attitude in the kitchen

Laundry Room (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 
Genre: Smut. 
Word count: 3.1k 

Part one: Kitchen Counter. Part three: The Club.

Summary: He was about to dive back in for your mouth, but you successfully held his jaw so he couldn’t move in any further, leaving your lips only inches apart. “Your sister’s down the hall.” You whispered against his mouth. He groaned in disapproval of you trying to reject him before speaking again, “She’s not gonna come in here.” 

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Note: hi sweetie! i’m sorry this took a while! i hope you like it! i’m sorry it’s long. i love all feedback! feel free to leave a comment! ♥ .c

Request: Hiii :) I really enjoy your writing and I just wanted to ask if you could do a Bucky imagine where he doesn’t notice her and treats her badly, despite the fact that she does so much for him and he takes her for granted and he only realizes how much he needs her when she gets terribly hurt. Thank you so much 💖

It all started when the super soldier moved into the tower. You couldn’t help but want to get to know him better, though you’ve heard a lot from people in the city streets and the News. But you knew he was more than a Hydra experiment, a brainwashed man who had no choice in the matter, he needed help and you wanted to make his life all the more better.

You were always extremely nice and it took a lot for someone to bring your spirits down, you wanted to help everyone be happy and be okay. Though you knew people needed time and space, they would always come to you for a shoulder to cry on.

Which is why you ended up being there for Bucky; you knew he needed that. You always welcomed him in the mornings with breakfast and a small note containing an uplifting quote. He wouldn’t say anything, he would just give you a tight lipped smile and shut his door in your face. You would shrug it off and tell yourself he wasn’t a morning person.

You were in the kitchen, bright and early, getting Bucky’s breakfast ready. It was nearing 8am and he usually gets up at this time, so you were hoping to get everything done on time. You decided to go with bacon, eggs, grits, and toast. You heard footsteps approaching as you were flipping over the fried eggs, having finished with the grits and bacon already.

You turned with a smile to see Steve and Sam groggily walking in, their pajamas wrinkled and their hair all crazy. “You still make Barnes breakfast?” Sam asked through a rather long yawn. You giggled and nodded. “Yeah, of course!” You said with a chipper attitude. Steve shoved his muscular body onto a stool at the kitchen island, resting his head on his hand.

You turned back to the food and finally got everything ready on a plate and a tray. “Y/N, you’ve done this for like 5 months.” Steve commented as you started to write down an uplifting quote. You shrugged and set the corner of the note under his cup of black coffee. “So?” You asked with a small smile. Steve sighed and shook his head.

Without another word, you slipped off your apron and headed to the elevator, humming as you made your way to Bucky’s room. You walked down the hallway and suddenly Bucky’s door opened, his body leaning against the door frame. You smiled and wiggled your finger at Bucky as he met your eyes. “Hey, Bucky! How’d you sleep?” You asked, walking over to him.

Bucky looked at the tray and nodded. “Fine. This all?” Bucky asked, pointing at the tray. It was a good bit of food you thought. “Oh, did-did you need more?” You asked, your eyebrows raised. Bucky’s eyes lingered on your face before he took the tray from you. “No, this is fine. See ya!” Bucky said before walking back into his room, leaving his door slightly cracked.

You bit your lip as you tapped your fingers against your thighs, slightly peeking into his room. He sat down at his desk and picked up the note you left. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Ernest Hemingway.” Bucky mumbled. You smiled but it slightly faltered as you watched him scoff and crumble the note, throwing it away.

You sighed and walked away with a shrug, leaving Bucky to enjoy his meal.

You were in the laundry room now, having picked up Bucky’s basket of clean clothes. You picked up on doing his laundry after helping him clean up after a mission. He didn’t seem to mind, so you continued doing it. You tossed his clothes in the basket so you could fold them in his room.

With a smile, you skipped out of the room and bumped into the man himself. “Oof!” You huffed, stumbling back, thankfully having a good grip on the basket. Bucky caught your arm before you could fall and you giggled. “Sorry! I didn’t see you coming.” You said, a light blush dusting your cheeks. Bucky cleared his throat and looked down at the basket. “It’s all good. These done?” Bucky asked with a dull tone.

You nodded energetically. “Yep! I can fold them if you want.” You offered with a smile. Bucky shook his head. “I got it this time.” Bucky said as he took the basket from your hands. He turned and left, stalking off down the hallway. You watched after him, seeing his tense back muscles. Following after him, you rounded the corner just fast enough to run into the elevator.

Bucky moved a little away from you as if to give you more space. You smiled up at him. “I couldn’t help but notice you look a little tense.” You said softly, stepping towards Bucky. He looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “And?” He snapped, taking you aback. “Oh, um, well, I was just going to offer a back massage.” You said a little softer now.

And that’s how you ended up sitting butt on butt on top of Bucky, your hands digging into his back muscles. Groan after groan fell from his lips and you smiled. “Feeling better?” You asked, circling your thumbs into a tight knot just below his shoulder blade. Bucky made a grunting noise in response.

You continued for a few more minutes and rubbed in some soothing essential oils into his skin before climbing off of him. He sat up and stretched. “That was amazing, wow.” Bucky said, a small smile spreading on his lips. You capped your oils and smiled. “I’ll see you around.” Bucky said as he slipped his shirt back on.

You watched him leave his bedroom and you stood there awkwardly. Bucky never thanked you for things like this and it was starting to get to you. You do this to make him feel better and it clearly does that for him, but he never shows gratitude. Bucky just leaves and comes back for this special treatment.

A sigh fell from your lips and small hint of sadness started to hit you. You shook it off with a smile and left Bucky’s room to do some other things on your to-do list.

A few days had passed and you still do the same things for Bucky. You recently started to comfort him during the night when he has nightmares. It was hard to see him writhing around, screaming at the top of his lungs, begging for his life. You couldn’t help but…help him.

You rushed into Bucky’s room and saw his large body squirming around, broken screams and strangled cries coming from his mouth. It broke your heart to see him like this. You knelt on his bed and rested your hand on his shoulder. His skin was burning and sweaty as he thrashed around. “Bucky, it’s okay. Please, wake up!” You said softly, brushing his hair off of his sticky forehead.

It took a little coaxing but he shot up, almost knocking his head against yours. Bucky breathed heavily, his eyes searching for the danger he thought he was in. After seeing he was safe, he looked at you. Before you could ask if he was alright, he pulled you into his body. “Shh, you’re okay.” You whispered as he cried into your shoulder.

Bucky held onto you and you rubbed his head, your arms wrapped around him. “I promise you’re safe, Bucky.” You whispered soothingly. He hesitantly nodded and sighed into you. His arms held you closer as he continued to calm down. “That’s it.” You softly praised Bucky, his hands releasing their tight hold on your shirt.

You held him close and whispered soothing things in his ear, gently stroking his hair. Bucky clung to you, his breathing coming to a smooth rhythm. “Please, stay.” You barely heard Bucky mumble, his face nuzzled into your chest. “I will.” You whispered back, holding him tightly as you both fell asleep.

Bucky woke up with you draped across his chest, your breathing steady and soft, the little air coming from your nose tickling his skin. His heart fluttered as he stared at your face, peacefulness resting on your features. Bucky reached his hand to your face, outlining the curve of your jaw. The twitch of your lips made him feel something he’s never felt before. And boy did it scare him.

Bucky suddenly pulled out of your hold and stood out of his bed quickly, startling you out of your sleep. You groaned and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, sitting up in Bucky’s bed. “Bucky?” You asked, yawning into your hand. “Get out.” Bucky rasped, slipping on a clean shirt. His previous shirt was discarded on his floor from his body sweating him out.

You looked at him, concern all over your face. “What?” You questioned, moving his blankets off of you. Bucky was breathing heavily and he turned to you. “Why do you help me? Why do you do things for me?” Bucky asked, raking his hand through his hair. You smiled a little. “I just want you to-” “-to be happy? To get better?” Bucky finished your sentence. He scoffed and shook his head.

You stood to your feet and walked over to Bucky slowly. You reached out to hold his arm but he jerked it away, his eyes looking into yours. “Y/N, stop! Just go! I don’t need you!” Bucky yelled at your face, causing you to flinch. The wave of sadness hit you again, twice as much this time. You frowned and retracted your outreached hand, your fingers trembling.

Bucky turned his back to you and you backed away from him, leaving his room. What was wrong with him? What did you do? You thought helping him and showing kindness towards him would get him to open up to you. You didn’t know it was making things worse. He never thanked you for anything and you let it go, excusing his ungratefulness as just having a wall built up.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and went your room, locking yourself in there to get ready for the day. You sat on your balcony a little while later and looked out at the cloudy sky. The city below was busy as ever and you usually felt happy watching the people far below, but now, you didn’t feel it.

Your lip quivered the longer you thought about this morning. You just wanted to help him and make him look forward to something nice in the mornings and during the day. The quotes were to help him realize he’s not as weak and broken as he thinks.

A knock at your door pulled you from your thoughts and you sighed, walking into your bedroom. You opened your door and saw Steve standing there in his suit. “Hey-wait, what’s wrong?” Steve asked quickly, seeing your watery eyes. You’ve never cried in front of the team, and you never did at all, really. It took a lot for you to get like this and Bucky did it so easily.

Steve stuck his shield to his back and held your shoulders. “Y/N, talk to me.” Steve pleaded, his blue eyes searching yours. You took a deep breath and swallowed thickly. “Bucky, he-he just got angry this morning. I-I heard him having a nightmare last night so I did what I do best and helped him. He shot out of bed and yelled for me to get out.” You explained, holding in the sob  that wanted to desperately escape.

You sniffled and Steve bent to give you a tight hug. “You’ve done so much for him, Y/N. He still needs time.“ Steve said quietly. You nodded, your arms around his neck. “He’s never shown any gratitude. I figured he just needed that shell to break.” You said, your voice shaking. Steve sighed and pulled away from you. “I’ll talk to him.” Steve said as his frown deepened.

You shook your head quickly, “No, don’t worry about it.” You sniffled again. “Is there a mission?” You asked as your eyes fell to his suit again. Steve slapped his hand against his forehead. “Shoot! Yeah, I need you for guard duty. Nat is coming along to gather information.” Steve explained as you listened closely.

After suiting up and pushing your thoughts about Bucky aside, you walked out of your room and gathered around the team in the common room.

“This should be really easy, you know what to do.” Tony said, speaking to Steve. The others wished you good luck, all except Bucky. He was off to the side, arms crossed and brows creased. He looked troubled, almost like he wanted to say something. You glanced over at him and his eyes met yours, only to flicker away.

You sighed and Nat walked over to you, linking her arm with yours. “Steve told me what happened. I need you to focus, okay?” Nat whispered, her eyes soft. You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat. “I know.” You said softly.

Steve finished talking with Tony and you all set out on the mission. It took about 4 hours to get there and you had to walk down a wooded trail to get to the base. You were crouched down with Steve and Nat, guns aimed with silencers. “Ready.” Steve said, cocking his gun. You all had to take out the guards out front, so you readied your gun and aimed for any guard you laid eyes on.

