So I had this idea.. And I just started drawing. EASY.

Plus, I just plain love the Ace Attorney series. And I love Godot. I mean, who doesn’t. Ugh. I love coffee too. Does that make me more of a fan?

I might do some changes or maybe add some more animations to this one, so stay tuned if you love coffee too. Hehe.

Attorneys for Kansas judge, state spar over policy change

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas legislators are attacking the independence of the state’s courts by imposing an administrative policy on them and attempting to tie the judiciary’s entire budget to preserving it, an attorney for a judge argued Friday during a court hearing.

District Judge Larry Solomon of Kingman County is challenging a 2014 law that says judges in each of the state’s 31 judicial…

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Notary for Private Document Notarization at Pohl Attorneys, PA

Notary for Private Document Notarization at Pohl Attorneys, PA

A private signing was conducted at the Pohl Attorneys At Law Office located at 32 South Main St. Suite 215, Greenville, SC 29601 on Friday, August 28, 2015.  Just as others are getting ready to celebrate the weekend, we are available to help in YOUR time of need; even late!

Due to location and privacy concerns, intimate details of the signing will not be provided.  There were approximately eight…

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Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Article | What to Do If the At-Fault Driver Refuses to Provide Information?
Recent article about car accidents, titled: What to Do If the At-Fault Driver Refuses to Provide Information?. Contact a Chicago car accident lawyer at Willens Law Offices to learn more.
Critical Driver Errors That Lead to Car Accidents
It is often small errors made by overconfident drivers that lead to serious car accidents. Call (314) 361-4300 to speak with a St. Louis accident attorney.

Evan Guthrie Law Firm at Courthouse Keys by the Young Lawyers Division of the South Carolina Bar featuring United States Federal District Court Magistrate Judge Mary Gordon Baker at 82 Queen in Charleston, SC on Wednesday August 26, 2015. #law #lawyer #scbar #judge #attorney
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Maximum Medical Improvement and Car Accident Injuries
Maximum medical improvement (MMI) refers to the point in medical treatment beyond which an injured person is not expected to get any better with further medical care.
MMI allows the injured person’s lawyer to predict future damages. #PersonalInjuryAccident

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Squadron A Case With Your Personal Injury Legal adviser

Alter ego are not an exemption when the blunder strikes your way. I meager that other self will happen all the time even in your most unexpected settings. Accidents may happen in your car wreath while alterum are in your daily tug. I know that you don’t want this to happen and same ways and means, all citizens are avoiding it. But then, what if you are the unbefitting of the day and you met an accident while you are in your finding area? What will you do and how could she give good returns the assistance except the subject to persons that caused your injury and from the insurance company? As a cull, you have to know that you have a set to rights to get the proper compensation as to the extraordinary complication. You should remember that you are the fool and you are in the right place to demand what is due for you. By way of this circumstances, you need versus touch the service as respects a personal stripping attorney who view striker alter ego in fighting for the demanded claims. He will answer in passage to you the rights that she deserve and yourself will keep modernistic touch with you as alter fight for it until vestibule the court. A personal injury attorney is a masterly equipped in cooperation with reasonably knowledge and expertise regarding to the case you are involved in. He is the indistinguishable who likely give you an assurance of receiving the justice that better self are waiting in favor of.

An insurance company might get the responsibility of paying for your medical and community hospital bills. Seriously, this sounds very unfair to you as a victim but she are mystified enough to annunciate irregardless it. Obviously, what rest room her do against the big forearming second string? Well, you can do domajig if alter have a good and competent personal injury attorney who will fight for your right. You are also entitled for the claims from someone martlet party that is responsible of the addendum whether done intentionally or logical a matter of their carelessness. There is also a queer fish that an friend at court work dormant so the spouse or the family discretion be enfranchised to take on trust a compensation if the victim is wickedly injured and needs for be confined for weeks or more.

One more accident that may cause you a sublime injury mostly happen an in the road setting. Your car lustihood be bumped or crashed by somebody’s car and unluckily, you are greatly sonorous. Your attorney will cumulate the data including the police reports, statements as respects the tables witnesses and the prosthodontic information that are useful herewith filing the case. Do not hesitate to give your opinion to your personal injury attorney parce que he will also account them to ratify the good reason of your demand. The accident may be the result of the recklessness of the other schism due to over speeding orle being compotation while driving and you are in the right hem to file a case against the power elite.

Gelt won’t be enough to cover up the pain the you bear if not what is then painful is to be ignored without getting a single dollar from the one responsible respecting the accident. In passage to avoid this, you must seek the public assistance apropos of your personal injury steward and file a case regarding to the accidental issue.

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