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Do you believe in the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction is only a small part of understanding the process of manifestation. According to the Kyballion, there are 7 Universal Laws or Principles that one must learn to master the Law of Attraction:


“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”This Principle embodies the truth that “All is Mind.”It explains that THE ALL (which is the Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we know under the terms of “The Material Universe”; the “Phenomena of Life”; “Matter”; “Energy”; and, in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is SPIRIT…


“As above, so below; as below so above.”This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life.


“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”This Principle embodies the truth that “everything is in motion”; “everything vibrates”; “nothing is at rest”; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends to verify.


“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet…”It explains that in everything there are two poles, or opposite aspects, and that “opposites” are really only the two extremes of the same thing, with many varying degrees between them.


“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”This Principle embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, to and fro; a flow and inflow; a swing backward and forward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow; a high-tide and low-tide.


“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”It explains that: “Everything Happens according to Law”; that nothing ever “merely happens”; that there is no such thing as Chance… only law unseen.


“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.”This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything — the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the Mental and even the Spiritual Planes.

-The Kybalion-

Venus: Cohesive Attraction principle, where people come together in union as each other’s mirrors; awakening, completing and complimenting one another’s character.

Moon: Emotional Attraction Principle, where people come together because they feel emotionally content with one another on a soulful level, they personify Home to each other.

Mars: Sexual or Passionate Attraction Principle, where people energize and excite each other and allow one another to express healthy aggression, serves as each other’s motivation and inspiration 

Pluto: The Repulsion Principle, where individuals unwillingly attract intimate partners and uncomfortably reveal the secretive and “ugly” side to one another. It is a dangerous attraction where people are disgusted and exhibit hatred to what repulses them but equally where people are obsessed, tempted, enticed and fascinated to what they are repulsed by. The embodiment of “hate/love” relationship.


The Law of Attraction

 This law that governs the way the universe functions is based on the 7 hermetic principles. These principles are:

Mentalism, Correspondence, Cause & Effect, Rhythm, Gender, Polarity, Vibration.

Vibration is one of the key principles that the law of attraction is founded on - all living things are vibrating at a particular frequency and this frequency is a signal given out to the universe that attracts that of a similar frequency to our own.

The law of attraction states that we attract what we are - like attracts like. In my own experience I found that the reason I was surrounded by dysfunction on a daily basis is because I was extremely dysfunctional within myself.

The people, places and things in your life are a result of how you interact with your external environment - and this is determined by your internal environment. We create our internal environment with what we feed ourselves.

This is not just limited to food, but what we feed our eyes, ears and minds. If we fill our subconscious minds with dysfunctional imagery we will be more inclined to act in this way. Be mindful of what you feed yourself - you become what you fill your mind and body with and you attract what you are.

Today I’d like to invite you to check yourself. Check yourself on what’s in your life right now. Check yourself on the reasons why you’ve allowed certain people, places or things into your life and ask yourself why they’re still there.

Like attracts like - become that which you seek.

Peace & positive vibes.

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So I am doing some research and knew you were the person to ask. Could you make some sort of list of diagram or something to show the members of Seventeen and who they are closest too within the group? Like friend-ships (did you see what I did there? I crack myself up) and could you include the friend-ships between them and NU'EST?

Sure! I’ll give a quick breakdown of the popular ships/friendships in Seventeen as well as key ones with NU’EST! I hope this is what you’re looking for! ^_^

Jihan/Jeongcheol/’95 line: The three eldest members of Seventeen, Scoups (seungcheol), Joshua (jisoo), and Jeonghan are considered to all be very close friends as a group as well as pairs of individuals. Joshua and Scoups aren’t considered to be as close as Joshua/Jeonghan or Jeonghan/Scoups, however as a three paired group they’re all close and usually referred to as the ‘95 line friends.

Jicheol: Woozi and Scoups are the leaders of the vocal and hip hop unit, and have also been trainees together for a long time. They’re close and good friends in the group since predebut era and work together well. During debut era, they said they were the most awkward with one another but they’ve worked well together to move past it and be close again.

Gyuhao/’97 line: The three members born in 1997 are Mingyu, The8 (Minghao), and DK, and as a group they’re close friends. The8 and Mingyu are a rising popularity as a pair and have a bickering best friends concept, but they’re very close. The ‘97 line in Seventeen is also part of a close friend group with other 97 line male idols and even have a group chat which includes BTS’s Jungkook, NCT’s Jaehyun, and Got7′s Bambam and Yugeom. Seungkwan is sometimes confused to be a 97 liner because he graduated a year ahead with the 97 line, but he’s a 98 line instead.

Verkwan: Vernon and Seungkwan are the two ‘98 liners and are very close friends. They enjoy getting ice cream together and often hang around together.

China Line or JunHao: Having both come from China, The8 and Jun have become close friends in Korea and help each other with learning Korean and dancing. They have a bit of a reverse charm when Jun becomes hyper and cutesy when interacting with The8 and The8 becomes quiet and savage, effectively switching their normal habits. They don’t usually speak Chinese to each other, however, in an effort to better their understanding of Korean Language.

SoonSeok/BooSeokSoon: Hoshi (Soonyoung) and DK (Seokmin) are also quite close friends since predebut and are often together playing jokes or generally being dorks. They make up 2/3 of Booseoksoon or “gagtrio” friendship, joined by Seungkwan. They all enjoy making others laugh, playing small jokes, or lightening the mood.

Meanie: Recent survey data suggests Meanie is actually the most popular Seventeen ship, made up of Mingyu and Wonwoo. The name comes from before the stage names were made, standing for Mingyu and Mr. Beanie, Wonwoo’s nickname from predebut. Their chemistry mostly comes from the “opposites attract” principle, but they’re also very good friends together.

There are of course a hoarde of other ships and friendships in Seventeen, but from my memory these are the most popular and widely acknowledged ones. As for NU’EST, Woozi is the most popular with Nu’est members. Aron has said Woozi is “like my little baby” and Baekho has shown fondness for Woozi during ISAC recordings as well as predebut concerts, as has Ren. Woozi and Scoups trained with NU’EST, so they are closer to the members. Aron also has said he’s close to Joshua, who apparently grew up around the same neighborhood as Aron and knows many of the same people in LA. However, with NU’EST in Japan as much, we don’t see many interactions between the two groups. 

Notable friendships in other groups include Monsta X’s Minhyuk and Jeonghan, Monsta X’s Jooheon and Hoshi, Ailee and Woozi and Scoups, Super Junior’s Ryewook and DK, as well as friendships with the groups of Monsta X, Super Junior, Mamamoo, Up10tion, SHINee, and many others. 

If you’d like more detail or a list of both popular and obscure friendships or ships for specific members, be sure to message me and I’ll answer ASAP! I hope this was able to help! 

