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First Otabek Altin was some trendy great skater with a cool attitude.

Then it turns out he’s also a tough motorcycle dude with a soft side.

Then it turns out he’s also a street boy DJ-ing at night.




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It shouldn’t be surprising that Trump is the candidate of choice for people who believe that allegations of sexism are mostly made up and that feminism is really a ploy to get men on the losing side of a zero-sum status competition between the sexes. Trump’s misogyny has been a core part of his public persona for a long time.

Long before many of the sexual assault allegations emerged, Trump made clear, in public and private, that women matter to him not as people but as sex objects. Even with women whom he supposedly likes and admires, he’s made clear that he values their looks above all else. He turned his attitudes into discriminatory policies in his offices, at his resorts, and on his TV show, harassing women he found attractive and urging his employees to fire those he did not.

The fact that Trump was virulently sexist used to be widely recognized. “His brand of self-aggrandizing, bewigged machismo was kind of de rigeur in the 80’s and charmingly old-timey in the 90’s, but now it’s just passé and exhausting and increasingly offensive,” Richard Lawson wrote in a post headlined “Donald Trump: A Sexist Dinosaur” for Gawker in 2008. “And he never stops!”

In the vast American soul-searching over why people might want to vote for Trump, sexism has gotten short shrift. That might be because Trump’s blatantly sexist remarks were generally not a part of his political campaign or preferred policies, unlike his hostility toward immigrants and Muslims and his constant reiteration that African Americans live in a wasteland of crime and violence.

But even if his misogyny was more muted in the early days of the campaign, it appears to have found a receptive audience.
Gemini: Reality vs Fantasy

1. Fantasy: “Don’t date a Gemini or even give them a chance, they are so heartless.”

Reality: A Gemini is actually bawling and dying on the inside, all because they want a chance with you but you’re not willing to cooperate.

2. Fantasy: “Gemini’s are two-faced and fake..”

Reality: They aren’t two-faced or fake, they just know how to turn certain attitudes on and off for certain situations and can adjust to their surroundings easily.

3. Fantasy: “Why must Gemini’s be so selfish.”

Reality: They are far from selfish, they’re just not willing to give and give to any and everyone as freely. Being used and abused is something a Gemini will not tolerate.

4. Fantasy: “Gemini’s are so childish.”

Reality: They are just super jolly, through both the pain and pleasure. Embrace the youthfulness of a Gemini, it’s a quality many can’t possess.

5. Fantasy: “Gemini’s overreact over the littlest things.”

Reality: We’re not overreacting, we’re just seeing and spotting the things you don’t see. We pay close attention to detail.

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how do you feel about the sudden increase of posts criticising su?

I initially felt like some of them are actually making valid points, but the way many people are acting in some posts like that has kind of made me hate all those posts now lol. Like i just don’t understand the mentality of putting so much effort into something you hate, or acting like the show was made for you specifically or something. That kind of attitude has turned me off to that whole like, subsection of tumblr. plus their blogs are just 1000% pure negativity and honestly?? I don’t need it in my life lol.

Another thing is that it seems like for people who claim to be critics, they take criticism VERY poorly. i.e. upon posting this im very confident that some of those blogs will probably send me passive aggressive anon asks saying I’m an idiot (which like, ya that’s fair tbh but I’m doin my best)

So I am definitely being subjective here but I’m not a fan of the blogs that post that kind of stuff generally. Like don’t get me wrong, they are obviously totally free to post and share what they want, you do you. Just for me personally, I don’t like to see it.

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I went to the grocery store a while back to pick up some beer. This middle aged women asked me if I knew where something was. This actually happens to me a lot, and if I know, I help. But I said I didn't know, sorry, grabbed my beer, and started walking away. She went OFF because it was MY job to help her and I needed to get over my attitude. So I turned and said, "Ma'am, I don't work here." The look of total humiliation on her face was priceless. She didn't say anything, just turned and left.

I realised I never drew my mage Inquisitor Markus Trevelyan who I literally made just to romance Cassandra but I ended up really liking him and also they were super cute together bye

(he never really got over that one time Chancellor Roderick called her a thug)

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I love Chloe Bourgeois, give the bitch a bee, I bet she'd find Hawkmoth in a week and kick his ass. Chloe Bourgeois would fight one akuma and then flip her shit about how INCONVENIENT it is to have to rush away and fight a new villain at a moment's notice. Chloe Bourgeois and her bad attitude will turn over every rock in Paris just so she can personally drag Hawkmoth out of his Hovel With A Skylight and beat him to shit because he caused her to miss a party


Ladybug: = 3= *refuses to admit she’s cool*
Chat Noir: *sobbing* I’M SO PROUD OF HER

2017 goals: take my nihilist “nothing matters i dont give a fuck” attitude and turn it into a positive “i dont give a fuck what people think of me” attitude  


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Thank you so much for the lovely comments! I really appreciated them <3 Aren’t the colors really snazzy? The glass makes me think of crystal and agate slices! 

