attleboro ma

Hey guys!! A friend on mine could use your help; their father, a World War II vet is turning 90 on November 28th this year… normally she’d throw him a huge party to celebrate, but he’s had an accident this year and will never stand and is currently home-bound… that with his Alzheimer’s it’s impossible to have a big celebration.

What I’m asking, if you can, can you please make this man’s day and mail him a birthday card? It’s a simple gesture that would make him and his family so very happy…. and it’d mean so much to have some sweet cards from some kids. This is close to home and this fills my heart with such joy to think of how happy it would make him on his big day.

They can be sent to Norm Polner, 11 Robert Toner Blvd., Suite 5-112, Attleboro Falls, MA 02763.

I know the power of tumblr! We can do this!! Please share this so we can make this the best day for Norm.

Thank you from Elaine and her dad Norm :)

So let me explain… Myrretah and I got home tonight and realized… we forgot to take something out to thaw. So we considered staying home and making a can of soup for dinner. But we were both craving some pizzeria pizza. At first, we used an app on my phone that is supposed to be a random coin flip, but it seems it has a bias towards tails. So in the interest of being completely impartial, Myrr dug a penny out of our jar of Lucky Pennies, which is actually more than just pennies, and is savings for a little dolly, but I digress. We flipped, and “going out” it was. On the way, we considered Subway but a meatball parm sub is not pizza. Then we remembered there was an Uno’s Pizzeria and Grill up the street, and that we had wanted to try it. So we did. We mentioned to our server that it was our first time at an Uno’s. By the end of the meal, the Manager on Duty came over; really nice guy, actually, and gave us the above goodie bag. The food is delish, the staff is friendly and smiley (our host was this adorable young gentleman that we both wanted to just hug), and they apparently rotate their specials often. We will definitely be return customers.