Aries: “They are very self-confident on the surface but this conceals a feeling of inadequacy on a subconscious level. They spill energy in every direction”

Taurus: “There are four serpent signs of the zodiac that have to do with will and power. Taurus is the first serpent sign and represents the coiled up serpent power, latent and not yet in full expression”

Gemini: “Gemini individuals dramatize everything and and are apt to let their imaginations carry them away. Everyone on earth comes under the influence of Gemini, it represents dual forces: the opposition of human and the divine in all of us”

Cancer: “Cancer is the most subconscious of all the signs. Everything is latent and hidden. You can’t reason with them when they are emotionally disturbed.”

Leo: “Whether Leo people are constructive or destructive in their approach to life depends on what drives their chariot: self or Self.”

Virgo: “There is a sweetness and lack of aggression this sign that gives a great attractiveness. Venus, the love principle, is unhappy in an area the lower mind operates. Because of their own feelings of inadequacy, they can become very demanding when their loved ones are concerned”

Libra: “They have an executive and legal type mind. On the surface there is diplomacy and sweetness, but beneath is the velvet glove is a fist of iron”

Scorpio: “When they serve others and forget themselves they are truly dynamic and majestic. Scorpios are truly powerful when they do not seek power for self, but seek to be used by the power to heal and bless others”

Sagittarius: “Sagittarius keyword is ‘perception’, another word for 'intuition’. It is represented by the archer who shoots his arrow into the air though he knows not its destiny”

Capricorn: “Capricorn people can exemplify the highest or the lowest qualities of which human nature is capable. The Capricorn’s strengths lies in leadership and humility”

Aquarius: “Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth. The keyword of Aquarius is "I know”. We stand between two Ages and to faith must be added 'knowledge’, and 'intuition"

Pisces: “Individuals born in Pisces have a deeply hidden inner pride. Assail it at your own peril. It is the temple of the living spirit
—  written by Isabel M. Hickey (19/07-1903-17/06/1980)

The attraction principle is ruled by Venus, the handheld mirror (♀) so if you’re going to convey negative vibes it’s all just going to reflect onto you. The mirror is a dual process it’s not one-way. So you want good vibes?? Then you need to give out (projection) what you demand to receive (reflection). 

The mind of a tumbler

Well we write our thoughts here to be seen by strangers or we pass on the thoughts or impressions of others. There is a small comfort in this activity as our minds look for others whose mental activities harmonize with our own no matter where our mind is and we see the structure of our mind reflected in others just as the mind usually operates through the principles of attraction and repulsion.


What Is Karma

 If you continually send out negativity in your thoughts, feelings and actions - this is what you will experience in your daily life. If you punch someone in the face karma will not make you get punched - but you will experience something of a similar vibrational nature.

We are magnets, but in this universe, like attracts like - the principle of karma is that you are repaid in kind for the type of energy you give out. For example if you are continuously projecting negativity onto others - you will experience negative thoughts, feelings and interactions as a result of this.

This is because the universe is responding to your vibration - the signal you are sending out by acting the way you do. So, if you would like to experience “good karma” you must start by sending out the kind of signals you would like to receive from others. This starts with you being completely authentic to who you are and what you want.

You cannot hope to gain good karma by being nice to people you don’t like - because you are telling the universe that you want to experience more of what you don’t like because you responded positively to it. Invest your time and energy into the things you want to see more of in your life and it will manifest.

Being kind, generous, understanding and empathetic to others with no expectations from them will attract more of these traits to you in different forms. For example if you have been volunteering to help those in need - you may experience good fortune when trying to find a place to rent.

The key here is having no expectations - act in the ways you would like others to act towards you and the universe will repay you in kind. It does this through the experiences we have, the people we meet and the unexplained things that happen to us. If you want to change your karma - change your actions.

Good karma comes from being good to yourself and others.

Peace & positive vibes.

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[But] on [Transcendental Youth] it’s a very specific sort of thing, this allure that evil and its symbols (whether commonly accepted symbols like pentagrams or personal symbols from one’s own sort of alphabet) have when you feel lost inside yourself: Satan here is the sickness you carry if you carry one, that you make peace with because you can’t ever kill it entirely, but which you agree to get well from, to be healed of: that’s a hard thing to do if you have been in a dark place, to give yourself permission to leave. So here Satan is sort of that principle of attraction to and comfort with the things and places and people who you know will do you harm.
—  John Darnielle
pinwheel premonitions

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Prompt: Day 4: Traditions for @dhrfaves

Notes: Modern, non-magical college AU because apparently, I’m trash? Also, it was never a thing I thought I’d ever be into, but HA HA HA we have the best writers ever. [hangs head] Deck me.

Hermione Granger has always lived a highlighter-and-ruler, bullet-point and color-coding life. She’s an excellent record-keeper, has an A+ memory - she’s her own awesome executive assistant, basically; Donna Paulsen would be proud. Anal-retentive has been tossed around both as a pat-on-the-head, condescending endearment (Ron and Harry) and as an insult (everyone else), but, like - so what? 

Summa cum laude takes effort, and like - she enjoys it, to be honest, the proverbial “stick” up her behind. Enjoys the text-book print of her planner, the neatness, the aesthetic. And besides, it’s not like, a disorder or anything, it’s not something that she had to sit across a couch to figure out. And, occasionally, she throws her plans up in the air, so. It’s all well and good, do come off it, Harry

If anything, this passionate attempt to keep to her plans and schedules, this regimented state of being, it helps her keep with tradition - like the pre-game vodka-and-ketchup ritual for the boys, and the spring break pursuit of “protecting ladies from Broodingly Soulful Young Men” drunk-blogging with Fleur, and, for tonight, the anticipated New Year’s Eve pinwheel tournament. 

She’s had it penciled in for months.

Tonight, she’s letting loose. 

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V e n u s • i n • t h e • 3 r d • H o u s e
:: The Curious Lover ::

Here lies the social butterfly who is well versed in adaptability when approached by social encounters. Their words are sweet from the flowery nectar they’ve sipped, drawing people to them. There is an attraction to authentically interesting and exciting people; she values those who tell captivating stories, socialize impartially, have witty humor, a way with words, and an easy-going nature which resembles her own approach to others. The attraction principle is purely cerebral; one can only catch her attention when her interest is peaked through comical or intellectual conversation, and she appreciates those who are friendly, charismatic, entertaining, communicative and amiable like herself. She is the wispy butterfly, gliding from one flower to the next or Aphrodite’s dove flying prettily in the wind. For this reason, she does not tolerate possessiveness or intensity. One mustn’t trap the butterfly at risk of her wings tearing, nor should one force the dove in a cage so that she can no longer dance in the wind.

