atticus q. redghost

An Autumn Sprite’s Work

As autumn crept through the forest, the sprite’s hair and skin drew into a golden shimmer. Excitedly, she marveled at the fiery highlights and new hues. Before long, even her slender wings had taken on a new palette of reds streaked with yellow-orange.

As October arrived, the sprite began weaving fungus into her trees. Filaments tied to roots, soil gently enchanted, worms and other crawling bits so embedded, the forest would reclaim the leaf litter that had begun to fall. The months-long inhale of spring and summer had finally begun to exhale. The forest breathed a bit easier as the winds began to chill.

The sprite’s fingers drew glyphs into the bark, arranging patterns as easily as a pencil onto paper. In this way, she noted the tree’s health and left other notes for herself and any passing forest fey.

With a happy sigh, the sprite beat her gossamer wings and flew above the tree line. She watched ghosts draw into the forest, called by the season, called by the trees themselves. Spotting a group of old friends, she flew down to greet them.

As autumn matured, the sprite worked tirelessly to ensure the health and happiness of each tree, returning every few days to check up on them and make sure they were resting comfortably.

All in all, the seasonal transition went smoothly and without much fuss. There was a bit of turmoil with the Purple Paw Thievery, a band of magical rabbits that will steal anything they can get their paws on, but a few well placed bribes (a promise of fifteen stalks of herbs come spring, an alliance to trick Atticus Q. Redghost into giving extra batches of sweets, and a ride through the air for each rabbit) smoothed things over nicely.

Open Letter to the Board

Dearly Beloved Witches, Fae-Folk, and Assorted Practioners,

As a duly-designated “den mother” of our ever-increasing society, I humbly move that we invite one Mr. Atticus Q. Redghost of evilsupplyco​ to our next Tea and Toadstools Spell Social.

Mr. Redghost seems such an agreeable…and delightfully wicked…chap. He has demonstrated quite an extensive knowledge of the workings of many things arcane and astral. His discourses on Practical Necromantic Ephemera and Alternative Technologies (“mad science” is such an antiquated term, don’t you think?) are positively charming; and judging by the content of his internet bulletins, he certainly knows the proper etiquette for gatherings of our stripe.

Other qualifications aside, he knows about the jars.

It is my personal opinion that he would get along with our assemblage like a cauldron on fire. Thus, I place the matter before the Board for decision.

I also wish to inform the Board that the upcoming Cursebreaker’s Carnival has been moved from the above-ground cemetery to the lakeside park some three miles distant, on account of rising damp and an ongoing issue with the local population, which, as previously discussed, is also rising. Attendees are advised to wear sensible shoes suitable for a brisk jog and bring equally sensible weaponry which does not require reloading.

Further updates as events warrant.

Yours Most Sincerely,

Bree Landwalker
Lady of the Wandering Wilds
Grovedaughter Hollow

P.S. We must remember this time to inform new attendees about the policy regarding the venomous plants. Last autumn’s regrettable incidents, while amusing, really should not be repeated, as we are running short of space in the community swamp and the alligators are becoming a bit plump.


Bree Landwalker, etc.

P.P.S. The Cemetery Committee has informed me that continued unscheduled interments will be considered in very poor taste. Please revise any related plans and rituals accordingly.



abyssalcorvid  asked:

Dear Atticus, We hear so much about your work for the monster and creatures of darkness communities, but so little of your own plots. Would you be so kind to share with us up and coming villains some of your favorite villainous plots and schemes? Those of the past, of course, no sense in letting heroes possibly catch wind of anything you might have currently in the works... -Korbinian

Around the breakfast table, awaiting the sunrise, a sea nymph, Nixandrea Z. Dagon, a villain, Atticus Q. Redghost, and a few ghosts sat, enjoying a variety of bits and bobs.

Opening a letter, Nixxi grinned with mischief. “Atty, black heart, Mx. Korbinian wants to know about your capers,” her voice dropped into a low, menacing growl, “are you even still in the business of being a villain?” The ghosts ripped the air with good natured laughs.

Stealing her kelp juice, Atticus simply said, “I do not understand your question and decline to answer,” soliciting another round of laughter from the table. He turned his nose up at her haughtily, stuck his tongue out, then drank the entirety of her juice.