You took them down in record time and slowly made your way to the base. Steve kicked in the door and you shot down a guard inside, watching his body instantly fall to the ground. “Okay, Nat you know what to do. I’m right beside you.“ Steve said, leaving you outside to keep watch.

You looked around, keeping your eyes focused and your gun ready. You could hear Steve and Natasha fighting throughout the base in your comm, grunts and hits coming from them. Still looking around the area, you noticed a small movement in the woods in front of you. Your heart jumped in your chest as you slowly held your gun up, scanning the area.

Steve grunted into your comm and you heard Nat yelling curse words. “Y/N! We need you in here!” Steve yelled, his shielding ricocheting off a wall, hitting a guard. Before you replied, you quickly scanned the area once more, hoping it was just an animal you saw rustling in the woods. “I’m coming.” You responded, retreating backwards and turning into the building.

As you walked down the hallways that was covered with dead bodies, you listened for your teammates. “Where are you guys?” You asked, stopping as you approached another hallway. “Take the stairs,we’re on the second floor,” Steve grunted loudly, “There’s a lot more guards than we thought!” Steve called out, gunshots ringing through your comm.

You quickly ran to the door that held the staircase behind it and made your way up, hoping you got there in time. You could hear Steve and Natasha yelling, their weapons going off. “Guys, I’m almost there!” You yelled, keeping a tight grip on your gun. You finally reached the top of the stairs and rounded to the second floor.

You immediately started shooting at any enemy you laid your eyes on. Steve was going to hand to hand with a guard, his shield stuck in the concrete wall. You quickly glanced at Natasha after shooting two more guards down. She used her signature move on one guard and round house kicked another, knocking them both out cold.

A guard to your left aimed his gun at you and you were able to shoot him first, the bullet piercing through his chest. “Nice!” Steve yelled, a smile on his face. He twisted the guards neck and sighed out, pulling his shield from the wall. Natasha finished off the guards around her and you looked around, seeing all of the lifeless bodies.

You wiped your brow and took a deep breath. “Okay, now that that’s over, there should be a vault in the room.” Natasha said, her boots clicking as she walked towards the door, moving around the bodies. 

Steve didn’t lie when he said there were a lot more than they thought. Nat kicked open the door, holding her gun up. “All clear.” She said into her comm. Steve joined her in the room, helping her open the safe.

Putting your gun in your holster, you crossed your arms, waiting for Steve and Nat to finish. A deep chuckle came from behind you, making your heart jump. You whipped around just in time to feel a bullet pierce through your abdomen. You gasped, looking down at the blood starting to pour out of you. “Y/N!” You heard Steve and Nat yell, Steve taking the guard down.

You fell to your knees and the two rushed over to you, Steve grasping hold of your body before you fell onto the floor. “Shit!” Nat yelled, holstering her gun. 

You were breathing heavily, though every breath you took made your body ache and the pain worsen. “St-Steve.” You winced, squeezing your eyes shut. Applying pressure to your wound, Steve rushed you out of the room.

Steve was yelling at Nat to call Bruce, to tell him you need him as soon as you land. “Y/N, you have to stay awake!” Steve yelled, shaking you lightly enough to make your eyes peel open. You felt Nat’s hand putting more pressure on your wound and looked down, your bodysuit a dark color from the blood. The pain was unbearable, the last thing you heard was Nat and Steve calling your name.

The jet landed and Steve carried you out, meeting Bruce on the roof with a gurney. “She-Bruce, please.” Steve sobbed as he looked down at your pale face. You looked lifeless, just like the enemies you had taken out. “I’ll take care of her.” Bruce assured Steve, quickly rolling your body away.

Nat took a deep breath as they walked into the elevator after Bruce had wheeled you inside and took it down to the medic room. “She can’t die.” Steve’s body shook with another sob and Nat looked up at him, her own eyes threatening to spill with tears. “She won’t. Not Y/N.” Nat whispered, scared her voice would break her tough facade.

The two walked into the common room and met with the others. “Hey! You’re back!” Sam cheered but stopped when he looked at Steve and Nat’s faces. “What happened?” Tony asked, taking his glasses off. “Whose blood is that?” Clint asked, causing Steve and Nat to look at your blood on their hands. Wanda stepped forward. “Where’s Y/N?” She asked nervously. Bucky entered the room and noticed how quiet it was. “What, did someone die or something?” He asked jokingly.

Bucky looked at Steve, his smile dropping. Bucky took in everyone’s scared expressions. He looked around for you, but he knew something was wrong when he didn’t see your bright and beautiful smile greeting him like you always did. 

“Wait, where’s Y/N?” Bucky asked, feeling his heart starting to beat fast. Steve shook his head and tried to speak, but nothing came out. Steve looked at his bloody hands again and his lip trembled. Bucky gasped, his eyes falling to Steve’s hands. “No. She’s-Steve, don’t do that to me.” Bucky said, shaking his head, his knees feeling weak.

Nat walked over to Bucky and looked at him sadly. “Bucky, she got shot. Bruce is taking care of her now.” Nat explained as best she could, her voice shaking. Bucky noticed the blood on her hands too as tears filled his eyes. “If this is-is some sort of sick joke.“ Bucky choked out, a lump forming in his throat.

Steve sniffled and shook his head. “Buck, it’s not.” Steve said, looking at Bucky as flashbacks played throughout his mind. “Stop! She can’t-FUCK!” Bucky yelled in the all too quiet room. Bucky rushed out, walking straight towards the elevator. All he could think about was you, the whole time you were gone, Bucky thought of how badly he had treated you.

He knew he took you for granted, he didn’t realize how much you did for him until you left his room after he made you leave. He never knew how much you actually meant to him. Bucky wanted to apologize and tell you how he felt when he woke up next to you and he hoped it wouldn’t be too late.

The elevator stopped and Bucky ran out, his feet carrying him down the hallway. He could hear a heart monitor going off and he ran up to the large window, seeing Bruce stitching you up. There was blood all over his gloves and a bit around your stitches. Bloody tissues filled the small trashcan beside Bruce’s feet and it made Bucky’s heart clench.

Your body was still and it scared Bucky. It scared him because he realized he did need you. You tried so hard to make Bucky feel something, feel happy, feel better, feel…loved. Bucky’s tears fell, his chest rising up and down heavily and fast as he watched Bruce finish up.

Bucky knew you’d be okay now, but he just couldn’t help but feel like the biggest piece of crap because of how he made you feel before you left. He realized his mistake and he desperately wanted to make it better.

Bruce turned to see Bucky looking through the glass window and waved him to come inside. Bucky took a deep breath after wiping his tears away. He took slow steps, afraid his presence alone would cause more damage. Bruce watched closely as Bucky walked toward your body. His eyes took in your current state and he felt even more guilty.

Bruce was writing down information on his clipboard and he sighed softly. “She should be awake soon. The medicine I gave her wears off in just enough time.” Bruce told Bucky, watching him grasp your hand gently. Bucky nodded slowly, his eyes on your closed ones. He reached up to your face, his finger caressing along your jawline like he did this morning.

Deciding to give you two a bit of privacy, Bruce quietly exited the room and left to notify the others on how you’re doing. Bucky took a shaky breath before speaking. “Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Bucky whispered, his eyes filling with tears again. “I was so horrible to you.” He choked out.

He saw your eyelids flutter before slowly starting to open. His heart skipped in his chest and he rubbed your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “That’s it, Doll. Come back to me, please.” Bucky whispered. You squinted your eyes a tad at the bright lights and Bucky moved closer, blocking it for you.

You groaned and tried to sit up, not aware of the stitches in your abdomen. Bucky held you down gently. “Y/N, don’t move.” He spoke softly. You relaxed again and licked your dry lips. You sighed and looked up at Bucky. “Why are you here?” You asked rather coldly, not meaning to, though you didn’t apologize. 

Bucky sighed and frowned at your sourness towards him. He was used to you being sweet, but he reckoned he ruined that for good. “I know you might hate me now, but I realized something after, you know..” Bucky trailed off, staring down at you. Your heart sank as you took in his watery and puffy eyes. He had been crying and it was probably because of you.

You watched Bucky’s lip tremble and you reached your hand up to hold his that was still resting on your cheek. “I’m sorry I never appreciated you.” Bucky said, his words holding more than he led on. You knew what he meant and you nodded gently. “I’m sorry if I was too much. I won’t do it anymore.” You whispered, letting your hand fall from Bucky’s.

Bucky nodded gently. “I don’t mind if you don’t want to do things for me anymore. But I do want you to keep trying with me. Y/N, I-I need you.” Bucky said, a sob wracking through his body. Your eyes lifted to Bucky’s and you furrowed your eyebrows. “You what?” You asked, not believing what Bucky just said.

Your heart started racing as Bucky bent down, slowly leaning in to press his lips to yours. You gasped before kissing him back, your hand reaching up to rest on the back of his head. Your heart monitor started beeping faster and Bucky pulled away, a smile on his face. “I said I need you. I was wrong before, so so wrong.” Bucky whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.

A smile formed on your lips in return and you giggled. “I’ll always be here, Bucky.” You said, your hand resting on his cheek. Bucky sniffled and kissed your forehead. “I want to take care of you until you get better.” Bucky said, raising up so he could look at your bandage. You gently sighed and frowned. “But I-” Bucky shushed you. “Y/N, you’ve done so much for me.” Bucky said, holding onto your hand.

You nodded and smiled at Bucky, your happiness fluttering back into your chest.


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Highway (Part 1)

Originally posted by yourcoffeeguru

SummaryThere’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you babydoll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: This was originally posted on my AO3, burgersfromspace, but I decided to post it on here as well! I hope you guys like it :)

Wordcount: 2,162

“You’re late.”

“Sorry,” You gasped out in response as you raced behind the vintage diner’s counter to pull on an apron, “I got lost, still not sure what roads lead to which.”

“Hm,” Your coworker hummed with a small giggle, “’s okay. I told the manager your car was havin’ issues. But don’t do it again, ‘kay? Bein’ late on your first day isn’t exactly a good impression.”

You nodded in shameful understanding to the woman. She was a beautiful brunette who went by the name of Wanda. You wondered what someone as beautifully sweet as herself was doing in such a small and dubious town at the edge of the countryside.

Wanda was kind from the second you met her, with a country accent that dripped with honey and skin that glowed like porcelain. You were eternally thankful that this was the woman who would train you and show you the ropes of the town’s most beloved diner. 

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raerae245245  asked:

13 Victuri

13. things you said at the kitchen table


It’s not easy to look at Victor from this position, at opposite angles of the curve in the staircase, but Yuuri Katsuki is no quitter. “What?” he says. “Why’d you stop?”

“Well?” Victor laughs and adjusts his grip on the table, craning his neck. “I didn’t stop so much as… we’re stuck?”

“Oh,” Yuuri says. Then, as it sinks in, “Oh.”

“This is it for us, my darling,” Victor says. “Undone by an out-of-service elevator and our own hubris.”

“No.” Yuuri chomps down on his lower lip to keep from giggling. “No, it’s okay, we can do this. It’s wedged against the wall. You push, and I’ll pull.”