She tends to have a wide interest in all things distributive through communication, such as blogging, graphic designing, creative writing, poetry, film and other various forms of media, literature, music and art that inspire her mind with imaginative concepts. Relationships must be kept diverse and she favors that lovers or friends give her appropriate freedom and space so that she may freely communicate, interact smoothly and express herself with ease. Her words can sound sweetly poetical, like speaking in a sing-song tone, and child-like, where she speaks in riddles and loves to tease. She is the type to think about romance and enjoy written or verbal forms of affection, like love letters and sweet whispering messages.

The butterfly is comfortable and light-hearted with her colors but there are many colors on a butterfly’s wings, so the energy of changeable airiness rests here, creating a chameleon type of person with an inconsistent love for herself. She gets distracted easily and likewise easily bored, and this makes it so her mind tends to wander, envisioning beautiful things in her wakeful dreams. Love and serenity are always on the mind and she tends to fly away quickly when situations feel uneasy or emanate negativity. During other times, she is the mediator of conflict, using her words of equity, politeness and neutrality to unify. She is the spirit of wonder that is innately curious, having a deep fondness for learning and discovering, as well as showing an extraordinary interest in the behavior of people when she socializes. The mind is elastic and highly absorbent to immediate environments and so her opinion varies depending on the people she surrounds herself with. Although the mind is light, she takes seriously the matters of public welfare and justice, advocating love, equality and unification. She does not associate with people who are closeminded or who disrespect her freedom of speech.

The mind is lovely and her colors are the same as butterfly’s wings and flower petals, full of vibrancy and life. Venus in the 3rd brings aesthetic sense, artistic essence and a balancing overtone to the mental facilities. She seeks agreeable relationships with her relatives and close interactions, exhibiting her charm, wit, and youthful wonder through her social exchanges. Fresh mossy fields occupy the mind, with blossoms framing the brain and kissing the fashion of thought with Venusian song. She is a fairy’s laughter, the light sound of wind chimes and heaven’s breath.

Image © As We Are by Kindra Nikole

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Hello! So, seungchuchu is really growing on me after seeing some cute fanart but im just really wondering where the hell it came from? like, those two never met omg and considering that i think its pretty popular for what it has? is there smth im missing or..? pls talk about seungchuchu

hey! ♡♡

to be honest, i’m not entirely sure where seungchuchu started! i would say the closest we get to “interaction” would be seung gil watching the GPF livestream, where we know phichit is competing. there are no remarks from seung gil about phicht, but we know he’s watching it all go down 

[there’s a cut to seung gil briefly during phicht’s program and he’s reading an article about phichit, if im not wrong! so he’s watching him skate and reading about him, haha. phichit also includes seung gil in his “phichit on ice” dream, indicating they must have some level of interaction with each other]

but i would say people are probably drawn to the ship on the “opposites attract” principle, because these two are about as sun and moon as you can get? phichit’s skating is full of dance and passion, and is really electric to watch. even if he isn’t the most technical skater (we know he learned a lot by imitating videos and correcting later, so phichit is less about technical excellence than he is his interest and exictement over learning).

to contrast, seung gil is the total opposite and seems to think of absolutely nothing else but the score components during his presentation.  he’s incredibly focused on what deductions he’s made, what bonuses he can get to make up for those, and overall we can safely say that for him? a lot of the skating is about being clean, percise, and scoring well.

besides the skating though, their personalities sort of reflect these traits of themselves. phichit is certainly more eccentric and a more beaming personality, really friendly and sociable whereas seung gil is very withdrawn, almost downright antisocial and cold towards people. i think people really like the component of a ship where “sunshine boy brightens up stoic boy’s world” hahah.

so while there are no canon interactions that point hard to phichit and seung gil, i would say it’s popular because of the strong contrast in their characters that actually seems to really compliment. seung gil keeps phichit grounded in a lot of fanworks, and as payback phichit forces seung gil out of his comfort zone.

hopefully this cleared a little bit up for you, i hope you continue looking into seungchuchu, it’s such a sweet ship ♡♡

How can I practice the law of attraction everyday?

(been asked this anonymously, preferred to make it a post)

By realizing you already do. The law of attraction is the organizing principle of your life, it’s always active. You’re the creator of your own reality, what you put out is what you get back, so in a sense, you have a “practiced” vibration you’re constantly sending out that is the basis of what your life will look like.

The simple version would be to chose happier thoughts, to see your life as more enjoyable, more fun, more magic, and then everything will rearrange itself to match that. The easiest process in that regards would simply be doing more of what you love, and practicing any technique or tool you’re drawn to that make you feel better. All tools, all techniques, all processes are valid. We often talk about meditation and affirmations, but really anything you’re attracted to and you believe will work for you will indeed work for you.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to live your life is to follow your highest excitement. The teacher Bashar talks about it in great lengths but I’ll try to sum up the idea here anyway :

1. At any given moment, act on what excites you the most among all the choices that are presented to you at this moment, to the best of your ability until you can take it no further, without any insistence on the outcome. It’s really about doing what excited you the sake of doing it. It’s not about finding your life aspiration, start where you are, if calling a specific friend right now is the most exciting thing to do, do that, if that’s something else, do that other thing instead. This path of highest excitement will lead you to other things that excite you, so when you’ve taken what excites you to the point where you don’t feel like doing it any further, just examine your choices again, and act on the next thing that excites you. Sometimes it will be small things, but other times it will be whole projects. But the outcome doesn’t matter, what matters and that you do it because you enjoy it.

2. Following this principle will enable your life to be organized in a manner that you’re always supported in any way, shape of form you need the moment you need it. It would be a life of abundance, meaning you’ll always have what you need when you need it, it will always support you.

3. On your journey to acting on your excitement, you will encounter experiences and events that will make you respond with negative emotions. A negative emotion is not negative in itself, it’s just an indicator, like the gas arrow on your car dashboard that tells you you’re almost out of gas. You don’t get mad of the car or at yourself for being shown that the gas is low, instead you’re grateful that you have a way of knowing. It’s the same with emotions, they’re here to tell you something.

Sometimes it will just be an indicator that you’re starting to have thoughts that do not serve you in the moment, some negative chatter, and that you can just decide to observe it neutrally and decide if you want to keep those thoughts going or if you want to choose thoughts that actually serve you in what you’re experiencing here and now.

But when some emotions are chronic, when they arise in particular occasions, when they prevent you from following your highest excitement, that means you’re having definitions about yourself that are not in your best interest. Emotions come from definitions, when you think about it, you won’t know how to feel about something if you don’t have a definition for it. So it’s a matter of finding the reason why you’re preventing yourself from doing what you would prefer to do. You have a fear based definition somewhere that says that if you do that thing you want to do, something bad will happen. But if you find what it is you believe will happen, you’ll realize it doesn’t make sense, because you know the law of attraction is the great manager of your life, and that you get to decide what it is you believe, the universe won’t contradict you.