Excerpts from the International Super Heroes Guild files on Redghost, Atticus Q.

The quasi-shapeshifter, Atticus, AKA “Atty”, AKA “Old Swamp Hag”, AKA “Old Hag”, is designated “low risk, high damage”. His preoccupation with small, inexpensive trinkets, paper goods, curses, hexes, and hauntings largely account for his activities in the traditionally villainous spheres.

He is a storyteller by nature, a gossip-monger, spreading tales and research to all he meets, to all who will listen. The specific brand of stories he peddles are freely offered and nearly exclusively optimistic.

His magical talent is relatively unknown given his genuine lack of appetite for battle.

While it has been confirmed Redghost is cursed to deal poorly with technology, it is unclear his level of knowledge in its use. There are accounts aplenty of computers and similar freezing up as he attempted to use them, but surviving records indicate he once headed up a small research lab.

He often seems confused by modern computers, though it is equally possible this is a ruse. Redghost is known for trickery.

The date and nature of this curse was lost due to an incident involving Atticus freeing himself from custody and entering a mainframe room.

His shapeshifting abilities are poor at best. He is able to shift his form somewhat, but his identity is never hidden. Because is not clear exactly what type of monster Redghost is (see above mainframe note), it is unknown if his abilities are natural and poorly developed or artificially granted. The former conflicts with other known abilities, the latter’s rarity and complexity is so high it is difficult to decide which reality would be more troubling.

Despite his aversion to conflict, Redghost is consistently marked “high damage” given his incredibly large network of associates, allies and friends. Redghost has been quoted his main goal is to “Make the Netherworld a better place for all,” endearing him to significant populations.

Peyroux Paving Stones

One of Evil Supply Co.’s more unusual exports from the tiny, haunted village of Peyroux is a particular paving stone and mortar.

Haunted castles, graveyard paths, forest trails, and all matter of walkways throughout the Netherworld use these stones because they last for hundreds of years, make a wonderful “click clap clop” sound when walked upon — and are very accessible to people and creatures without the use of legs.

“We use a special ectoplasmic mortar formula that binds the stones and senses the needs of whomever is on them,” says Atticus Q. Redghost while lending a hand on a new installation. “For instance, this road becomes slick when a legless giant snake slithers on, but
 firms and texturizes in the rain so people don’t slip. And if you are using a cane or a wheelchair, it levels out to make your path easier.”

When asked if the paving stones could reverse, to make an enemy’s approach more treacherous, Atticus laughed. “We have a gorgon client who uses that technique to slide invaders into a lava pit.”

The People vs. Atticus Q. Redghost, esq.

They call me a servant of injustice, a horror.

“Your honor, this is outrageous how can you all–”

They wonder if I am a demon, if I am a ghost. They use words they know to describe a reality they do not.

“Mr. Santas, I will ask you one more time. Does the prosecution have another witness?”

They will attempt to imprison me in iron, concrete, steel. They will attempt to use their rules, their laws, their courts.

“No. Your honor. We do not. Because a shapeless black cloud has consumed our witnesses. In this courtroom.”

They desperately seek answers to questions their minds refuse to ask.

“Then I am afraid that Mr. Redghost will be released to his own custody. The defendant will stop laughing.”

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So I've read a few of the writings and I love them, but I was wondering if they had a beginning? Or a general plot line? Sorry if I sound rude, I promise I'm not trying to

This is not a rude question.

Evil Supply Co. is a research and development firm with a villainous and monstrous clientele. For example, we will help a villain build a volcano lair – ensuring there are no “self destruct lava” mechanisms while routing the magma flows through generators so the entire structure is both efficient and cost effective.

We help monsters and ghosts exist happily in an ever-modernizing world, creating and maintaining mechanisms that allow them to enjoy the new wonders of the human world while remaining as apart from it as they like. 

We also sell evil paper goods and tomfoolery.

The author of this blog (hello!) is the owner of Evil Supply Co., Atticus Q. Redghost, esq. These stories are unconnected and can be read in any order. They follow my adventures, and the adventures of the creatures and ghosts I have befriended.

