attracted to y o u

dude…. I just want people to understand and accept different types of love and change
People can change
And it can be constant or it can be slow
May take seconds, make take years.
It doesn’t have to be slow to ‘count’ or to be a ‘genuine change’
Romantic orientation(s) are/can be fluid just like gender and sexual orientation(s) can be, and as well, you don’t have to be fluid in anything
Sometimes it just be how it is for some people
You could be cis and straight for the rest of your life. That’s okay
Or you could realize your trans at age 40 and realize sometimes you like the same gender or sometimes you don’t feel romantic and/or sexually attracted to anyone at all
Y O U   D O   Y O U
You can have multiple partners. It can be healthy and should be normal
I know there’s this Bad Vibe around having multiple partners/spouses because Bad Decisions do Bad Things but I’m here to tell u there is a right way to do it and it is o k a y
It is natural, normal and healthy to love others and to be curious!
Humans are scientifically proven to be affectionate, curious creatures and that’s what truly differs us from other aliens! We do so much more than show concern and mate for life - we kiss, we hug, we console and we lie to protect each other sometimes! Humans are amazing, unique, and every single one of us matters and can change!
Now bear with me 'cause this may be a shock to you. It is okay to have a marriage, as well as dates/partners/other spouses on the side. It isn’t cheating, not if you tell your partner(s) what’s up and you go about it in an open way – but it’s also alright to keep secrets such as how many times you’ve kissed someone else or another partner if you or they aren’t comfortable sharing that information. Just don’t lie about each other and we’re chill.
It’s okay to take breaks and it’s okay to love others more than another. It’s normal. You just can’t love everyone as deeply as others and that’s okay. You may not understand them as much as you understand your spouse and you don’t have to! Because if everyone is doing this right, they may have someone else that does understand them!
And it could be a friend or family member!!! Not everything has to be romantic! Things don’t have to be romantic to mean that feelings/concerns/consoling is genuine and helpful! Love is love!!!!
There are different versions and levels of love. Example one: familial love. Level 1 would be you’re simply related by blood and therefore you are family. You probably don’t necessarily get along and would take a bullet for one another. Sometimes it just be how it is
Another level of familial love though… you love each other a lot. Or maybe just one or two family members. Maybe the other family members are level 1 with you while your younger sibling(s) and/or parental figure(s) are like… level 2. You protect them with your life and you’re super close, maybe even best friends. The thing is that this is all normal and you shouldn’t feel bad about it, my friends
Some people don’t deserve your love, but I’m not saying they should be void of it, ya dig?
Example two: Romantic love. Level 1 could mean flirting a lot, not necessarily knowing each other through-and-through, and possibly sharing kisses/nights together/whatever may have u. This type of love is usually for ur side partners… I mean it could be your main (you don’t have to have a main btw) but for your main your gonna want the next level, which doesn’t have to be sexual.
Level 2 would mean you get each other very well and you love each other a lot, you can almost talk about anything with each other (you don’t have to talk about EVERYTHING - such as childhood memories or sexual/romantic experiences if u don’t want to… It’s okay to keep secrets). There could be a level 3 though. Level 3 would mean they are basically your best friend. You talk about anything and everything and you would take a bullet for each other. Not everyone can reach this level and that is okay. In fact it’s pretty rare because ascending to that peak of understanding and love takes a lot of time, practice and learning on each other’s ends… so this is usually achieved through growing old together but it doesn’t Have to be
Anyway this is getting REALLY long so I’m gonna sum up the last version of love which is my favorite – friendly love.
Level 1 of friendly love would mean you hang out, you talk, but you aren’t necessarily friends or know each other very well. Or you could know them well, but you aren’t very close. This kind of love is pretty much the term 'acquaintances.’ You probably don’t see each other often and if you do it isn’t for long… think friendly co-workers or classmates
Level 2 would mean you chat often, you hang out, probably go out together, but you don’t exactly trust them with everything and you don’t talk about some things together. That’s okay. Sometimes these types of friends are all you need.
And sometimes you need level 3.
Level 3 of friendship means you pretty much trust the other person with everything and anything. They could mean family to you. You could maybe even flirt a little sometimes. Or sometimes they could even be your parental figure. A l l  i s  g o o d
TLDR; People change. Love can be fluid just as gender can be. It’s okay to take breaks. There are different versions of love and different levels of those versions. Multiple partners should be normalized and so should showing affection to people you aren’t romantically interested in.
Peace out ily *drops mic*


Let me tell you one thing: the sexiest thing … is  c l a s s. I promise you that each and every one of you is made to be who  y o u  are. That is what’s so attractive and  b e a u t i f u l. Please don’t forget that, even when it gets hard.