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My last morning in the studio at Brighton before the summer break. I’m listing journal articles I need to print and re-read for my dissertation. Our tutor told me to take it easy over the summer, but I don’t think he understands that I genuinely enjoy reading and writing about my chosen topic.

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7 w/ shawn :)

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“Did you hear that?” - “I’m telling you, I’m haunted.”

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I had nothing for this, don’t judge me for it’s story line lmao. I’ll probably delete this later. yikes. xx 

You step into the bedroom, your wet hair falling around you as you stare at Shawn, your arms crossing over your chest. 

He glances up from his phone, raising a brow at you, “Why do you look grumpy?” He challenges, “You don’t look refreshed.” He takes notice of how your warm shower did not relieve you of any stress or leave you feeling refreshed. 

“Do you think you’re funny?” You raise a brow, “You scared me half to death.” You mutter, moving your towel through your hair, his eyes still staring at you with nothing but confusion. 

He sits up against the headboard, cocking his head to the side, “What did I do?“ 

"You know what you did, tapping on the wall like you’re smug and shit, and making weird sounds.” You inform him that you are well aware of his ridiculous antics that you undoubtedly think he participated in. “Next time you want to creep in the bathroom, just get in.” You continue, throwing your towel to the hamper of dirty clothes and walking to the wardrobe to grab a thicker shirt. 

He shakes his head, “I have no idea what you are talking about, I have been here the whole time.” Shawn presses, turning his attention back to his phone while you wander around the room, taking part in your usual post-shower rituals. 

You settle on the bed, your damp hair falling over your shoulders as you rub your vanilla scented moisturiser on your skin, Shawn lying beside you beginning to show signs of sleepiness. His voice is becoming muffled in an even sexier tone, his arm slowly drapes itself around your stomach, his body moving closer to yours. “Mm, you smell nice.” He mumbles into you with a hum, nestling into your like a child, distracting you from rubbing the moisturiser into your arms. 

“Mhm,” You hum, leaning over and placing the moisturiser on your side table, Shawn instantly letting out a few whines, stopping when you allow him to settle back into you. “You’re a big baby.” You chuckle, moving to run your fingers through his curly hair, “A big, soft, baby.” You hum with a grin spread wide across your face. .

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I can hardly be more excited about a tabletop RPG that isn’t really a tabletop game, but a video game simulation of a tabletop dungeon master experience. If this sounds familiar to you, why yes, it is in fact a successor to the fantastic Knights of Pen & Paper (exhibit A below).

For the unlucky rest of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Knights of Pen & Paper was not only not afraid to break the 4th wall, but kept it torn down all the time. The game took place in a living room with a few geeks and a dungeon master sitting around the table while environments shifted to wherever the story took you. I spent many days hooked into this clever setup so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Brazilian studio takes this concept into space.

I randomly ran into the guys at GDC and had much fun with a quick dive into game’s player creation that offers a lot of combinations of attributes that cleverly define the look of your PCs.

Speaking of PCs, but those mechanical ones, the game won’t be mobile-first this time, but instead comes to Windows, macOS and Linux sometimes this year. I’m already looking for my D20 in the attic!

Here to Stay || Justin & Brian

Justin had been lucky in the year and half since he had moved to New York City. He had found a couple of galleries that had asked him to do shows and had sold enough paintings to afford a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn. The best part was the attic was a perfect studio for him. He was sitting in the window seat sketching a picture of himself intwined with his long distance boyfriend. He was excited because tonight he was flying in to visit him and he couldn’t wait. He hated being so far away from him but they both had their careers in the cities they each lived in. His heart sped up when the doorbell rang. Looking out the window he saw Brian with his luggage on his doorstep. He raced downstairs, threw open the door, and threw himself into Brian’s arms. “I missed you so much!”, he whispered in his ear.