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Ask anyone and they will tell you “Jimin always loved Jungkook”

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Some said “Jungkook hated it”

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Wiser ones replied  “He adored Jimin even back then. He was just too young to know …

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how to respond 

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Or how to grab a hand

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before the tables turn and he becomes the one begging for it”

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Jungkook’s body kept pushing Jimin away, yet his expressions said otherwise

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Jk thought no one saw his hidden smirks

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Or  stolen glances

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I mean you don’t need much to see that his indifferent attitude

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Took a 180° turn 

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Little by little … 

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Things really did change

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Who teases who now

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Who can’t get enough of the other now?

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It “used to be” a very innocent relationship between these two

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They used to just play together

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Until Jungkook realized that looking wasn’t enough

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And that Jimin is VERY sexy

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So he will touch his chest

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Again and again

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Lift him

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Tie him up

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Lift him up again and slap his butt

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Seriously Jungkook do you like him that much?

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BTW This will look to many just as a physical attraction

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It is! 

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It really is  …

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BUT It goes beyond that

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No matter the place, be it an interview

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A fan meeting

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A music video

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The back of a truck

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While shooting for a show

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They will always find one another

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So how did Jimin manage to change the rules besides him being the cutest most sexy perfect human being… Stop it Mimi. Focus!

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Jimin is an expert at making you adore him. He will be gentle at times

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Surprise you at others

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With only one word he can make your heart skip a beat

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And that really gets JK off guards (poor bunny)

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From the very first day Chimchim just wanted to make beautiful memories with Jungkook-ah

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That’s why most of his selfies have Jk in them

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And swoon Jeon do not mind

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He just wanna hug him too

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feed him from his spoon

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Sing and …

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dance with him

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while having fun all the way

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We love their height difference

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Their not so secrets moments

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Their push & pull

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The way they make one another laugh

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The way they share a moment

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The way they still play like the old days

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The way their roles changed

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The way they make a simple heading to the airport a love series

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The way Jeonlous happens whenever someone gets closer to Chimchim

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The way they make you question if they are actually real

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But then you tell yourself maybe you saw it wrong after you turn quite obsessed

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But then you just end up finding more proof they might actually be

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Netherless by then jikook will already have slided into your life

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And it doesn’t change if they are close friends/brothers or even lovers because no matter what …

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All in ALL everything about it is goals !!

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So how do you like them now?

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With hearts and kisses I finish this post again, wishing it made you smile for a moment <3

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I love these two sooooo much, wishing I shared some of my adoration for them with you and hoping you liked it^^
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By @mimibtsghost

Gemini: Reality vs Fantasy

1. Fantasy: “Don’t date a Gemini or even give them a chance, they are so heartless.”

Reality: A Gemini is actually bawling and dying on the inside, all because they want a chance with you but you’re not willing to cooperate.

2. Fantasy: “Gemini’s are two-faced and fake..”

Reality: They aren’t two-faced or fake, they just know how to turn certain attitudes on and off for certain situations and can adjust to their surroundings easily.

3. Fantasy: “Why must Gemini’s be so selfish.”

Reality: They are far from selfish, they’re just not willing to give and give to any and everyone as freely. Being used and abused is something a Gemini will not tolerate.

4. Fantasy: “Gemini’s are so childish.”

Reality: They are just super jolly, through both the pain and pleasure. Embrace the youthfulness of a Gemini, it’s a quality many can’t possess.

5. Fantasy: “Gemini’s overreact over the littlest things.”

Reality: We’re not overreacting, we’re just seeing and spotting the things you don’t see. We pay close attention to detail.

Try Me

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where the reader is Unser’s daughter, and Hale keeps flirting with her so she asks Jax to pretend to be her boyfriend to get him to back off. Enjoy the smut ;)

A/N - I’ve done this a little differently to my other fake boyfriend/girlfriend imagines, as I don’t want to seem repetitive :)

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“You don’t even know me. Get to know me, I promise I’ll change your mind.” You’re glad your back is turned as you roll your eyes in annoyance, not sure how long you’re going to be able to keep up the nice girl attitude for.

Turning to face the determined officer, you smile apologetically, your following answer the same as it always is. “Thanks for the offer again David, but I’m not sure things would work between us.”

“Why? Why do you always say that?” he asks, frustration heavy in his tone, his hand on your car door to stop you from leaving. “Is it because of the MC?”

“No-” You open your mouth to start denying his claims, trying to think of another reason not to go out with a dude that you just don’t find yourself attracted to, when you come up with the perfect solution. “Actually, yes. You’re completely right.”

“Listen, I know you’re close with them, but they’re bad people, (Y/N). You could do so much better.” Here he goes again, you think. Same speech as always. He doesn’t even know SAMCRO like you do, nobody does.

“Thanks for the lecture, David, but Jax asked me to be his girlfriend a couple weeks ago, and I said yes.” The pure horror on his face has you biting your lip to contain your smirk. “See you around.”

Walking into the clubhouse, you scan the room swiftly, not spotting the man you’re hoping to see. “He around, Sack?”

“In the apartments.” he responds, walking into the kitchen with a pair of rubber gloves and a plunger. You grimace, knowing Piney’s probably blocked the bog again. Shaking your head, you walk towards Jax’s residence, knocking on the closed door.

“Room service.” you call sarcastically, your voice sickly sweet. The door opens within a few seconds, Jax’s eyebrow raised, his lips turned up into a grin.

“Lucky me, though you’re slightly overdressed for the kind of ‘room service’ I’m used to.” he says, opening the door to let you in. “Wasn’t expecting to see you till’ later on.”

“I know, but I need to talk to you about a little favour so I thought I’d grace you with my wonderful company.” you tease, plonking yourself down on Jax’s bed. Shutting the door, he sits on a box in front of you, pulling his cigarettes out of his pocket.

