Eternity hadn’t been treating Atticus very nicely. Most things simply seemed dull and uninteresting. It wasn’t the world’s fault of course, simply a side effect of being alive for as long as he had been. He generally passes the time hunting those like him. Vampires. It provided a bit of spice, but things like that happened few and far between.

So when he wasn’t doing that, one could find him in a local coffee shop. It was newer shop, not connected to big name chains. The coffee wasn’t that good but the people were generally interesting enough. Especially one particular blond that had caught Atticus’s eye. 

Atticus had spend the evening looking at the clock, wondering how long was a reasonable amount of time before he could head back down to the relief centre.  As he heated up a tin of soup and transferred it into a thermos he figured that there would probably be no hiding from Lilith that he was up to something, but it wasn’t something he was about discuss with her right now.  So he simply told her he was popping out, kissing her on the cheek and telling her not to get into trouble.

A short while later he was slipping into the centre he had been at only hours before, pleased to see there was no queue this time.  Suddenly growing a little nervous he pushed himself to walk over to where he had spotted Charlotta, holding up the thermos.  “Hey, I have soup.  Any chance of a small break?” he asked, lighting up further.  “Oh, and I thought about a midnight trip to the outlet store?”