ASK THE ARTIST: What Subject Did You Excel At In School?

It’s back to school time and we asked members of Slipknot/Stone Sour, Children of Bodom, Born of Osiris, Job For A Cowboy, Airbourne, Butcher Babies, Huntress, Battlecross, City In The Sea, Scorpion Child, Attika 7, Thrown Into Exhile what their favorite subjects in school were?

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Holy crap. Went to Mayhem Fest yesterday, My first concert ever and it was AMAZING. There was a free show that no one knew about, the 4 bands that were on the main show wasnt free. I saw Thrown Into Exile first and I LOVED that band. The singer had a great voice. Then I saw Huntress. They were really good I had heard a couple of there songs before. Glad they sang the one I heard they were really good it was shocking to see Jill Janus again later, she was hosting some Jagermiester contest, or however you spell it. That was funny to see. After Huntress I saw Attika 7 and They were AMAZING to see. One of the guitarists was from Nonpoint, another was one an episode of sons of anarchy, Rust Coones. They looked like a biker gang. Then I saw Battlecross and they were pretty good also.The order of these are off a bit. I cant remember the exact order. I also saw Butcher Babies and they actually were pretty good and put on a good show. And I saw Motionless In White. I was so excited to see them. I went and looked at the shirts and stuff when I got there and ended up getting a Motionless In White America shirt. They gave me a magazine and a Rockstar energy drink necklace thing. I was so glad motionless played America. They also played Devil’s Night and Immaculate Misconception. There was more bands at the free show but those are the only ones I saw and really cared for. Next is the main stage. I saw Amon Amarth first. These guys were NUTS. I didn’t care for there music but they put on a good show. And they look like thor and had scottish accents. It was freaking cool. There was smoke and stuff. Next was mastodon. Really didn’t care for them. But they were ok I guess. After that it was FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH! I was so excited they played most of the songs i was hoping they would. Bad company, The Bleeding, Hard to see (which was shocking, didnt expect it), They even played lift me up, their new song. I was so excited to see them They are a GREAT band. They had a guy wearing a devils mask to do an insane drum solo. The five finger picture was taken by my girlfriends mom, shes really good. the other pictures she took aren’t up now. After that we saw Rob Zombie and his show was INSANE there was freaking smoke,fire, dancing robots, robots spitting out bubbles. He had a bunch of different costumes. He played superbeast like i was hoping he would. And he played his new song dead city radio. and some other of his new songs.

Its 12:34am.

I just got home from mayhem fest. Holy fuck that was insane!! I saw Thrown into Exile, Attika 7, Motionless in White, Emmure, Born of Osiris, Amon Amarth, Mastodon, Five Finger Death Punch, and Rob Zombie. I got tons of sick pictures and screamed my lungs out. I’m sunburned to hell, I’m covered in bruises from being in the pit, and I’m sore as fuck. But I gotta tell you, guys…I’m one happy chick right now. :)