Just reading about all of the plans to desecrate the NHS or the health amendments or whatever they’re calling it. Why can’t we just get these guys back? Nothing can go wrong with Atters at the helm, I even thank him for my uni results (I managed to crowbar him in to every single one of my exams, a fact of which I am immensely proud).

As we build up towards the £10m funeral this week, I thought I’d share this from the UK government’s own website…greatest PM of the twentieth century compared to Churchill and Attlee???

What’s this to do with career advice? Not much, except this - if you say something is true often enough then enough people will believe it to make the truth practically irrelevant.

There is a tenuous analogy with our careers here - we need to work your way through the corporate / organisational BS to find the truth - to find what is right for us rather than simply listening to what others tell us.

Recruitment consultants get paid when candidates are placed. There’s usually a rebate period for 3 months, during which period the recruitment fee, or a percentage of it is paid back. Most times it can take 6 - 9 months for a new employee to find out what a company is really like. An unscrupulous recruiter will use this to their advantage…

Always bear in mind that recruitment is a sales job…so DYOR…think for yourself…what seems great may not actually be so…just because the common orthodoxy states that company x is a great place to work, don’t automatically believe what you have been told.

(Picture drawn by Louis Ollier.)


Many a time I’ve longest these ways to go, 

To Wander where each little rugged isle

Lifts from the blue Aegean’s sparkling isle

Its golden rocks or peaks of silent snow.

The land of magic tales of long ago, 

Ulysses’ wandering and Circe’s wile,

Achilles and his armour, Helen’s smile, 

Dear won delight that set tall Troy aglow.

Happy the traveller whose eye may range

O'er Lemnos, Samothrace and Helles’ strait,

Who smells the sweet thyme-scented breezes… Nay!

Right Willingly all these would I exchange

To see the buses throng by Mile End Gate

And smell the fried fish shops down Limehouse way.”

- CRA 1915

Wise words from a man many consider to have been the greatest Prime Minister the UK has ever had. The poor should not have to rely on the charity of the rich, instead society collectively should ensure that all have the tools and opportunities to live a good quality of life, and a chance of success. That is what our taxes should be used for.