attorney general ken cuccinelli


Less than one day after Sandra Bland’s burial, Virginia’s Republican Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, argued that #BlackLivesMatter is a poor message because it makes white people feel less valued. (video)

From me, to any of the #AllLivesMatter people out there…listen:


Hurt white feelings are not more important than bringing singular attention to all of the unarmed black people constantly murdered by the state for the “crime” of daring to be black in America

So no, I will not submit to tone policing, and hell no, I will not add the word ‘too’ to #BlackLivesMatter just to protect white fragility and to make white people feel more comfortable about their white privilege

Members of the oppressor class do not get to dictate their preferred messages to the oppressed and tell us what we should be saying. That’s how we move backwards, not forward

Please recognize that adding “too” after #BlackLivesMatter is not only tone policing, it’s a direct attempt to control the conversation and eventually curve back to hollow words, “ALL lives matter.” Black people already know that, but given the alarming rate at which Black people continue to be racially profiled and summarily executed by the state, with little or no repercussions, it’s painfully obvious that far too many white people still do not know it. Even when they make the false claim that all lives matter

If ALL lives truly mattered in America, then why did no white person take it upon themselves to start that hashtag before Trayvon Martin was murdered, instead of reflexively inserting themselves into #BlackLivesMatter?

I refuse to be party to my own undoing by perpetuating the provable lie that #AllLivesMatter just to make white people “feel” comfortable

I refuse to prioritize white feelings over black lives when I could easily become tomorrow’s hashtag