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So one of the theories that’s been making the rounds is that Attila the Hun’s name wasn’t actually his name, but a title bestowed on him by his Ostrogoth vassals; “Atta” is Gothic for “father,” and the suffix “-la” indicates a familiar or a diminutive, so “Attila” would be a familiar/diminutive form of “Father,” and y'know, this is just great, this means I’m gonna have to kinkshame an entire Germanic supertribalist confederation.

Saber (Attila the Hun/Altera)

Leader of the Nomadic peoples, The Huns after the murder of his brother Bleda. He would lead his followers on a conquest of the known world, establishing the Hunnic Empire. 

A bloodthirsty, ruthless and determined conqueror, Attila would ravage and pillage all across Eastern Europe murdering thousands of peasants and Romans alike. So feared was he, they called him The Scourge of God. 

Twice would he conquer Byzantine and be offered richly before he choked to death on his own blood after consuming too much drink at his wedding reception.


Ahk-ward (Nicky x reader)

First request!  Thank you to the anon for requesting this, I had a really fun time writing it! 

DISCLAIMER: Neither images are mine, and I do not own Night at the Museum.  I apologize if any of the characters are OOC.

F/N: First name

L/N: Last name

G/N: Guardian’s name

R/M: Random movie

R/D: Random drink 


NickNack:  Just left the apartment. Be there in 5.

Y/N: Sounds good!

You put down your phone on top of your dresser and walked over to your mirror.  Adjusting your hair so that it looked how you wanted it to, you brushed down the skirt of your sundress.  You felt butterflies in your stomach as you waited for Nicky to pick you up for a date.  You’d been dating for four months now, and he still managed to make you nervous, though the feeling faded as time went on.  The doorbell rang, and you heard your G/N open the door.  You quickly grabbed your bag and left your room to meet Nicky.

“You two have fun!”  Your G/N called from behind you.  “Don’t get into any trouble!“

“We won’t!”  You shouted back over your shoulder as you and Nicky made your way to his car.  You turned back to Nicky.  “They didn’t give a hard time, did they?”

“In the thirty seconds before you came down?”  Nicky opened the passenger door for you and closed it before walking over to the driver side and getting in.  “No, Y/N, I think it was fine.”  You smacked him lightly at the sarcasm in his voice.  “Hey!  Distracting the driver!”

“We’re not even moving yet.”  You deadpanned, playfully shoving his shoulder again to prove your point.”  He rolled his eyes exaggeratedly and put the keys in the ignition. 

“Well, now we are.”  He said, pulling out of your apartment’s parking lot and driving towards the theater. 

“Whatever you say, NickNack.”

“I thought I told you to change that!”

“You thought I’d listen?”  You snickered.

“I can dream, Y/N,” He retorted.    The entire ride to the theater was filled with your back and forth banter. 

“So, which movie are we seeing tonight?”  You asked him as he parked.

“Is R/M okay?”

“I love that movie!”  You replied as you stepped out of the car.  He crossed over to your side and laced his fingers with yours as you walked into the lobby of the cinema. 

“Two tickets to R/M, one popcorn, and two R/D, please.” Nicky ordered once the two of you made it to the front of the concession line.  He paid for the items, and handed you the tickets and one of the pops he ordered.  You gave the employee your tickets, and walked to into the theater.  You both stood near the door, looking for a spot to sit in the somewhat crowded theater.

“What about over there?”  You pointed to two free seats near the edge of the aisle.

“Sure,” He replied and walked towards them with you following behind.  He let you in first and sat down next to you as the previews began to roll.  You both absentmindedly munched in the popcorn as the movie progressed. Nicky had reach across to get any food because he refused to move his arm from where it lay across your shoulders.  And it’s not like he could move it even if he wanted to.  Your head was resting on his shoulder and his on yours.  He was too content to move, to put it simply.  When the movie was over, he still didn’t move his arm, only letting go once you both made it to his car.  You checked your phone to see what time it was.  5:35pm. Just as Nicky was about to shift the gear into drive, his phone went off.  Smiling apologetically, he put the car back in park and checked his phone.

“Sorry, it’s my dad.  He forgot his flashlight in here from the last time I drove him and the backup flashlight is dead.  Do you mind if we quickly run over there?”

“I’m alright with that,” You said, He smiled gratefully, and drove towards the Museum of Natural History.  When you pulled up to the front, you checked the time again and saw that it was now 5:43pm. 

“The museum closes in two minutes, so we’ll have to be quick.”

“Why, isn’t your dad the night guard?”