“Dasvidaniya,” Victor says. “My only love.”

Victor,” Yuuri huffs, “if you make me laugh, I actually am going to drop this and kill us both, and I will not make an orphan out of Makkachin. On the count of five.”

With their combined effort, they wrench the table free. Yuuri yelps, half laughter and half dismay, when they gouge the stairwell wall. “Shhh,” Victor whispers, “we can fix it, we can fix it, keep going.”

“Oh my god,” Yuuri gasps, once his fiancé and their table are safely behind the closed door of their apartment. “We are never getting your security deposit back.”

“Not with that attitude,” Victor says, his attention already on the kitchen. “Now, help me pick a space? I think by the window there.”

Yuuri hums, taking in the apartment he’s trying to swallow as his. Without yesterday’s haze of jetlag, he sees the details, the clean, Spartan edges of furniture. There’s plenty of spaces a table could go. There’s plenty of space in general.

“Where did your other table go?” he asks. They’d carried Victor’s old table to Georgi’s new place that morning. It had been a good arm day for both of them.

Victor indicates an empty corner, shrugging. The indents are still visible on the carpet. “It was only really big enough for one person,” he says. “I just sort of - put it out of the way. I want this somewhere we’ll use it. If that’s okay?”

Smiling, Yuuri tilts Victor’s head down to kiss the underside of his jaw. “We almost died for this thing,” he murmurs. “We are using it every day.”

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Harry talk concept both of you are arguing and you start yelling in Spanish and he gets turned on

Thanks for sending in lovely xx Send in more Harry talks.

You were fed up, tired and exhausted from your long day at work and you wanted nothing more to go home and take a nice long bubble filled bath with some relaxing music and a glass of champagne. Your day wasn’t very good. It was more like tiring and annoying. Your juniors delayed in submitting their work files to you which made your boss to yell at you for not having a control over then, then as you took a step out of your car to get yourself a cup of coffee, weather decided to change all of a sudden drenching you within a couple of seconds.

You wanted to scream and cry right over there.

“You’re late” Harry said tapping his feet over the wooden floor with arms crossed, standing in front of you. You just entered the house and bent to get yourself out of those torturing shoes. You were supposed to come early from work so you and Harry can have your usual Friday movie nights that you’ve been missing from last two weeks. And you missed it again.

“I’m so sorry baby. It’s just I had lot o-” you were cut off by Harry mumbling something that was far way beyond the truth.

“Just say you don’t want to” he mumbled turning on his heels, loud enough for you to hear and make him turn around to face you.

“what did you just said?” you asked him raising your eyebrow. You weren’t in the mood for a fight but this attitude of harry made you change your mind.

“Just say you don’t want to spend time with me.” He said shrugging your hand off his shoulder and walking to kitchen. His attitude was getting on your nerves. You followed him with heavy foot making him turn around once more harshly. Your were flaming up with anger. You couldn’t believe the way he was talking, being the most understanding person and suddenly changing into someone else saying stuff and not getting your situation made you more like sad than angry.

“¡no puedo creerle !!! Te dije que estaba con algo de trabajo, pero es como si no quieres entender! Estás actuando como una ducha ahora mismo! Muestre algo de madurez Harry !! ¡¡Crecer!! Tengo trabajo que hacer ya veces no es posible tomar tiempo! ¿Estás recibiendo lo que estoy diciendo?!?!?”

(“I can not believe him !!! I told you I was with some work, but it’s like you do not want to understand! You’re acting like a shower right now! Show some maturity Harry !! Grow!! I have work to do and sometimes it is not possible to take time! Are you getting what I’m saying?!?!? ” )

You finished up. Your breath heavy with anger. And before you could blink an eyes, you were pressed up against the wall by Harry. His breath was fanning over your face and his eyes were dark, pupil dilated.

“god you’re so fucking hot when you talk in Spanish” he growled in your ear and bite your earlobe. His lips soon were on your neck sucking the delicate, vanilla scented skin of yours praying like a beast.

“fuck im so turned on right now baby” he said and you could feel your panties pooling up with wetness. His arms went under your legs, lifting you up and carried you upstairs. The rest was dirty history ;)


Hope you like it :)


You had been in queens your whole life, growing up in a small apartment building. You didn’t have many friends, but that was only due to the fact that you were homeschooled by your father.

But the kid across the way always made you smile, Peter Parker. He would always have a smile on his face and loved to share little facts with you. Aunt May would let the little boy write his everyday facts on popsicle sticks in which he would sent to you the next day.

Today, you crawled out of bed, you were only 12 years old. You saw a cup full of popsicle sticks, some were painted various colors, but you noticed one red on. You yawned, putting your hands up in the air, but reached out towards the cup, grabbing the red stick and reading the fact.

“Turtles can breathe through their butts.” You mustered a smile, laughing at the new fact of the day. “Good morning, sweet heart.”

You rubbed your eyes and saw your father standing in the doorway of your room, he had a smile on his face. “Hi dad.”

“So, me and your mom have a surprise for you. You jumped out of bed almost instantly, you wanted to know what this little surprise was. They led you to the living room, where you sat down on the couch, your hair a mess and pajamas covered in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“So honey, you know how me and your mother talked about going on vacation?” You nodded excited, hoping you would soon be resting on a beach in Florida, or even going on a long cruise in the widespread ocean.

“Where are we going?” You were hoping for Disney World, how you so longed to go to Disney. “We’re going to Europe!”

You sat there, blank, no reaction, you tried to think of the things that are in Europe, but nothing was coming to mind. “Europe?”

Your parents seemed so excited about this trip, so you smiled happily at their reactions. “ We leave tomorrow and won’t be back until the start of the school year.”

Your smile dropped almost instantly, it was only the beginning of summer, you wanted to hang out with Peter this summer, but your plans aren’t exactly going to work out if you are in a whole different country.

“But, i wanted to see Peter more. Try and make more friends.” Your mom walked over to you, sitting down on the couch next to you. “Honey, this is a big trip for your father.”

You had soon realized that this trip would be fun, you just had to be open to the idea of new things, maybe Europe was to be the one thing you are looking forwards to this summer. “Okay, can I tell Peter we’re leaving?”

“Oh yes, of course” You got up, running into your room and changing into regular clothes, once you were done with that, you ran over to the neighbors. You knocked on the door profusely, Aunt May opened the door, a large smile plastered on her face, “Good Morning, Y/N. Peter is just now waking up.”

You smiled as she welcomed you into the apartment, you saw pancakes made on the stove, freshly made, eat one a light brown color. Peter walked out of the room, he wore a pair of blue sweatpants and a larger shirt. He rubbed his eyes and looked around, his brown hair a curly mess.

“Oh hey.” A light blush came to his face, you smiled at his awkward demeanor. “I heard about your summer trip to Europe, you excited?”

“oh, yes-s.” You moved your hair behind your ear, Peter stood in silence. “Your leaving?”

You nodded, “yeah, I’m leaving for the summer.” Peter looked heartbroken, he didn’t want to have his best friend leave for the summer.

“When are you gonna come back?” He walked into the kitchen, his whole attitude changed, he was now sad, but didn’t want to show it.

“At the start of the school year.”

Peter walked away, he grabbed a pancake and put it on the plate, spreading butter on it slowly. “Gives you a chance to make more friends Peter.”

Aunt May was trying to lighten the mood, “I gotta go back my bags. I’ll see you soon Peter.”

You ran up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, pulling out a purple popsicle stick from your pocket and placing it in his hand.

He looked at the popsicle stick and read what it said, “August 13th, I will return home.”

There was a tiny smiley face placed on the end of the stick. You have Aunt May a hug and ran out of the apartment and back to your own.

You started to pack your bags that day and left the next. You would be flying to London, a 7 hour flight, and so far, the flight was just boring, you had to sit between your parents. Your dad was asleep on your side, snoring away as the flight carried on.

Before you knew it, you landed in the freezing London weather, your dad shook himself awake, “Honey, we’re here.” Your dad pointed out of the window at London, you weren’t very impressed, in fact it just looked like a duller Queens.

“We’re gonna be here for the rest of summer?” Your mom shook her head, “we’re traveling all around Europe for your father’s job.”


It was 2 weeks into the trip, you had found out that even though Europe is dull it has it’s perks. Like the countdown to go home. Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy their time, they would always wander or even disappear at times, you were fine with that.

But it was one day when you were left alone, that you were lost. You didn’t know what to do, you were in a large road, people walking around and cars moving everywhere. “Mom?” You yelled out into the crowd, but nobody seemed to respond to you, they only walked around you, but there was the occasional person who ran into you.

The young man ran into you so harshly, it caused you to fall down, landing on the hard rock street. You looked around you, people did not care about what you were doing, they only walked around you, once again. “Young lady, are you okay?”

You looked up to see a young lad with glasses, a long brown trench coat resting on his body. He held out a hand to you, you took it gladly, mesmerized by his thick accent. “Did you lose your parents?”

You nodded as he pulled you off the ground, you looked at his outfit, he had a black tie with a tie clip, on the clip sat a little symbol, it looked to be skull with 6 tentacles coming from the skull, each one curving in different directions. “My company’s symbol.”

For some reason, you had recognized that symbol, but you didn’t know from where. “How about you use my telephone and you can call your parents” You nodded and followed the younger man to a building, you stood on the sidewalk, the man was going into his white truck, pulling out his phone.

“Here, you have to come to me, my phone is dead.” You walked to where he was, which was in some parking lot, you looked around for people, yet there was nobody in sight. You walked around his door, he held a phone in his hand, you gladly took it, calling your parents number, but before you could react, there was a thick white cloth pressed over your mouth, your breathing became shallow as you panicked, your vision blurring until soon you couldn’t see a thing.


Something Sweet {Part III}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Happy 4th of July!)

Head Chef! Obi-Wan x Pastry Chef! Reader

Plot Summary: When Qui-Gon hires a new pastry chef for his dessert menu, Obi-Wan feels a slight sense of competition. Who do you think you are, just waltzing into his kitchen? He’s been running it for years, it doesn’t need to change. But, as time progresses, he realizes the sour beginning the two of you had is starting to turn into something sweet.

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

“I know, Anakin did tell me Obi-Wan was a bit…”

“Anal-retentive?” You sighed, sipping your tea with Padme during your lunch break. “Overbearing? A bit of a stick in the mud?”

Padme chuckled a bit, setting her tea down. “I’ll admit, though harsh, it is a little true. I’d just say he’s very… passionate. About his work.”

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Recipe For Life – A No Reservations RebelCaptain AU

“I wish there was a cookbook for life, you know? Recipes telling us exactly what to do.”

“You know better than anyone, it’s the recipes you create yourself that are the best.”

Jyn Erso has dedicated her entire life to her position as head chef at Alliance Restaurant, an upscale Manhattan restaurant. Her entire world is flipped upside down when her only sister is killed in a tragic car accident, leaving her ten-year-old niece, Rey, in her custody. While Jyn struggles to learn how to parent a grieving child, restaurant owner Davits Draven brings in a Mexican-trained chef, Cassian Andor, to run the kitchen in her absence. 

