliction, usually a darker aesthetic. (No physical).
  • Scorpio: Adventurous, brave, quirky, sexual. (Likes eyes with depth, has no height preference).
  • Sagittarius: Adventurous, quirky, interesting, funny. (Likes a huge height difference). (Likes Girls, strong and independent. Likes Guys, able to pick them up and also independent).
  • Capricorn: Someone who they can depend on, but needs them as well. Someone with depth. Someone to listen to. (Must be generally attractive, or high on their own personal attractive scale. Height doesn't matter, usually likes blue eyes).
  • Aquarius: Quirky, dependable (but will also depend on them), selfless, interesting. (No physical needs, other than being able to go do random stuff and has eyes with depth).
  • Pisces: Dreamy, interesting, artistic, creative. Likes eyes that change color AND have depth. High expectations in personality and how they treat them, that must be met).
New Attraction Proposal

We already have romantic, sexual, sensual, platonic, aesthetic. Well, I have another one to add to the attraction scale!

It’s -communication attraction! Basically it tells us who you talk with!

Are you a woman who has only ever talked to other women and has never once talked or interacted with any man? You’re homocommunication! Are you somebody who likes chatting it up with all genders? You’re pancommunication! Do you only like to small talk with people of the opposite gender? Heterocommunication!


Authors Note: I will continue more ace!Tony if people want me to in the future. I love this baby.

Tony loved Steve.

Tony wrung his hands as Steve sat him down in the bathroom. He dipped a clean rag into some warm water and started to dab at the cut above Tony’s eyebrow. Tony winced but held still for him, letting him take care of the dripping blood.

It hadn’t been a terrible fight. There were robots and they all got banged up, but Tony was one of the more vulnerable besides Natasha and Clint. They took care of each other and Steve had taken to taking care of Tony. Somehow, the slip was entirely comfortable and to be expected. No one questioned it.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm not ace/aro, I'm actually a lesbian, but I just wanted to say that I support you guys and I'm sorry you get so much hate. I just wanted to tell you guys that, scientifically speaking, asexuality has always been seen as a real sexuality. Like, the Kinsey scale, which measures sexual attraction on a scale from 1 (completely heterosexual) to 6 (completely homosexual) also has the option of 0, which represents no sexual attraction. So yeah, you guys have always been valid and (pt. 1)

Pt. 2) even though you might not experience the same discrimination or have the same experiences that other lgbtqia+ people have, you still don’t fit the whole cishet binary of attraction that is considered to be normal in our society. Sorry this is so long but you totally are welcome in this community and I promise a lot of lgbtqia+ people feel the same way as I do.

Comments like these make me so happy, and I will never stop appreciating them. They give me so much hope and confidence about Aces.

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James ↔ O Cap'n My Cap'n
  • James: So cool story
  • James: I made a bet with Evans a while back
  • James: And so she told me she thought I was an 8/10 on the attractiveness scale
  • James: But at the same time, she also insulted my personality and told me that it brought my score down, so I'm not sure if it counts as a compliment or not???
  • James: She still ranked me over Sirius though, which lead me to believe she REALLY hates long hair.
Demisexual Problems:

I understand that you like me, but I need you to understand that I experience attraction in kind of the opposite way than most other people. All non-friends are in the friend-zone; friends are not. I need to know you better; emotional connectivity as well as personality are far above aesthetic on my attraction scale. I’m not saying never or anything, but now isn’t the right time because, well, I just don’t know you well enough.

anonymous asked:

hi mew i need u to affirm something i dont know where else to turn to... if im ace/aro like possess 0 attraction to any gender does that mean im straight? please help thank you

You’re incredibly not straight. Heckies, even heteroromantic asexuals and aromantic heterosexuals are not even straight. Not unless they self-identify as such!!

Being aromantic and asexual is not a lack of identity which equals straight.

That mentality which is used against us is routed in the homophobic, pan/biphobic, and aro/acephobic idea that “STRAIGHT IS DEFAULT”.

Straight is not default. Straight is one identity with it’s own set of attractions. Asexuals and aromantics are another identity.

Heck, even Kensie with his scale of sexual attractions, and his biphobic scale of Straight to Gay even listed people with no attraction as “Group X”.

We’ve never, in any capacity, have been Straight.

You’re not straight. You’re aro ace. You are your own identity. You are not a blank slate with whatever “default” identity can be pushed upon. You are not a 0 for others to add and subtract whatever qualities they want from you.

You are you.

Aro ace.

Not a quirky take on anything. You have your own full sexual and romantic identity.

Take care of yourself, Darlin.

anonymous asked:

My family is really supportive of my bisexuality, for the most part, but my mom doesn't seem to get that I'm more on the homoromatic end of the romantic attraction scale and has suggested that, after my girlfriend and I broke up, that I should go back to dating men again cause my female-relationships seem to be more dramatic. I don't know if I'm being too touchy about this, but it feels like she expects me to end up straight again after I find "the right guy" and I'm annoyed. Should I tell her?

If she’s doing something that makes you uncomfortable, then yeah, telling her is probably a better option than ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away (it probably wont). 

Kisses in a Limousine

This story is for @valkyrie1969 and @tara-58 in response to the above picture and their comments below.


So much gorgeousness ….

Here’s my theory about Sam’s flask malfunction in the car on the way to this event:  it wasn’t completely sealed, so when he kissed Cait and laid her back on the seat as things heated up the whisky spilled over and soaked his shirt.  Imma need some of you RPF fanfic writers to help me out here.  @supertam87?  @wanderingsummerbreeze?  @sablelab?  @trixenfic?  @scribe4sc?

I mean, he was rubbing his bottom lip as they exited the car.  Help a sister out!

I’m only trying to help a sister or two out. So here is my version of what happened on the way to this function.  Hope you enjoy girls. xox

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On a scale of not okay to super not okay, this lands at “dear fucking lord who allowed him to be this attractive”