“Yeah, but Dr. McPhee doesn’t want anyone who doesn’t work here inside after hours,” He said as you both walked up the stairs.  Something was off about his voice. Nicky wouldn’t lie to you… would he?  “Dad!” He said, his yell echoing in the empty foyer.  You looked at the clock at the front desk. 5:44pm. “Dad?  He tried again, with no answer.  “Wait here, I’m going to go check his office.”  You nodded in reply, and he jogged off.  You walked over to the bench that sat near the edge of the room and sat down.  You looked up at the clock again just as it hit 5:45pm.  What happened next astounded you: The dinosaur skeleton that was on display out front began to move!  At first you thought it was an animatronic, but that assumption was quickly disproved when it stepped off the slab of rock and began to look around the foyer.  Its eyeless gaze landed on you, and it began to approach you with a snarl.  You looked around for somewhere to hide.  The only available hiding spot was the desk, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex was between you and it.  It crouched, ready to spring.

“Rexy!”  Someone on a horse stepped in front of you.  “This is not a snack!  She is a guest,” The skeleton seemed to understand, and stomped off elsewhere.  The stranger turned to you.  “Are you alright, my dear?”

“Y-Yes,” You stuttered, still trying to comprehend what was going on. 

“Wonderful.  I’m Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States of America!”  He extended his hand and you shook it.  “And you are?”

“Oh!”  You realized you hadn’t told him your name.  “I’m—”

“F/N!”  You turned around to see Nicky weaving through all of the mannequins and people (did the ones that looked human even qualify?) towards you and Teddy.  “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.  What is all this?”  Nicky and Teddy exchanged a glance.  Nicky turned to you. 

“Well, you remember in English class we had to write a short story?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, mine wasn’t exactly fictional…”

“But you wrote yours about museum exhibits coming to li…oh.  Seriously?”  You looked at him. 

“Yeah,” He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“That’s… amazing!”  You  exclaimed.  His eyes snapped up to yours.

“You believe me?  Really?”

“Nicky, I watched that dinosaur—”

“Rexy,” Teddy corrected you.

“Right.  I watched Rexy come to life.  That’s pretty hard to explain!”

“Oh.  Right, then.”  He looked around at all the exhibits milling around.  “Well, as long as you’re here, do you want to meet them?”

“Um, yeah!”  You answered. 

“Okay!  So, you’ve already met Teddy, so…”  He thought.  “I see Sacagawea and Attila over there, so let’s start with them.”  He grabbed your hand and began to slowly make his way towards the two exhibits.  “Hey guys!”  He called out, getting their attention.

“Hello, Nicky,” Sacagawea greeted him.  Attila waved at Nicky and said something you couldn’t understand. “Who’s this?”  She motioned to you.

“Guys, this is F/N, my girlfriend.” He introduced you. “F/N, this is Sacagawea and Attila the Hun.”

“It’s wonderful to meet you,” You said politely, amazed that you were speaking to such well-known historical figures.  Sacagawea smiled at you.

“And to you,” She said.  Attila spoke to you in what sounded like gibberish to you.  Just as you were about to speak again, you felt something slam into your ankle.  You looked down to see a remote control car sitting by your foot. Nicky followed your gaze and picked up the car.

“Jed, Octavius, are you okay?”

“We’re fine!”  You heard a voice coming from inside.

“Yep!  Who’s the girl behind ya?”  He opened the door and held his hand near the opening.  Two tiny little people, one dressed as a cowboy and the other a Roman gladiator, stepped out onto his palm.

“Y/N, these are Jedediah and Octavius.”  You waved to the little men.  “This is Y/N, she’s my girlfriend” he said.  Jedediah tipped his hat and Octavius bowed. 

“It’s an honor to meet you, my lady,”   Octavius said.

“Nice ta meet ya!”  You laughed to yourself at the difference in their manner of speaking. 

“We don’t mean to be rude, but…” Octavius started sheepishly

“Can you put us back in the car?  Jedediah finished, sounding impatient. 

“Oh, yeah, sure.”  Nicky held them up to the door and they scrambled inside.  Closing the door behind them, he put the car down and watched the little car speed away.  When the car was out of sight, you both looked up to see Sacagawea smiling apologetically as she climbed up onto the back of Teddy’s horse, and Attila running around with his men.  Nicky shrugged and turned to you.  “I think the only one left for you to meet is Ahk.”

“Who?”  You asked.

“Ahkmenrah.  He owns the tablet that brings everything to life.”  He took your hand and began to lead you towards the Egyptian exhibit.  “He’s gonna love you,” He said.  “Ahk?”  He called into the room.  An Egyptian man came out from behind a pillar.  His face lit up when he saw Nicky.

“Hello, Nicky,” He said walking forward to hug Nicky.  Nicky awkwardly patted his back in return.  When he let go, he noticed you.  His smile faltered a little.  “Who are you?”  He asked.

“I’m F/N,” You answered as politely as you could.  “I’m Nicky’s girlfriend.”  This time his smile did disappear.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, F/N, but,” He gave you an intimidating stare.  “What exactly are your intentions with the Guardian of Brooklyn’s son?”  You looked at him questioningly.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh my God, Ahk,” Nicky said under his breath.