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The car ride was relatively quiet.

You sat shotgun, playing with your phone or looking out the window to eye the unfamiliar scenery. After a couple of months of dating your boyfriend had finally decided to bring you to his home to meet his mom.

You were thrilled by this decision, and you accepted as soon as he mentioned it. You always wanted to meet his mom – you heard so much about her since Mark spoke of her frequently.

To tell the truth you weren’t even nervous! You felt comfortable in your own skin, you knew she was very sweet and nice and you had nothing to worry about!

-That didn’t look so you to boyfriend though.

Mark was gripping the wheel nervously, his leg twitching every so often. His dark eyes kept glancing from the road to you and back, which was quite unnerving to tell the truth.

Finally, annoyed by his attitude, you turned your head to him with a soft frown.

“Mark” You started, he gazed at you.


“What’s the matter?” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“The matter!? What?! Who!? Me?! Nothing!” He said hurriedly “Nothing, nothing- I’m just excited, that’s all!”

“Bullshit, sweetheart” You narrowed your (color) hues “Will you tell me what’s bothering you or will I have to punch it out of you?” You finished with a light smile, obviously not planning in abusing your beloved.

“Well…” His deep eyes looked at you and then back to the snowy road “It’s nothing, really. I’m just…Glad you’re with me. That’s all.”

“You sure?”

“Positive.” He smiled at you. You returned his gesture. His hand soon found your thigh and rested on it “You’re going to love my mom.” He spoke, the note of anxiety in his voice all but gone. It was deep, calm and rich, soothing even  “She’s amazing.” He murmured “I just…You know.” He glanced at you “Wish you could meet my dad too.”

Smiling sadly, you put your hand over his.

“Were you nervous because you thought I wouldn’t like her?” You asked, but he didn’t answer. Intertwining his fingers with yours, you squeezed his hand reassuringly “Mark if you introduced me to your goldfish I’d like it because it would remind me of you.”

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Sooo after talking with @omgsamchap last night about attitude turns (yeah bc why the fuck not) and whether or not they’re difficult, bc they might not necessarily look impressive, I feel like making a post about them. 

The diffcitulty of attitude turns/pivot is that it generally takes you years and years of practice and technique to get a good position and I rarely see good ones in WAG, bc they don’t have time to focus enough on ballet technique.

My favourites in WAG are from 

- Deanne Soza :

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bc her back leg has a pretty “round” position and is not on the side like say Lieke (still love you) plus she manages to keep her hips rather square and has a nice alignment with her shoulders

- Morgi Hurd :

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same qualities as Deanne /now kinda waiting for a Semenova ;) but there’s no rush

- Kseniya Afanasyeva :

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her back leg is a tad too much on the side but she manages to bring it to an horizontal axis and she has a nice relevé

- Ksenia Semenova

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kinda similar to Afan and what’s also nice is that both don’t bring their shoulders too far back as they settle to turn

- Olivia Cimpian also has a nice one which could be improved even more, but I can’t find a gif

NOW, MOVING ON TO RG, where pivots and turns are more important than in WAG, bc they really count a lot towards the D score and there are many in each routine

- Grace Legote :

even though her back leg could be further back, look at the square hips/shoulders, the relevé (plus her legs are like the size of Flavie Saraiva so it looks very elegant)

- Neta Rivkin :

best relevé out there, maybe her back leg a bit too bent and a very slight shift of the hips but her attitude position is above horizontal and her shoulders/hips really revolve around the same axis

- Yana Kudryavtseva :

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very similar to Neta’s (even though this is her in 2014 and she broke her foot at the end of 2015 and now her relevé is slightly not as perfect as it used to be)

- Viktoria Mazur :

literally sob every time she nails one of her pivots (ukrainian technique at its finest), her back leg isn’t crooked or too bent at all. Ballet dancers would tell you she moves her left shoulder way too far back as she settles for her turn though

- Ganna Rizatdinoa :

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She gets 2 Gifs bc one wouldn’t be enough to appreciate the perfection of ukrainian legs. Ganna is the queen of pivots of this quad, even though her relevé isn’t quite as good as Neta’s or Yana’s, but her attitude position is so good she can hold a ball with her leg..

and if you want more attitude pivots, rhythmics quals start next friday !!!