“You can just admit you missed me, babe.” He takes a drag, your eyes capturing the way his cheeks hollow as he inhales the smoke, the action stopping your train of thought. “What do you need me for this time, Princess?“

“Are you ever going to drop that nickname? You’ve called it me for years.” He grins cheekily, the smoke parting from his pink lips as he shakes his head at you, knowing deep down you love the endearment. “Anyway-”

A knock on Jax’s door stops you, the two of you turning to see Chibs’. “Sorry to interrupt. Cops are here.”

“Could they be any further up our asses?” Jax spits rhetorically, discarding his cigarette in an ashtray on his cabinet before standing up. You follow him as he leaves the room, Chibs leading the way as the three of you head out to the front. All you’re thinking is please don’t be Hale.

You curse silently as you see the man himself standing against his police car, Jax tensing up as he sets eyes on the deputy. “You’re here so much I’m starting to think you wanna patch in.”

Hale just scowls, his eyes shifting to you as you move from behind Jax, stepping to take position between the Scot and the VP. He watches you for a moment, and you know Jax catches it as you see him look at you questioningly, a pleading look on your face as you hope he just follows your lead.

“We got a call about a guy on a motorcycle running a red light a few blocks from here.” You sigh in disbelief, having a sneaking suspicion that his visit is more out of spite than anything else. “Just here to check your plates.”

“Jesus, how bad did you piss off my dad to go from murders to speeding tickets?” you sass, folding your arms across your chest. Chibs chokes down his chuckle from next to you, taking a drag from his cig to keep down his humour.

“I’m here because it’s my job, (Y/N), to make Charming a safer place for our citizens.” You roll your eyes, nodding slowly. “Something bothering you?”

“Woah, I thought you were here for us, not for the chief’s daughter. Check your plates and you can be on your way.” Jax states protectively, not liking the way Hale is speaking to you. The officer glares in response, his hand moving to rest on the handcuffs on his belt.

“I wonder how the chief would feel if he knew what you were up to with his daughter.” Hale snaps, his whole entity dripping with jealousy. You swallow nervously, trying to hide the anxiety from your face.

Chibs laughs loudly this time, a laugh so loud with amusement that you can’t help but smile. “Jackie, you naughty boy.”

You share a look with your ‘boyfriend’, him smirking, a cocky grin spreading across his face. You let out the breath you’ve been holding in, Jax’s reaction of enjoyment rather than horror making you feel confident in your lie.

“Oh, I get it now. You’ve got a soft spot for my girl here, and you’re pissed she chose me over you.” Jax says, rolling his tongue over his lower lip smugly. “Not that you were even an option.”

“You watch your mouth, Teller.” Hale warns, his eye twitching as he steps up to Jax, the tension heavy between the two men.

“Or what?” Jax challenges, anger radiating off him in waves.

“We got a problem here, boys?” The voice of your dad cuts through the ever brewing argument, him smiling at you loving before turning his attention back to the two amped up males. “Hale, you’re not stationed to be here.“

You, Chibs and Jax watch on as Hale turns into a flushed mess, having no decent excuse for ever coming to TM in the first place - though you all know why he did.

“Thanks, dad.” You hug your father as you speak, him squeezing you tightly before leaving you to it.

“So, something you need to tell me?” Jax asks as you sit on the bench outside, embarrassment crawling up your body. “Wasn’t aware I was taken, darlin’.”

He nudges you playfully, your hands covering your face as you groan. “He’s been pestering me for weeks, figured you were the best deterrent.”

“Thanks.” Jax deadpans, a small smirk on his face as he passes you the cig, you taking a drag as you think about what to say. “Glad I could be of service, I guess.”

“Thanks for going along with it. Guess I owe you one.” You tap off the ash and pass the stick back, biting your lip anxiously. “How about I do you a favor?”

“Sweetheart, no offence but the kind of favours I’d like to have you do for me aren’t exactly innocent.” You cough, his reply completely unexpected, your core tingling involuntarily.

“Try me.” you tease, your gaze flickering to his lips for just a second, your hand coming to rest on his thigh, fingertips inching upwards.

Next thing you know, the two of you are locked at the lips, thankful that the clubhouse is empty, the others off on runs and whatever else. “How long have we got?”

“Half hour, tops.” Jax mumbles, connecting his lips back to yours, his tongue in your mouth eliciting a moan from you. “I don’t see us lasting that long to be honest, darlin’.”

You squeal as you feel yourself being lifted, the pool table becoming your seat as Jax places you on top. You rip at his flannel, the buttons scattering all over the room. Your fingers explore up and down his chiseled chest as he begins to nibble and suck at your neck, your eyes closing in pleasure as he works his way down.

“Please, Jax…” you pant, your underwear positively soaked as his tongue slips over your exposed skin. He practically growls at your pleading, him ripping himself from you as he expertly undoes his jeans, the fabric pooling at his ankles, his boxers joining the denim.

Your eyes widen as his cock stands before you, you pressing your thighs together subconsciously as the ache grows stronger. “Like what you see, Princess?”

“Don’t get too smug, Jackson, gotta see if you can fuck me well enough, first.“ His hands pull at your shorts, you lifting your ass to help assist as he rids the material from your legs. Once he’s discarded the fabric somewhere across the room, he connects his lips back to yours, lifting and squeezing your ass as he moves to you to the edge of the table.

You barely feel him move your underwear to the side before he sinks into you, a gasp leaving your lips as he nuzzles into your neck, his teeth biting at your skin as he fills you up.

You dig your nails into his biceps as he moves out of you, slamming back in deeply. He pulls back, loving the expressions you make as he fucks you so well, the little moans and gasps leaving your lips making him want to explode there and then.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel you around me, (Y/N).” You place your hands behind you to steady yourself, your pussy feeling even wetter as he talks to you. “You feel so fucking good, baby.”

“I’m so close, already. Fuck, just like that.” you whine as he hits all the right places, his strokes alternating in speed, but never lacking in power.

You rub your clit, clenching your pussy as you come, your mouth open yet nothing comes out. “That’s it, come for me, baby. Good girl.”