So when negative emotions arise, ask yourself what it is you believe that make you feel that way, and simply decide that it is no longer relevant for you, and that you want to believe something else. Use any tool or technique to reinforce the new definition if that’s what you want to do, use anything that helps.

So here it is, the simple formula for a fun and happy life :

  • Do what excites you the most for the sake of doing it.
  • When negative emotions or feeling come, accept that they’re indicator and don’t have a negative meaning in themselves.
  • Observe what you’re thinking neutrally without judgment, and if you realize thinking that does not serve you in what you’re doing here and now, then choose what is more relevant.
  • When you see yourself finding reasons not to do what you would prefer to do, realize that the only one in your way is yourself, and that you have definitions about yourself you have to find and change.

That’s it, it’s the path of least resistance. It’s the key to fun and abundance.

Unification of Hispaniola

Anonymous said:
What are your thoughts on the Haitian unification of both Haiti and Santo Domingo under Boyer? Why did it end in 1844?

Source: Wikipedia

Hello, and sorry for the late response. What you’re asking here is two separate questions, the former pertaining somewhat to opinion and the latter a complex but more historically-grounded question. The second question has been answered differently depending on ideological or nationalist biases. In short, the questions asked are quite complex and difficult to answer succinctly in a blog. That said, here is an attempt to answer those questions.

On the subject of Haitian unification of the island, it is important to remember Haiti’s precarious status in terms of international relations with European powers. Remember, Haiti was the sole independent state in the Caribbean, and the only place where slavery was abolished. France did not recognize Haitian sovereignty until after 1825, so various Haitian heads of state from Dessalines to Boyer supported large standing armies and built fortifications. Fearing an impending French invasion from the East, Haitian governments sought security by establishing control over the East.

Really, one can trace this back to Toussaint Louverture’s position as governor-general of Saint Domingue. Taking the East in 1801 as part of the Treaty of Basel, in which Spain ceded Santo Domingo to France in 1797, Toussaint Louverture promoted his brother, Paul, as the general overseeing the East. During the Leclerc Expedition, if Toussaint’s letters had not been intercepted, Paul Louverture would not have given Santo Domingo the the French forces, and the East could have occupied a greater role in the final years of the Haitian Revolution. Instead, what happened led to French control of Santo Domingo from 1801-1809, a situation that undoubtedly threatened Haitian sovereignty. Restoring slavery, organizing raids on Haitian territory, and France’s own reluctance to officially recognize Haitian independence likely fueled the 1805 campaign against the East.

Failing to defeat the French forces, Dessalines’s generals fled westwards, back to Haiti. Pro-slavery voices whose lost their wealth in Saint Domingue maintained pressure on Paris to reconquer Haiti, receive reparations for financial losses during the Haitian Revolution, and prolonging France’s refusal to establish diplomatic relations with Haiti. One must recall that, because of France’s lack of recognition for Haitian independence, Haiti was, in the eyes of the Western powers, a wayward colony of France they could not formally establish relations with. Thus, one can understand why certain sectors of the Haitian government were eager to establish relations with France while also protecting their sovereignty from fears and rumors of French or other slaveholding powers.

After the failure of the 1805 campaign, Boyer’s forces entered what is now the Dominican Republic in 1822, invited by pro-Haiti groups. The ephemeral independence declared by José Núñez de Cáceres was limited to creoles in Santo Domingo, whereas support for unification with Haiti could be found among the enslaved population, people of color, and whites who favored the political stability and markets of Haiti. Upon arrival in Santo Domingo, Boyer, accompanied by 10,000 Haitian troops, received the keys to the city of Santo Domingo by Nunez de Caceres.

Boyer’s government abolished slavery, freeing the 10,000-20,000 slaves in the East (following the abolitionist decree of Toussaint Louverture in 1801 that had already emancipated slaves), integrated the East into Haiti’s militarized political system, and attempted to change the land tenure system of the east while also favoring the burgeoning tobacco economy in the Cibao. Boyer appointed Borgella and Carrié, Haitian generals, as officials in charge of the East, and representatives from various towns across the East represented their constituencies in the legislative bodies of Port-au-Prince. Land was confiscated from the Catholic Church (the Vatican did not officially recognize Haiti until the Geffrard administration) while subaltern groups actually gained land. Many white elites preferred to leave Santo Domingo than to remain under Haitian rule, yet a surprisingly high number of them remained.

What sparked resistance to Boyer’s regime after the initial support or acceptance was the attempt to change the poorly organized system of land tenure, the terrenos comuneros. Instead of a formally, organized system of land in the East, the campesino population often owned lands communally without legal title. Boyer’s administration sought, multiple times with legislation, to impose formal, legal titles to land, which was impossible to enforce. Favoring the Napoleonic Code and established, organized land tenure, Boyer’s regime also sought to restore the declining plantation system with estates, a supply of workers, and attempts to reimpose a coercive labor system.

The Code Rural, usually seen as only applying to Haiti, was part of Boyer’s government’s attempts to increase revenues by focusing on plantations in order to pay France for the horrendous 1825 Treaty, in which Haiti offered France an indemnity and a favorable trade deal in exchange for full diplomatic relations. Boyer’s government tried to raise taxes, control the rural population’s labor, and emphasize sugar and coffee plantations in order to meet the rising debts. Boyer’s government also used French as the official language, the closing of the University of Santo Domingo transpired under Haitian rule, and the loss of power of the Catholic Church offended local sensibilities.

Boyer’s regime also promoted members of the old Spanish political elite to positions of leadership over Creole groups previously excluded from the Spanish colonial state. Borgella, Carrie, and other Haitian officials or military leaders therefore faced growing opposition from Creole whites and mulattos pursuing more power or autonomy. One must keep in mind that Boyer’s regime, to quote Charles Mackenzie, was a militarized dictatorship in republican form, thus residents of the East who opposed Boyer joined in political conspiracies in Haiti that sought an overthrow to Boyer.

The growing liberal opposition within Haiti that opposed Boyer, his despotic ways of challenging the press and legislators, joined with the conspirators like Juan Pablo Duarte and the Trinitarios. Before long, after the 1843 bloodless (well, mostly bloodless) overthrow of Boyer, the coalition fell apart. Hérard became more authoritarian despite the liberal pretenses of the Haitian opposition. The pro-independence voices in the East became stronger, and by 1844 a series of battles were waged, leading to secession from Haiti.

