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Coming June 28...New fic ‘The Mirror in the Attic’

An Olicity Time Travel AU

All my gratitude to @mequebecolicityfan for this amazing art cover

“When Felicity Smoak inherits a house from the late Oliver Queen, she struggles to understand why the old man would leave her his home. They are at least two generations apart, and as far as she knows, they have never met.

Until she walks into the house and experiences the weirdest feeling of déjà vu, and discovers Oliver and her actually know each other very well. 

Just in another lifetime.”

It will be posted here and on my AO3 starting June 28.

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anonymous asked:

any headcanons about archie and jughead being roommates?

hoo boy do i ever!!

- Jughead sleeps on an air mattress on the floor, and Archie trips over him every morning. Every. Morning.

- Both of them snore, but sometimes one of Jughead’s snores is wayyyy louder than the rest of them and he wakes himself up. Then he blames Archie.

-Archie’s posters have been up for a while, and they’re only up with tacks, so there’s space between the back of the poster and the wall. Once, it got too hot in the room and they left the window open. That night, they had the lights off and were whispering to each other complaining about a project for science when there was a slight thwump on Archie’s bed. Archie flicked on the light and a fuckhuge katydid

this motherfucker

was on the covers, right by Archie’s leg. Cue instant panic. They trapped him in a solo cup and brought him outside, silently screaming and stage-whispering “holy fuck, holy fuck look at this huge bug, look at it’s FEET” all the way.

-they didn’t learn their lesson. They thought they were safe. They left the window open, and made sure the screen was on securely. Not securely enough. They come home after a long day at school and head upstairs to do their homework. Archie casually opens the door, they walk in, everything’s peachy. Fred calls them down to dinner. Moment of truth. There’s three yellow-and-black striped insects clinging to the door, one directly on the doorknob. Jughead actually screams. Archie goes pale, and he has to ask 

“Dude are those bees or wasps?” 

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” 

“Look it up!” 

“Fuck. I’m pretty sure they’re wasps.” 

“We’re trapped inside. We’re gonna die in here.”

- Veronica, Betty, and Kevin come over once and they walk into the room, exchange looks, and immediately step out. Betty rummages in her backpack and pulls out a can of febreze. “I was doing shopping for my mom,” she says. “But you need this more than she does.”

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So like did all the A-listers he slept with had sex with him on Ben Winston's attic couch? In what fic world? Like the dude was rich, he could buy ten houses. jbdubvfd I can't.

That whole bit almost made me see my 1998 Christmas dinner again

chrisevansleftboob  asked:

Prompt: NurseyDex. One of them hates waffles and the other one cannot believe it.

Look, we both agree @legojacques that waffles are superior. Why have you done this to me?

“What do you mean you prefer waffles?”

Nursey pauses in his perusal of the menu and looks across the table at Dex.

“What?” he asks.

“You just said you like waffles over pancakes,” Dex informs him like Nursey doesn’t know what he’s just said. Or like Nursey’s blasphemed and he’s giving Nursey a chance to change his answer.

“Well, yeah,” Nursey says, slowly. The waitress brings their coffee and Nursey automatically hands Dex one of the sugar packets and takes the cream for himself. “Doesn’t everyone?”

Dex stares at him in abject horror and Nursey feels a sinking sensation, the kind before the other shoe hits the floor and you realise you’ve stumbled into a hornets’ nest.

The argument gets started and Nursey’s not sure how they end up where they do. It goes from “But you can’t put blueberries in waffles” “absolutely you can put blueberries in waffles, AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS!” to “Well some of us couldn’t afford waffle makers!” “Dex I have literally been to your grandmother’s kitchen and she’s got like 17 waffle irons!” “It’s not 17! It’s like 2!” “Dex there were at least five!” “Shut up Nursey!”

The rest of the drive to Maine is spent in frosty silence intermixed with bickering about the waffles/pancakes dichotomy. Nursey feels betrayed. He had thought, nay, assumed, that after three years of dating and six months of engagement, he knew Dex better than anyone else on the planet. But pancakes? Really?

“But waffles have crispy edges,” Nursey says. “And wells for your syrup and butter. They are, objectively, the better breakfast food.”

Dex fumes at the wheel of his truck and gives Nursey a filthy look out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry, I can’t trust your opinion. You’d rather have a strange human living in your attic than a cockroach,” Dex says.

“Oh my god Dex! It wasn’t one cockroach! It was an actual thousand cockroaches!” Nursey exclaims.

Their bickering carries them all the way to Maine.

Summer Flash Fics: Surprises in the Attic

written by: @2violetflower15 | Words: 830 | Rated: T
Prompts: dust, roof window, party decorations, plane tickets

Tags: #summer, #domestic, #fluff

The mid morning sun was high in the sky as golden rays of light beamed through a small roof window, illuminating the tiny specks of dust that floated through the thick air. A drop of sweat ran down the side of Rick’s face and he wiped it away with a weary hand. He and Michonne had been up in the attic for the better part of the morning, searching for anything that could serve as party decorations for the barbecue they were hosting for the ASZ residents later that week. He’d been opposed to the idea of a party, but Michonne had talked him into it. She insisted that the community was in need of some positive energy. It was what she wanted, and he was never one to deny her anything.