“How long have you two been courting?”

“Four months,” Nicky answered for you.

“Four months.”  Ahk repeated.  “Is it possible to really get to know someone in four months?  She could be using you,” He growled.  “Are you using him?  If you do not feel anything for him and are just leading him on, I swear I shall unleash the fury of Ra upon you and your ancestors.  Everyone will hear of your demise and know the feeling of true terror.  And then—”

“Ahk!”  Nicky yelled exasperatedly.

“…Too dark?”  He asked sheepishly.

“Yeah!” Nicky shouted.  “This is my girlfriend we’re speaking about!  I didn’t ask her out the day I met her, Ahk.  I’ve known her for five years now!”  

“That’s still not a very long time to get to know anyone!”  He retorted, angry with the way Nicky spoke to him.  He grabbed Nicky’s arm with one hand and snapped his fingers with the other.  Two giant dog statues came up from behind you and thrust their spears into the ground between you and Nicky, whose arm was still being held by Ahkmenrah.

“You won’t hurt him.  Not ever,” The Pharaoh vowed.  You sent Nicky a look that screamed ‘is this for real?’  He shrugged.  “We will find out your motivation, even if it kills you.”

“What’s going on in here?”  Larry came in and took in the situation.  You noticed that there was a monkey sitting on his shoulder. “Y/N?”

“Hi, Larry,” You waved awkwardly from behind the dog statues.

“Ahk, what are you doing?”  He asked. 

“Are you aware that she and Nicky are courting?”

“Yeah, I met Y/N last month.”

“Oh.”  Ahkmenrah said.  “And you trust her?”

“Yeah, she’s a sweet kid.”

“You’re certain?”  Larry nodded again.  Ahkmenrah looked to Nicky.

“I tried to tell you.”  Nicky said.  Ahk looked around sheepishly.  After a second or two, he snapped his fingers again.  The statues lowered their spears and returned to their positions.  He let go of Nicky’s arm.  Nicky quickly made his way over you.  The monkey that was perched on Larry’s shoulder hopped off in favor of sitting on Nicky’s shoulder.

“Hey, Dexter,” He patted the monkey’s head before turning to you.  “Are you okay?”  He asked concern evident in his voice.

“I’m fine,” You told him.  He smiled and hugged you, kissing the side of your head.  Seeing his chance, Dexter leapt from Nicky’s shoulder onto yours.  You looked up when you felt the sudden pressure on your shoulder.  “Well, hello there.”  You smiled, scratching his head like Nicky had done. Dexter squeaked and snuggled into your hair.

Ahkmenrah walked over to the three of you and looked down guiltily.  “My apologies, Lady Y/N.  I overreacted.”

“It’s fine,” You told him.  “My G/N did the same thing when they met Nicky.”

“Is that so?”  He asked curiously.  “Your G/N sound quite courageous; I must meet them sometime.”  You exchanged a nervous glance with Nicky.  You didn’t know how to respond to that; you didn’t really want to have two giant spears pointed at you if you answered wrong.

“I don’t think anyone’s ready for you and Y/N’s G/N to meet yet.”  Larry said.  Nicky and you both breathed a sigh of relief. 

Before anyone could say anything else, your phone went off.  You pulled it out and checked it.  “Oh, shoot.”  You said.

“What?”   Nicky said.

“I’m supposed to be home in ten minutes; G/N just texted me to remind me.”

“I’d better take you home then.”  You nodded, and gently coaxed Dexter off your shoulder.  He reclaimed his spot on Larry’s shoulder. 

“It was nice to meet you!”  You said to Ahkmenrah and everyone else as you passed them.  The drive home was dead silent.  When you pulled up in front of your apartment building, you didn’t get out right away.

“So,” Nicky said awkwardly.  “Sorry about that.” 

“It’s fine, Nicky,” You told him.  “It makes a pretty good story.”  You grinned at him and he laughed.  “Well, goodnight,” You said.  Just as you grabbed the door handle, you felt Nicky lean across the middle console and kiss your cheek.  You giggled.  “I get held at spear point and all I get is a kiss on the cheek?”  He rolled his eyes at you, but you could see the amusement in his eyes.  He gently reached up to cup your face in his hands and he pulled your face to his.  He pressed his lips to yours.  You reached up and laid your hands over his, your eyes fluttering shut.  After a minute, you pulled away.  “Goodnight, Nicky,” You smiled, pecking his lips again before gathering your things and exiting the car.  You waved at him from the front door before disappearing inside. You smiled to yourself as you thought about the evening on your way to your apartment.  It was amazing.  Who cares if you were threatened by an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh?  Best.  Date.  Ever.