But Cassian, whose eccentric styles and fun loving attitudes, completely changes the tone of Jyn’s tightly controlled kitchen, leaving Jyn to suspect he wants nothing more than to take over the job she has spent her life working to secure. It isn’t until Cassian is able to bond with Rey in a way she had been unable to that she begins to welcome him both into her kitchen and into her life.

Full Time Hero - Rafael Barba, ft Sonny Carisi

Rafael Barba x Reader, Ft. Sonny Carisi
Summary: Rafael is in a pissy mood when a case isn’t going in the direction he wanted. When the reader tries to be helpful, he is agitated and takes his stress out on her. Leaving them with unspoken words in the air.

“Good morning, sweetie. I have already made coffee for you. It’s on the table.” She greeted Rafael with a smile and a kiss on the lips. He barely offered a smile, but headed straight for the coffee.

“I’m almost done with the egg sandwich. So don’t leave yet.” She said, over her shoulder.

Rafael didn’t answer, his mind was too occupied with the proceeding of the case. He kept coming up with scenarios where he could screw up or be screwed over. With the pressure from his boss and the case being time sensitive, he couldn’t think of anything else. All he needed was as much caffeine as he could get.

“Did you hear what I said?” She asked.

Her back was facing him, so she didn’t catch the eye roll. She was too busy trying to get the sandwich ready so he could eat on the way. He was in a foul mood due to sleep deprivation, it wasn’t anything in the tone she spoke. In fact, she was trying to be helpful.

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anonymous asked:

How would Bucky and Ivar take care of you when you were really sick?

“Thank the Gods you are home.”

Bucky hasn’t even set the kickstand to his motorcycle when he shoots Ivar a pointed look, finding him in disarray at the door to the garage. 

“It’s hardly been two hours,” Bucky says, exasperated. 

“I have changed my shirt twice since then. We will need a new mattress by the time she is done sweating.”

“Out’a the way.” Bucky brushes past Ivar and sets his backpack on a counter in the kitchen. “Can I trust you to heat up the soup? It’s in the Tupperware.” 

Gladly.” Ivar looks relieved already. 

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[ cake | rated; M ]

words: 5.7k (seventeen’s seokmin)

genre: smutty smut, includes thigh riding, some dirty talk and yeh basically u gon find out;)

synopsis: you finally get paired with lee seokmin for your cooking class, the assignment; to bake some cake. it seems simple enough or will you get distracted along the way? 

“Just add nothing more than a pinch of salt.”

A cloud of stream swirled through the air as you continuously lapped your wooden spoon through the mixture before you, an adequate blend of the finest herbs and spices wafting throughout your cooking station. Your partner looked around in utter confusion, his pupils darting across the ingredients sprawled out in front of him on the granite counter. Time was ticking by, and this soup needed to be complete and ready to serve in less than a minute.

“Goddammit, the salt is right there!” You barked snappishly, the tip of your finger angled towards a tablespoon of the grainy white substance.

“Now like I said before, we only need a pin-”

But your partner being the irrational and inexperienced person he was fell into a panic, your jaw hitting the floor as he completely dumped in the tablespoon of salt. You couldn’t even continue stirring the spoon, nothing but disbelief at what you just witnessed coursing through your body. This was one of your most important cooking assignments, your chances at receiving a scholarship for the culinary arts now shattering like glass. You quickly grabbed a hold of yourself and took to stirring the soup bubbling in the pot, the timer extremely close to dinging. A shallow spoonful of the creation you’d worked so hard on slipped past your parted lips and tingled on your tastebuds. It didn’t seem half bad at first, but then an explosion of salt went off like firecrackers in your mouth, an immediate sour expression sprouting across your features.

Your partner squeezed his forehead, the desperate gleam in his eyes growing dull, “Is it that bad?”

Is it that bad.

You simply chuckled at his question, but not the light hearted chuckle like you were buzzing about something your crush had just said, no it was a twisted chuckle, your fingers beginning to twitch.

“Let me think… Yes it is that bad, this is one of our last and most important cooking projects and you go panicking over a tablespoon of salt? Really, it’s the only thing you can taste the second after it touches your pallet, it’s horrible.” However it was too late to even attempt at saving your dish, a tattered sigh heaving from your chest as the teacher waited for her students to present their freshly made meals. She smiled and nodded in satisfaction after each bowl, your heart beating like a drum as it would soon be your turn.

“At least it looks good.” The voice that tickled your ears didn’t come from your partner, it came from the counter beside you, a preppy looking Lee Seokmin standing proud in front his signature soup. You wanted to slap that devilish grin off his beaming face, he was one of the best students in the class and your biggest competition for this scholarship. Everything he made was undoubtedly stunning and it didn’t hurt that the teacher had a soft spot for him.

“Shut it Seokmin, I really don’t need your half-assed compliments right now.” Your voice was low and gruff as you kept your eyes glued to the front, your fingernails pressing indents into your skin while your blood began to boil. It was pretty obvious you were screwed, you didn’t need anyone hinting at it.

“Yikes, relax a little, I’m just joking.” Your eyes flickered towards him in annoyance, though the face you saw wasn’t at all wearing the smirk from earlier. Seokmin’s voice came as a whisper, the words that tumbled from his lips leaving you with a small wisp of hope.

“Trust me, she knows you’re a good cook, you can make pretty much anything. She’ll probably give you a make up project.” You didn’t glance back at Seokmin, though you bit the inside of your cheek and nodded your head. It felt strange to receive an actual compliment from him, and not one that was laced with sarcasm. The strangeness soon melted into happiness. Seokmin could cook, he could bake, and he could create easily create his own unique dishes, so of course you felt better from hearing his words, though you would never admit it.

However your happiness didn’t delay the dreaded moment that soon fell into action, the soup still streaming from its shiny white bowl. Though the appearance was indeed appealing, the taste was a completely different story, your teachers face scrunching up after the first spoonful. The moment was nothing but shameful and embarrassing, her words slashing you like a blade.

“I expect better from you, Y/N. This was… Very disappointing.” Your partner got off scotch free, a careless look printed on his face as you shuffled back behind your counter. There was no point in making excuses, you should have taken care of the salt, that was all there was to it. Class ended on a high note with the teacher cheerfully applauding Seokmin and his partners dish, his wide pearly smile forcing a slight grin across your lips.

He’s really something, you thought, I would almost kill for that talent.

Class was coming to a close, a visible gloomy cloud lingering above your head as you tossed a few things into your bag. Today was a disaster, and now you were experiencing the consequences of it. Everyone had pretty much left except for Seokmin and a few other students, their voices nothing but static to your ears as you padded towards the door, that is until you heard your name being called, your body turning stiff. Shuffling backwards in the direction of your teachers desk, you paused, your eyebrow quirked.

“Yeah?” She glanced up at you, the fluorescent lights casting a glare in her glasses. Your teacher looked between you and Seokmin, the words you were hoping to hear not yet leaving her lips.

“Y/N I know it wasn’t your fault the soup I tasted was overly salty, I’ve been closely monitoring your performance in my class and I’m incredibly aware of your capabilities and what you’ve achieved. This project won’t affect your chances at the scholarship, you don’t deserve that.”

An immediate relief poured over you as your knees momentarily felt weak, a breathy gasp pushing from your chest at knowing you were still in her good books. Seokmin grinned at you, his eyes glowing with a soft warmth you hadn’t seen before.

“Thank you so much, I won’t disappoint you anymore, I promise.” Your teacher folded her hands together and reached into a tiny blue box on her desk, her nimble fingers flipping through an array of cards until she pulled one out. Seokmin didn’t look at all confused, instead he was leaning forwards while tapping his foot, like he was expecting what was coming next.

“One more thing. Seokmin has regularly completed a few of these for me, but I’m interested in how my two best students would fair in a little task together. I have two cakes I want made and delivered to this address by Sunday, and I’m hoping you can assist one another in creating them.”

For some reason you felt the squishy flesh of your cheeks begin to burn, your fingers tangling with the bottom of your sweater as you fumbled on a response. A chance to work with Seokmin would be something you had always secretly wanted coming true, his light chuckle ringing in the air the more you spluttered out your words.

“That would be great, I’m in.” You managed to say, your teacher clapping her hands together to close the deal. She handed you the flimsy white card and wiggled her finger for you to lean closer, her words a serious whisper.

“Think of this as a way to really come back from what happened today, even if you aren’t the most experience at baking, it follows many of the same rules as cooking.”

You pulled away and nodded, “I won’t let you down.”

Your arms were heavy with bags of ingredients you bought from the store, yet as you stumbled down the hall and towards the entrance to the cooking class, you felt nothing but pure excitement, an intense itch to get started. Your teacher was running late to monitor your work with Seokmin, your phone buzzing with her email. It didn’t bother you though, it was less pressure off the beginning of the assignment, a clear pathway paved for the rest to follow.

Seokmin was already setting his ingredients out on a counter near the back, his head popping up when he noticed your entry. A wide grin reached across his lips, one that made your heart lightly flutter as you let your bags collapse on the space next to his. Golden sunlight was splashing in from the windows, his tanned skin coming alive with a tender glow. You wondered why you never noticed his beauty before, the most you saw were his smooth actions in the kitchen and the upbeat attitude that followed. Not only would you be able to learn a lot of valuable tips from Seokmin, but maybe more about the person he was or wanted to be.

“Do you think you’re ready?” The boy asked while grabbing a large bowl, his eyes blinking at you warmly. Though there was excitement bubbling vividly in your veins, you were also feeling some burning nerves seep through as well, the thought of making a mistake and repeating the soup incident bringing a sour taste to your mouth.

“I just want to do well.” You mumbled. Seokmin watched as you spread out your ingredients across the granite countertop, the plastic bags drifting to your feet the more you emptied them. He knew you could cook and he knew you had experience with baking, he was feeling a little nervous himself, but mostly due to the fact he was alone with you. It was hard to concentrate on wiping down his station and fishing out all his measuring supplies when you gathered your hair into a ponytail, the elastic snug between your lips. There was a determined glint in your eyes and Seokmin felt his cheeks surge with a prickling heat at observing you, his chocolate orbs following the curve of your clothing that was tight against your body.

He suddenly remembered his station didn’t have a mixer, the final moments of preparation closing to an end. While you were occupied with nervously brushing over your ingredient list one final time, Seokmin slipped over to your side to look through the cupboards. You had no idea the boy was behind you as you shifted your weight from foot to foot, your eyes lurching to scan the counter when you thought you came across something you’d forgotten to buy. Seokmin turned around with the mixer he was searching for, his eyes suddenly widening when you stepped too far back, your body brushing with his. You snapped out of your consuming thoughts as a hand lightly slid along your waist and tapped your side, issuing that you had the poor boy backed against the cupboards. Seokmin felt the curve of your ass pushing into his centre, his teeth sinking into the plush flesh of his lower lip to try and contain the fire that was quickly spreading under his skin.