He looked at her, rooting through a big cardboard box on the other side of the room. Her long legs were bent into a deep squat, making the round curve of her plump bottom look extra enticing in the tiny cotton shorts she was wearing. Her hair was piled into a loose bun on top of her head, exposing the graceful curve of her long neck. A bead of sweat formed at her hairline and slid down her skin, leaving a wet trail that disappeared into the thin fabric of her tank top. He had the sudden urge for a taste of the salt of her skin against his tongue.

“Hey come look at this.” Her voice was sweet, like warm dollops of sun kissed honey.

He closed the distance between them and took in the small slips of paper she was holding in her hand. “Looks like plane tickets.”

“To Tahiti,” she confirmed as she took a seat on the floor. “They’re dated for two years from now. Why do you think they were hidden away up here in the attic?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted with a small shrug, “maybe it was supposed to be a surprise or somethin’?”

“A surprise trip to Tahiti? I like that idea.” She exhaled a breathy sigh. “Doesn’t that kind of romance sound like a dream right now?”

She turned her big brown eyes up to his with a warm gaze that left him momentarily stunned. Some beauty was quiet and unassuming; her’s was a striking kind of beauty. It hit hard, and demanded his attention. He took in her trim body and immediately conjured up images of her in a white string bikini, her skin glistening in tropical sunlight as she splashed around in bright turquoise ocean waters. The two of them alone together, frolicking on a beach somewhere far away from the walls of the ASZ, did indeed sound like a dream. “Man,” he sighed, “what I wouldn’t give to take you to Tahiti.”

“I’m having a hard time picturing you in beach wear, Grimes.” She tugged on the hem of his jeans with an amused smirk. “I don’t think you can wear these things on the beach, sweetheart.”

He kneeled down and gave her a soft kiss. “Who said anything about wearing clothes?” Her quiet laugh vibrated against his lips and he smiled in response.

“You’re insatiable, Rick. What am I going to do with you?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know.” He kissed her again. “How about, have a barbeque with me? Or, maybe run a community with me? Raise kids with me? Love me? Stay with me? Hide surprises in the attic for me?” He stood and offered her his hand, “What do you think?”

A huge smile formed on her face as she took his hand and allowed him to help her to stand. “I think I can do all of those things with you, Rick. I think that there’s nothing I’d like more.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her closer. “Except for maybe one thing.”

“And what’s that?” His lips found her neck and he teased her soft skin with tender kisses.

“You, in a pair of shorts and some flip flops. I saw a box of clothes over there that I want you to go through. And you’re not wearing those boots to my party.”

He looked at her with wide eyes. “What’s wrong with my boots?”

“Rick, it’s one thousand degrees outside and those things are heavier than lead. Seriously, no boots at my party. I mean it. Now, let’s get you some new clothes.” She patted him on the ass with a gentle tap and headed off in the direction of the box.

He watched her walk away and shook his head with a wry chuckle. “I thought we came up here to look for party decorations,” he muttered to himself.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” She turned back to him with a raised eyebrow and a tilted head.

He licked his lips and smiled at the slight taste of salt that lingered there. “I said, ‘I’m coming dear.’ That’s all.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”

Read more of  @2violetflower15 works at here.

notoverjoyed  asked:

Everyone makes mistakes! Anyway I just wanted to say that Bitty is surely team attic, because he's from Georgia, and the roaches get HUGE in the south, and there are so MANY of them, and he's gotta have at least one mildly traumatizing childhood experience with roaches, cause I have at least three from growing up in the south. ( Though canonically, I think Bitty was Team Neither-in-my-Kitchen )

So, take 2, Bitty is def an attic person because he’d hate the idea of a roach in his kitchen, and it is my understanding that this was canon. Whereas Jack is team roach because he naively thinks he can just hire exterminators (THOSE THINGS COULD SURVIVE NUCLEAR BOMBS JACK).

What I wanted to say, is that why has nobody written that fic? I’m just saying, we need a fic where Jack breaks into Bitty’s house and hides in the attic.

Here’s a list of possible scenarios:

- He’s there because he was escaping paparazzi or a mob of fans.

- Maybe he’s a spy and he’s in Bitty’s attic literally spying on his neighbor who is a super bad guy.

- This used to be Jack’s childhood home and he left something hidden in the attic.

- He was climbing a tree to save his cat, then got stuck in there and he could not call the firefighters without dying of shame, so his only other option was breaking Bitty’s attic window.

- Jack is a vampire, had to hide from the sunrise somewhere.

Basically we need all the Jack in the attic fics.