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Powefrul SNS

I just want to remind people how strong is really our ship.You should be proud because you’re the one of SNS fans,because Naruto and Sasuke are the only real couple who have development in manga.

We have a whole manga!15 years of Naruto, 698 chapters, across 400 episodes in “Naruto Shippuden” are about : how Naruto thinks about Sasuke, fight for Sasuke,cry because of Sasuke ,gets beaten for Sasuke,all for Sasuke! And, of course, how Sasuke thinks about Naruto,wanna fight with Naruto…

We have such a strong ship, a lot of moments in manga, almost all openings/endings, two kiss and much more. It can’t ruin just two canon ships which are meaningless compared to ours.

The point is: Don’t let any anti-sn or other people to change your attitude and love for SNS! We are the best and there’s no person who can convince me otherwise.

SNS fandom - always stay strong and active as before!



The goal of #SmallPetRespect is to encourage current and potential owners of small pets to become more educated on the animals they care for.

By tweeting facts and advice, we’ll destroy some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the smallest of our companions.  

When it comes to animals like birds (particularly budgies and cockatiels), small mammals, rodents, reptiles, fish (bettas need special mention), amphibians, arachnids, etc, many are picked up on a whim without proper prior research. Many of these animals are cheaply obtained at chain pet stores.

To make matters worse, many enclosures, tanks, cages, and habitats sold in pet stores are not suitable for the animals they are marketed for.

Many animals wind up mistreated due to ignorance and a prevailing attitude that such pets are disposable. It’s time to change that.

Do you share your home with a small pet? What would you say to someone looking into owning one? You can join the conversation on Twitter and Tumblr by tagging #SmallPetRespect.

Share stories, wisdom learned, facts, resources, advice and more. Please signal boost! Help us show that though they are small, all pets deserve respect.

I see a lot of anger around tumblr right now because of the ending, and I’m honestly a little sad to see so many people disappointed.

It’s like ‘oh the surfers didn’t deserve it’ or ‘more guy winners’

It’s just… Why? They didn’t deserve it? These guys went from boarding the last plane in episode 1 to winning the million, and how? By being nice to everyone? By being supportive of not only each other, but any friends they made along the way? It’s just… how is that not deserving of the million?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d have been okay with the Cadets winning, too, but at the same time they got the Ice Dancers kicked, which I figure would be enough of a win considering.

In any case, what does gender have to do with it? I’ve watched the previous seasons of Total Drama and I get it- girls don’t win as often as guys. But that’s not to say that a girl has NEVER won (Ex. Heather TDWT), and I just can’t justify that this season be seen in such light.

Hey, an opinion is an opinion, I understand Cadets fans are upset. Honestly though, I’m satisfied. Despite being sabotaged or messed with by the Ice Dancers, Geoff and Brody merely continued to play the game. The Cadets even tried messing with the two of them in the boat challenge and it just didn’t happen to work.

These two stuck with each other the whole way. No matter how they disappointed each other, they pulled through. And any mistreatment towards them didn’t change who they were in the slightest and that’s what is great about them. They held their carefree attitude and their good nature the whole competition and didn’t need to do anything 'bellow the belt’ to win. They said they’d win the game fair and square, and they did. All in all, I just think this was a season that showed nice guys CAN win, and that win was a glorious one.

Agree or Disagree? Let’s chat it up! anything you’d like to add? Lemme know! In any case guys the season is over, but the fandom lives on! I will post more requests and such soon, and maybe even start working on some ideas of my own!

A note about projecting:

It’s no secret that, with fictional characters, writers and readers alike project themselves onto their problems. Whether this is the “sensible” thing to do is up for debate, but it is a fact of society right now. Especially for those who feel down about IRL situations and use fiction as an escape.

Both the writer and the consumer, under this scenario, hand each other a piece of themselves. The writer trusts the reader not to mock their work, the reader trusts the writer not to mess up their character.

The question is, should they be trusted?
Can we rely on writers to handle the viewer’s emotions with care? Or will they take advantage of the connection to actively wound the viewer?
Or will they just… not notice?

Edit: To clarify, I do not think that authors will always be able to predict the negative reactions people have to their work or the ways they connect to it, and consideration should be taken for this when criticising their stories. However this is about the core emotion of these connections rather than the responsibility. 

Perhaps I’ll talk more about author projection some day soon, maybe when I have more experience of my own. For now, let’s focus on viewer projection.

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I'm confused: don't you want Harry and Louis back together? I find it rather odd they are that long separated tbh he normally would have taken the first flight back home (aka Harry)! I just try to understand this change idk

Okay, I actually started writing you a whole different answer and changed my mind. The short answer, that I’m sure you can find all over your dash: they’re in a secure, long-term relationship and I think this whole fandom, larries including, can get pulled into the unhealthy thinking pattern from the years of fuckery of this being a ‘game’ and not their lives. As much as you love someone, there’s going to be more things going on in your life than them. It especially doesn’t seem at all unusual that he’d go spend time with his family at home who he’s seen much, much less this year than his partner (actually that’s true of the past six years). 