An embarrassed gasp slipped from your throat at awkwardly backing into Seokmin, the notebook clutched in your grip almost falling to the floor as his delicate fingers lightly pressed into your waist.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t even see you move behind me.” The words stumbled from the tip of your tongue, an undeniable burning sensation bubbling in your stomach at the feeling of his hand roaming along your body. It definitely wasn’t something you ever thought would happen, your mind tempted to wander to a much darker place.

“Don’t worry about it.” Seokmin said nonchalantly, his head aimed towards the recipe scrawled across a slip of paper. You tried to focus on prepping your own station so you could start, but the moment you caught a glimpse of of the large rips covering Seokmin’s jeans, you were a goner. How could anyone contain themselves from thinking lewd thoughts when that light blue colour fit him so perfectly, the thickness to his thighs causing your eyes to pool with a glossy desire.

Focus Y/N! You have a cake to make!

It took a lot to break away from the hold you were falling into, but now wasn’t the time to be thirsting after the gorgeous guy in your cooking class. Your teacher still wouldn’t be here for at least half an hour and that left plenty of time to whip up the batter and create the chocolate frosting. You got to work, your focus now diverted to making the best cake possible. Every sprinkle of sugar, every pinch of salt, every drizzle of vanilla, all carefully measured and blended together to create the most fluffy yet rich batter you’d ever created. Clouds of flour were splattered across the apron fastened to your body, the powdery substance not being the only thing you’d spilt on yourself. Wiping your forehead with the back of your hand, you placed the glass dish into the oven, the timer now ticking down the minutes until your cake would be ready.

You cast a subtle look at Seokmin’s station. He too was about to place his cake in the oven, his batter being chocolate while yours was vanilla. It was in the order that had been scribbled on the card your teacher gave you the other day, the receiver of the cakes making it very clear they wanted their tastebuds blown away. While leaning against the wall next to the oven, you didn’t even realize you were licking your lips at the sight of Seokmin with his sleeves rolled up, his silky brown hair pushed back by his nimble fingers. He had a lot less flour scattered across his apron than you, and his station was a lot less messy. Clearing the lump in your throat, you buckled down and swiped up all the ingredients splashed over the granite, the heavenly sweet aromas of your cakes mingled together helping make the experience more enjoyable.

“Okay, now for the icing.” You sighed while tossing your notepad onto the centre of the counter. However, Seokmin had different plans as he undid the knot in his apron, the dark blue fabric peeling away from his body to yet again expose the sight of his muscular thighs. You tried not to look as the boy shuffled into one of his plastic bags and pulled out a container of buttercream frosting, his fingers edging around the lid to pop it off. You released a gasp,

“Lee Seokmin, you’re using store bought icing?” A chuckle bubbled from his chest as he tore the silver seal off, his finger dipping into thick, creamy substance.

“It’s not for the clients cake, I’m gonna use this for my brothers birthday. I washed my hands like 4 times.” He mumbled while his tongue peaked out to lick at the frosting. You did want to take a break. The cakes wouldn’t be out of the oven for awhile, and there was plenty of time to prepare the actual coating for them.

“Your brother must always get the short end of the stick then.” You teased, a few strands of hair loosening from your ponytail to tickle the sides of your face. Seokmin smirked as you folded your apron across a stool and came to join him, your back pressing into the edge of the counter while you dipped your finger into the container.

| things start getting spicy from below this point, have fun kids |

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anonymous asked:

27 for moriarty, please??

Originally posted by imaginingsherlock

Reader x Moriarty

27. “You’re drunk.”

“Jim!” You called out, picking up your history textbook and walking into the kitchen. “I need your help.”

“What’s up?” He laughed, holding a bottle of aged whiskey in his hands.

“You’re drunk.” You sighed. “Aren’t you?” Jim nodded, laughing in response.

You sighed and turned on your heel. “Nevermind.”

“No, no, wait.” Jim raised his voice and tried to stand up. “I want to help you Y/N.”

You looked down at the man in front of you with flushed cheeks and a happy attitude before sitting down at the kitchen table next to him. “I was hoping you could help me remember the Cold War.”

“The Cold War?” Jim repeated, excited. “Easy peasy. I know everything about the Cold War.”

“Really?” You asked, amused.

“Oh yeah.” Jim quickly nodded. “It’s weird but it wasn’t even cold, except in the winter. But America basically was just like don’t do communism and Stalin, the leader of the Soviets, was just like Communism was better than Democracy.”

“That’s wild.” You said, sarcastically.

“Oh, I know.” Jim agreed, taking another sip. “So then America and the Soviets basically decided to be really passive aggressive about it all and try to convince other countries to join their side because they wanted to prove to each other that they were the better choice.”

Jim finished off his glass. “It was a pretty wild adventure if you ask me.” Jim paused for a moment and thought before responding. “Which you did. Does that help?”

“Yes,” You laughed lightly, grabbing your textbook and placing a kiss on Jim’s cheek. “Yes, that’s exactly what I needed to know.”

Fanfic: As If You’re Never Down

Okay this one might take a little explaining for people who aren’t as hopeless as myself lol. In Japanese, Iggy’s voice actor is also decently popular as a pop singer (fun fact: Prompto’s seiyuu also has a few solo mini-albums, and Noct’s seiyuu is the singer of a rock band), so I was like ‘man Iggy would have such a nice singing voice’. Then I realised that meant I had to make Iggy sing, and this is what I ended up with.

The title is a hint as to what Iggy is singing, due to all previous FF soundtracks being canon in the XV game lmao, even if halfway through I realised it kind of sounded like a cruel joke. I was gonna change it, but I’m weirdly attached to that song and it’s about singing to someone you love sooooo…

Final Fantasy XV
Gladnis | Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia
SFW -> sappy bullshit omfg
Word Count: 1,343

“Hey, you seen Iggy?”

“Who?” The hunter in front of Gladio asked, not bothering to look up from where he was cleaning his gun.

Ignis,” Gladio clarified, managing to mostly resist the urge to roll his eyes. “About yea tall, wears a lot of black, prettier than he has any right to be…”

“Oh!” The hunter said, finally looking up. “The blind guy, yeah? Big scars on his face?”

“…Yes,” Gladio said tightly, knowing that they weren’t exactly incorrect descriptors but not wanting them to be Ignis’ defining traits. “Do you know where he is or not?”

“Ease up, buddy,” the hunter said dismissively as he looked back down at his gun, and Gladio’s fists clenched. He was better than that, though, and he forced himself to relax. It was hard enough to survive through the endless night without in-fighting.

Plus Ignis would frown at him if he got word of Gladio fighting with another hunter, and Gladio didn’t want that.

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Rays of sunshine


Requested by: anon

I was wondering if you could write an imagine about bucky amd the reader where the reader is just like an overly excited person and always smiling and happy and at first bucky is very annoyed but then one night he finds out that she’s actually lost everything (or got out from an abusive relatioship idk what you prefer) and she’s only acting very happy but deep down she’s very sad and dark so bucky takes interest and their relationship gets better (maybe she could fall in love with him but he doesn’t love her like that he just really want to take care of her but she’s okay with it) and idk maybe a lot of fluff? Pleaseee 💕💕💕

Summary:  AUAs Tony brings a new addition to the team, Bucky barnes can’t help but feel annoyed by her. (sorry, I suck at summaries) FLUFF.

Warnings: a little angst, swearing. (if you know me, you should know by now that i love swearing)

Word count: 3357

A/N: This ended up being so long! I was planning on making a relatively short imagine and it got out of hand (whoops!) but inspiration hit and now I’m really happy with the finished project. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this! I hope you like it

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Bucky Barnes is impossible to annoy.

Or so does everyone think until you move to the tower.

Since the moment you step foot on the building, hands filled with boxes and wearing brightly colored clothes, he can’t help but feel a small pang of anger in his chest. He’s barely gotten used to seeing everyone at the tower, and now Tony wants to add yet another bothersome, noisy human being to the equation. Great, fucking great.

“She’ll be her for a while, Barnes, don’t be so rude. I’m sure you won’t mind the company.” He says quietly, elbowing him on the side before he goes to help you with your boxes.

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Love is selfish - Part 1

A/N: I really tried T.T the story was really impromptu in my mind and I thought of just spamming my ideas out. Sorry for making Moon Bin an asshole in this story and making Y/N so selfish! ☹ I also apologize for every grammatical mistake (It’s really messy) and so many ‘you(s)’ in this story.  Please let me know if you want a part 2. Yea, it’s quite dramatic.

Word Count: 6311 words

The next two hours of Economics lectures hurts your brain, and the hashtag - TGIF isn’t working out well in your life anymore. You realized that you had more or less than 13 minutes left to head for the next lecture, you gathered notes that were essential for it. You took a big gulp of water while making your way to leave the classroom. Without watching where you were going, you bumped into someone that made you lose balance and fell on the floor. “Sorry- sorry! I wasn’t looking.” He apologized, not knowing who did you exactly bump into. You were just picking up your notes that were scattered all over the floor.

“It’s okay.” You replied and looked up at him. Looking at each other felt as if that the both of you didn’t talk to each for the longest time ever. He helped by picking up your notes.He passed you the notes and offered you a hand. You took it without hesitation, in a swift, he pulled you off the ground. He cleared his throat as he walked around the classroom as if he was looking for something. “What are you doing here?” You asked, and he looked at you as if he was surprised at your question.

“Where is Rocky’s table? I gotta grab his shirt.”

You pointed to him Rocky’s table, and he scratched his head, nodding. He avoided your eyes and walked towards Rocky’s table. “Moon Bin, when are you stop avoiding me?” You asked impatiently.

“Y/N, your class is starting in 10 minutes time. You’ve got to go.” His tone towards you sounded foreign like he was trying to push you away.

You walked to his side, “Can we meet tomorrow? I didn’t catch up with you for three weeks.”

“I’ve got a project to do.” He looked at you, expressionless. “See you another time.”

The lesson was extraordinarily boring, and none of the contents of the lecture is absorbed into your subconscious mind. Staring at the projector in the lecture hall, you sighed as you scribbled Moon Bin’s name on the paper. You just can’t get forget how Moon Bin has pushed you away for the first time.

“Y/N?” You looked up clueless as the lecturer spit your name through the microphone. “What’s the answer to this question I asked the class?” Ms. Park eyes bored into your soul as you panicked to answer, not even knowing what was the question. “You were not paying attention, Y/N. If it’s that boring, get out of my class.” She snapped at you.

You tried paying attention to the lesson, and nothing was making sense so far whatever Ms. Park was teaching. You left the classroom clueless about the topics taught today, as Min Ji was ranting about how terrible her boyfriend was yesterday leaving her alone in the club. You were listening, but the thought of Moon Bin pushing you away is etched onto your mind.

“Y/N! God! Are you even listening?!” Min Ji raised her voice.

“Yea Seo Joon scolded you for being a b****.” Repeating what she told you. She rolled her eyes, “At least you’re listening. God, can you believe that? How can my own boyfriend say that……?”  She continued.

The buzzing sound vibrated vigorously in your pockets. “Sorry, wait a minute.” You cut Min Ji off unintentionally and hold up a hand signal. She rolled her eyes at you but held up an ‘ok’ signal. “Yup, Y/N here.”

