The Functions & Feelings

Often there seems to be the idea that the Feeling Functions are the only ones that have anything to do with feelings - when they have rather to do with intra- and interpersonal, social processing and surely use the feelings of yourself & others as an ‘input’

Indeed, in the brain there is no such division between what gives you skills & what gives you the specific emotional reaction patters we call ‘personality’ . It’s more that every function comes with a certain mental state or ‘emotional climate’.

For example, Fi doms have high activity in an area associated with stating your own beliefs, but also with feelings of humility or at least self-reflection. (There are some very un-humble Fi doms but they usually still reflect on their own behavior alot. & I know many humble, generous Fi users. ), whereas Fe users have activity in a region that processes & interprets social feedback on a cognitive level but also plays a role in feeling embarassment. And all feelers have areas regarding to judging tone of voice & intention on a lot. 

An exeption might be Ti that ‘lies’ in rather isolated brain regions & may dampen impulses from deeper in the brain, though a few regions involved in Ti are also involved with humor - Which may explain why many a Ti-user’s first reaction to bad new might be to crack a dark joke or laugh at the absurdity before they switch over to full emotional processing later on. And, come to think of it,  why ENTPs and ESTPs are so very hilarious (combining two ‘funny’ functions, plus tert Fe which can be kinda ‘lighthearted’ at times.)

Extroverted Sensing

Associated Skills: Kinesthetic-spatial processing, crisis management, perceptiveness, adaptability, making an impression on people, facility for tool use including musical instruments

Mental State: ‘mobilized’, active, alert, in touch with insticts, attracion and repulsion to things

Emotional Climate: Energy, desire, will, relish in physical activity or presence, awareness of status, desire and force both physical and mental

Personality Traits: spontaneous, energetic, active, adventurous, realistic, present-focussed, often ‘sophisticated/mature’ relationship with the material where they greatly enjoy pleasing things but aren’t neccesary ‘bound’ to them and could just as easily lead a more bohemian life, sometimes but not always competitive, agressiv territorial or dominant, express feelings physically (through sex, punch wall when angry etc.)

Introverted Sensing

Associated Skills: Attention to detail, good memory, good at manual work & logistics,  anything that requires practice

Mental State: relaxed state of physical and mental comfort & focus, comparision of sensory stimuli, focus on prolonged state of activity, cozyness, convenience, quality

Emotional Climate:  feelings of comfort & discomfort, pleasant and unpleasant, familiar & unfamiliar - actually displays the  rigidness, stubborness and single-mindedness tseen as characteristicsonly when familiar ‘flow’ is disrupted

Personality Traits: discerning, pragmatic, hardy, cautious, reliable, loyal, down-to-earth, sometimes but not always slow to adapt, express care by physically providing/ taken care of you

Introverted Intuition

Associated Skills: Long-term planning, purposeful action, pattern dectection, prediction/vision, eye for potential, insight 

Mental State: reflective, sometimes wistful, ‘mystical’ state, zen like focus, ‘expert-like’

Emotional Climate: worry & anticipation, clarity & certainty

Personality Traits: Purposeful, philosophical, inert, contemplative, planning/preparedness, sense of purpose, lowkey idealistic, ambitious

Extroverted Intuition

Associated Skills: facility with language, inventiveness, creativity, ressourcefulness, speculation & extrapolation, abstract thought

Mental State: considering possibility & interconnection, high energy, high speed processing, ‘epiphany-like’,

Emotional Climate: Excitedness, enthusiam, playfulness, search, longing 

Personality Traits: open-minded, dreamy, eccentric, bubbly, poetic, mischievous

Extroverted Thinking

Associated Skills: Organization, management, leadership, methodical efficiency

Mental State: active but steady & purposeful, procedural energy, algorithmic action, identifying & removing ‘faults’.

Emotional Climate: criticism, comparision, control, power, confidence

Personality Traits: Cathegorical-consequential, straight priorities, decisive, industrious, hard-working, ambitious, results-oriented, pragmatic

Introverted Thinking

Associated Skills: Logical reasoning, problem solving 

Mental State: Detached Analysis, sorting, categorizing

Emotional Climate: Awe and fear, curiosity and confusion

Personality Traits: bold, independent, aloof, inquisitive

Introverted Feeling

Associated Skills: Artistic proficiency, interpersonal perceptiveness, authenticity

Mental State: Receptive LIstening, takiing in/absorbing surroundings

Emotional Climate: Like & dislike, priority sorting,  

Personality Traits: self-aware, sensitive, contemplative, ethical, creative, intense

Extroverted Feeling

Associated Skills: Social Proficiency, caretaking, servicing humans, persuasion

Mental State: Passion & Fervor, series of experienced moods

Emotional Climate: Approval or disapproval, embrassment or righteousness, cultivating appropiate atmospheres, mirroring others

Personality Traits: Usually a common sensey mature person with a passionate expressive side, emphatetic, generous, affectionate

(As the feeling functions  process, well, dynamic feelings, they’e the hardest to classify in a generalized manner here, too. Personality with F doms can depend a lot on enneagram, upbringing and/or social circle. Still, their conciousness is most likely full of “good/bad” statements and receptiveness to people)

anonymous asked:

Hey, what's the different between a crush and a squish? I mean , how can I recognize if I have a crush or not? Also I don't entire ly understand what romantic attracion is.

Hey my friend!

This is a problem a lot of people have, especially those on the ace/aro spectrums. There’s even a term, quoiromantic, for those who have difficulty differentiating between the two.

As for what romantic attraction is, ya know, it’s hard to say. Some people are as physically close with their friends as other people are with their romantic partners. Some people don’t like being physical with their romantic partners at all. So it’s really difficult to create a broad explanation for what romantic attraction is based on desire to be physically intimate.