Jax grips the back of your neck as he speeds up his thrusts, his gaze locked on yours as he gets closer and closer to climaxing. You’re practically on fire as you feel another orgasm creeping up on you, the pure hunger in Jax’s eyes making you more sensitive than ever.

“Who knew you could take cock so well.” he whispers as he drills into you, a high pitched moan slipping from your lips. “Imagine if someone walked in right now, saw what a dirty slut you are, so desperate for me.”

His degrading words push you over the edge, a loud curse leaving you as stars fill your vision, Jax continuing to slam into you as he rides you through your high. “You gonna take my come, hm? Gonna let me fill you up like the good girl you are?”

“Yes, fuck, please Jax.” you plead desperately, your nails clawing down his stomach as he places hos forehead against your own, his eyes clenching shut as he let’s go.

He kisses you roughly as he comes inside of you, his hips gently rocking as his hot spurts shoot inside of you, your teeth sucking at his bottom lip.

He pulls out of you slowly, his juices and your own dripping from your satisfied pussy, your body feeling empty without his shaft inside of you.

Jax buckles up his pants, grabbing your shorts before lifting you up as if you weigh nothing. He carries you down the hall, just in time in fact as voices begin to fill the clubhouse.

Reaching his room, he places you down on the bed, his body crawling over yours as he moves a piece of hair from your face. “I’ve gotta go for a vote, but when I get back, we’re gonna see how sexy you look on your hands and knees.”

With that, he’s gone, leaving you shaken and hungry for more.

A/N - It’s been a whileeeeeee since I wrote some smut, but I’m so glad with how this turned out!!!! Hope you guys likeddddddd xxxx

Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter in the 1st house : You possess a charismatic and expansive nature that naturally attracts people. But you may have to fight your tendency to gain weight.

Jupiter in the 2nd house : Money and prosperity come to you, often in the form of unexpected gains. But your desire to spend money may exceed your ability to earn or save money, so be careful.

Jupiter in the 3rd house : Loquacious and eager for information, you are smart and knowledgeable, although you run the risk of saturating your mind with gossip. The travels, readings and company of your brothers and sisters do you good.

Jupiter in the 4th house : You are a generous person who opens his or her home to others. Comfortable and even luxurious accommodations are yours, and you have the gift of making your home a pleasant place. Life becomes easier as you get older, and at an advanced age you will be surrounded by comfort.

Jupiter in the 5th house : This position brings a profusion of love adventures, a love of pleasure, the ability to have fun even under difficult circumstances, and a joyful creativity. Although all natives with this position do not become parents, those who are get great satisfaction.

Jupiter in the 6th house : It is essential for your happiness to find the right job, and you like to be on duty. In a satisfying job, you are a dedicated employee who gets along with his colleagues. But you tend to overlook details, and you can become a workaholic. Your health is generally good, but avoid the excesses.

Jupiter in the 7th house : You are sociable and easy going. Marriage and business partnerships are favored by this position, and you have a multitude of opportunities to form alliances with people. Even in the age of divorce in which we live, people with this position of Jupiter usually marry for life.

Jupiter in the 8th house : You are willing to take advantage of investments, insurance, inheritance and business in which you enter with other people.You have strong sexual urges ;) , a deep interest in the process Personal transformation, and excellent recovery skills.

Jupiter in the 9th house : You adopt an expansive and optimistic attitude towards life. Turned naturally towards teaching, with a philosopher’s inclination, you want to see everything and understand everything. You benefit from everything that broadens your horizons, such as travel, education, religion and publishing.

Jupiter in the 10th house : With a little effort, you can realize your desire for social recognition. You possess a natural talent. People want to help you, and you flourish when you are very prominent. This position brings you success, access to high-level posts, and sometimes celebrity.

Jupiter in the 11th house : You have an open mind, are pleasant, serve others and are just. You work effectively with others; You know millions of people, and your friends are extremely important to you. It is the great ambitions that make the best of yourself. Success comes with your group businesses.

Jupiter in the 12th house : You are sympathetic, introspective and generous with others. You may have medium skills. But you tend to overextend yourself, and you must find a way to regenerate yourself. Solitude and spiritual quest calm you, strengthen your intuition and prepare you for your incursions into the world.

Our Dirty Little Secret (M)

word count: 7k

genre: smut ; high school AU

pairing: reader/yoongi (yoonji)

summary: typical new student AU; they’re in a new school and need a guide and you’re so graciously volunteered. though, there is something strange about that new girl, min yoonji. something you want to figure out. 

warning(s)/kink(s): cross dressing, slight feminization, pet names, a little spanking, rough oral sex, semi-public sex, protected sex, hair pulling, slight dirty talk

songs: my hump – black eyed peas ; bang bang - jessie j ; attention - charlie puth


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Hey guys! So, I’m in the late stages of getting everything ready for chapter 1, but I’m running into one final problem: I can’t make up my mind on how I want to host it.

I’ve narrowed it down to two options: Webtoons or self-hosting. There are big pros and cons to both, and since I know a lot of you are fans of the webcomic scene I figured your insight would be appreciated. As a reader, what format do you prefer? And, as an artist, what would you lean towards in my situation?

I’ve listed my thoughts under the cut, so please have a read and let me know what you think.

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Sex with Jungkook…

• Oh lord I got so many request on this one.

• I think a girls bratty and sassy attitude would turn him on.

• or if you are disobeying him.

• Is a switch but keeps insisting on being a dom.

• Will straight up start with rough kissing and choking.

• Dirty talk while you ride his thighs.

• Has a filthy fucking mouth.

• The things he says will make even the dirties person blush.

• A few spanks here and there.

• marks your whole body with hickies.

• Makes you cum with just his fingers and mouth more than once.

• Pet names.

• Has a daddy kink but won’t admit.

• Doesn’t likes toys, nor does he use them.

• has a pair of handcuffs tho.

• Literally fucks you into the matress.

• Sex with clothes on.

• Shower sex. dangerous af don’t do it

• Sex on the kitchen counter.

• Thrusts are fast as fuck.

I had to take a break I was getting to into it

• Loves to cum on your face.

• Especially after a blowjob.

