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Monthly Pains

Fic request: 
“Hey hope you aren’t too busy with requests but could you maybe do a teamiplier x fem!reader where reader is on her period and just super not feeling well so they try and help her feel better while at the office? Thanks!”

Sorry this is super late! I hope you enjoy anyway! 

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You just had to get through a few hours of work and then you could lay down on the couch and sulk. 
Just a few hours of productivity and you can hate the word. 
It was a easy plan, a nice, simple plan. But your body didn’t seem to like that very much. 
Your lower region twisted painfully, so much so that you actually grunted. You tried to cover it up with a cough, but of course, sharp-ears Markiplier caught the sound and looked over at you. 
“You ok?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowed. 
You nodded, trying to keep your face straight. “Just a little stomach ache.” 
It felt a little childish to play it off, but you felt a little uncomfortable telling a Mark that you were on your period. 
You grinned at him and returned to your work. 
Mark noticed the hand that rested against your stomach, applying a little pressure as more cramps tore at your insides. 
Just a little more work. You told yourself. This is a natural occurrence and it is not going to get in your way. 
You heard one of the girls climb the stairs behind you. With your back turned to the entrance, you didn’t see Amy approach you until she handed you a hot water bottle. 
“Mine are pretty bad too,” She admitted with a pitying smile. 
You thanked her and pressed the bottle to your stomach. Sighing a little as some of the heat seemed to cease the pains. 

Suddenly understanding the situation, Mark got from his chair and ventured downstairs. 
A few minutes later, he returned with a hot beverage and a few painkillers. Trailing behind him was Chica, the puppo wagged her tail as the two approached you. 
“I don’t know if they work for you, but Amy takes a few meds and drinks hot chocolate.” He told you. 
You smiled, “You didn’t have to Mark, but thank you.”
He nodded and returned to his desk. Chica however stayed by you, lying down by your chair and gently pawed your shoe. 
You smiled and reached down, scratching the top of her head. 
Though the painkiller were helping a little, you started to feel quite drowsy and a headache started to form. 
Sighing, you retreated from you desk to the couch. Collapsing onto it and moaning into the pillows. 
“That bad, huh?” You heard Mark ask. You nodded, your face still squashed into the pillow. 
“What’s wrong with (Y/N)?” Ethan asked, climbing the stairs. 
“Period,” You mumbled. Too grumpy and sore to hide it any longer. 
Ethan flushed a little, but carried on. “Do you want some painkillers or something?” 
“I’ve already given some to her,” Mark said, wincing as you let loose another grunt of pain. Sitting up, you held the hot-water bottle to your stomach. 
“It’s fine, thanks for the concern though.” You told, grinning as convincingly as you can. Amy flashed you an understanding look from across the room and Chica picked up one of her toys, bringing it over to you. 
You smiled and took it from her, spinning it around her head as she tried to catch it. 

Ethan sat beside you, laughing along with you as the two of you played with Chica. It helped. 
But the stabbing pain continued and you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. 
“Maybe some food will make you feel better,” Ethan suggested. 
You weren’t sure if food would help, but you reminded yourself that you haven’t eaten since you woke up. 
Nodding, you followed Ethan downstairs to the kitchen where Tyler was banging around. 
“Are you making enough noise?” You asked, chuckling. 
Tyler gave you an apogoletic smile. “Sorry, the pan slipped from my hand.” 
“What are you making?” You asked. Your nose picked up a sweet smell in the air and Tyler waved his hand over a fresh batch of brownies. 
“I got bored, so I looked up a recipe.” 
“You bake?” Ethan asked with a doubtful cocked eyebrow. 
“I do now,” Tyler shrugged. 
“Can I try one?” You asked. Your stomach gave a hefty rumble, your hunger suddenly over coming your pains. 
Tyler handed you a brownie on a plate, and with one bite, you felt alot happier. 
“This is so good!” You praised Tyler with a mouthful of brownie. 
Tyler smiled proudly. “Thank you.” 
“Are you feeling better?” Ethan asked and you nodded. 
“But I feel like it’ll be a short lived relief,” You admitted, already feeling the twinge in the pit of your stomach. 

Living With Teamiplier Part2

Because you all loved the first one, I wanted to do another! 
Also, I realised I didn’t write much of the girls in the last one! So I’ll be sure to add them in this. 
Hope you enjoy!

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-You fight Ethan for the last bit of pizza. 

-A lot of slapping and light-hearted screams of pain echo through the house as the war between you two rages on. 

-Tyler swoops in without either of you noticing and snatches away the last bite. 

-You and Ethan turn on him in an instant. 

-Amy and Kathryn watch with mild amusement as you two chase Tyler around, screaming insults. 

-Mark walks out of his recording room and instantly starts yelling just because everyone else is. 

-It all falls into a giggle fit and you all continue with your day. 

-Chica likes sneaking into your room and sleeping by your bed because it’s the quietest area in the house. 

-Mark searches your room first when looking for the pup. 

-Sometimes you cuddle with Chica on the couch, refusing to let her go when Mark wants her. 

-If Mark becomes busy with his channel, you’ll help him out by taking the pup for a walk to get her out of the house. 

-Amy comes with you, the two of you play with the puppo at the park for an hour before going home.

-You and the girls have your coffees outside in the morning, enjoying the quiet outside air. 

-Even if it’s cold, you all wrap blankets around yourselves and curl up outside on the chairs. 

-Tyler joins you sometimes. Drowsy and tired, he’ll sit by the three of you and just listen until he wakes up more. 

-Amy manages to convince Mark to bring food out to you guys because you’re all too comfortable to get up. 

-You become close friends with the girls and at late hours of the night, you might go on drives with Amy. 

-Mark appreciates you going with Amy. Though she’s a grown woman, it’s a comfort to know a friend is with her when she goes on a road-trip or a short drive. 

-If any of you are travelling, everyone likes to keep in touch. To make sure you get to your destination safely and get home in one piece. 

(I’m having a blank for other stuff :P, hope you enjoyed!)