ASK THE ARTIST: What Subject Did You Excel At In School?

It’s back to school time and we asked members of Slipknot/Stone Sour, Children of Bodom, Born of Osiris, Job For A Cowboy, Airbourne, Butcher Babies, Huntress, Battlecross, City In The Sea, Scorpion Child, Attika 7, Thrown Into Exhile what their favorite subjects in school were?

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Our Staff Picks on Men in Music!
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This can’t be considered a countdown, well because I don’t want to hear all of you complain that “Oh why is he there” Or “Really?” So this our picks, we are giving you a taste of who we are and what we like. You can take it as you see fit but we are giving you a glimpse into some of our taste in music and men!  You can click all the pictures to view the said artist’s official website. Just…

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Attika 7 Release Debut Album

ATTIKA 7 to Release Debut Full-Length Album ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ on July 30, 2012 with Ninetone / Membran

  In 2011, a shattering force comprised of diversified heavy metal veterans arose amongst the hills of California, rapidly emerging as new, refreshed musical project ATTIKA 7. Poised to bludgeon up the charts past today’s stark contemporaries, the fan-dubbed “super group” is set to release their debut full-length album, Blood of My Enemies on July 30, 2012 with Ninetone / Membran in Europe.   ATTIKA 7 features ex-Biohazard vocalist Evan Seinfeld, lead guitarist, notable songwriter and famed (Sons of Anarchy) motorcycle builder Rusty Coones, and bassist Tony Campos, founding member of Static X, who also currently performs in Soulfly, Prong, Possessed, Asesino and Ministry. ATTIKA 7 combines evil sounding riffs, melodic vocal lines, with old school guitar solos and undeniable grooves into a sonic frenzy of outlaw biker counter culture.   “As I embarked on my journey of musical and personal reinvention, the first step was to put together a band of incredible players, with diverse styles and a unified vision to write, record and perform timeless heavy metal, backed by an authentic outlaw lifestyle,” states vocalist Evan Seinfeld   The band recorded Blood of My Enemies with legendary producer MUDROCK (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack). Blood of My Enemies is a brutal slab of unrelenting hard rock, with the initial groundwork laid by guitarist Rusty Coones in the confines of a federal penitentiary. It was in this unforgiving environment that he penned the songs that would eventually become the band’s uncompromising debut.   Vocalist Evan Seinfeld recently retired from Brooklyn’s Biohazard, a band he formed in his teenage years. “After 10 albums and probably around 4000 concerts with Biohazard across 90 countries spanning 25 years, all I can say is that the only thing constant in life is change, and without it, things can become stagnant and repetitious. The creative situation for me playing with Rusty and Tony in ATTIKA 7 fosters my genuine creativity to flow, and allowed us to build something heavy, authentic, new and exciting from the ground up. ATTIKA 7 is something I am beyond passionate about and so excited - Blood of My Enemies is THE album in my opinion.” ATTIKA 7 will take to the road this summer with an ‘in your face’ live show combining all that is good in life: Bikes, Girls and Rock n Roll. Stay tuned for tour dates coming soon.     For more information on ATTIKA 7, please visit these websites:   –   Ninetone Records: Ninetone Records is Sweden’s most successful Rock/Metal label hosting bands like Entombed, Blindside and CORRODED. Launched in 2004 by Patrik Frisk, Ninetone supports new rock and metal artists offering them an all-round package: With its affiliated studios Ninetone not only is able to see their Swedish-based bands through production with renowned producer Patrik Frisk, but also offering them a label home. With their Booking branch Ninetone Nation and own touring buses they also cover the live-side and are responsible for chart entries and several Platinum selling albums in Sweden. Recently joining forces with Membran Entertainment Group, they are now looking at intensifying their international exposure. Ninetone’s competence in the rock and metal genre come together with Membran’s expertise in the fields of marketing and distribution, taking advantage of their worldwide infrastructure and launching new artists with combined strength.   Membran Entertainment Group: The Membran Entertainment Group is today one of the music industry’s leading European independents. With its head office in the media city of Hamburg, Germany and established since 1968, Membran produces, sells and distributes its comprehensive media products both independently and through our experienced partners – not only nationally but worldwide! Through their label-management services, Membran offers third party labels, artists or producers a complete service ranging from A to Z to enable the successful marketing, promotion and distribution of music designed for today’s digital age worldwide. National and international acts and signings find their way to Membran, celebrating chart entries and enjoying the attention of both media and public as a result. Newcomers and established stars have been successfully launched and marketed, including Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Howie D., Glen Campbell, Gregory Porter, Brian Setzer and many more. For more information visit: