How to see and read auras

Auras are energetic fields that surround all living things. Often an aura can have a particular color or hue to it depending on its frequency level.

Auras usually extend around 2-3 feet from your body, but often those who feel vulnerable or have been abused in life can have a larger aura that they have built for protection.

Although not all of us have the ability to see auras, often we can intuitively feel them. This is often expressed when we see someone that appears to have a glow to them, or if we feel uncomfortable when someone walks by or enters our personal space.

How to See Auras:

1.)  Place your subject against a solid background that is light in color. If you want to look at your own aura stand in front of a mirror, at least 2 feet away, against a light background.

2.) Focus your attention to the L- shaped spot between the shoulder and the neck. Keep staring at this area and remain calm and open.

3.) At first you may see a white or clear glow but as you remain focused and expand your eye line out to the rest of the body, this glow will start expanding into a color.

If you see….

Red: This indicates an energetic and adventurous individual. It can also indicate someone who is impulsive and quick to anger.

Yellow: This indicates an intelligent and logical person who is perhaps a teacher of some sort. They are keen observers, critical and are very independent.

Pink: This indicates a very nurturing and loving individual that enjoys the company of others. They are natural healers, sensitive and have strong imaginations.

Green: This indicates a highly creative individual who is also hard working. They can be perfectionists and often make good leaders. They are generous, well respected and health conscious.

Orange: This indicates a highly sociable soul who enjoys attention and being in the limelight. They are people pleasers, are willing to give and are very in-tune with others emotions.

Purple/Indigo: This indicates a highly psychic or intuitive person who is philosophical and inquisitive. They may come across as being secretive and they are often very in-tune with animals, nature and children. They are caring individuals but often don’t like commitment.

Blue: This indicates a strong communicator who has many ideas and visions. They are also intuitive and highly intelligent. They are calm when it comes to emotions and are born motivators and inspirers. They can at times be workaholics and manipulative.

Gold: This indicates a very creative soul who loves to surround themselves in beauty and art. They enjoy the company of others and are often very attractive. People are drawn to those with gold auras so often they will have many friends. They are independent but can be stubborn.

White/Silver: This indicates a very gifted individual who is highly intuitive, sensitive and psychic. They have a deep spiritual understanding and are often healers of some kind. They are very attractive to others however, they prefer to have just a few close friends.

Grey/Black: This indicates an individual who is depressed, negative or very fearful and anxious. These auras indicate that a cleansing or healing is needed.

It is possible that someone will have a variety of colors in their Aura but often just one color will be dominant. Aura colors can also change depending on the persons mood, life events and their surroundings.

Seeing Auras takes practice, so be patient and continue polishing your skills by testing this out on a variety of people.

Ascendant Attraction & Compatibility

here’s a free rising/ascendant calculator!

Rising Sign Attracion

The very first moment we meet someone, we are primarily meeting their rising sign.

If we find someone attractive at this first moment, their rising sign is what is attracting us. We wear our rising sign like we wear clothing. We can’t hide it like we can hide our moon or other planets. It’s the outermost, obvious part of our astrological make up. If another person typically likes the sign you have rising, they will like you…in the beginning at least. If your sun and moon sign are unattractive to them, your rising sign will never be powerful enough to sustain the relationships. But it is certainly the powerful force when they first meet you. 

Rising Sign Compatibility

In relationships, we are interacting with our partner’s rising sign constantly. The everyday quick decisions like, eating at home or going out and how to deal with the phone call from the complaining in-laws are made by our rising signs. So are our immediate reactions to our partner’s comments and to problems that come our way. Every day we are constantly bombarded with these things, making compatibility between rising signs crucial to a happy relationship. If the desires, reactions and decisions of your partner’s rising sign are distasteful or annoying to you, it can feel like you are clashing all day, everyday. It’s relentless. Every time something happens and your partner reacts to it, they are reacting with their rising sign. On the other hand, when rising signs are compatible, it’s like seeing life through the same color lenses. Everyday interactions with your partner are smoother and easier because you see and react to everything with the same point of view.

Rising Signs By Element

  • Fire Rising (Aries, Leo, Sagitarrius) - An intuitive outlook that reacts with impulse. Gut instincts are the only accurate gauge of situations and are relied upon and acted upon instantly.
  • Earth Rising (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - A practical outlook that reacts with solutions. Naturally level in their demeanor, reasons and feelings are second to solutions.
  • Air Rising (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - An intellectual outlook that reacts with reason. Staying level is important and life is a quest to understand how the world works and why things happen.
  • Water Rising (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) - An emotional outlook that reacts with feelings. Life is felt rather than understood. Reasons don’t matter. It’s only how things feel that matters.

Because the rising sign is what you first see when you meet a person, it can cause instant attraction if it fills a void in you by giving you an element you lack in your chart. You may feel they are more of who you would like to be.