As Silvio Torres-Saillant reminds us, it is interesting that a revolt was staged in 1845, the year of Dominican independence, by a black general. The Trinitarios and pro-independence voices were forced to take anti-slavery and anti-racist stances by the Afro-Dominican population, a legacy of the Haitian unification project. In addition, like Haiti, the Dominicans extended offers of citizenship and ‘free soil’ principles, attracting runaway slaves from Puerto Rico. Moreover, the legal codes of the Dominican Republic likewise adopted the Napoleonic Code. Frank Moya Pons summarizes the legacy of the Haitian unification as being, in large, a moment of social advances for people of African descent as well as the growth of the peasantry.

In summation, Haitian unification proceeded from a series of questions on national security and territorial integrity, from the days of the Haitian Revolution and fears of French invasion post-1804. The underpopulated East was perceived as an easy avenue through which France or other powers could threaten Haitian sovereignty. In the East, some local elites and people of African descent saw union with Haiti as offering tangible social and economic benefits, one they did not see as forthcoming from the short-lived independence proclaimed in 1821. Enslaved people were granted liberty, gained access to land, or found success in the large Haitian military as a path to wealth or power.

That it failed, after 22 years, is more a result of the generally shared oppression imposed by Boyer on both sides of the island. Boyer’s regime endeavored to limit the proliferation of peasant farming for a period, excluded the majority of the population on both sides of the island from formal political power or representation, entered into a horribly unpopular treaty with France, and abused his power. Over 20 years of this  naturally led to opposition from both sides of the island, culminating in a change in regimes in Port-au-Prince and pro-independence groups winning favor to form a new state in 1844.

The importance of Dominican stability and independence continued to linger in Haitian political thought. Soulouque and successive Haitian governments tried to form a federation with Dominicans, and Haitians aided Dominican nationalists against Spain and the annexationists. So, Haitian “imperialism” in relation to the DR is actually quite complex and often rooted in defending Haiti from potential imperialist powers who may use the East as a foothold.

It is also important to remember that national identities are fluid. Some 'Haitians’ who settled in the East chose to remain there after 1844, becoming Dominican. Similarly, 'Dominicans’ sometimes became Haitians through marriage, migration, or political loyalty. The case of Jose Campos de Tavarez, for example, is enlightening. A mulatto and former slave from the Cibao, he chose to side with Haiti and served various Haitian governments. National identities are necessarily complex, shifting states of being, a point that is often neglected when discussing Haitian-Dominican relations.

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The One Where Stiles Is Disgusting

A Happy!verse Fic (06/01/14)

“What are you even eating?” Derek asks in mild disgust. A dribble of strawberry jam slides from Stiles…sandwich?

“Um besides genius, you mean?” Stiles replies through a mouthful of breakfast food. 

Derek looks at him with sardonic eyebrows before deadpanning, “Yes. What are you eating besides genius.” The waitress—who’s been avoiding them since Stiles took his first bite and moaned in a way he usually reserved for the bedroom—places their ticket on the bar in front of Derek. The werewolf smiles in thanks. She does not look any less perturbed. 

“Well,” Stiles begins, “see I got this blueberry waffle right? And I slathered the fuck out of it with jam. I slapped my eggs and bacon in there and folded it like a sandwich.” The end is punctuated by a proud grin.

“Yes I witnessed the process, Stiles.”

“Then why’d you ask, dude?” He wipes a dribble from the corner of his lips and pops it into his mouth. Derek refuses to find it attractive on principle.

“I meant ‘why’. Why are you eating it?” 

"Oh. It’s like…a thing. Me and Scott call it the Waffle House Hangover Cure.”

“Catchy,” Derek tells him sarcastically.

“Ha ha, don’t be jealous.”

“I am definitely not that,” Derek punctuates with a little bite of scrambled egg. Stiles doesn’t seem perturbed, just shoves a forkful of hash browns into his mouth. 

“How is it possible for you to eat this much?” Derek continues on. He reaches over to pinch the skin where Stiles shirt has ridden up. The boy squawks and bats his hand away. “Where does it even go?”

Stiles smirks. “You know where it goes,” he replies with a lewd wink.

“And on that note, I’m paying the check,” Derek says with an eye roll.

“That was a penis joke,” Stiles clarifies, smiling.

“Yes it was painfully clear, Stiles.” Derek gives him a quick peck on the mouth that he hopes properly conveys, ‘I don’t know why I put up with you,’ and makes his way to the register.

“Baby come back!” Stiles calls at his retreating form. “Don’t leave me! I can change! Give me another chance!”

The woman who takes Derek’s cash is biting her lip to keep from laughing when she approaches. “He seems like a handful,” she says, her voice a bit husky from age and cigarette smoke. 

Derek glances back to Stiles, who’s cheeks are puffing out from an attempt to stuff too much food in there all at once. 

“Yeah,” Derek says, lips twitching. “He’s something.”

''Οι 100 κανόνες γοητείας της Sherry''