But what you got me thinking about was the potential change in larries’ attitudes about it and I think that’s because this year, Louis has been erased further than ever before from having a sense of individual identity? Before, I have the impression it was more about misdirecting people from thinking he was with Harry than the three different layers of stunts he constantly has to perform today. So little that we ever see of Louis is about Louis. BG, D, the stalkers, AGT, the no name girl band… we see him all the time but it’s never about him. So, when he takes a trip for a friend’s birthday without his beard needing to be inserted, with a real bodyguard and a lack of fan pics, I like that this trip seems more about him (even though I still think it’s a work trip too due to Mike Navarra and the clubbing image they portray via the lad crew and that Sun article and maybe on the plus side, all this stuff with Steve Aoki). When he’s at home, without any of his stunts following him… gah, that’s just the life because it’s 100% about him

So, maybe that’s the change you feel? That now people also can feel a deep sense of relief about that, beyond just whether he’s in the same place as Harry? In the past it might have been more, “he’s with Harry, whew, the narrative is off the table” but now it can also be “he’s not stunting, whew, the narrative is off the table”.

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit (which is, like, the last hour, since I was scrolling through my dash) and I went back and forth about five times about whether to say my piece or just let the whole thing go with some minor grumbling.  I mean, it’s my shark week, there’s got to be at least some minor grumbling.

But I actually do want to say a bit about the whole crankiness surrounding Sailor Moon Crystal, those who like it and those who don’t, etc.  Sailor Moon has always been a wanky as hell fandom–ALWAYS.  If we’re not fighting about Mamoru vs Seiya, then we’re fighting about Mamoru’s character in general, if not that, then we’re fighting about whether we like the sub or the dub, if not that, we’re fighting about Sailor Cosmos, if not that, then we’re fighting about anime vs manga, if not that, we’ll fight about Sailor Moon Crystal and basically make that anime vs manga, round two.  It’s always something!

I’m frustrated with all sides of this “Sailor Moon Crystal is TERRIBLE, this isn’t Sailor Moon AT ALL!!!!” vs “It’s the manga, jfc, read a book!!!” wank, because there are valid points on both sides.  This is an anime adaptation that’s meant to follow the manga, which means that it’s not going to be just like the first anime.  And people who like the manga (this is generally where I fall, but I try to be as objective and good-spirited about it as I can, which is definitely not perfect, I’ve had my snotty moments, too!) are frustrated because there's so much of the attitude that following the manga is soooooo much a more terrible decision, that this isn’t the true Sailor Moon, that this isn’t what Sailor Moon is supposed to be!!!!  That attitude exists and they’re/we’re reacting to it.

(I am especially not looking forward to Rei’s episode, because manga!Rei and anime!Rei are significantly different and they’re both valuable characters, so to say THIS IS NOT REI!!!! will be like saying, THIS VERSION IS WORTHLESS!!!! when manga!Rei means so much to me.  This is also how I feel every time someone says that manga!Usagi isn’t the real Usagi, like, ugh, she’s not nearly as good as the anime!Usagi, when… manga!Usagi touches me on some really personal levels and so saying she's not good enough, rather than just simply preferring the other version, is really frustrating/hurtful, despite that she’s a fictional character and I try to know better.)

Making it as if they’re/we’re reacting to people who are saying, “I’m just not as fond of this version.” adds fuel to the fire because, no, that frustration isn’t aimed at those people.  It’s aimed at the “This is totally OOC for Usagi and this isn't real Sailor Moon at all!” people, especially when, yeah, it’s based on the manga, which is what came first.  If you dislike Crystal because it’s not your cup of tea, because you far and away prefer the original anime, that it’s a personal preference, rather than because UGH THIS ISN’T WHAT SAILOR MOON IS, then I’m pretty sure you’re not what the pro-SMC side is reacting to, the majority of the time.  (There are always exceptions, of course.)

On the other side of this, when people talk about how Sailor Moon Crystal is following the manga, that comes across–and probably often is actually meant–as “You can’t criticize it because it’s Naoko’s vision!!!  It follows the manga and therefore is perfect and you shouldn’t say a bad word ever!!!!” and that they’re trying to force everyone to only say nice things about it, that they’re not allowing people to just simply dislike it, no matter their reasons.

The pro-SMC side seems (to me, at least) to be forgetting that being supportive and cheerful about the things they like is a much better way to behave in fandom if you want to lure people over to your side. There are always going to be new fans who only ever saw the anime and felt like that was the original, that that’s the true Sailor Moon and screaming at them isn’t going to make them suddenly see the light.