Emotion-wise: for me, hanging out with my friends, I feel warm and comforted. Hanging out with a crush, I feel more electric, a little nervous, like I’m trying to impress them. Although, this could just stem from the need to be liked, which features in squishes as well, so who’s to say?

I guess in the end it doesn’t matter. Define your relationships, or not, how you feel comfortable.


Admin Turtle

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Do you think if masami dated longer they would be have that boring relationship? Will they have gotten bored of each other sooner or later? Broken up altogether? In the long run I think asami will want to be with someone she can connect with after that initial spark or attracion she might have had with mako wears off. I mean yeah they might have liked each other but for relationships to last their must be that deep bond and connection that makes two people stay together no matter what.

I think that relationship was set to implode. Makorra clearly had a less-stable dynamic, so I think we saw why that self-destructed the way it did. For Masami, they were “stable,” but as you were getting at, “tepid.” In absence of Korra driving a wedge, I guess Mako wouldn’t have begun treating Asami like garbage (literally…I just rewatched through 1x11 and it’s fucking painful), but she’s someone who thrives on forming deep and meaningful connections. Mako, by Asami’s own assertion, is not in touch with his own feelings. I think she would have gotten frustrated pretty quickly, and there wasn’t even much sexual chemistry to fall back on like Makorra had.

Anon #2: Sorry fellow korrasami shippers but curiousity got the best of me. Just a slightly intense qquestion. How intimate do you think asami and mako got while they were dating or even masami 2.0 B2? I mean we saw them being sweet and kissing a lot but just how intimate they got? I got the impression that asami is slightly liberated or instensly affectionate. Also, what kind of intimate relationship do you think korrasami will have in their first few months? I get the feeling korra will be shyly cute.

Anon #3: B/c it’s been brought up in fic lately: I feel like Makorra is more likely to have been intimate than Masami. Masami had cutesy physical affection but they seemed pretty lukewarm & passionless, & they were together for what seemed Iike a few weeks before things went south. Makorra argued a lot & there were crazy things going on, but they had passion & I love yous & probably more time together. Just as possible that neither pairings did, which I think is the best option b/c both are meh.

Ah, it’s the fics that are to blame for these? :P

By the nature of Korra being on Nick, this is simply one area we don’t have much insight into, nor is it one where what is depicted on screen necessarily needs to be taken literally (like how Korra and Asami holding hands was symbolic of their relationship’s beginning but that’s not to say the two didn’t kiss at or before the wedding).

I certainly have my own head-canons about this that I’m happy to share. As I argued in my Masami meta, there is something about the Asami/Mako dynamic that makes me wonder if Asami was still trying to figure out her own feelings and sexual preferences. But this isn’t necessarily indicative of how intimate their relationship was. People experiment. And in the case of both Makorra and Masami, we’re talking about 17 and 18 year old’s in a relationship together, ages ripe for sexytimes.

Anyway, just because of how quick Masami blew up (plus the fucking rebellion they had to deal with…and after 1x07 they were living in separate quarters on Air Temple Island), I don’t headcanon them as having had sex, though I do think they kinked around a bunch. I’m assuming given the ease in which Asami saunters into Mako’s apartment and how they make out during Masami 2.0 they did bang, though they were never officially back together, so it would have been a bit of an emotionally detached experience for both of them (which is fine). I’m going to assume Makorra did the do.

And of course, if Korrasami didn’t get it on before or immediately following the wedding, then they were schtupping from the get-go on that vacation (but I’ve talked about this a lot before). 

These are just my headcanons, and when it comes to any kind of eroticism in LoK, I think whatever makes you happiest is always the best call. We just really can’t extrapolate what was depicted to this realm, so no sense in arguing it. Read the fics that are most pleasing to you ;)

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Hello! Sorry to bother but I really need some support. I'm quite shaken. i started watching YOI and I headcannoned Yuuri as demiaroace and wrote a post about it. I was quite naive because I didn't know about the discourse at the time. Unfortunately I've received only a couple of anons accusing my of racism and that was it. Today that post blew because someone proposed a train of comments under it, so almost 100 people started commenting 'He's gay' under it. 1/

2/ Being someone who like to explain and discuss things, I commented saying that of course he could be gay AND demi. People started misundestanding and commenting thigs suck “what the fuck are you saying of course it takes an emotional bond to have sex with someone”, showing me they were mistaking sexual attraction with the feeling of being ready to have sex with someone. I tried to speak to one of those people. I wrote then in chat explaining that maybe a misunderstanding occurred

3/ and that being ace means not finding people ‘hot’, and has nothing to do with feeling ready to have sex and who you want to have sex with. I brought up the example that if everyone would find people hot only after an emotional bond, advertisment with half naked people wouldn’t exist, nor crushes on celebrities and such. They kept going on the 'demisexuality is not a thing everyone need a bond before having sex with someone". And I was almost ok with that, it’s their opinion, I disagree

4/ The problem is that even if in chat they were kind-ish, they wrote a post on their blog about someone writing them to 'educate them’, while I just really wanted to explaign my pov and hear about them, and in the tag wrote someting like 'why cishet aroaces thinks we are like animals who want to have sex with everyone", while they could not possibily know my gender, my orientation nor my attracion and keeping missing my point, people commented on that saying they hate cishet aces.

5/ This behaviour and the train of comments that reminded me a lot of school bullies with a target and no desire whatsoever to understand, made me very anxious today. They pretty much ruined my day. I’m a diplomatic person, I really always seek confrontation when there’s a disagreement in opinions and this violence and mindless 'follow the crowd’ behaviour plus deliberate misundetanding makes me feel sick, even phisically. Sorry for the long ask :/ have a nice day!