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My Hero

Summary: The reader gets kidnapped and Dean has to babysit her until the ransom is paid.

Pairing: Dean x Reader  

Word Count: 1,768

A/N:  This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn’s We’ve Got A Fic For That Challenge. “I’m no hero. I’m just a bad guy who gets paid to fuck up worse guys.” - Deadpool

Well, today definitely didn’t go as planned. You were going to rise and shine, tackle a bunch of boring errands and then grade a shit ton of English papers. Yet here you are being held fucking hostage, you’re clueless as to who these bottom feeders are and what they expect from you. All you know is that one minute you’re piling groceries into your black Honda Civic and the next someone is yanking a bag down over your head.

You have no concept of time but you’ve been tied up in this dingy, windowless room for hours on end. Or at least it feels that way. Your throat is beyond dry, your stomach keeps grumbling and your hands are numb from the tight handcuffs cutting into your wrists.

An overly sweaty man with greasy slicked back hair keeps gracing you with his presence, the vile smell of his breath makes you instantly nauseous with each visit. Instead of the usual quick in and out appearance, the loser nibbles his bottom lip while his eyes scan over your body.

greasy looking guy who smells like pure shit keeps

 eyeing you from across . It’s grossing you out and makes you wanna shower for five fucking hours straight.

The greasy guy makes a phone call then g you by the arms and drags you down the hall.

He barges into a room that looks like a studio apartment. It has a queen sized bed, two leather couches, a refrigerator and a hot, scruffy looking dude that looks like a model.

“The boss needs me to take care of something. Watch her until I get back. You can hurt her if she gets out of line. Not the face though.” He says looking at the model.


“What the hell do you want me for? I’m a nobody.” You spit out.

“Shut up, bitch.” The greasy one growls. “Or I’ll do it for you.”

“How about you both shut the fuck up? You’re giving me a headache.” The model barks loudly.

He sighs then goes back to cleaning his gun.

The greasy one scoffs and mutters as he walks out of the door.

This is just great.

“Can I get a drink of water?” You ask trying to sound pathetic.

He looks up at you and then back down at his gun.


You’re about to say something else when you hear a knock on the door.

It opens and you see a tall guy with brown shaggy hair come in.

“Babysitting?” He chuckles.

The model mumbles something and then takes a drink of his beer.

“Can I have a drink? I’m really thirsty.” You say sadly.

The tall one looks ready to answer but he gets cut off.

“No! You’re not getting anything.”

“Dean, come on…”

“What the fuck, man?!” He yells jumping up.

“Don’t use my fucking name in front of her!”

“Oh, relax. She knows nothing else about you. You’re fine.” The tall one assures him.

“Dumb ass.” Dean grumbles under his breath.

“How much longer do I have to sit here? I’m hungry.” He mumbles.

“Nothing happened yet. Order take out.” The tall one suggests before leaving.

“What’s happening?” You ask Dean.

“I’m ordering a pizza. You eat pizza?” He answers in response.

“It’s kind of hard to eat handcuffed.” You snap.

“You’ll figure it out.” He says making the call.

You sigh loudly and stare at the wall.

“Can I at least get these off? They hurt.” You pout holding out your cuffed hands.

“Sure. Want a fucking slice of pie too?” Dean deadpans.

“Well, you’re just a fucking joy aren’t you.” You huff out.

“Do you think it’s smart to piss off the guy with the gun?” He says staring you down.

“Oh, please. It’s takes a lot more than a pretty boy with a gun to scare me.” You say with an attitude.

“Wow. For a chick that teaches at Harvard, you’re not that bright.”

Your eyes widen in surprise.

“How do you know I’m a professor?” You ask wearily.

“I’m the lucky one who had to tail you for the last couple of weeks.” Dean says in a bored tone.

“Wait…you followed me around for two weeks?” You say feeling creeped out.

“Yup. It was really thrilling too.” He laughs at you.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was someone’s fucking entertainment.” You say annoyed.

Dean rolls his eyes and mutters something about you being dramatic. 

“Are you from around here?” You ask quietly.

“Don’t worry about it.” He replies looking at his phone.

“You’ve been stalking me for two weeks. I thought we were closer than that.” You sigh pretending to have hurt feelings.

The model picks up his gun and points it at you.

“If you keep asking me things, I’ll shoot you in the god damn knee.” He growls.