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My nemesis keeps laughing over the fact that my henchman is a three-legged kitten. I cannot betray her trust by returning her to where she was found, yet my opponent persists in calling me softhearted and not very villainous at all. Advice?

Good evening,

Tomorrow morning you will find a basket the size of wonderment itself filled to the brim with bits and treats for your kitten.

I will be dealing with your nemesis personally.

You needn’t worry about them after tomorrow evening. To be honest, forget they existed. This will be best for all involved – I appreciate you may have questions, given your relationship with said nemesis, and I assure you that while your questions are valid, this matter will be handled in the most complete possible manner.

Take tomorrow off from villainy. A new nemesis will be found for you by the end of the week.

Please tell your kitten I said “meow” 

Atticus Q. Redghost, esq.

Dating advice

When the zombie apocalypse hits, there is going to be an entire section of humanity who has been waiting and preparing for it for our entire adult lives and we will be the survivors.

I pity and do not understand people who do not think of these things.

If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.
- John Waters

If you’re on a date with someone and you bring up zombies, and they don’t have a plan, leave immediately and make them pick up the check.
- Atticus Q. Redghost, esq., shamelessly co-opting John Waters’

Working on my Atticus costume. Need to up the crazy factor on the hair, though it’s certainly got the height. Need to pick up a tie and some glasses. I even got his penchant for mismatching color details down, as the pinstripes on the pants are purple while the pinstripes on the vest are red. :)

Edit: I just realized y'all might not even know I have a large tattoo on my inner forearm, since I take all my mirror pics with my right hand. Surprise!! :D I’ve also got a scarab on the back of my neck, and a dinosaur on my left ankle. Ooooooh! Let’s do a tattoo post! *skitters away*

Five Years a Jailbird Makes

“I watched over Atticus Q. Redghost for five years while he sat, rotting in my prison. He barely spoke a word to anyone.

"Per order of the court, he was given solitary confinement for the entire stint – ‘for the protection of all involved,’ according to the judge.

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A Day in the Life

“I don’t know if we can trust him,” the apprentice whispered to his mistress — famed heroine Golden Claw. They watched Atticus Q. Redghost needlessly read over the Creepy Crepes menu. A waitress came over and, rather than taking the villain’s order, rolled her eyes, kissed his cheek, and made her way to the kitchen. Waffles, buttermilk. Syrup, maple, hot. Side of bacon. Black coffee. Whole orange, unpeeled.

“What choice do we have?” Golden Claw replied to the apprentice, her tone hushed, as they walked into the diner’s main room.

“What have you brought us today, Atty?”

“Such a lovely dress, Atticus! No cane today? How are my favorite pair of legs feeling?”

“Oh, have you come for a swim, beloved?”

The sea nymphs called to the villain as he carefully claimed down the cliff’s rocks. “Good morning, ladies,” Atticus addressed them with a beaming smile. “Jams, jellies, and biscuits from Creepy Crepes. Bea sends her love,” he said, naming the haunted diner’s owner.

Out of the four baskets he carried, three were personalized with small drawings. Each was given to its respective sea nymph, all of whom quickly devoured the treats with relish (one of them literally used relish — a pickled seaweed affair that smelled heavily of salt and squid ink).

The nymphs eyed the fourth basket but waited to bring it up. The villain and his watery companions ate and gossiped for an hour or so, each advising the other on the news of their respective worlds. “I do have a final bit of business,” Atticus announced after cleaning up the last of the dishes. As one, the nymphs turned to look at the mysterious fourth basket. “I need to get someone home.” Atticus lifted the container’s lid and withdraw a large orb, a globe of water held together by unimaginable surface tension.

Atticus handed it to the closest nymph, who showed it to the others, their expressions darkening.

“Where did you get her, Atticus?” the first nymph asked coldly. The words came out less as a question and more of a command for information.

“Who brought her to this world?”

“And where are they now?

Log Note: April 28, 2016

Met with the master class hero Golden Claw and junior class (level 3) hero, Talon, at Creepy Crepes. Food excellent as always, service typical delight. Talon seemed extremely uncomfortable, jumpy. Ulterior motive or inexperience in the field? Study, use to advantage in followup meeting.

