attn: lush employees

Lush PSA

Do not drop bombs, shampoo bars, cleansers or any other product into a bowl of water without asking a sales assistant!
Today at my store 5 bubble bars were dropped in bowls, they’re useless after this and get wasted off. It’s such a shame because it’s such a distraction during a consultation to keep your eyes on the demo bowls.
Sorry for the rant, it’s just so much product is wasted this way and it’s such a shame also really inconvenient for the staff!


My LUSH job interview process.

Before I start let me make it clear that I LOVE the products that Lush provides, always have and if they keep it up always will. The following comments have nothing to do with the products they sell.

Applying: When I went in to get the application the guy at the counter was super nice, he tried to get me an application but kept being pulled around by this other lady. Eventually the lady handed me the application and then when i thanked her and headed towards the door she practically yelled across the store “You aren’t going to look around!?” I nicely told her that I wish I could but I had to get to a bridal shower and I was already running late. She gave me the most bitchy look ever then whispered something to one of the employees. At that point I had no time to worry about her so I booked it out of there. the next day I returned the application and later received a call telling me to come in for a job fair (generally job fairs are for multiple companies, so why they called their interview process a “job fair” is beyond me) when they said the day of it I cringed a little because it was on the same day that my friends wedding took place, but I shrugged it off and wrote down the day and time. That wraps up the applying process.

Interview: When I got there the store was packed with people, which doesn’t take much since it is a small store, but still. The environment seemed really casual so I was able to relax a little, that was until the lady from the other day made a b-line straight towards me, pulls me away from  everyone, and starts asking what felt like a million questions about the products. After giving her what I’m sure were completely wrong answers I explained to her that I was told that were would learn about the products during the training process and that I didn’t need to worry about not knowing about the products at that point. The bitchy look made a come back. She moved on to asking me questions about my prior jobs, when I explained that I was a volleyball coach and worked for a graphics design company she gave me a  “no one fucking cares” look and then sent me back to the group for games. I don’t know what this woman’s deal was, but I was more than happy to be far away from her at this point.

Games: This was by far the funnest part of the interview process cause we got to try different products on each other and everyone there was super nice and we were cracking jokes the entire time. Everything was going great until they had us trying out these lotion bars. There were three different option for us to choose from, and one of them was literally a bar of glitter. Me and the girl i was teamed up with were avoiding the hell out of it because we both had places to be later (her another job, me a wedding) places that did not involve looking like tinker bell poured a bottle of fairy dust on us. So just as I am reaching for one of the normal lotion bars the lady from earlier walked up and said “NO! You HAVE to try this one!” Grabs the glitter bar and I tell her “No no no! I have to be at a wedding literally right after this and I can’t have glitter all over me and i know that that stuff is hard to get off.” At this point she says “No it isn’t!” grabs my arm and rubs the lotion bar over my entire arm looking so damn pleased with herself. One of the employee’s looked so damn shocked at what she did and quickly grabbed whatever soap he could trying to get it off. IT WOULD NOT COME OFF. At this point the employee apologized to me about a thousand times, the lady gave no fucks, and I was beyond done with the whole situation. I grabbed my purse, thanked the employee who helped me, said by to the people I got to know, then walked the hell out, met up with my dad who was waiting to take me to the wedding, and haven’t stepped in the store since.

Now I know that everyone has different experiences, but this one was just so frustrating that I felt the need to share it.

gaylena  asked:

Hi Momo! My question is a bit different than most that you get, I think. It's not about products, it's about working at Lush! I have a group interview this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! The only thing is, I'm scared my nerves will prevent me from showing how much I adore their products, stand for what they believe in, and respect their contributions to charities. Also, I wanted to show my creativity a bit with a unique cover letter, is that a good idea or no? Any tips would be great!

That’s an awesome idea for your cover letter! We encourage creativity in every aspect of this job :)

Don’t worry too much about your nerves because group interviews are super chill and lots of fun cause you get to play with some of the products while talking with employees and then just having a sit down interview!

Be yourself and even if you get a little nervous it will be okay :)

Good luck!