“Do it.” You challenge him.

“What?” Dean says clearly caught off guard.

“I’m not gonna shut up. I ramble when I’m nervous. So either deal with it or shoot me. It’s up to you.”

“Fine.” He cocks the gun then points it at your knee and it makes your stomach drop.

“You psychopath! You’re really gonna shoot me?!” You gasp.

“Oh, sweetheart. I may be a lot of things but I’m no psychopath.”  He says with a smug grin.

“Oh, my mistake. You think you’re a hero when in reality you’re a fucking villain.”

“I’m no hero. I’m just a bad guy who gets paid to fuck up worse guys.”

“Yeah…that’s called a criminal.”

“You know nothing about me so shut it.” He growls.

“You realize people are looking for me. My boyfriend’s a cop.” You say with a bitch face.

“Do you forget who you’re talking to? I know you don’t have a boyfriend. It’s my job to know that crap before we kidnap someone. Especially if there’s a cop in your life…which there isn’t. But nice try.”

You roll your eyes and get aggravated that he knows all this about you.

“Fine. I may not have a cop boyfriend but I am dating someone so shut up.”

“Oh…you mean that dork who rides his cute little bicycle to work?” Dean snickers.

“Yeah he’s not your type, princess.”

“Excuse me? You’re wrong about that, princess.”

Dean shakes his head and gives you an arrogant smile.

“Then what’s my type? If you’re such a fucking expert.” You growl.

“I’m more your type.” He says nonchalantly.

“Oh, that’s funny. Yeah…totally love dating criminals.” You reply sarcastically.

“If we met at a bar and you had no clue what I do for a living…you’d be all fucking over me. And you know it.”

Your mouth drops open and you instantly get pissed off.

Party because of his arrogance and partly because he’s right.

“I guess we’ll never know.”

“We’ve got nothing put time.” Dean says looking at the clock and then at you.

“You wish.” You scoff.

“I guess we’ll never know.” Dean mocks you.

You roll your eyes and sigh dramatically.

“Can’t you take my handcuffs off? You have a gun. It’s not like I can do anything.” You say sounding tired.

Dean rubs the back of his neck and he looks ready to give in when his phone buzzes.

He looks at it then groans and throws it on to the couch next to him.


“Your ransom is taking longer than expected. It was supposed to be a quick in and out situation.” He says crossing his arms.

“Who’s paying it? I don’t know anyone with a lot of money.”

“Your father.”

“My…what?” You say shocked.

You haven’t seen your father since you were three years old. This doesn’t make any sense.

“I don’t even know him! I was little when he left me and my mom.”

“Doesn’t matter. He keeps tabs on you and we keep tabs on him. So here you are.”

“Well, that’s just fucking wonderful!”

“I figured he was just a douche bag who ran off to have another family and a damn dog. Not be involved with all this bullshit.” You seethe.

Dean starts laughing and cocks his head at you.

“He’s one of the biggest drug traffickers in the country, sweetheart.”

This can’t be happening.

You’re starting to feel a little dizzy and almost claustrophobic with these god damn handcuffs on.

“Hey man.” The greasy guy says walking into the room.

“We need proof of life.”

Dean nods then watches as the greasy fuck holds up his phone and films you for twenty five seconds.

“I’ll text you when it’s done. Then I’ll be back to finish her.“

"What?!” You now feeling like you’re gonna throw up.

“Alright.” Dean grumbles looking bored.

“Until we meet again, honey.” The greasy guy says wiggling his eyebrows.

Before he’s even out the door, you burst into tears.

“Omg. Please don’t kill me.” You barely get out.

“Shhh. Sweetheart, no one’s going to hurt you.” Dean whispers walking over to you.

Before you can even comprehend what’s happening, he’s taking off your handcuffs.

“Just hang on a little longer, ok?” He says looking concerned.

“What?” You say still bawling and completely confused.

Dean walks over to the fridge and grabs a bottle of water then hands it to you. He then walks over to the table and takes his gun before walking back in your direction.

“Please don’t.” You beg trying to move away.

“You’re safe, Y/N. I’m gonna get you out of here, alright?”


“Fuck. I really shouldn’t be telling you this yet. Or taken off your damn cuffs.” He says to himself.

“I’m an FBI agent. My name’s Dean Winchester. I’ve been undercover working for a bad guy named Crowley for the last eight months. So please just try and relax, ok?”