Claw had a junior water elemental, confiscated after destroying Aquatica’s — neutral, mid-level, conjurer — laboratory. In pursuant of duty, Claw relinquished elemental to a known authority to me for safe passage to its native world. Apparently I was only one she knew with appropriate experience. Press for future contracts, will acquire serious profit form this exchange.

Met with the sea nymphs Calliope, Nixandrea, Penelope. Considered keeping promise to Golden Claw, re: allowing her hero companions to deal with smugglers. Decided it more interesting to cooperate with nymphs, advised them all I know. I doubt the moon will change phase before their work is done. Expecting no survivors.

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You villains do realize that by having a website such as this one, a hero like myself, can figure out your evil plots much quicker than we usually do, just a little word of advice I've thwarted at least three villains simply because I found their plots, or locations of their hideouts, or their secret identities, here.

Well, we don’t hide. So there is a bit of a hole in your research. You take North Road up into Peyroux (you’ll see the sign, “Welcome to the haunted village of Peyroux”). If you see a sign that says, “Beware. Humans.” you have turned yourself around and need to go the other way.

Finding North Road is a bit tricky. It rather does as it wants and doesn’t listen to myself or anyone else I’ve seen try to talk to it. It’s rather old, ornery, and has a way of doing what it wants to do. Bring it a bit of dirt from where you’re from in exchange for passage, may help. Sometimes it gets hungry.

Once you get here, well, it’s not hard to find us. Village of Peyroux is small enough that you can see just about every corner from every other, and it’s not terrifically populated. Folk will know you’re a stranger and will likely offer you a refreshment. Tell them you’re here to see Atticus Q. Redghost, esq. and they will point you in the right direction.

I’d make an appointment ahead of time, I’m usually a hair busy. I don’t want you to come all this way to wait unnecessarily.

Now, as for the latter part of your post, we don’t post our plots online. Daresay we never have, or ever will. You’re welcome to browse this public forum of villainspiration and news, stories. We publish it in hopes that all, even heroes, enjoy it. Possibly take something of use from it.

Enjoy yourself.

lazyyogi  asked:

I don't understand! What are you?! What is this blog?! It is excellent. BUT WHAT IS IT?

Thank you for your kind words!

Evil Supply Co. is a research and development firm for professional villains. We do our best so you can do your worst. We also sell patches, pins, and a variety of evil paper goods online (link).

The vast majority of our work is original research of the Netherworld and its ghostly inhabitants, poetry and stories, rambling and tomfoolery. On extremely rare occasions, we will reblog something from somewhere else.

We are independently owned and operated by Atticus Q. Redghost (hello!). We are not part of a film or book or other franchise.

Our headquarters is in a tiny, haunted village known as Peyroux. Our private shipping office (hidden in an old video store, currently residing behind a mortgage broker) is in Chicago.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you tell me more about Notary Noir? Should I register?

The Notary Noir program is a free registration system that perpetuates your accurate identity.

As in:

“I, Atticus Q. Redghost, esq., am who I say i am. I have witnessed the parties on the ensuing agreement accurately identify themselves. This pact is therefore binding.”

It is certainly conceivable that a notary could misidentify themselves, or that they are fooled by one (or more) party during the agreement-making. But such incidents would be looked upon with extreme prejudice and vengeance in, shall we say, the resulting delicate situation, as the deception unveils itself.

Evil is a tricky business. By virtue of our nature, we do not have many systems in place that guarantee quality of identification. The Notary Noir system is a system of uncompromising trust.

For newcomers, the website is here:

Registration is free, painless, and permanent.

A moment in the life of Atticus Q. Redghost, esq.

About once a day, Atticus receives a note from a minion who wishes to take over, a hero who wishes to stop him, or a government preparing action against him.

The same response is delivered with a calm, even, steady tone:

“You are welcome to try. Be aware of consequences.”


(learns something ultra basic in art, feels mild embarrassment because of art paranoia)

“Eh…whatev. I am Atticus Q. goddamn Redghost. Progress is more important to me than embarrassment for ignorance.”

(drinks very hot, very dark coffee, makes more art)