“Right, now cock it with your thumb,” Arthur taking another shot of whisky, you had lost count on how much you’d all drank. Michael stood behind the small wall that held multiple bottles of liquor, hands on a gun, eyes set ahead of him.
Something Arthur called informing him on our side of the business. If you were not entirely intoxicated you’d probably be telling Michael he doesn’t have to prove himself to John and Arthur. But you were, and the familiar buzzing in your veins made your head fuzzy and your attitude turn more towards fuck it.
John Focusing on poring more drinks, the sober part of your brain making you opt for water now. You were sat on the wall in your night dress feeling completely free. The wind blowing through your hair as well as your dress.
Michael had cocked the gun. You had done it many times but logically didn’t tell Michael this.
“There you go, she’s alive in your hands,” Arthur again as john making the noise of a cockerel- you tipping your head back laughing. Free free free.
“It’s like waking up a girl when you cock that trigger. She rolls over all sleepy eyed and goes Michael, Michael,” a mouthful from his glass.
“What you gonna make me do Michael?” John this time, you an eye roll.
“You boys are fucking crazy men!” Michael shouts and you laugh because they’re probably more crazy then they are sane.
More cockerel noises, more drinking. Dangerously close to Michael pulling the trigger of a gun for the first time.
“You feel it though right? You feel it. Yeah, you can feel the power. Now squeeze it.”
Your eyes are focused on Michael, you can see the adrenaline in him as well as the alcohol.
He looks up at you before focusing on the vases john set out several foot in front of them.
He missed. Discontented muttering from all the boys, a laugh from you. Your dress flies up as you jump from the wall and towards Michael.
“Good try babe,” whispered into his ear, taking the gun from his hands and leaving a sloppy kiss to his cheek. You turn around, cock the gun and shoot the middle vase. Glass shattering, you press the gun back into Michael’s chest for him to take and walk back towards the house. Arthur shouting that you’re a fucking legend and john wolf whistles. Appreciation.


“I’m not a fucking kid anymore,”
You can’t help but let your jaw drop. It was no way to speak to Polly, not really, but you couldn’t help but find it a little hot.
You had trailed after Polly once you’d accidentally let slip what they were doing when you got into the house.
Before you can fathom what he said anymore Michael’s turning on his heel and leaving. You close behind.
Harshly whispering his name, trying to keep up with him yet he keeps going- longer legs making longer strides, and you’re almost jogging to keep up.
It continues like this until you’re outside the room you and Micheal have been staying in while being at Tommy’s.
He’s opening the door and dragging you in by the rest, the first time he’s so much as acknowledged your presence since the gun incident. The door closes and you’re pushed up against it with his lips on yours.
His name tumbling out of your mouth because this all happened so suddenly. His lips travelling- your mouth, your neck leaving delicate purple marks. Territorial.
Your fingers are trying to take his shirt of, his assault on your neck clouding your thoughts of a simple task.
He takes his top off as well as your dress. Hands everywhere enticing soft sounds from you. Skin on skin, heavy breaths, quiet moans, fingers tugging his hair.
You’re pushing him back into the bed once his trousers are on the floor, straddling his lap- your turn to take over.
Your mouth back on his, fighting for dominance, him winning but you’re not there for long. Leaving open mouth kisses along his jaw, nipping at his earlobe and then his neck. You can feel him straining through his boxers, pressing into your core. Deciding to play on it, circling your hips.
Equally as harsh love bites on his neck as he groans. Your mouth still travelling lower until you instruct him to get up.
A half grin as he stands, knowing what you’re planning- you dropping to your knees and tugging his boxers down just confirms it.
Keeping your eyes on his, you grasp him and pump once. Groaning, his hands find your curls, urging- no begging- you to keep going.
Not breaking eye contact you lick the tip. A scolding telling you to stop fucking teasing. An eye roll from you before taking him all into your mouth another groan. Keeping a steady pace, hollowing your cheeks, working your tongue. Your name tumbling from his lips and he pulls your hair lightly. Loving how weak you’re making him, loving how just your mouth can make him crumble in minutes.
Picking up speed now and he’s telling you how good your pretty little mouth feels around him, making you go even faster. He’s pushing your head down too, breaths heavier more groans, more swearing, more of your name.
It’s not long before you push him over the edge. All his senses consumed by you- you’re the only thing going on in his mind. Your name repeated, the pulling on your hair harsher. Everything you. Because only you can do this to him, only you can make him come undone in this way.

/I had done angst and fluff so I may as well throw in some smut. I have no idea what this turned into./