• Makes sure you cum first so he can get you on your knees again.

• Doesn’t fucking know what aftercare is tho.

• You will have to go and wash yourself before finding him back on his video games.

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No decency II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, stepbrother!jungkook

word count: 10k

The next week Jungkook’s attitude made a turn, letting you relax around him until a night escalated and you got to see a side of him you never thought he would reveal to you.

Originally posted by kookieinfirestae

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Pushing Twenty-Five

Title: Pushing Twenty-Five

Characters: Coach Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You hate PE with a passion.

Warnings: NSFW!!! 6k+ words worth of filthy smut, student-teacher stuff (reader is of legal age)

Note: FINALLY! My entry for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash 2nd writing challenge! So happy to be participating this time! Prompt is Coach Negan obviously. Writing’s kinda messy tbh, but I did my best. Enjooooy!

You failed PE the first time.

You dropped it the second time. And from then on, you avoided taking it during your next two years in college. Why would PE be a requirement in college, anyway? It’s not like it’d benefit you as a Literary major. Besides, was there even a known writer in history who credited PE as one of the major factors for their success? Nada. You hated PE, you despised it. It was totally unnecessary but now that you were moving on to your last year in college, you’re left with no other choice but to conquer it in order to graduate.

The regret from not passing it early on hit you the very moment you entered the gym. Since PE was only taken by freshmen students, you were sort of the oldest among your classmates. Had you not failed and dropped it during your first two semesters in college, you wouldn’t be dealing with such embarrassment now.

But then again you suck at being athletic so even if you didn’t drop out during your second semester PE, you’d still face the embarrassment of having zero skills in any kind of sport.

It also didn’t help that the only PE class available was volleyball and you just had to end up being in the class handled by the most notorious coach in the entire university– Coach Negan.

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Defying Gravity: Loki x Reader

Note: This is just a random idea I had; reader has the ability to manipulate gravity and Loki walks in on her chilling on the ceiling. Let me know what you think (I know its pretty terrible, just tell me nicely) or if you want to be tagged in any future works :)

Words: 1549

You can find my other fics here: Loki Masterlist

               “Y/N, what are you doing on the ceiling?”

Loki’s voice shattered your concentration, causing you to fall ungracefully onto the bed. You let out a grunt as you hit the mattress, thankful that the wooden frame of the bed hadn’t shattered upon impact; you’d already had to ask Tony for a new bed once this week and were pretty sure that he wouldn’t pay for third in as many days.

Rolling on to your back, rubbing your neck as you did, you grumbled, “I like sitting on the ceiling.”

The mattress slumped under Loki’s weight when he sat down beside you. Much to your surprise, without so much as a word, he began massaging your neck. You took a sudden breath when he caught a trapped nerve, cold air rushing into your lungs as the pain began to pass.

Twisting your neck until it clicked, you asked, “What can I do for you, Loki? I don’t know how things work around here, but where I’m from people knock before letting themselves in.”

               "I thought I’d just come and see how you were settling in,“ he said, studying your room.

You were still in the process of unpacking so it looked like you were currently living in the middle of a bomb site. However, you had managed to sort out the most important things; your favourite shelf was up and packed tightly with hundreds of books. Everything else was half in, half out of the boxes, strewn across the floor without a home.

Gesturing to the mess, you said, "It’s clearly going very well. That’s not why you came to visit though, is it?”

               "You’re very observant. Fine, I was curious as to why you are here. No-one knows anything about you or your powers. I want to know why Stark thought you so worthy.“

It was something that you’d thought about a lot since moving in with the Avengers. Just over two weeks ago, Tony Stark had appeared in your dorm room and told you, in no uncertain terms, that he was going to help you use your powers for good. Before you could argue, he’d sent someone to box up your things and brought you back to the compound with him.

               "I’m gyrokinetic.” You had to hide your grin at the complete and utter look of confusion on his face. The few people that knew of your powers had all made the same face upon first hearing the term. “That means I can manipulate gravity.”

               "Hence why you were on the ceiling…“ Loki said, slowly understanding. "What else can you do, other than float around?”

               "It’s not just floating,“ you scoffed. "I only do that for fun. You’d be amazed what I can do.”

               "Show me. It’s only empty words otherwise.“

               "I don’t have to prove anything to you, Loki,” you said, stretching out across your mattress. With a gentle shove, you pushed the god off the edge of the bed and gave him a little wave. “Bored of you now. Bye bye.”

Somewhat shocked by your attitude, Loki turned to leave. However, he only managed a few steps before he was stopped in his tracks. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t lift his legs. It felt like they weighed a tonne and it wasn’t long until his knees gave out. He hit the floor with a loud thud, grimacing as he landed awkwardly on all fours.

Suddenly, as if it had never happened, the god could move again. He let out a deep breath, holding tightly on to the carpet to assure himself that he wouldn’t float away. Even though he was back under normal gravity, it was like his body was filled with helium, ready to float away now the force holding him down was gone.

               "I might have lied,“ you chirped, pushing yourself up from the bed. It was almost funny how red Loki’s face had gone; you couldn’t tell if it was in anger at being humiliated this way or from exertion having fought the intense spike in gravity. "I’m not bored of you quite yet.”

His muscles fully adjusted to normal Earth gravity, the god rose to his feet and glared down at you. “Is that all you’ve got, little girl?”

From nowhere, he pulled a small dagger and threw it your way. Honestly, you hadn’t been expecting such a serious response and panicked. You instinctively snapped your hands up to protect your body and doubled over as a sharp pain radiated in your chest.

Looking up towards Loki, you stared dumbfounded at what you’d subconsciously managed to conjure between you - a miniature black hole! Your first instinct was to let go of your powers and let it close itself up but you knew that would be dangerous. Focusing all your attention on the darkness before your eyes, you brought your hands together and prayed that this would work.

You supposed, at least if it failed, you wouldn’t know about it. Current theories suggested that death by black hole would be pretty instantaneous.