So, here’s my general feelings on this:  Wank will always happen, it’s the Sailor Moon fandom, that’s what we’ve always done.  I love the original anime, but the manga is where my heart is at.  I hope that people remember that Sailor Moon Crystal is meant to follow the manga, that whatever Sailor Moon is to you is perfectly and totally okay, but stating-as-a-fact that Crystal Is Not What Sailor Moon Is About is really kind of missing some key points and that it’s really pretty frustrating/dismissive to those who are fans of the manga.  That’s not at all the same thing as saying that you’re not allowed to dislike it or that you cannot prefer another version, especially since those versions are coming out at the same time as well–Hulu is adding more and more of the first Sailor Moon anime all the time!  And we’re getting a new dub, which means loads more attention coming to it!

I totally get if you prefer that version (the original anime), it did some cool things and it was the first version for a lot of people, it’s what a lot of people imprinted on.  It’s totally okay if you’re just always going to prefer that version, no matter how much people try to sell you on the manga! If you do someday read the manga–and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THIS–just remember that it’s not meant to be the same thing, they’re separate stories with separate goals and separate motivations.

I would love to have you join me over here in fanning over the manga, I love it SO VERY MUCH, there’s so much intensity in it, there’s so much that I love about those characters, there’s so many things that touch my heart in a way that not many series, ever, can do.  But if you’re not a fan, then you’re not a fan, and that’s okay.  But I would ask that, before you talk about it in public, think about how you would feel if your words were said to you about the version you love, if you would be okay with the tone and attitude being displayed, and act according to that.

Not that anyone’s going to stop you, this is fandom.  Fandom does what fandom wants, whether that’s criticizing one version or making posts about being upset by the attitudes in fandom or whether it’s being happy and loving all things, no matter what version they are.  I’m not trying to change anyone, aside from just that I do want people to understand where I’m coming from (if you’re interested in hearing it, that is) and this is my attempt to get myself back to center on the whole thing, so that I can go back to enjoying everything happily.  :)

The Swan Queen Movement: A Fandom’s Fight for Change

What it IS NOT:

I. It is NOT a campaign to change anything on Once Upon A Time.

What the creators/writers do on the show is their prerogative. Swan Queen is only the CATALYST for what we are trying to do. We aren’t trying to force them to make Swan Queen canon. We aren’t trying to make anyone else ship it either. We firmly believe in SHIP AND LET SHIP.

II. It is NOT some kind of “Woe is us. Waaa! Everyone hates us”

This project is NOT a pity party in the name of Swan Queen. It’s the exact opposite; we are proud of who we are and the fandom we love and represent.

III. It is NOT a project out to take money from other causes/projects

Yes, there are other pressing issues in the world. Hungry, domestic violence, child abuse, drugs. We know this and we support other programs (through donations and volunteer work). The Swan Queen Movement is very much involved in combating these issues as well. However, we can also work on the issues right here in front of us; issues that affects many of us personally.

IV. It is NOT any kind of agenda to “ram differing sexualities down anyone’s throat”

We don’t have any agenda beyond exploring life through the eyes of a group of fans. Those fans, whom I see as my online family, come in all shapes, sizes, sexualities, creeds, religious backgrounds, nationalities and races. We only want to explore how to get people to better understand life in our worlds and possible ways to change attitudes in a positive way.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

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Honestly I love bangtan but the fandom annoys the hell out of me lately. So many of us show no respect for other groups (and senior groups at that!), are rude to other fans and extremely oversensitive when it comes to their fave. It needs to stop.

there’s no perfect fandom in general but i do notice these things too. so in turn, other than asking fans to stop acting like this, I hope we all work together to also inform other fans about attitudes that they shouldn’t manifest. not to argue with them or anything, but to tell them how the way they act towards others is really not a representation of bangtan. 

let’s just all work together to put a stop to this. we can all contribute into changing the fandom image as a whole. I believe that fans aren’t necessarily doing this on purpose, it just really happens sometimes especially those who are really young and new to the whole fandom/kpop universe. the more we work together the more we can avoid this and completely prevent it. we can’t keep saying that the fandom is annoying (IM SO GUILTY OF THIS TOO LIKE HONESTLY ;_;) and not do anything about it.

this is something that isn’t just for the fandom but largely for Bangtan’s sake too. let’s be the type of fandom that best represents Bangtan. WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO, but I think there’s huge room for improvement we can achieve and we can all grow together if we work together.