1. Ό,τι κυνηγάς στη ζωή σου, σου ξεφεύγει.
2. Οι γυναίκες που κάνουν τους άντρες να τρέχουν πίσω τους, δεν έχουν πάντα κάτι το ίδιαίτερο. Συχνά είναι εκείνες που το παίζουν αδιάφορες.
3. Μια γυναίκα θεωρείται ότι προσφέρει πνευματικά ερεθίσματα όσο ο άντρας αισθάνεται ότι δεν του ανήκει 100%.
4. Μερικές φορές ένας άντρας σκόπιμα δε θα τηλεφωνήσει, απλώς για να δει πως θα αντιδράσεις.
5. Αν με το “καλημέρα” κρέμεσαι από πάνω του, ξενερώνει. Αν όμως δε μπορεί να σε έχει, η πρόκληση να σε αποκτήσει γίνεται ακόμα μεγαλύτερη.
6. Ο άντρας θα υιοθετήσει τον τρόπο με τον οποίο εσύ βλέπεις τον εαυτό σου.
7. Παίξε το κελεπούρι κι εκείνος θα το χάψει.
8. Η μεγαλύτερη διαφορά ανάμεσα σε μια Σκύλα κι ένα πολύ καλό κορίτσι είναι ο φόβος. Ποια Σκύλα φοβάται να μείνει μόνη; Καμία!
9. Αν πρέπει να επιλέξει ανάμεσα στην αξιοπρέπεια και τη σχέση, η Σκύλα θα βάλει πάνω απ’ όλα την αξιοπρέπειά της.
10. Όταν μια γυναίκα δεν ενδίδει εύκολα, δεν υποτάσσεται ή δεν υποχωρεί, γίνεται πιο ερεθιστικό να την κερδίσεις.
11. Όταν είσαι έτοιμος να κατακτήσεις κάτι, αυτό γεννά μια επιθυμία που πρέπει να ικανοποιηθεί.
12. Ένας άντρας καταλαβαίνει ποια γυναίκα θα υποχωρήσει στις απαιτήσεις της τελευταίας στιγμής.
13. Εάν θέτεις όρους και προϋποθέσεις, αυτό υποδηλώνει ότι έχεις επιλογές. Σχεδόν ταυτόχρονα γίνεσαι είτε χαλί να σε πατήσει είτε η γυναίκα των ονείρων του.
14. Αν τον πνίγεις θα κρατήσει αμυντική στάση και θα αναζητήσει οδό διαφυγής για να προστατέψει την ελευθερία του.
15. Όποτε η γυναίκα έχει υπερβολικές απαιτήσεις από τον άντρα, εκείνος θα δυσανασχετήσει. Άφησέ τον να δώσει ελεύθερα αυτό που θέλει κι έπειτα παρατήρησε τον χαρακτήρα του.
16. Η Σκύλα αφήνει στον άντρα αρκτετό χώρο για να μη φοβάται ότι έχει παγιδευτεί σε ένα κλουβί. Και μετά… αρχίζει εκείνος να προσπαθεί να την εγκλωβίσει στο δικό του.
17. Αν του πεις ότι δεν ενδιαφέρεσαι να πέσεις με τα μούτρα σε μια σχέση, αυτός θα αρχίσει τις προσπάθειες να σου αλλάξει μυαλά.
18. Δώστου την εντύπωση ότι έχει μπόλικο ζωτικό χώρο γύρο του. Του ρίχνει τις άμυνες.
19. Πάνω απ’ όλα τον ενδιαφέρει να μάθει αν εξαρτάσαι συναισθηματικά απ’ αυτόν.
20. Πρέπει να νιώθει ότι έχεις επιλέξει να είσαι μαζί του, όχι ότι έχεις ανάγκη να είσαι μαζί του. Μόνο τότε θα σε δει ισότιμα.
21. Αν ένας άντρας είναι στο περίμενε για να κοιμηθεί με μια γυναίκα, τότε όχι μόνο θα την βλέπει πιο όμορφη αλλά θα έχει και το χρόνο να εκτιμήσει τον χαρακτήρα της.
22. Το σεξ και η σπίθα δεν είναι ένα και το αυτό.
23. Πριν από το σεξ  ο άντρας δε σκέφτεται καθαρά, ενώ η γυναίκα σκέφτεται καθαρά. Μετά το σεξ συμβαίνει το αντίθετο. Ο άντρας σκέφτεται καθαρά ενώ η γυναίκα όχι.
24. Κάθε άντρας πρώτα θέλει να κάνει σεξ και μετά σκέφτεται αν θέλει να αποκτήσει φιλενάδα. Αν δεν του δώσεις με την πρώτη αυτό που θέλει, γίνεσαι η φιλενάδα του χωρίς να το καταλάβει.
25. Από ένστικτο ο άντρας διαισθάνεται αν η σεξουαλικότητα αποτελεί προϊόν αυτοπεποίθησης ή στέρησης. Και ξέρει πότε μια γυναίκα του κάθεται για να τον καλοπιάσει.
26. Είναι ευκολότερο να αποκτήσει κάποιος κακές συνήθειες παρά καλές, επειδή οι καλές απαιτούν συνειδητή προσπάθεια. Η αναμονή ενθαρρύνει αυτή την προσπάθεια.
27. Αν τον αφήσει στα κρύα του λουτρού τελευταία στιγμή, θα σ χαρακτηρίσει επιεικώς… καριολίτσα.
28. Αν σε κάνει να νιώθεις ανασφαλής, άσε την ανασφάλειά σου να σε οδηγήσει.
29. Ένας ενδιαφέρων τύπος, πάντα φαντασιώνεται μια γυναίκα που απολαμβάνει στ’ αλήθεια το σεξ.
30. Κάθε φορά που μια γυναίκα βλέπει ανταγωνιστικά μια άλλη, μειώνει τον εαυτό της.
31. Όταν ήδη υπάρχει μια σπίθα, τότε μόνο ένα κλειδί ανοίγει την κλειδαριά.
32. Άσε τον να νομίζει ότι έχει τον έλεγχο. Αυτομάτως θα κάνει ό,τι εσύ επιθυμείς να γίνει επειδή πάντα θα θέλει να φαντάζει στα μάτια σου σαν βασιλιάς.
33. Όταν τρέφεις το Εγώ του με το μαλακό, εκείνος δεν προσπαθεί να πάρει την εξουσία με το άγριο.
34. Όταν δείχνεις πιο μαλακή, τρυφερή και πιο θηλυκιά, κάνεις έκκληση στα προστατευτικά ένστικτά του. Όταν εμφανίζεσαι πιο επιθετική, κάνεις έκκληση στα ανταγωνιστικά ένστικτά του.
35. Τη γυναίκα που θα γίνει χαλί να την πατήσει θα την αφήσει να πληρώσει το δείπνο στα πρώτα ραντεβού, αλλά ούτε που θα διανοηθεί να κάνει κάτι τέτοιο με τη γυναίκα των ονείρων του.
36. Η φαινομενική θέση ισχύος είναι για εξωτερική κατανάλωση, ενώ η αληθινή θέση ισχύος είναι αποκλειστικά για ιδιωτική χρήση. Και αυτή είναι η μόνη που έχει σημασία.
37. Αν του δώσεις μια αίσθηση δύναμης, εκείνος θα θελήσει να σε προστατέψει και να σου δώσει τον κόσμο ολόκληρο.
38. Όταν η γυναίκα συμπεριφέρεται σαν να είναι ικανή για όλα καταλήγει να τα κάνει όλα.
39. Οι άντρες δεν ανταποκρίνονται στα λόγια. Ανταποκρίνονται στην έλλειψη επαφής.
40. Αν μιλάς πολύ για τη σχέση, χάνεται το στοιχείο του αγνώστου κι επομένως το μυστήριο.
41. Οι άντρες σέβονται τις γυναίκες που επικοινωνούν με σαφή και σύντομο τρόπο, επειδή αυτή είναι και η γλώσσα που χρησιμοποιούν οι ίδιοι μεταξύ τους.
42. Όταν εσύ είσαι πάντα ευτυχισμένη κι αυτός είναι πάντα ελεύθερος να πάει στο καλό νιώθει τυχερός.
43. Αν αλλάξεις τους ρυθμούς σου, θα δημιουργήσεις ένα κενό. Τότε για να αντικαταστήσεις αυτό που εγκατέλειψες, θα αρχίσεις να περιμένεις και να χρειάζεσαι περισσότερα από το σύντροφό σου.
44. Οι περισσότερες γυναίκες διψούν να λάβουν από έναν άντρα κάτι το οποίο χρειάζονται να το δώσουν στον εαυτό τους.
45. Η γυναίκα δείχνει πιο ασφαλής στα μάτια ενός άντρα όταν δε μπορεί να την αποσπάσει από την προσωπική της ζωή, επειδή εκείνη είναι ικανοποιημένη με τη ζωή της.
46. Τη στιγμή που η γυναίκα κάνει υπερωρίες ώστε να ταιριάξει με τα κριτήριά του ρίχνει το επίπεδο αυτής της σχέσης.
47. Μην κάνεις τούμπες, γιατί έτσι φαίνεται καθαρά ότι μόνο εσύ τα δίνεις όλα.
48. Μην περιμένεις να βουλιάξεις στην κινούμενη άμμο. Αν δεν διατηρήσεις τον έλεγχο του εαυτού σου η σχέση αυτή είναι καταδικασμένη.
49. Οι τούμπες συχνά έχουν αρνητικό αποτέλεσμα: εκείνος το βλέπει σαν ευκαιρία να έχει και την πίτα ολόκληρη και το σκύλο χορτάτο. Αλλά όταν βρίσκεται ελάχιστα εκτός βολής, εκείνος θα παραμένει κύριος.
50. Το καλό κορίτσι προσφέρει υπερβολικά μεγάλο μέρος του εαυτού του, όταν η συνεχής προσπάθεια να ευχαριστήσει το σύντροφό της αποκτά μεγαλύτερη σημασία απ’ το να ευχαριστήσει τον εαυτό της.
51. Μπορεί η σχέση να μην είναι κατάλληλη για σένα αν ανακαλύψεις ότι κάνεις τούμπες. Όταν μια σχέση είναι σωστή, θα νιώσεις πολύ πιο άνετα και δε θα χρειάζεται τόσος κόπος.
