attorney pin

magfest day 1 recap

i wanted to do this last night but i was too tired. even though we only stayed until 10. because i am weak. anyway

  • it was so cold orz i prepared for a lot of things this weekend but snow was not one of them
  • the Gaylord is so cool!!! we rode the elevator to the top floor just to look at everything
  • my fav part was the marketplace. so much cool merch and art *o*
  • i bought a stardew valley shirt and ace attorney pin from fan gamer and had to force myself to stop there. it was a struggle let me tell you
  • my friends and i played this one multiplayer indie game (called zarvot? i think) and i kicked all their butts lol
  • we meet sebastian wolff and he gave us awesome project destati merch :D thank you my dude
  • i was kinda too nervous to go to panels by myself so i only went to a couple with my friends, but they were neat. i’m gonna try to branch out more today
  • this is completely irrelevant but the guy in front of me is wearing jeakers (jean sneakers) and i’m livid
  • where was i
  • i was so impressed with myself for budgeting my time and money so i only had to buy one meal while i was out. Responsibility™
  • i learned that streetpass is a handy way to pass time between events. i will finish find me ii before this weekend is over mark my words
  • the one thing i didn’t think to pack is Advil and i am soooore rip me
  • i’ll post pics when i have time but for now it’s time to start day 2 ✌️