“Y/N, Han Seok here. Is everything okay?” He asked nicely.

“Yeah? Why?”

“Ahhh, I guess you forgot about the movie date today?”

You facepalmed yourself, “Right! I’m sorry. It totally slipped my mind!” Min Ji gave you the why-am-I-not-surprised look at you as you quickly waved goodbye to grab your school bag from the classroom.

"Oppa!” You waved your arms in the air to get his attention. The moment he turned around, he smiled brightly as he waved back and ran to your side. You smiled at him, as he took your hands and intertwined your fingers with his. For the first time, butterflies weren’t flying in your stomach when you walked beside him, unlike the previous times. It felt more like guilt for being with him. It wasn’t right.

Getting rid of those thoughts, you shook your head and focused your attention on him. “Y/N, are you okay?” Han Seok stopped in his tracks and turned to face you. “You look very worn out today, did anything happen in school?”

You bit your lips, “ Nothing. Sorry, Oppa it’s just school stuff that’s stressing me out. ”

Han Seok looked at you, “Sorry that I wasn’t by your side.” He pats your head. You didn’t lie in general, things really did happen in school but it wasn’t nice to tell him about the friendship problems you are currently facing with Moon Bin. “You wanted to watch the Mummy right? Let’s go.“ You changed the subject. He nods his head in agreement and pulled you along to the cinema.

The Mummy was worse than you expected. You didn’t get thrilled nor scared at all. Han Seok reached out for your hands and gave you a small smile. "Hey is everything okay?”

“Yea, it is just boring. Not interesting much.” You whispered. Some couple just asked the both of you to shut up from the back that you and Han Seok stuck your tongues out back at them.

Your phone flashed 4.53pm. Whatever happened in school was still clinging onto your mind. How are you supposed to enjoy the movie if these incidents are going to keep replaying on your mind? Suddenly, you heard strange sounds that you started to look around. You spot a man snoring in the cinema and the scenes bring you back to a time when you watched the Conjuring 2 with Moon Bin.

“Do you know why man always falls asleep during a horror movie?”

You shook your head, “No?”

Moon Bin pointed out, “It’s because he always breaks winds when he is tense so he will use his snores to cover them up.”

Throwing a popcorn at his face, “Don’t be lame. It’s not funny.”

Moon Bin defended himself, “No! I am serious. See?!” The movie showed a nun coming jumping out of the curtains that you heard a faint fart from the side your ears. You and Moon Bin stuck out to see a little boy snoring on the chair and faced each other laughing.

“Hehe.” You snickered to yourself as you watched that man. Han Seok tap your shoulders and you turned to face him, “Hm?”

“Let’s go.” Han Seok stood up and pulled you out of the chair. You silently apologized for blocking the screening of the movie to the people sitting behind you. Dragging you out of the cinema confused, you asked, “Oppa? I thought you liked the movie.”

“But you didn’t. You could have been honest with me, Y/N.” You were taken aback at what he said. You felt guilt the next moment because your mind was just filled with memories of you and Moon Bin the whole time when you were beside Han Seok.

You reached out to him, “I’m sorry, it’s been a really tiring day at school. I thought since you like the movie I should have accompanied you.”

“Which part of ‘dating’ do you not get it? Y/N, can’t you see I am trying hard to resolve what I destroyed?” He asked you angrily.

“Han Seok, what’s wrong with you?! I have already forgiven you. Isn’t it good enough?” God, did his time of the month came?

He let out a heavy sigh, “It’s just that I never seem to figure out what do you really like. I mean everything we are doing right now seemed to be all about me and not about you.”

“I like theme parks. Let’s go there another time.” You mentioned, stopping the fight from continuing. Everything that happened today is too much to handle.

He nodded his head, “Okay, I will buy tickets for the both of us. I’m sorry, Y/N. I was too mad at myself.”

Slinging your bag on your shoulders, “I want to go home.” And from there, you took your leave. The both of you walked home hand-in-hand, and things solved along the way as time passes by. He tried making you feel even better by laughing but you just can’t seem to be yourself when you are with him.

“Okay. Go in, your mom would be worried by now.” He lets go of your hands.

You nodded and reminded him, “Be safe.” Waving at him, he suddenly grabbed hold of your wrist and stole a quick kiss from your lips. Your eyes widened at what happened that left yourself tongue-struck, not knowing what to say.

“I’m going. Bye.” He waved as you blinked several times. It wasn’t a dream, it just happened like that. Your finger reached out to your lips and touched them. Why are you not a bit excited about that kiss at all?

Pondering over what just happened, you noticed someone was watching all the time. You looked up at the house next to you, Moon Bin’s home. You saw your best friend at the window staring at you as he stood in front of his yellow curtain. Your mood lightened up at the sight of him and waved, but he stood there with his hands stuck in his pockets. He was angry… because he saw everything. The next moment he ignored you like you were invisible and pushed the curtains away from him and disappeared into thin air. What have you exactly done to deserve this attitude from him?

“Mommmm, I’m home.”

Her butt was standing out from the kitchen while she was washing the dishes. “Honey! Your dinner is on the table!”

Dropping your school bag on the floor, you flopped down on the sofa in frustration. “URGHHHHHH” You roared that your mother stuck her head out to look at what’s going on.

She removed her gloves and walked into the living room worried. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Sighing, “I don’t want to talk about it. The more I think about it, the more I might burst!” Your mother wanted to say something, but knowing your mood will get worse she snapped her fingers as if she had something else that could cheer you up.

“How about going Lotte world with your friends next week? I have two tickets with me here.”

“Lotte world? How did you even get the tickets?” Cocking one side of your eyebrows at her. She clapped her hands together, “Ahhh, today Moon Bin’s mother and I went shopping again. They said if we got the beauty skincare masks, we each can get two free tickets to the Lotte World!”

Chuckling at her bubbly character, “Mom, you have to seriously stop with your fetish over free stuff.”

“Hey, at least I’m giving them to you! I’m too old for this.” She put it on the table, “Its next two following Fridays. Go have some fun, honey. The school is stressing you out.” She pats your head, as she continued with her housework.

“Thank you, chupchupchup.” You blow kisses to her and she shook her head slightly.

Holding the tickets in your hands, you walked along the classroom corridors. Should you call Han Seok? Moon Bin? The answer was clear when you caught sight of Moon Bin leaning against a wall. He was concentrating in his phone, and your eyes dilated. You sped up, as you wanted to ask him to go to the theme park with you. The both of you are most hyped up about theme parks since young.

You waved at him and called out, “Moon-”. Seung-min came out of her classroom and kissed Moon Bin on his cheeks. Dropping your hands to your sides, you realize why Moon Bin has been avoiding you. He has a girlfriend. Turning around, your heart started to ache. Was it because you felt betrayed that he did not update about his life or was it because you didn’t want him to date?

Taking part in the life science club after school was the decision you never regretted. You got to deal with chemicals and many sciencey kinds of stuff that is not exposed to the actual science lessons. But today was awkward, the teacher assigned you to work with Seung Min, your junior. You coughed awkwardly as she sat down and smiled sweetly at you for acknowledgment. Seung Min hasn’t really done anything to offend you, so it’s best that you should respect her relationship with Moon Bin.

“Hello! Let’s get started on this together.” You said nicely, and to your surprise, she was the cutest human being you’ve ever met. No wonder that Moon Bin has taken a liking on her.

As you squeezed 2cm3 of ammonia acid into Copper hydroxide that Seung Min was holding in her hands, you envied at how cute and pretty she was. “So… last long with Moon Bin. I saw you and him together at the cinema last week.” You teased her. You wanted to make a friendship with her just like how you are friendly and well-respected with everyone in the life science club.

Her body tensed as she looked at you, ‘’ Unnie, are you being sarcastic? “

Alarmed by her question, “What?! No, sorry. Did I mention anything wrong?” You asked sincerely.

“I mean, you and Moon Bin were close. I thought that you would hate me for it.”

“Oh please, you’re Moon Bin’s girlfriend! Of course, I would support the both of you together. Plus, I’m dating too.” You blushed while mentioning your dating status.

She shot up in a sudden, that you thought the chemical could have spilled out of the test tube and made contact with her skin, “Really?! Since when?!”

“Heyhey! Careful!” You reprimanded, “You could’ve hurt yourself!”

“Sorry.” She whispered as she watched the test-tube placed on the stand. You continued, “Yea, it has been for a month now.”

“Ahhhhhh, last long!!” Seung Min clapped her hands together that you laughed in embarrassment.

“Thank you. You too, Seung Min.”

As the both of you worked together, the more you liked that adorable character of hers. You felt guilty for having a little hatred when you first saw her kissing Moon Bin’s cheeks. She wasn’t as bad as you thought she was.

“Now class, get the chemical X and dump into Y. And be careful! If it touches you, you might not want to face the world anymore!” The teacher warned but in a funny manner that the whole laboratory students laughed together at her. As Seung-min took chemical X from the end of the table to pour into Y, she tripped on the legs of the chair and it created a commotion.

“SEUNG MIN! CAREFUL!” Ms. Kim warned. Everything happened in a slow motion when the chemical spilled onto your hands, leaving behind a burning and stinging sensation, making your eyes tearing.

“SAN HA, CALL MR. LEE FROM THE RED CROSS CLUB NOW. SEUNG MIN AND Y/N ARE IN DANGER.” Ms. Kim ordered him. He nodded and took off immediately. Everyone started to crowd around your table. Some attended to Seung Min, while some attended to you. You started tearing for feeling physical pain for the first time, it stung so badly as if your skin was ripping off from your flesh and blood.

Mr. Lee started marching in, looking horrified at the situation. The dance members also started to peep in. San-ha quickly asked the teacher-in-charge (TIC) to take a look at my hand. “Unnie, Are you okay? There is steam coming out from your hands!”

You shook your head silently at him. At the side of your eye, you saw Moon Bin looking horrified and pushed himself through the crowd. You wanted to tell him that Seung Min is injured in the process. “Moon Bin! Seung Min is injured- ‘’

“SEUNG MIN!” Moon Bin ran past you without acknowledgment of your presence. His knees were on the ground next to Seung Min. He worriedly checked every side of her and made sure she was okay but he did not take a look at you at all, despite the burning sensation that was stinging your hands. You could only stare at the sink.

You only could hear Moon Bin asking worriedly, “Mr. Lee Is everything okay for Seung Min?”

“She only received a cut from the test-tube on her knee. You can just bring her to the General Office to touch up. We need to attend to- “

Moon Bin carried Seung Min within his arms, not listening to what Mr. Kim has to say. “Okay, I’ll bring her.” He rushed out of the laboratory as everyone watched the scene. Whispers started to circulate among the club members, ‘’ Is Moon Bin over-reacting? Her cut is barely even less than 2cm.”

Mr. Lee took over by trying to bandage your hand before sending you to the doctors. You continued to hear more of the members’ conversation, “How did Seung Min get her knee getting cut from the broken test-tube? Not like it’s a grenade bomb that caused her to fall on the ground.”