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Forbes pulled this shit last year too and it pissed me off. cheap tix /=/ poor ticket sales!!! and fun fact the entire tour, now including the european leg has sold out and the past 4 na shows have done really well and as long as the venues are mostly packed they will have a 2nd stadium tour in as many years BAM also the tiqiq twitter posted that there were plenty of tix left for the first show and that show was super packed. honestly people just want them to fail so bad, sometimes even fans :/

I mean, whatever, I expect outside media to focus on THE INEVITABLE DECLINE, and obviously they’re not actually going to know what they’re talking about. Because of that, all the likely bumps in the road they focus on are going to be more “this is a thing that happened before so let’s just assume it’ll happen again” and less “given One Direction’s specific situation, this is something that will probably be an issue.”

It’s like the Guardian interview that ran when Four came out - that guy was OUT TO FIND THE TRUTH, and to hear him tell it, he spoke to shitloads of people trying to get the INSIDE SCOOP on what kind of trouble lay ahead for 1D. Like, I honestly think he felt he had a genuine interest in figuring out which actual issues existed and were most likely to trip them up. And he still ended up writing an article that was obsessed with Harry going Timberlake as the Number One Specific Threat and didn’t pick up at ALL on the possibility of Zayn wanting out, because in the end, they will always fall back on the story they’ve heard before until it’s time to report on the story they didn’t see coming. It’s absolutely true that One Direction can’t stay on top of the world forever, because no one can. But there’s a tendency to focus heavily on what happened to other bands when the reality is that no other band has ever been in 1D’s position, and what happens from here on out is going to be unique to them.

As for fans wanting them to fail…obviously it’s different all over. There are a lot of people who haven’t been happy with 1D for a long time and are impatient for reality and the rest of the world to pass the band by as well. On some level I’m like YOU’RE NOT WORTHY OF MY SONS AND I WANT TO FIGHT YOU, but also, I get it, because that’s me re: every TV show I’ve ever loved and then stopped watching that SOMEHOW IS STILL NOT CANCELLED LIKE WHO THE FUCK IS STILL WATCHING BONES WHY GOD DOES IT CONTINUE TO EXIST IN THIS FORM THAT IS A HORRIFIC INSULTING SHADOW OF WHAT IT ONCE WAS. So I hate people who are like that about 1D, but there is some deeply buried part of me that recognizes the basic pattern.

What I see a lot more often - and it’s an attitude that’s been floating around for as long as I’ve been in this fandom and probably longer, but has exploded all over the place in the last four months - is what I assume is a sort of defensive fatalism. We all know it can’t be All Rise Forever, we all know it has to change or end, and it makes sense that maybe if you identify the problem early, it won’t be as upsetting when it hits. You can wish they’d keep on doing this (and unquestionably succeeding at it) forever and still feel like that wish is naive, like maybe if you can say you saw the end coming, it’ll give you a protective buffer from the vulnerability of your own earnestness.

And honestly, it’s a really tricky balance! It is HARD to just throw yourself into loving what’s happening without leaving yourself open to getting your ass kicked by change. It is HARD not to think back to what went wrong for other bands and worry that the same thing is going to happen to 1D. And all that has been building for a while, because 1D is pushing the limits of what people think the expected life of these things should be - people have been convinced for a long time now that the end should be just around the corner, and then they’ve kept on going. That can be reassuring, but it also has kind of a rubber band effect - the longer this stretches out, the more certain we become that it’s going to snap at any moment, purely because we think it HAS to.

Then Zayn left, and a lot of people felt completely blindsided. (It’s worth noting that spending most of 2014 being ceaselessly negative DID NOT SEEM TO DO SHIT to soften the blow for a lot of people, because there is a difference between being pessimistic and being realistic.) So now, on top of the usual “there has to be an expiration date and I’m going to assume it’s soon” pessimism, there’s also the “that caught me by surprise and I didn’t like it so now I’m hypervigilant about EVERY POSSIBLE SIGN THAT ANYTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG EVER,” which has led to the utter chaos of the last four months. Everyone’s determined to see it coming next time. I really doubt there’s any situation where LOUIS IS HAVING A BABY wouldn’t have led to a complete fandom shitshow, but it definitely did come along at a specific moment in time where everyone was primed for something to panic about. A better illustration, IMO, is the “WHY ISN’T HARRY INTERACTING MORE WITH THE OTHERS” panic over break, in which Harry’s behavior, which has remained COMPLETELY UNCHANGED FOR AT LEAST A YEAR AND A HALF, was suddenly being viewed in a completely different light and having a completely different set of standards and expectations applied to it.

IDK. It’s exhausting. I get where a lot of people are coming from, but it’s fucking exhausting, and it’s sad, because ultimately the truth of the matter is that if they want to, 1D can keep doing this in some form or another for as long as we keep showing up, and a lot of people are talking themselves out of wanting to show up. THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF GOING ON WITH THIS BAND ALL THE TIME IF YOU CAN JUST LET YOURSELF ENJOY IT! Yeah, it’s not going to be like this forever, but that’s all the more reason to CHILL THE FUCK OUT AND ENJOY THE RIDE?