When you finally managed to compress the rip in the fabric of space to nothing larger than a tiny pebble, it closed itself up and the world around you began to faze back into existence. Everything was a little messier than before, and that sharp pain near your heart hadn’t yet faded, but aside from that you’d never have known anything bad had happened.

The sound of Loki’s concerned voice also came to the foreground of your attention. “Y/N, are you alright?”

               "Used a little too much energy there…“ you mumbled, breathing deeply to try and dull the pain you felt. You knew it wouldn’t kill you - it was a common side effect of over extending your abilities - but it bloody well hurt anyway. Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you asked, "Are you okay? I didn’t mean for things to get that dangerous. I panicked a little.”

               "I should probably apologise for throwing a knife at you, then.“

               "You probably should,” you agreed. A few awkward seconds passed by before you added, “Well, go on then. Admitting you should apologise is not the same as actually doing it.”

You watched as the god bit back a smirk. “I shall give you fair warning, next time.”

Suspecting that was the best you were going to get out of him, you nodded in thanks. “Maybe next time just don’t throw a dagger at me at all? I need to rest now. That was a subtle hint for you to go.”

               "I’d be happy to leave if you’d return me to the ground.“

That was when you clocked it. In your attempts to relax, you’d subconsciously lifted the gravity of the room so now both you and Loki were floating aimlessly a few feet above the ground. Releasing your grip on your powers, you slowly descended until you were both laying flat on the floor.

Loki helped you to your feet, pulling you up in one swift, graceful movement, before turning to bid you adieu. He paused, clearly half expecting you to play another trick on him, when a different voice rang through the sound system of your room. "Y/N? Do you have a moment?”

               "Sure, Tony. What can I do for you?“

               "Have you, by any chance, been messing around with your powers?” Tony’s voice sounded strained but you couldn’t quite work out why.

Looking over to Loki, who was slowly backing out of the room to completely avoid the conversation, you answered, “I was… testing a few things out, yeah. Why?”

               "Do you know which room is directly under yours?“

               "No…” you said slowly, sensing that this wasn’t going to end well and that Loki had indeed made the right decision to flee before getting dragged into it.

               "Well, let me tell you. It’s my lab.“

You clasped a hand over your mouth as you realised what he was trying to say. You’d only ever lived on the ground floor before; using your powers to affect the local gravity had never bothered anyone else because there was no-one below to bother. Now, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Silently bringing up JARVIS’s camera shots of the lab on your computer screen, you saw a scene of absolute mayhem. Half of the lab was in zero-g whilst the other had a gravity comparable to Saturn. So, whilst the Iron Man suits were being crushed into tiny cubes of metal, Tony was floating around the room, barely able to tell which way was up anymore.

For someone that spent so much time whizzing and flying around, he really didn’t seem to be enjoying zero gravity.

Holding back a laugh, you whispered, "Tony, I’m so sorry. What can I do?”

               "Get me down from here!“ he shouted, his calm finally breaking. He hit the ground with surprising force and let out a deep groan, holding his chest tightly. Judging by the way the colour drained from his face, you feared that he’d managed to break at least two ribs on impact.

Looking directly at the camera you were watching, Tony groaned, "You and I are going to have a serious talk later, Y/N.”

Maybe it would have been better to be swallowed by the black hole, after all.

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To: KPop Tumblr / From: An Angry Black Girl

WARNING: This is a RANT. If you don’t want to read this, or you don’t want to have to sit through my deepest disappointment and the annoyance that has been dwelling within me for the longest about this; please just scroll right past this and you will be a-okay.

- Admin Dayna

Okay so, I know I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to avoid the topics of racism and culture appropriation within K-Pop because the list goes on forever, and as a black girl with anxiety and depression, having to constantly speak up against these things get extremely tiring and weigh heavy on me. But the reason why I’m deciding to write about this now is because I’ve been seeing certain things floating around in the K-Pop side of tumblr that’s quite honestly being left untouched and I just… I really can’t sit back and let it not be known.

I want to first start off with my deepest concern for the constant validation black girls seek on tumblr about whether or not so-and-so or such-and-such Idol group likes black girls. We see videos on Tumblr and YouTube quite often of compilations of idols interacting with black girls, overthinking and overplaying said interactions/conversations and romanticizing it to gain some sort of self-worth from said videos. As if these girls need confirmation that they are beautiful and can be loved by anyone. Which really hurts because what other race of girls has to sit down and ask themselves if the person they’re interested in likes their race and not them, themselves. The only time that I see anything in regards of afro-fans within the K-Pop side of Tumblr is when the blog specifically caters to said race – which truly bothers me because then my race often times get sexualized in said blogs. We should be able to intermingle no matter what our races. POC girls are of the norms, bruh like tf?

Which leads me to this topic: Black Girls – or more so Black Culture – are used as props within K-Pop so often that when I try to express my distaste towards a certain idol or a certain music video, I get backlash for it from stans because they’re so blinded by either; A) The need to be loved and noticed by their biases despite the fact that their bias is using them as an object to enhance whatever aesthetic, concept, or audience they’re trying to appeal to, or B) the aggression or culture appropriation either doesn’t affect them or is so trivial (yet very wrong) that it ends up being dusted under the rug because “they don’t know better”.

But the thing is, some of these idols have been overseas, worked overseas, lived overseas, that they have been exposed to these things already, so the truth of the matter is, they do know better. So many idols have been called out for saying certain words (for example dropping the word nigga around as if they know what it’s like to be followed around a store just in case you decide to steal something, or to have an irrational fear of authority figures just in case they go ape shit and decide to shoot you unarmed) or carrying out certain actions (for example, painting their skin black and over drawing their lips, and pretending to know what it’s like to struggle out in these streets and use our means of coping – music – as a source of entertainment and costume). It is 2017, they have social media, and so many idols before them have made these mistakes before that there is just no fucking excuse anymore.