“That’s why! How is it possible? I mean the least she could have been injured is a tiny cut on her finger. Isn’t it?”

As Ms. Kim drove you to the hospital, your mom totally freaked out from the news and wanted to quickly rush to the hospital that you are heading to but you convinced her to stay at home to prepare for dinner. “Is there a need to drive me to the hospital? I’m fine with a nearby clinic.”

“No, it’s necessary. The school requires any chemical injuries should be directed to the hospital right away.” Ms. Kim replied. You sighed. How the hell did Moon Bin did not take a look at you or even cared for you at all? Is he blind? Was he not going to recognize your existence at all? You felt extremely betrayed by his actions.

Ms. Kim stood beside you as the doctor attended to you, “Make sure that you apply this cream onto your hands every night before you go to sleep. This way, your hands will be back to normal again, okay?” You nod your head as he touched up your wounds and wrapped her hands tightly with the bandage. “There you go. The counter will give you what you need.”

You walked beside Ms. Kim awkwardly, “Sorry Ms. Kim I must have worried you badly.” You smiled awkwardly as you rubbed the back of your neck.

She pointed her finger at you, “You’re lucky it’s not your face this time! The school will cover your medical fees so don’t worry about it.”

“Thanks, I’ll make a call.” You mentioned and Ms. Kim went to the counter to settle the payments. You keyed in Han Seok’s number with one side of your hands awkwardly, but that sense of achievement and pride rose in you when the phone call managed to reach Han Seok.

“Y/N?” Han Seok answered.

“Oppa, I’m at the hospital. Can you drive me home? It’s inconvenient for me to go back with my teacher so…”

The call ended with beepings and you looked at your screen, “Hello? Hello?’’ You haven’t finished your sentence and the next moment, Han Seok ran towards you in his Doctor Uniform? Is that what they call it?

“Y/N! What happened?” He kneeled in front of you and noticed your bandaged hand, “Your hand! Why? Goodness sake, stop being careless!”

To stop him from nagging at you, you poked his cheeks with your index finger to get his attention, “I’m okay.” He examined your bandaged hands. “Y/N, this is…” Ms. Kim came to you and looked at Han Seok.

“Oh, Ms. Kim HELLO, well um this is my boyfriend? “You grinned awkwardly, which student would introduce their partners to their teachers? Han Seok stood up, “I’m Han Seok.” He introduced himself as he exchanged a handshake with Ms. Kim, and in return, she introduced herself as your teacher and explained what happened in school.

“I guess I’ll take it from here.” He took the cream that the doctor prescribed to you, and carried my bag, “Thank you for taking care of her.”

“No problem, so Y/N, I’ll see you in school tomorrow.” You nodded your head in reply and waved her goodbye.

Han Seok drove with a frown formed between his brows and did not speak a word to you at all, you turned to face him from your seat, “Oppa, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt myself.”

“It’s not within your control, Y/N. You don’t have to apologize.”

“Then talk to me.” You pleaded.

“Let’s not go for the Lotte World, shall we?” He asked.

“I want to go! With you!”

“But… your hand…” He sighed as he made a turn, “I don’t want you to get injured further okay?”

“I promise we won’t sit for the aggressive riders. I mean, my hand is totally fine! Look!” You shook your bandaged hand aggressively in the air to prove him that it is a small matter. It went into a total fail when you started to groan in pain.

Han Seok pressed on the brakes at the side of the road, “That’s what I meant!” He unhooked his seatbelt immediately and took your injured hand, “Is it painful?”

You nod your head gently, but that’s not the point. You want to go to the Lotte World with him, to treat him better. “Please, can we go to the theme park?”

“No rollercoasters.” He glared.

“Fine.” You gave him a smug look that he shook his head smiling, he gave up arguing with you. He pressed his lips on your forehead, “I was so worried when you told me you were in the hospital.”

“I’m really sorry. At least you came to me.” You said sarcastically but bit your tongue the moment you said it. Snap what did I just say.

“Huh?” Han Seok pulled away from you, and you cleared your throat. “At least you’re worried and the first thing was to look for me, right?”

“Of course, I would!” He answered in a defending manner, and he hugged you. “You’re all that I have now.”

“Oppa…” Han Seok’s eyes fell your lips and pulled in for a kiss. You wanted to, and you thought you were ready until his phone rang loudly that totally caused the both of you to jump back to your seats. (A/N: GUYS I STRUGGLED WRITING THIS SCENE I CRINGED SO BADLY IDK WHY OK MOVING ON)

“geez.” You fanned yourself in awkwardness and swiped away that fake sweat that you thought was rolling down the side of your face.

“I suck.” Han Seok cussed under his breath that was almost unnoticeable but you clearly heard what he said about himself, it must have been very discouraging for him and you felt extreme shame for yourself.

He picked up the phone call concerning some doctor-y stuff as you distracted yourself by looking out through the car’s window. Your house is just down the lane. “Yea, okay, I’m heading back soon.” Han Seok watched you and you looked at him, as he spoke on the phone, “Okay see you at the hospital. Bye.” He ended the call.

“I can walk back myself. It’s okay.”

“But, your hands…”

“I’m 17.”

“Okay. Let me open the car door for you.” He walked out of the car, and you watched him coming to your side opening the door for you and unlocked your seatbelt. You stepped out of the car as he helped to put on your school bag on your shoulders.

He placed both of his hands on your shoulders, squeezing them tightly, “You sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes, I promise. Remember, 2 O’ CLOCK.” It’s your turn to remind him this time.

“Okay, take care.” He kissed your forehead, even though the both of you knew what was missing but you chose to ignore it. “Bye.”

“Bye.” You walked away, feeling a sense of relief somehow that like a time bomb froze at the last second before you thought it would explode.

“Y/N.“ The voice sounded as if you didn’t hear it for decades, like a song that was hidden at the very back of your playlist. The both of you stood respectively at your own gates. Clenching your fists, "Wow, you’re finally willing to talk to me after a whole month?” Your tone sounded sarcastically without any intention.

“What have I exactly done to make you so angry at me? You decided to date that toxic guy first.“ He commented.

"Excuse me? Is that the only thing you want to tell me after avoiding me for a month?! How about you getting a girlfriend? Oh sorry, I’m not your friend anymore. Aren’t I?! You didn’t even look at when I got injured by the chemical!” You screamed at him, letting go of the grudge you held against him for so long.

He sighed, as he reached out his hands into his pockets, “It’s not that, I wanted to tell that I have two–”

“You have a girlfriend.” You continued the sentence, turned to the gate and unlocked it.

Moon Bin removed his hands from his pockets, showing two familiar tickets to you. His patience with you slowly forms into a spite with you, “Yea! I have a girlfriend. So, you’re saying I should give than to Seung Min, right? I’ll listen to my dearest, DEAREST best friend.”

“FINE, ENJOY WITH HER THEN!” You argued back, and the next thing you did was you slam the gate behind you and stomp back to your bedroom.

You grabbed a cute white-laced tank top and a pair of shorts slipped on a pair of black converse. Tying your hair into a cute messy bun, you shouted: “Mom, I am going out for Lotte World soon!”

“Wait for a second,” Your mother exclaimed as she ran down the stairs with a lip-gloss in her hand. She pouted her lips to you, that you mimicked her facial expression as she applied a shiny light pink liquid your lips as you pierced your lips continuously together to even them out. You looked at the mirror for the last time, and your total facial appearance was at least more presentable. “Thank you.” She was like your best friend.

“No worries darling, and make sure to come back before 12 midnight! Promise me you’ll be happy again. Okay?” She cupped your faces in her hands and you nodded. She pecks your cheeks and chased you out of the house. “Bye.” You smiled at her.

As you stepped out of the house, you heard a car honked, and you saw Han Seok waving at you as he stepped out of the car. Waving back, you quickly rushed to Han Seok side. He pulled in again for a kiss on your lips that you giggled slightly. “Let’s go, shall we?” He asked as he pressed his lips against the back of your hands that you chuckled out, “Yes.”

He opened the car door for you and you stepped in, taking a seat. You know today he is going to make you feel better and he will take good care of you. You started to leave all worries behind the back of your mind. As Han Seok closed the car door for you, you looked out of the windscreen and saw your mother watching from the curtains, smiling at the both of you. You waved at her again, and Han Seok noticed who you were looking at. “That’s my mom.” You pointed.

He smiled and nodded at her, and also waved. Your mother felt relieved and waved again before she closed the curtains. “Now I see where you get your beauty genes from.” He winked at you.

Smacking the sides of his forearms, “Stop it and drive.” He laughed as he stepped up the engine and drove past your neighborhood. Your eyes followed Moon Bin’s home as it got past you, and a sudden small hint of pain was still lingering onto your heart. You decided to just shake it away.

Han Seok drove through the ticketing counter and you passed the counter, the tickets that you got He gave each of you a wristband that was supposedly worn around your wrist to be able to play for everything. Han Seok left his car for valet servicing and held your hands.

“What do you want to do?” He asked. You bit your lips together and you thought maybe you can give it a try to convince him to sit for the rides. The smug look must have appeared in your face without you knowing that he narrowed his eyes at you, “You’re not thinking about it.”

You grabbed his hands, “Come on! Please!!!”

He shook his head, and you pout your lips. That was every guy’s weaknesses that Han Seok let out a heavy sigh. “No 360 degrees ride.”

“VIKING!!! Let’s go!!” You pulled him along in excitement. The rides were relatively fun and scary, that for the first time, Han Seok actually screamed in the ghost train ride made you laugh like crazy, his reaction was beyond control that your cheeks started to ache. He got out of the ride tickling the death out of you that you ran away from him and you laughed harder, ‘’We have to sit on it AGAIN!” He widened his eyes and rejected in fear. It’s already 6 o’clock from all the rides, that you were dead tired back there.

“We only left one attraction site, I thought we said no 360 ones! You tricked me.” Han Seok’s eyes widened at the map as you sneakily smirked at him, “Hey you had a part in wanting to sit for many rides too.” You formed a victory sign with a smug look that made him narrow his eyes on you, you win.

Han Seok grinned, “It was too fun. What do you want to play now?” He asked. You looked around and saw this dart board game where the soft toys caught your attention.

‘’How about that dart board game?” You pointed to the darting booth corner. Han Seok shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he was cool with it. Both of you walked to the booth, the toys looked fluffy and adorable that you wanted to just hug them in your arms already.

“Which one do you want? I’ll get it for you.” Han Seok said to you as you looked around. You saw this rounded-shape huge Winnie the Pooh pillow and pointed to him the one that was hanging on the ceiling in clear plastic bag.  

The worker cut in and smiled at us, “You have to score five bullseyes in a row without failure to get that toy. Are you ready for the challenge?“

Han Seok took the darts and aimed, and the first one he aimed.

The second time, he hit it again! 🎯🎯 Everything tenses up when he is finally aiming for the last bullseye. "Please please please please.” You chanted as he licked his lips and threw it at the dartboard.

“YES!” You screamed excitedly at the top of your lungs as you jumped and hug him.

