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Finnish proverbs

Kuka kissan hännän nostaa, ellei kissa itse?
“Who will raise the cat’s tail if not the cat itself?”
Nobody but you should show your skills or make yourself proud.

Kattia kanssa!
“And a cat too!”
That’s a lie!

Ei auta itku markkinoilla
“It’s no use crying on a marketplace”
Feeling strong emotions isn’t a good thing in the hard word. You don’t always get what you want and even crying wont help it.

Ken kuuseen kurkottaa, se katajaan kapsahtaa
“Reaching for a spruce, one falls on a junipe”
Don’t aim too high in your life, you will just regret it.

Katosi kuin pieru Saharaan
“Disappeared like a fart in Sahara”
Something is gone for good

Eteenpäin, sanoi mummo lumessa
“Forward, said a grandma in the snow”
You should always go forward no matter of your age or the weather

Olisihan vintillä leipää, mutta lapset söi rappuset
“There is bread in the attic but children ate the stairs.”
You could’ve achieved something but some stupid mistakes ruined the whole thing or you just waited for too long.

Kaikkeen tottuu paitsi jääpuikkoon perseessä ja sekin sulaa pois
“You can get used to anything but an ice stick in your ass and even that will eventually melt away”
Nothing is so bad you can’t get used to it and the worst things will go away.

Kyllä sopu sijaa antaa ja rakkaus reisiä levittää
“There’s always room for peace and love spreads legs”
It’s always easier to be with people peacefully and it’s easier to get laid if you’re in love.

Ei voi kauhalla vaatia, kun on lusikalla annettu
“You cannot demand with a ladle when you’ve been given with spoon”
You cannot expect a stupid person to think wisely.

Rule of Rose is crazy awesome

Since this will never fit in an Ask and other people may want this information I’m just posting it. Also, hey Mari!

TL;DR: A girl lost her suffers from memory loss due to extreme trauma and you help her regain her memories. But, wow, are those some fucked up memories.

Rule of Rose was, like many games, originally made in Japan. Unfortunately some of the game’s elements didn’t translate over very clearly and so Western audiences seem sort of lost by what is happening. But, once you know what the hell is happening, it is seriously one of the saddest, most tragic stories I’ve seen in awhile. Very old school drama.

Think of it as a super fucked up Coming of Age story, similar to Lord of the Flies. The themes center around abuse, trauma, growing up, and how we deal with the terrible things that happen to us.

It’s set in 1930s England and follows the story of 19 year old Jennifer. Jennifer’s parents, and many others, died in an airship crash. Jennifer was the only survivor. After the crash, a pea farmer named Gregory Wilson found Jennifer and took her in. Gregory had lost his only child, Joshua, most likely to illness, and because of his grief he was mentally unstable. In his grief filled mind Gregory turned Jennifer into a replacement for Joshua. He would make her wear his clothes, cut her hair like his, and called her Joshua. While Gregory was kind to Jennifer, it was very obvious he wasn’t stable and refused to let her leave.

Eventually a girl from the nearby orphanage, Wendy, saw Jennifer in a window to Gregory’s basement. They exchanged letters and became friends. With Wendy’s help Jennifer fled Gregory’s and went to stay at the Rose Garden Orphanage. At the orphanage Jennifer met, and soon became involved with, The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. And this is when shit gets weird… or weirder.

So, the game starts with Jennifer, now an adult, on a bus going back to the orphanage. From all of her childhood trauma she suffers with memory loss, and is most likely hoping that going back here will help. She hallucinates a young boy on the bus, who gives her the first Storybook, but to her surprise most of the pages are blank. As the story unfolds, the Storybook will be filled in.

From here we are treated to a mixing of the present and the past. Jennifer follows the mysterious boy to the orphanage, where she sees children burying something. She digs up the grave, only to be pushed in the casket herself. She hears a loudspeaker announce that they are “departing” as if on an airship. This is the moment where Jennifer fully relives her childhood memories through the eyes of her child self. The events of the game take place on an airship, which is just what poor, traumatized Jennifer saw the orphanage as when she was young. You know, an airship like the ones her parents died on? Her being “buried” as an adult at the orphanage and waking up on the airship? Symbolism. In this story, just assume everything is symbolism, because it is ALL symbolism.

So, each chapter of the game goes along with a Storybook that sort of depicts what this memory is about. Each fairytale style story is child Jennifer’s memory of events. The events center around her being dislike by the Aristocrat Club for something she did, but we don’t know what it is she is being punished for. After going through the events on the airship, Jennifer will eventually awaken back in the orphanage.

So, backing up a little, when Jennifer was a child at the orphanage she found a puppy and named him Brown. The dog that has helped you through the entire game? Yeah, that’s her memories of Brown. She loved Brown and was happy to have a good companion, but Wendy was jealous of Brown and wanted Jennifer all to herself. In Wendy’s jealously she spread horrible rumors about Jennifer, causing the Aristocrat Club to punish her, hence all of the events on the “airship”. She eventually does work her way through the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, and is now accepted by them. But, this isn’t what Wendy wanted, she wanted Jennifer to suffer until she gave up Brown.

So, Wendy’s final act of jealousy is to order Brown killed. Oh, you thought Diana was the leader? Well, surprise, Wendy is The Princess of the RCAC. Jennifer comes up to the attic to see the children have put Brown in a bag and beat him to death. The grave she sees at the start of the game with the bloody bag? It’s her memory of Brown’s grave. 