52. Όταν γκρινιάζεις, εκείνος αλλάζει σταθμό. Όταν του μιλάς όμως με έργα, δίνει προσοχή.
53. Όταν ο άντρας θεωρεί μια γυναίκα δεδομένη, εξακολουθεί να ζητά επιβεβαίωση ότι αυτή είναι πάντα εκεί.
54. Όταν η ρουτίνα γίνεται προβλέψιμη, το πιθανότερο είναι να σου προσφέρει το ίδιο είδος αγάπης που έχει για τη μητέρα του- και οι πιθανότητες να σε θεωρεί δεδομένη αυξάνονται.
55. Η αρνητική προσοχή παραμένει προσοχή. Δίνει στον άντρα να καταλάβει ότι σε έχει εκεί όπου σε θέλει.
56. Όταν του φέρεσαι αδιάφορα και φιλικά, εκείνος θα σε πλησιάσει. Επειδή όχι μόνο θέλει να γίνει πιο ρομαντικό το πράγμα, αλλά και να επιβεβαιώσει ότι αυτός είναι ο κυνηγός.
57. Κάποια απόσταση, σε συνδυασμό με την παρουσία αυτοελέγχου, τον κάνουν να ανησυχεί μήπως σε χάσει.
58. Ο άντρας θεωρεί τη γυναίκα δεδομένη όταν τον ενδιαφέρει, αλλά δε σκοπεύει να κάνει πια και κάτι παραπάνω.
59. Όταν γκρινιάζεις γίνεσαι εσύ το πρόβλημα, κι εκείνος το αντιμετωπίζει κλείνοντας τα αφτιά του. Αλλά όταν δε γκρινιάζεις, αντιμετωπίζει εκείνος το πρόβλημα.
60. Αν τον αποκλείσεις από κάποιες μικροδουλειές και επαινέσεις τον αντικαταστάτη του, αυτος θα σπέυσει να τις κάνει πρώτος.
61. Όταν γκρινιάζεις, εκείνος διαβλέπει αδυναμία.
62. Θεωρεί τη συναισθηματική γυναίκα περισσότερο του χεριού του.
63. Κατά τον ίδιο τρόπο που η οικειότητα καλλιεργεί την περιφρόνηση, η ελαφρώς απόμακρη συμπεριφορά συχνά μπορεί να ανανεώσει την εκτίμησή του.
64. Θα ξεχάσει τι έχει μαζί σου… εκτός κι αν του το θυμίσεις.
65. Πολλές φορές οι γυναίκες φλυαρούν λόγω νευρικότητας- πράγμα που συχνά οι άντρες το αντιλαμβάνονται ως ανασφάλεια.
66. Για έναν άντρα η κουβέντα περί αισθημάτων φαντάζει σαν δουλειά. Όταν είναι με μια γυναίκα θέλει να νιώθει ότι διασκεδάζει.
67. Αν τον αναγκάζεις να κουβεντιάζει για αισθήματα όλη την ώρα, αυτό όχι μόνο θα σε κάνει να φαίνεσαι ανασφαλής, αλλά τελικά εκείνος θα χάσει και την εκτίμηση που σου έχει. Κι όταν τη χάσει, θα δίνει ακόμα λιγότερη σημασία στα αισθήματά σου.
68. Στην αρχή το μόνο που χρειάζεται να προσέξεις είναι το πόσο συχνά σε βλέπει, πράγμα που συμβαίνει επειδή δε μπορεί να σε συγκρατήσει ή να κρύψει τα αισθήματά του για πολύ.
69. Οι άντρες φέρονται στις γυναίκες όπως απέναντι στα άλλα αρσενικά. Το παίζουν cool, επειδή δε θέλουν να φανούν αδύναμοι ή απελπισμένοι μπροστά τους.
70. Το στοιχείο της έκπληξης, τόσο μέσα όσο κι έξω απ’ την κρεβατοκάμαρα, έχει σημασία για τους άντρες και αυξάνει τον ενθουσιασμό τους.
71. Μην κάνεις μονίμως τα ίδια και τα ίδια στο κρεβάτι. Με την ποικιλία αποφεύγεις την προβλέψιμη ρουτίνα.
72. Οι περισσότεροι άντρες έχουν την τάση να μη σέβονται μια γυναίκα που δείχνει να έχει πολύ μαλακό χαρακτήρα.
73. Μη φοβάσαι να υπερασπιστείς τα πιστεύω σου ή να πεις αυτά που σκέφτεσαι. Όχι μόνο θα κερδίσεις την εκτίμησή του, αλλά σε μερικές περιπτώσεις θα τον φτιάξεις κιόλας.
74. Οι άντρες αυτομάτως υποθέτουν ότι η Σκύλα θα είναι πιο διεκδικητική στο κρεβάτι, ενώ το καλό κορίτσι πιο δειλό.
75. Όταν ένας άντρας ερωτεύεται, ξαφνικά βγαίνει από τη βολή του και ούτε που το σκέφτεται. Κάνει πράγματα γι’ αυτή τη γυναίκα, που δε θα έκανε για κανέναν άλλο.
76. Δεν πρόκειται ποτέ να εκτιμήσει την ανεξαρτησία σου, παρά μόνο αν μπορείς να είσαι και οικονομικά ανεξάρτητη.
77. Δείξε ότι δεν ανέχεσαι να σε κακομεταχειρίζονται κι εκείνος θα συνεχίσει να σε εκτιμά.
78. Το τεφτέρι σου σημαίνει ότι μπορείς να επιβιώσεις με ή χωρίς αυτόν. Ο άντρας δεν πρέπει ποτέ να νιώσει ότι βρίσκεται στο έλεός σου.
79. Όταν ένας άντρας βλέπει μια γυναίκα σαν κοριτσάκι ή σαν μια αδερφή που πρέπει να φροντίσει, το πάθος μειώνεται. Δε θέλει να κάνει έρωτα με την αδερφή του.
80. Η ικανότητα να επιλέγεις πώς θέλεις να ζήσεις και η ικανότητα να επιλέγεις πώς θέλεις να σου φέρονται είναι τα δύο πράγματα που θα σου χαρίσουνε πολύ περισσότερη δύναμη από οποιοδήποτε υλικό απόκτημα.
81. Σε οποιουδήποτε είδους σχέση, αν ο ένας νιώθει ότι ο άλλος δεν προσφέρει τίποτα στο σπίτι, θα αρχίσει να μην τον/την εκτιμάει.
82. Η οικονομική στέρηση δεν είναι διαφορετική από τη συναισθηματική στέρηση. Και στις δύο περιπτώσεις εκείνος έχει την αίσθηση ότι σε έχει 100%.
83. Άσχετο με το πόσο νόστιμη είνα μια γυναίκα, η ομορφιά από μόνη της δεν πρόκειται να διατηρήσει την εκτίμησή του. Η εμφάνισή σου μπορεί να τον προσελκύσει, αλλά η ανεξαρτησία σου θα κρατήσει το ενδιαφέρον του.
84. Όταν ένας άντρας τρελαίνεται από φόβο μήπως τον εκμεταλλευτούν, μάλλον θα αρχίσει να εκμεταλλεύεται ο ίδιος.
85. Οι άνθρωποι θα σου δείξουν ότι έχουν αυτοσεβασμό, απλώς και μόνο επειδή θέλουν να τραβάνει μόνοι τους τα έξοδά τους.
86. Όσο πιο ανεξάρτητη είσαι, τόσο πιο πολύ θα ενδιαφέρεται εκείνος.
87. Όταν είναι ολοφάνερη η επιθυμία σου να αποκτήσεις κάτι, κάποιοι θα μπουν στον πειρασμό να σε δελεάσουν.
88. Όταν αλλάζεις τη ρουτίνα, το γεγονός ότι δεν είσαι εκεί μερικές φορές θα τον κάνει να σε πλησιάσει. Οι άντρες δεν αντιδρούν στα λόγια. Αντιδρούν στην έλλειψη επαφής.
89. Μην τον ανταμείβεις για κακή συμπεριφορά.
90. Απλούστατα δε θα εκτιμήσει μια γυναίκα που τρέχει με χίλια για να τον ευχαριστήσει.
91. Αν δε σου πει την ώρα, δεν έχει ραντεβού.
92. Συχνά ο καλύτερος τρόπος να τακτοποιήσεις ή να διορθώσεις ένα πρόβλημα είναι να μην αφήσεις να καταλάβει ότι διορθώθηκε. Όταν μεταβάλλεις τη διαθεσιμότητά σου ή όταν αλλάζεις μια προβλέψιμη ρουτίνα, αυτό τον ξαναβάζει διανοητικά στο παιχνίδι.
93. Έτσι κι αρχίσεις να γελάς, θα αρχίσεις να θεραπεύεσαι.
94. Έχεις τη δυνατότητα να πεις πολύ περισσότερα με χιούμορ παρά στα σοβαρά.
95. Ένας άντρας νιώθει ότι κέρδισε ή κατέκτησε μια γυναίκα όταν την κάνει να τρώει από τη χούφτα του. Οπότε αρχίζει να βαριέται.
96. Η ένταση που προκαλεί μια ελαφρώς Σκύλα γυναίκα δίνει στον άντρα μια ελαφριά αίσθηση κινδύνου. Νιώθει κάπως αβέβαιος επειδή ποτέ δεν την έχει στο χέρι.
97. Η γυναίκα που λέει όλο ναι και δίνεται υπερβολικά, δίνει την εντύπωση ότι πιστεύει περισσότερο στον άντρα απ’ ό,τι πιστεύει στον εαυτό της. Οι άντρες το θεωρούν αυτό αδυναμία και όχι ευγένεια.
98. Να είσαι πάντα ένα ανεξάρτητα σκεπτόμενο άτομο και να αγνοείς όποιον προσπαθεί να περιορίσει τους ορίζοντές σου.
99. Οι αληθινά ισχυροί άνθρωποι δε χρειάζεται να εξηγήσουν γιατί απαιτούν σεβασμό. Απλώς δεν έχουν δίπλα τους κάποιον που δεν τους τον προσφέρει.
100. Το πιο ελκυστικό προσόν είναι η αξιοπρέπεια.