What lead up to this rant was the fact that Jay-fucking-Park, took a revolutionary name brand and rode it out for his own fucking label. Jay Park has taken NWA (Niggas with Attitude) and turned it into his own NWA (New Wave Attitude) and I am incredibly pissed that he would do that because Jay Park SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

The entire purpose of Niggas with Attitude was to reclaim and expose the hardships, stereotypes, and struggles of black people who find themselves cornered and stuck in the ghettos that they were forced into, and explain to the mass audiences why black people are “always angry”. Why black people “always steal”. Why black people “always do drugs”. It’s because majority of us don’t have a choice. We don’t have the same resources and do not know anything beyond the struggles of the streets because we’ve been cornered and kept there all our lives.

Now here is Jay Park, a man who has been exposed to black culture, knows black people, love black people, taking such a powerful name brand and turning it into some whimsical ass whatever-the-fuck for the hype or the wave and shit – completely dismissing the historical importance of the original NWA in music.

This shit ain’t no fucking joke. This shit ain’t to be messed with, b. Gangsta rap, hip-hop – just rap in general isn’t a fucking game. It comes from starvation. It comes from self-hate. It comes from poverty, and degradation, and discrimination. Hip-Hop and Rap became what it is because black people were too broke to afford instruments and shit – we had to use our voices. Because music was all we got. From the slave trade to now! It ain’t shit for people to be twisting up for their own fun like this.

Put some respect on our names or get the fuck out!

Now we got people like fucking Keith Ape running around snatching up Atlanta’s trap music calling it “noisy rap”. We got fucking Taeyang saying “he wanna experience black people’s pain”. We got Jackson and Jooheon making a fucking fool of themselves (bless they souls man, don’t even come for me because Jooheon is my ultimate bias, y’all know this. i fucking love him and Jackson but they were wildin’) claiming that Jooheon is like “the Korean Kendrick Lamar”. Like the fuck they know about Kendrick Lamar? The fuck they know about “The Blacker the Berry, the Sweet the Juice”? The fuck they know about “Nagus to Niggas”? The fuck they know about “How Can I paint a picture, when the color blind is hanging you?”

What does Jay Park know about “Fuck the Police”?

Black people aren’t props.

Stop protecting y’all biases and get with the shits bruh.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a blessed day. Love you.

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Hot Tub

Prompt: When you (Archies girlfriend) and Betty find out about all the girls Chuck has shamed, you help Veronica get revenge.

a/n; that scene last week was so badass I just had to do something with it. 

Word Count: 460

Pairing: Archie Andrews X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

Unlike Betty, I charged into the boys locker room with confidence just like Veronica, “Y/N?” Archie gasped when we walked into him, his towel almost falling down. I scanned him over quickly, moving forward with Veronica, tugging Betty along with us. Chuck smirked as we came up to him, Veronica stared him down. 

“Listen, asshole.” I snapped making Chuck raise his eyebrows raise, “who knew Archies girl had such a mouth on her.” He teased, thinking he was all that, but really he’s just a stuck up jerk. I felt a presence behind me and I knew it was Archie. I didn’t look back at him, listening as Veronica went on her little rant, when she had finished we turned to leave, just to find Archie watching me questioningly, normally I’m more reserved. Not to mention I almost never swear. 


I put the cap back on my lipstick as I finished applying the extremely dark red, almost almost black, product to my lips. Completing my extra sexy look, all part of the scheme to get Chuck to fall deeper into our trap. My heels clicked as I walked out to the hot tub slowly, hearing Veronica talking to Chuck. “Ah, damn. Look at little miss perfect.” Chuck smirked, scanning me over as my hips went side to side just a little bit more than usual. 

“Archie must not be to happy with you.” His attention seemed to fall more on me than Veronica now, but all of us changed our gaze to Betty as she stalked out, her blonde hair tucked away under the black wig. I lowered myself to be sitting by the edge of the hot tub, my legs crossed as I leaned back on my hands, letting my loosely curled hair fall behind my shoulders.

I couldn’t help but squeal once Chuck was gone, “we actually did it!” I cheered to myself as I changed out of the revealing swimsuit. 


I stood to the side as Chuck and his little gang of friends walked through the halls, having just been kicked off the football team. I bit my lip as the oh-so-familiar arms of Archie Andrews went around my waist, “I saw the video.” He started off, his lips ghosting over my hair, almost touching the tip of my ear. “I’m kind of jealous the whole school saw you like that.” He mumbled, laughing against my skin, unable to keep a serious attitude. I smiled turning to face him, still having his arms around me. 

“Who knows, maybe she could make a comeback.” I teased, one of my hands playing with the hair at the base of his head, he kissed me, catching me off guard, we’re normally not PDA type people. “I’d like that.”

Words Speak Louder Than Actions

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: sexting, dirty talk, mention of the word “nut”, mentions of ass eating, no actual penetration, metal arm kink, flirting with a woman, masturbation

Word Count: 2234

bang this might be bad idk (p.s the gif has nothing to do w it lmao it probably would’ve gone better w shoot from the hip)

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Jungkook Scenario: Unexpectedly You.

Request: BadBoy Jungkook (Highschool AU) fluff of where he likes the reader (good girl) and he softens up for her? + Hello there,i dont know if this request will make it or not but if it does,i want to request a fluff College!au with jungkook or yoongi where y/n is a self taught pianist and jungkook or yoongi is a sport major saw y/n when she was performing for the university’s events

Genre: Fluff.

You knew you were nervous, your legs were shaking, your hands were shaking, in your head a thousand thoughts on how everything could go wrong as fast as wind, you knew how important this event was for you, not only because you would be exposing your talent and skill before the whole campus, or because in the crowd there could be a potencial sponsor, you were nervous because this could be the start of something new in your life, whatever that might be.
You had always believed that it was in occasions when people were most afraid to fail, when they were nervous, fearful or hopeful of the outcome of events when life decided to give a turn and then everything wasn’t the same anymore.

For this occasion you had chosen a pretty light but still elegant short dress in white, it had some lace applications that made it look romantic but chic, as for your hair you had let it down with soft curls that were near gone.
The piano had been set on the stage by a group on the music department that volunteered for the logistics of the performers this afternoon, you went there, watching the crowd turning to the stage when they saw someone was getting on it. The festival was outdoors, with a stage being in a central area surrounded by all the stand up commerce of productos made by the students.