The girl working at the booth giggled at us, and she told us that she will get us the toy. Until another worker walked past her sulkily, “Damn it. The guy there needs to chill. He is wiping out all the toys already.”

The girl glared at him, “But they have won the toy already! Give that pillow to them” She hissed. Han Seok and you exchanged glances at each other, wondering what was going on until you heard a girl squealing and cheering.

You turned to see Moon Bin hugging Seung Min from the back, and grabbing her hand and aimed for the dart board. They hit the bullseye that he demanded the toy that you wanted to bring home. Jealousy starts to form around you again.

“Sorry? I believe that toy belongs to me. We clearly won it first.” You demanded strictly from the workers. The girl hesitated, as she tried to handle the situation.

“Let me talk to the gentleman there, please give me a minute.”

Han Seok held your hands and turned you around to face him, “How about this? Let them have it. I will buy one for you.” He offered but you shook your head reluctantly.

“No! You won that for me, and I must have it.” You argued as you turned back to see Moon Bin creating a commotion with the workers.

Walking forward to the scene you interfered into their conversation, “Sorry sir, May I help you?” You smiled arrogantly at Moon Bin.

Moon Bin looked at you as he hung his arms around Seung Min’s shoulders, “Clearly, I won this toy and it should belong to my girlfriend. Is there anything wrong here?” He was clearly trying to make you pissed off and pick a fight. He isn’t pleased with Han Seok as Han Seok wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Look, since you have won so many toys, does it kill you to give us a toy?” Han Seok spoke up.

“Yes, it’s for my girlfriend anyways.” The more he emphasized on the word girlfriend, the more you felt like your emotions were about to erupt.

The worker lifted the table and stood in between of us to handle the situation. “Okay, how about this? We will play a different game.”

She pushed out two nerf guys on the table to Han Seok and Moon Bin. “Here’s the rules, if you are able to target the clown’s red nose on all three of them. You win and will get the toy. Is that fair enough?”

Moon Bin and Han Seok bored into each other’s souls as you shook your head in embarrassment. “Why are we settling this like kids again?” You thought to yourself, but you didn’t mean to voice it out.

Together they replied you, “You wanted the toy first!” They shouted in unison that you were absolutely speechless. They are not fighting for the toy. They were fighting for you.

Moon Bin and Han Seok took turns to shoot. To aim the lowest and the second clown’s nose was easy. But the highest was a little hard to aim that they made sure they had to adjust. They shoot together at the same time.

They scored. It’s a tie… until Han Seok’s one slipped off its nose and fell on the ground. Seung Min ran up to Moon Bin and hugged him, jumping with joy while you stood there sulkily watching them. “Ugh forget it,” You told Han Seok as you turned to face another way. He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling apologetic towards you as he truly wanted to win. But you knew he tried.

“Thanks, for trying.” You took his hand and gave him a peck on his cheeks purposely for Moon Bin to catch. You looked back to see Moon Bin’s nose flaring and you smirked at the sight. You thought he deserved it to see it.

Han Seok asked you to wait for you at the bench as he headed for the toilet. You patiently waited as you scrolled through Twitter until someone in pink took a seat beside you. You almost jumped off your seat when you saw Seung Min sitting beside you. “Oh, hi Seung Min.” You waved.

“Unnie,” She called you as you switched off your phone and placed your attention on her, “You like Moon Bin? Don’t you?” She looked at me, with her eyes turning a shade darker as you took in a big gulp. That was really scary for her to look at you that way.

“No. I’m dating Han Seok. We talked about this at the lab before, remember?” You mentioned softly, trying to reassure her that nothing was going on between you and Moon Bin. She looked at you closely again, and suddenly she smiled widely all of a sudden at you. “Of course, you wouldn’t like Moon Bin! Right?” She let out a weird laughter. You watched her warily as you nodded your head slowly, “Yea… of course.” Was she possessed?

“How is your hand? It didn’t hurt much. Right?” You gave her the are-you-serious-look. Really? The first thing people normally do was to apologize but instead, she looked like she is mocking your injury. She was the one who caused you to have a bandaged hand in the first place. You stood up hastily and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

She stood up slowly, “You know what I mean. Good dogs don’t stand in the way.” She said it in a very manipulative way, that she contradicts her sentence with her looks and cute voice. You scoffed as you were amazed at the two-faced girl you were dealing with. Taking a step closer, you wanted to reply something ruthless back until Moon Bin and Han Seok came back together.

“What’s going on?” Moon Bin asked.

Taking My Life Away Part 15

Summary: Reader gets a job in another city, leaving her best friend behind. How will they do without each other? Will their long distance friendship last? Will it become something more?

Reader X Bucky

Word Count: 1552

A/N: This Is a repost, because apparently Parts 8, 15, and 20 were eaten…

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No. 4 please, "over a cup of tea" :) I'm a tea lover too, and I love your writing, so I couldn't resist.

4. Over a cup of tea

It’s too early.  Who decided a six-in-the-morning flight was ever an appropriate or acceptable idea, when it means waking up at three?  Yuuri should have just stayed up, regardless of what Viktor said about wanting to cuddle.  They can cuddle on the plane.  This?  This is terrible.

He stumbles blearily into the kitchen, squinting and blinking because his eyes still feel entirely too dry behind his glasses, and very seriously considers lying down on the countertop and going back to sleep.  The only reason he discards this idea is that the countertop has things on it, and moving them would be too much of a hassle.

“Good morning, dear heart,” Viktor says cheerfully, sweeping in from the living room.  Yuuri glares balefully at him.  It is too early for this kind of chipper attitude.  “Did you sleep well?”

“Not enough,” Yuuri mutters.  The kitchen floor is cold.  Even with his socks, the chill seeps through into his feet, reminding him that it’s winter and everything is terrible, even the fact that they’re going to Hasetsu for New Year’s.  It involves the accursed flight, so it’s terrible too.  Everything is. 

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Loose lips sink Maryse Lightwood Pt 2

Mature themes and language in this half but worth a giggle hopefully

Later that evening, Maryse helped them get dinner ready. Alec was still in shock about his mother’s new attitude. He couldn’t help smile at her and Magnus in the kitchen together sharing cooking tips. Will wonders ever cease.

Magnus had made them all special cocktails in honour of the incredible day they had had so far. While he still whinced at the sharp taste, his mother seemed to be enjoying hers immensely. They laid the table and ate together, talking about what had been happening in Idris and the Institute. By the time they had moved into the living room, Maryse was on her third cocktail and looked extremely relaxed as she sat down in a chair slipping off her power high heels and tucking her feet up under her. Magnus and Alec sat together on the sofa, Magnus leaning into Alec’ chest, his hand resting on his thigh. Maryse looked over to them, smiling.

“You two look very sweet together” she said, her voice wavering a little. Alec wasn’t sure if it was from emotion or the cocktails.

“Thank you Maryse. It’s been learning curve but we are getting there.” Magnus said, patting Alec’ leg.

“new relationships always are. I remember when Robert and I first got together. It took a while before we worked out what worked and what went where.” Alec stared at his mother. Did she just say what he thought she did? No, couldn’t have. He took a sip of his drink.

“things were different then. It wasn’t encouraged to be with a man before you got married” she gave a giggle. ”but that didn’t stop us, we went at it like rabbits” Alec nearly choked on his drink and Magnus, gave surprised snort, covering it up with a cough.

“I know I know. You thought I was born with  a stick up my butt but I wasn’t, believe me. I had quite a good time before my parents put a stop to it by making me and your father get married” Alec stilled.

“Hang on, Mother. Are you saying you had to get married?” magnus was worried that if his eyes got any larger, they were going to pop right out of his head.

“What? No, no, no. Not like that. They just thought we were having too good a time and wanted to see me settle down. I sort of had a little bit of a reputation before then. They wanted to put an end to all the gossip I think. Ha, worked too. No more raves, no more boys. I think that’s when I acquired that stick after that” she said, sipping her drink.

Alec was shaking his head. Did he even know this woman who called herself his mother? He was beginning to have his doubts. He looked at Magnus and was annoyed to see he was finding Maryse’s loose tongue very amusing.

“I imagine you’ve had quite a good time yourself over the years, Mangus, being 400 hundred years old. Seen a few sights, tasted some very exotic pleasures. If you know what I mean?” she gave him a sly grin and an exaggerated wink.

Alec couldn’t help take in a deep breath and felt Magnus tense beside him.

“It is true I have lived a long and eventful life but that’s all in the past. I prefer to look to the future with Alexander. It’s all I care about now” He told her.

“Maybe you should go to bed Mum, you look tired” Alec said, hopefully.

“Nah, I’m fine. I haven’t been this relaxed in a long time. I’m really enjoying this drink. Thanks Maxis” she lifted the glass up in a toast towards them before taking another sip.

“what did you put in that thing?” Alec whispered to him.

“nothing that I don’t normally put in them” Magnus replied.

“You two go ahead if you want to though. You must want some time to yourselves being so in love and everything. Sorry about the cockblock earlier, had no idea you’d be in here together or I would of called first. Nice ass by the way, magus, you must work out. Hey, do you two take it in turns?”  Maryse was looking over at them, with a questioning look on her face. She obviously failed to see both their absolutely stunned expressions.

“sorry?” Magnus croaked out.

“You know, do you take turns being on top or do you change it up every now and then?” Both of them went bright red and Magnus clamped a hand over his mouth to muffle an embarrassed giggle. Alec, who wanted to gag his mother with one of the pillows from the sofa stood up abruptly and went over to her, taking the glass from her hand.

“That’s it Mother. I think you’ve drank and said enough for one night. Time for bed” He pulled her to her unsteady feet and started leading her to the spare room.

“Oh dear, I said too much didn’t I? I didn’t mean to offend you both, you know. I meant it when I said I just wanted to understand it more. You know, I was gay once too.” Alec stopped dead at that statement and just stared at her in horror. He couldn’t believe what was coming out of his mother’s mouth.

“Yeah, when we were at the Shadowhunter’s academy. There was a girl there, now what was her name? ah, Penelope I think it was. She kissed me in the girl’s changing rooms. It only lastest for a couple of minutes though, so maybe it doesn’t count. She did have really good tasting lip gloss though, I remember that much” Alec turned back to where Magnus was still sitting on the sofa. He had a throw cushion jammed to his face and Alec could see his shoulders shaking with laughter.

“Not funny Maxis” he said to him, which only made him laugh harder. With a sigh he lead his mother to the guest room and guided her to the bed, helping her lay down. She seemed to pass out the second her head hit the pillow and he took her shoes off before covering her with the quilt.

When he returned to the living room, Magnus was wiping tears of laughter from his face. He flopped down next to him and he laid his head in his lap small chuckles still bubbling from him.

“You ever make my mother drinks again and I’ll run you through with a seraph blade” Alec said. “I didn’t even know she knew words like that. At least we know now where Izzy gets her rebel side from.”

“Who would of thought that the mighty Maryse Lightwood could be that entertaining? But there’s one thing I’d love to know” Magnus said looking up at him.


“who Penelope was” Magnus broke out in fresh laughter and in spite of been thoroughly mortified, Alec laughed along with him.