The fire signs are stronger and braver.
The water signs are more sensitive and loving.
The air signs are more calm and intellectual.
The earth signs are more cautious and stable.

Rising Sign Gripes

To FIRE RISING people:

  • “Can’t you ever just stop and think before you lash out?”
  • “Life isn’t your stage. You don’t have to always put on show.”
  • “People have feelings. You shouldn’t just say the first thing that comes to your mind.”


  • “Don’t you ever want to get up from that chair and do something?”
  • “Sometimes I don’t want to you solve my problem. I just need you to listen and understand.”
  • “Stop planning ahead for me. Stop watching out for me. The world isn’t that dangerous.”

To AIR RISING people:

  • “Why can’t you ever feel anything? You always have to remain so calm. You’re like a robot.”
  • “Don’t you ever get hurt? Isn’t anything worth getting upset about?”
  • “Not everything is a puzzle to figure out. Sometimes things just happen.”


  • "Everything that happens isn’t a personal attack on you. Sometimes things have nothing to do you with you, but you get emotional about everything.”
  • “How long do you have to vent your feelings? Was it really that much of a big deal?”
  • “I can’t always wait for your mood to improve before we move on and do something else.”


anonymous asked:

Do you think if masami dated longer they would be have that boring relationship? Will they have gotten bored of each other sooner or later? Broken up altogether? In the long run I think asami will want to be with someone she can connect with after that initial spark or attracion she might have had with mako wears off. I mean yeah they might have liked each other but for relationships to last their must be that deep bond and connection that makes two people stay together no matter what.

I think that relationship was set to implode. Makorra clearly had a less-stable dynamic, so I think we saw why that self-destructed the way it did. For Masami, they were “stable,” but as you were getting at, “tepid.” In absence of Korra driving a wedge, I guess Mako wouldn’t have begun treating Asami like garbage (literally…I just rewatched through 1x11 and it’s fucking painful), but she’s someone who thrives on forming deep and meaningful connections. Mako, by Asami’s own assertion, is not in touch with his own feelings. I think she would have gotten frustrated pretty quickly, and there wasn’t even much sexual chemistry to fall back on like Makorra had.

Anon #2: Sorry fellow korrasami shippers but curiousity got the best of me. Just a slightly intense qquestion. How intimate do you think asami and mako got while they were dating or even masami 2.0 B2? I mean we saw them being sweet and kissing a lot but just how intimate they got? I got the impression that asami is slightly liberated or instensly affectionate. Also, what kind of intimate relationship do you think korrasami will have in their first few months? I get the feeling korra will be shyly cute.

Anon #3: B/c it’s been brought up in fic lately: I feel like Makorra is more likely to have been intimate than Masami. Masami had cutesy physical affection but they seemed pretty lukewarm & passionless, & they were together for what seemed Iike a few weeks before things went south. Makorra argued a lot & there were crazy things going on, but they had passion & I love yous & probably more time together. Just as possible that neither pairings did, which I think is the best option b/c both are meh.

Ah, it’s the fics that are to blame for these? :P

By the nature of Korra being on Nick, this is simply one area we don’t have much insight into, nor is it one where what is depicted on screen necessarily needs to be taken literally (like how Korra and Asami holding hands was symbolic of their relationship’s beginning but that’s not to say the two didn’t kiss at or before the wedding).

I certainly have my own head-canons about this that I’m happy to share. As I argued in my Masami meta, there is something about the Asami/Mako dynamic that makes me wonder if Asami was still trying to figure out her own feelings and sexual preferences. But this isn’t necessarily indicative of how intimate their relationship was. People experiment. And in the case of both Makorra and Masami, we’re talking about 17 and 18 year old’s in a relationship together, ages ripe for sexytimes.

Anyway, just because of how quick Masami blew up (plus the fucking rebellion they had to deal with…and after 1x07 they were living in separate quarters on Air Temple Island), I don’t headcanon them as having had sex, though I do think they kinked around a bunch. I’m assuming given the ease in which Asami saunters into Mako’s apartment and how they make out during Masami 2.0 they did bang, though they were never officially back together, so it would have been a bit of an emotionally detached experience for both of them (which is fine). I’m going to assume Makorra did the do.

And of course, if Korrasami didn’t get it on before or immediately following the wedding, then they were schtupping from the get-go on that vacation (but I’ve talked about this a lot before). 

These are just my headcanons, and when it comes to any kind of eroticism in LoK, I think whatever makes you happiest is always the best call. We just really can’t extrapolate what was depicted to this realm, so no sense in arguing it. Read the fics that are most pleasing to you ;)

azteka-the-dragon  asked:

(resent)For the anon-try lookin' through diferend sexualities,you may find somethin' that fits you(this is how I found out mine) and try even ace,which can determine how you percie sexual attracion(such as greys and demis)-and shhh,it's fine Finch,we all make mistakes(I make 'em all the time pfff)

here ya go anon!