attorney ronpa


Done some of the clothing ones!! Sorry its taking so long…

And sorry for my shitty camera and traditional quality aha

Stuff I used for fun:


Commissions I finished during ACen~!! Lost of FE but I also drew Dangan Ronpa/Ace Attorney/Zero Escape/OCs as well!
The first one was a sample I drew. The Jokamu one was for @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth, and the second to last pics are from weebueno (the customer) who asked me to draw in his limited edition Valentia Artbook which was so cool!!

Thank you very much to those who commissioned me during ACen, and to those who dropped by at Kai’s&her sister’s&my table!! It was amazing thanks to you guys! (+I missed my neighbors from ACen2016 Artist Alley and hope to see you next year!;w;)

It was great to spend time with Kai, her sis and my roomie~ Now to relax and enjoy my vacation before getting back to commissions and traveling…(˘ω˘)♥

My dash is dead soo… like/reblog if you post any of the following and I’ll check out your blog :)

Fairy tail
Kingdom hearts
Ace attorney
Tales of series ( graces, xillia, zestiria, berseria mainly but i love all of them!)
Danganronpa ( games and anime)
Soul eater
Fullmetal alchemist (both original and brotherhood! Manga too)

Thanks! :)