Just some things to think about...

Love is all there is. 

Love is the answer.

Be at peace as much as possible.

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.

All you have to do is believe.

If you believe it, you will see it.

It’s about the journey.

It’s about acceptance of all people, all circumstances, and all possibilities.

If you judge others, you’re not there yet…

If you feel the need to explain, justify how right you are, or deny something, you’re not there yet…

If you go out of your way to prove how much better you are, you’re not there yet…

If you refuse to see that everything is what it is, there is no right or wrong, you’re not there yet…

If you refuse to open your mind to infinite possibilities, you’re not there yet…

AND IT’S OK. Everything is OK.

Realize that I am a reflection of you. Realize you are a reflection of me.

See yourself in others. Have compassion for others and their journey like you have compassion for yourself and your journey.

We are all one, each individuations of source experiencing life in our own unique way. No right, no wrong, no good, no bad. Only IS…

It’s how we learn, it’s how we grow and expand.

Feeling positive emotions is an experience, letting us know if we wish to continue experiencing the experience or choose something else.

Feeling negative emotions is an experience, letting us know if we wish to continue experiencing the experience or choose something else.

Be aware of what your feelings are.

Be aware of what your actions are.

If you’re constantly wondering why the same issue keeps happening, take a really good look. Maybe it’s time to do something different to make a change.

There are infinite possibilities, infinite realities, infinite choices, and infinite chances.

The universe is infinite, we are infinite.

Anything is possible and everything is possible.

But please let others experience this for themselves.

And please let yourself experience this for you.

When you judge, you are only judging yourself.

Love is all there is.