The long piano was beautiful, they had polished it until it shone and it reflected your face. The music sheet was already there, but you didn’t need it as you knew this song by heart. You were still nervous, your heart beating faster and your breathing unsteady, but you gave a big inhalation and stretched your hands, focusing on the instrument, the thing you loved most. The piano and the music you could create with it.

Jungkook could say he liked the exhibition festivals, he enjoyed walking around without doing anything in particular watching anything and everything, he also enjoyed all the free things girls would serve him, not that he asked but he wasn’t refusing any either.
Jungkook knew of a certain girl that would give him the biggest ration of chicken wings for free, if he insinuated the slightness thing to her, she was pretty so Jungkook didn’t mind. He was walking only with his friend Taehyung, since Jimin and Hoseok had went who knows where, so they strolled around the perimeter, checking out the stands, if there was anything worth their while.
The sound of the microphone made Jungkook turn for a second, one of the hosts of the event, a communication major must likely, was making the announcement of the next performer. 

-A self taught pianist?- Taehyung snorted making Jungkook laugh. -Put those chicken wings on hold, this will be good, and wow- Taehyung whistled when you walked to the piano. -Miss sunshine is fine, but would she blow our tympani?-

Jungkook snickered his eyes examining you. You were indeed pretty, but he had his doubts about that self taught skill. Either way he stopped completely waiting until you started your performance, watching as you stretched your fingers and prepared yourself. You must had long slender fingers, or so they say about pianists.

-Come on- Taehyung pressed getting impatient.

Jungkook nudged at him and shushed. -Shut up man, watch-

The performance started, a low tune at first but then all of the sudden it went faster, almost merrier, making Jungkook wide his eyes.

-Girl can play- Taehyung whispered nodding.

Jungkook nodded but his eyes remained on you, the way your hands moved across that piano, how you were so immersed on your art you had your eyes closed and didn’t notice all the audience staring at you, how you didn’t need to read the music sheet. The movements were grateful and vigorous, gentle but it translated into a strong performance. Jungkook hadn’t even caught your name right when the host announced it but he noted to find our later. Right now he was hypnotized.

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anonymous asked:

I apologize for bothering you for your objective opinion so much, my king, but once again I need your objective opinion. This time I need your objective opinion on the Berserkers. I'm severely concerned that I have shit taste in Berserkers, and I know that unlike me you are definitely a man of culture.

very large. back from ye olde days where berserkers generally couldn’t actually communicate so unfortunately a bit lacking in complex characterisation compared to others. lovin the whole ‘made to kill his own children in rage which is what qualifies him as berserker in the first place and now gives his all to keep this singular parentless child safe despite supposedly being made into a mindless raging beast’ thing. 8/10

bucket knight. also an old school zerker who can’t talk outside kariya’s fever dreams but he does scream in french sometimes. an overly loyal knight who nonetheless put his own wishes above what he believed were his king’s once and then spent the rest of his life feeling guilty about it to the point where it straight up drove him crazy because he couldn’t understand that arturia has -15 consideration of her own wants. his kink is getting shamed and he would probably get a heart attack if arturia did that hands on her hips disappointed look pose in his general vicinity. 8/10

get OUT of my HOUSE. ugly and horrifying but could totally beat gilgamesh in a fight and the image of ol gregory getting his nuts kicked in by a metal underpants enthusiast is high quality content so he gets points for that. 3/10

this is what we in the scientific community call a daughter. a good girl who just wants to be loved but has severe trust issues after being abandoned by the person who literally created her. can in fact talk but it takes a lot of effort so she doesn’t bother because like, fuck humans right, why should she put in effort to make herself understood when they’re not gonna want to understand her either way. I’m so blessed & grateful that moriarty is her dad now. 9/10

i’ll be honest I still have no idea what his character is supposed to be like its not like he had a lot of screentime in extra and extella is very bad to its side characters. ?/10

the fucking supreme. pandered to like a dozen of my kinks and gave me a few more. my first 5*. the end of my f2p days and the start of my journey to becoming the monster god. the design. the skillset. the teeth. the c l a w s. a king despite hating kings. a machinelike killer despite living for the thrill of the fight. a man who wants to just die already yet obstinately refuses to. a contradictory mess that denounces every ideal he used to live by yet clings to them harder than ever. a monster whose personal arc after being summoned isn’t how he’s still human at heart or whatever but how he was a monster before he looked like one already so like, don’t even worry about it. his mad enhancement is EX(C ) and his material entry revealed that this weird rank is bc it’s not even actual battle rage, he’s just so fucking stubborn it gets classified as mad enhancement. EX/10 the love of my fucking life

the smile of an angel. seems completely rational at first but is still classified as a berserker with EX rank mad enhancement because of her inhuman determination to save as many lives as possible without any regard for the quality of that saved life. she’d amputate all of a person’s limbs in an instant if that’s what it’d take for them to not die. she has canonically beat people to a pulp to ‘cure’ their mental issues. completely dedicated her life to becoming a healing machine at the cost of her own health and even personhood. her profile says she doesn’t actually listen to others but in her myroom lines she takes an active interest in your hobbies and opinions and she also gets flustered when you call her an angel. i literally cannot fucking wait until ch america hits NA server she’s so fucking good and i want everyone to love her. 15/10

THIS IS WHAT A FRIEND LOOKS LIKE. the actual embodiment of “cool guy has a chill day”. a smile that rivals the sun and an attitude that turns even the most ordinary days into a grand adventure. his mad enhancement is basically just that he’s kind of an idiot. 10/10

OX MOM OX MOM OX MOM her mother got knocked up by an ox demon in a dream and had to raise her in secret, and her human father didn’t accept her until she proved to be really strong and even then only as long as she would exterminate anyone who stood in the way of the clan. so scared of being shunned for her demon origins despite being loved & trusted as leader of the minamoto clan that she straight up exorcised her demon self into a separate personality to kill it (& herself with it) and was only barely stopped by the four heavenly kings. nowadays fiercely protective of anyone who knows about & accepts her demonic side to the point of insanity, which is where her EX mad enhancement comes from. a huge crybaby but gets shit done anyway. 10/10

