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Attica Correctional Facility

In 1971, approximately half of the population at Attica Correctional Facility began an insurrection as part of the Prisoner’s Rights Movement, taking 42 of the prison staff hostage.  The riot was over in 4 days, having allowed for 28 of the demands of the prisoners and ending the lives of 43 individuals–ten of them correctional officers or civilians.  The armed assault that was staged in order to retake the prison when negotiations broke down was widely considered to be a large failing by Governor Nelson Rockefeller who had refused to negotiate with the prisoners in person and who had approved the decision to use force.

On the day of the assault, the morale of the inmates had slipped low and in an act of desperation, they threatened to slit the throats of four of the corrections officers.  Tear gas canisters were thrown into the yard and members of the New York State Troopers and the National Guard were seen to fire indiscriminately into the opaque smoke with rifles and shotguns, mowing down aggressive inmates, complacent inmates and hostages alike.  The decision to allow former prison guards to take part in the assault was later described as “inexcusable” by the commission that would examine the riot and its outcomes.  

The assault on Attica and reports of prisoner beatings afterward are considered to be systemic issues within America’s Prison Industrial Complex and the reports of the over-use of deadly force have been referenced dozens if not hundreds of times in popular culture.  Most notably in the film Dog Day Afternoon by Al Pacino’s character when faced with an excessive police force against a simple bank robbery.  This legacy, as it remains, serves as a reminder that the incarcerated are also human and in that sense, they deserve human rights.

The Mysterious Girl ( Peter Maximoff x Reader )

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Peter’s POV

˝ Jean, can you give us a minute? ˝ I wanted to talk with my father about (Y/N). He had a connection with her. The way that he looked at her, she means something to him.

˝What’s wrong Peter? ˝ He put his cup of coffee on the wooden table looking at me. I came closer to the table and sat on the empty chair in front of him. It was noon and there was no sign of (Y/N) since yesterday. I am worried about her.

˝Who is she? ˝ I waited for his answer for a few moments when he decided to speak.

˝She is a friend˝ It was all he said.

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On July 10, 1979, David Berkowitz was attacked and nearly killed in the segregation block of Attica Correctional Facility. A fellow inmate used a homemade knife to attack Berkowitz from behind and slash his throat. The wound ended up needing fifty-six stitches. Berkowitz felt that the attack may have been retribution for talking about the satanic cult that he claimed took part in the Son of Sam murders.

Today in labor history, September 13, 1971: A four-day revolt at the Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York, over prisoners’ demands for political rights and better living conditions ends when hundreds of state police officers storm the complex, killing 29 prisoners and 10 AFSCME-represented prison employees, and wounding 89. “We are men. We are not beasts, and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such.” –L.D. Barkley, a 21 year-old prisoner serving time for breaching parole by driving without a license; he died in the assault, shot 15 times at point-blank range.