"What?!” You say jumping up from the couch.

“You’re serious?”


“Thanks for filling me in, asshole!”

Dean sighs and drags his hand down his face.

“Keep your voice down.” He says dangerously calm.

“Can I leave?”

“Not until my unit comes in and tells me everything went smoothly.”

This is such a fucked up day. You’re never leaving your house ever again.

“Wait…is it true about my dad?”

“Yup. That’s the whole point of me being here. We’ve been trying to arrest your dad for years, he’s a slippery fucker. And while we’re at it, take down Crowley and the scum that work for him. ”

“You could’ve been a little nicer, ya know.” You say with your arms crossed.

“Couldn’t take any chances. I didn’t want my cover blown.” He admits looking a little guilty.

“Sorry. I know I was a dick.”

“I guess I’ll let it slide. Since you’re saving my life and all.” You smirk.

Dean laughs for the first time and it makes you feel a little better.

“Are you really dating that lame guy with the bicycle?” He asks curiously.

“Um, I guess. It’s not serious though.”

“Good. Cause I wanna take you out.” He says with a charming smile.

“Ok…since I owe you and everything.” You giggle.

“Yeah…you definitely owe me.” Dean licks his lips.

CPR | Part 6

Hello! This is part 6 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. We leave off where part 5 ended, so if you haven’t read that yet, you can go read it here.

“Did you just get a puppy and not tell me about it or is there another reason why you’re smiling from ear to ear?” Your best friend Lily asked as she sat across from you on your bed, tilting her head to the side as she waited for an explanation. You’d called her to come over right after Dan had dropped you off at home after your amazing zoo date, and you had yet to tell her that the two of you actually went on your first date today. “I did not just get a puppy, although keep that in mind for future birthday presents.” You grinned as your friend slapped your arm as a way of saying tell me what happened. “So Dan and I went to the zoo today…” You started off your sentence, breaking into laughter midway as you saw your friend’s face. “Like a date? You two went on a date?!” Lily exclaimed, raising her hands in the air. “Hallelujah! What happened? Did you kiss? Tell me everything.” She crossed her legs and leaned forward, eager to hear all about it. “We did kiss. And we just had a really good time, he’s so sweet and funny. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be another date sometime soon.” You chuckled to yourself, feeling yourself start to blush just thinking about it. “Y/N! That’s amazing! You’re dating Dan!” She yelled and she got up from the bed, dancing around in circles yelling ‘You’re dating Dan!’. You laughed at your ridiculous best friend and pulled her back onto the bed by her arm. “We’re not official or anything yet, so don’t tell anyone.” You warned her, and she nodded heavily. “Of course not, my lips are sealed.” She assured you, squeezing your hand in excitement. It was almost as if your friend was more excited about you dating Dan than you were.

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Max towered above the boy, hands on his hips and glaring. "What?" "I, uh." Davey stumbled over his words. He had never told anyone this before. "Max? I think," he paused and took a deep breath. "I think I love you!" His eye's widened. "You what?" "By golly, i just can't help it! Whenever i see you i get all these butterflies and beetles in my tummy." "You have no idea what you're talking about, kid." Max scoffed. "But i do! I love you Max!" (Reverse Au where Davey just wants Max's love) -🐥

‘By golly’ AAWE I love innocent little Davey so much!! And mixed with Max’s cynical attitude?? AMAZING


July 4th, 2004 Reading Eagle

Some highlights:

  • Taylor spent her summer working at the Britney Spears’ Performance camp, and America’s Camp, for children who lost parents on 9/11.
  • She was on a CD called “Chicks With Attitude”, her song was called “Outsider"
  • She wrote 84 songs by 2004.
  • She modeled for A&F
| a.i | - Player. | pt.4 | au.

Requested: Yes.

→ Words: 2130 words

→ Storyline: Everyone that knows Ashton Irwin knows that he is a player, but when he meets a girl who won’t fall for any of his methods, everything changes.

Pairing: Ashton x Reader.

All my work.

Part one. // Part two. // Part three.

YN’s p.o.v

My feet were stick to the ground, i couldn’t move, he was standing there just a couple of feet away from me. I had a whole speech planed to tell him the chance i got to see him, but now, in this moment all the apologies and all the things i wanted to tell him have completely vanished from my mind, and the only thing i could do was stand there looking at him.

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