THIS IS ALSO WHAT A FRIEND LOOKS LIKE. someone who was labeled and locked away as something evil due to being what is by all means called a monster even though he’s got a really gentle personality and likes being helpful. really good example of the whole “heroes and villains are nothing more than the roles individual complex people are forced to take on” theme fate likes to play with. has difficulty talking but it’s easy to come to an understanding with him as long as you call him by his personal name asterios rather than the name of the monster minotaur everyone assumed he’d be and he thus inevitably became. 10/10

the only reason he’s a berserker is because his name and the word “berserker” have the same etymology and the grail had no idea what other class to put him. this is the canon reason. he doesn’t have any mad enhancement to speak of beside being a lil hot blooded and liking to fight. literally only here because he likes to throw punches. got his ass beat by li shuwen in ch america because despite loving to throw a punch he’s not actually a martial artist and can’t win from someone with actual technique. a classic ‘jack of all trades master of none’, he literally sucks at being every single class but can’t not be summoned as a heroic spirit because he’s from the oldest english epic poem and a prototype for many other heroes. a free spirited adventurer who takes things as they come but can be responsible when it matters. 9/10 

once a good & wise ruler but fell into insanity in the last few years of his rule before finally getting assassinated. loved rome with all his heart for its beauty & splendour but got overwhelmed by the conspiracies and other evils that were also a part of it until the goddess of the moon, who he was in love with, made him insane, which he claims saved him in his bond ce. determined from then on to become the ugliest most evil motherfucker in all of rome so that he could take all the nastiest parts of rome with him in his inevitable death and have his dear cousin nero live in happiness, if only for a while. summoned as a hero despite being very close to an anti-hero because the good ruler he was before going insane responded to a call to save the world and still intent to do his part by simply dragging everything evil down with him. 8/10 wouldn’t it be nice if chapter rome had actually paid attention to roman servants other than nero.

looks like a bratty child but talks like an archaic mob boss. has horns and huge claws. easily bribed with chocolate. has a huge sword but just fucking headbuts her enemies instead. 10/10

many berserkers are angry men but only he is anger man. classified as a berserker not just due to his battlefield conduct but also the insane commitment he had to the laws of the shinsengumi, to the point where he would personally execute former comrades who broke them. both the first and last member of the shinsengumi, a man who dedicated his entire life to upholding its values in a rapidly changing japan. surprisingly rational and during gudaguda 2 okita didn’t even realize he’s a berserker because he didn’t become the fanatic that qualified him to be summoned as one until after okita’s death. one of the coolest skillsets in the game and definitely some of the sickest animations. 10/10






my fuckign girlfriend 10/10

the cutest enabler. 10/10

please god let me meet her. 10/10

when will takeuchi die

Okay, but honestly I love Doctor Wong. I’m sure the Smith family won’t be going back to see her, but she really made the episode for me.

Rick and Morty surprised me by portraying therapy as a valid thing. Most of the time when I see a character in therapy in a comedy, especially one as dark and irreverent as Rick and Morty it’s portrayed as useless or worse, and the character is usually portrayed as someone weak and worthy of mockery for it. I was 100% expecting that from this episode.

And the episode seems like it’s going in that direction with Rick’s typical berating of Doctor Wong, but then it takes a hard left turn. It turns Rick’s attitude back on him and all but states his takedown of therapy is based in his unwillingness to do the work of therapy. He’s not being a cool, edgy smart guy who sees through the bullshit, he’s being a petulant child who dismisses everything he doesn’t want to do as stupid and a waste of time.

Also, poop jokes aside Doctor Wong is never portrayed as anything other than intelligent, insightful and sincere. She remains calm and never raises her voice even when Beth and Rick insult her to her face. It doesn’t come off as some fakey-happy calm either, just the professional attitude of someone who’s used to talking to people who have a low opinion of her vocation. It was honestly really important to me.

The small village of Bennington, Vermont, is an unlikely scene for a missing person mystery. Nevertheless, between 1945 and 1950, five people inexplicably vanished. The disappearances involves a variety of victims including an 8-year-old and a 74-year-old. Arguably, one of the most infamous missing person from the area was Paula Jean Welden; her disappearance led to the formation of the Vermont State Police.

18-year-old Paula was an art student at Bennington College. On the afternoon of the 1st of December, 1946, Paula told a friend she was going for a stroll along the “Long Trail” which was a woodland hiking trail. It runs for more than 270 miles until it reaches the Canadian border. The Long Trail was an extremely popular walking spot but Paula hadn’t yet got a chance to check it out. On the aforementioned afternoon, she tried to get some friends to join her; unfortunately, they all declined. Nevertheless, Paula got dressed and made her way to the trail. She didn’t bring a backpack or a change of clothes - she was only going to be gone a short while, she planned. The last time she was ever seen was when she stopped to ask another hiker a few questions about the trail.

When Paula didn’t return home that night when her roommate went to bed, she just assumed that she was out studying. Her nonchalant attitude turned to worry when she woke up the next morning and Paula still hadn’t returned. A search party was assembled and the hikers who had spotted her along the Long Trail came forward after seeing her photograph in the paper. The search party then focused along the Long Trail, assuming she had got lost but to no avail. While there were hundreds of volunteers, the search was hampered due to the fact that there was no statewide law enforcement agency in Vermont.

A suspect came to light when a man who claimed he saw Paula hiking changed his story several times. He was said to have had an argument with his girlfriend before storming off into the Long Trail. He was a suspect once again several years later when he told a couple of people he knew where Paula was buried. He fobbed this off as a joke, though, and no evidence against him could be found. Eventually the case went cold and the whereabouts of Paula still remains unknown. A couple of months after her disappearance, the Vermont State Police was assembled.