Jennifer finally stands up to Wendy, throwing her Red Rose broach, and slapping the fuck out of Wendy. She tells the others how evil, cruel, petty, and heartless they are. How they believed Wendy’s lies and how ultimately they were to blame. In this scene Jennifer appears as she did when she was a child, indicating this is as close to the “real” events as any of the memories in this game. Most of her memories are mixed up, hence why adult Jennifer is reliving what her child self saw the world as. But not this memory, no Jennifer remembers this as perfectly as any memory, most likely because of how ultimately important it is to her. I mean, this is the moment she realized she’d rather have just been alone with Brown than have fake friends.

Wendy leaves, disgraced, but isn’t quite done being a horrible person. Wendy goes to Gregory, dresses up as Joshua, and manipulates him into attacking the orphanage. Gregory kills all of the children. Wendy, before dying, apologizes for being selfish and gives Jennifer Gregory’s gun. In the good ending Jennifer gives Gregory his gun and he commits suicide.

In the good ending Jennifer accepts her past. She, in her memories, goes to the shed that she kept Brown in as a puppy, gives him the collar she made, and makes the same promise to him that she made to Wendy “Everlasting. True Love. I am yours.” Essentially, she promises to keep the memory of Brown alive and protected, proving that his love was the real, true love she had always wanted.

In the end, the game is ultimately about a lot of things. Love, jealousy, grief, loss, rejection, growing up, and coming to terms with your past. Jennifer lost her parents. Then, lived at an orphanage full of abusive people, both the staff and the children. Then, everyone was killed and she was the only survivor. It’s no wonder the poor thing blocked the memories. But, with your help, Jennifer does reclaim her memories and realizes they’re valuable because they hold her first, real friend, Brown. Even if the good memories are wrapped up in horrible things Jennifer is okay with that, because she wants to honor Brown’s loyalty, and to keep her promise. “Everlasting. True Love. I am yours.”

Dead Thief Walking Parody (Endgame spoilers)

I wanted someone strong I could confide in
But no one saw the darkness deep inside him
His solution is a lie
No one here deserves to die
Especially the boy I failed at saving
Hey, Akechi, I’m a dead thief walking!

Hey, yo, Tokyo!

Can’t hide from me, I’m a dead thief walking!

Hey, yo, Tokyo!

And there’s your final bell
It’s one more heist and then farewell
Cheek to cheek in hell with a dead thief walkin’!

[Phantom Thieves]
Come on, Phantom Thieves
Here we go, here we go now!

[SAE, spoken]
Akira! The police told me you’d just committed suicide!

[AKIRA, spoken]
Yeah, well, they’re wrong about a lot of things

[SAE, spoken]
I threw together a lovely tribute, especially considering the short notice…

[AKIRA, spoken]
Sae, Where does Masayoshi Shido work?

[SAE, spoken]
The Diet Building

[AKIRA, spoken]
That’s it!

[SAE, spoken]
Akira, what’s going on?

Got no time to talk, I’m a dead thief walking!

Hey yo, Tokyo!
Tell me what’s that sound?
Here comes Shido-san
Comin’ to put you in the ground!
Go go, Tokyo!
Give a great big yell!
Shido-san will knock you out
And send you straight to hell!

[AKIRA, spoken]
Step away from the treasure

[AKECHI, spoken]
This stupid thing? I’d hardly call this a treasure. No, I’m just here to make Masayoshi Shido suffer for everything he’s done. You understand, don’t you? People are going to watch as he suffers a mental shutdown on national television. And me, an utter disgrace to the world, will be acknowledged by everyone, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

There’s no place on Earth where attic trash and bastard children could be friends!

I wish your mom had been a little stronger
I wish she stayed around a little longer
I wish your dad were good!
I wish grown-ups understood!
I wish we’d met before
They convinced you life is war!
I wish you’d come with me—

[AKECHI, spoken]
*psychotic laughter* Come…LOKI!!!

Hey yo, Tokyo!
Tell me what’s that sound?
Here comes Yaldobeth
Comin’ to put you in the ground!
Go go, Yaldobeth!
Give a great big yell!
Yaldobeth will knock you out
And send you straight to…

Thoughts on Lucas Baker etc

The way I see it, he’s not under Eveline’s direct control but he’s obviously still infected. If you found the notes where it details how Evie breaks a person in order to control them you would have seen that she basically drives people insane. They are mentally broken before she takes complete control. Another thing, every single murderous action the Baker’s took may not have been dictated to them by Evie. I don’t think she was whispering in Jack and Marguerite’s ears every single time they did something disgusting or crazy. I think they did some of it because of the infection alone and being driven mad by it.
Also the thing about Lucas that some people seem to be forgetting. He was a child when he locked his bully in the attic. Children lack the ability to foresee or understand consequences. Couple that with the fact that Lucas seems to have some sort of disorder, he may be on the autistic spectrum or have aspergers. He has some sort of mental issue anyway. He was taken to a doctor to be checked or tested or whatever and as a reward/apology for going his mother bought him a present (the puzzle). Having some sort of mental disorder on top of being a child would make it even harder for that child to see consequences to their actions. I don’t think he actually intended to kill the bully. It’s still horrifying what he did of course but I don’t think it was intentional.
So I see Lucas as continuing to do terrible things after being free from Evie’s direct control as a result of the infection and being driven completely mad. I think the reason why Zoe seems the most sane is because she was lucky enough to be somewhat isolated from the situation. While Lucas had to dispose of dead bodies Zoe was hiding in her trailer. Who knows how her mental state would have been had she participated in “helping” her family? And Mia seemed to be a prisoner/out of it most of the time which could explain her periods of lucidity.
I really wish there was more information given to us but this is how I saw things.


“Take This Waltz”

Now in Vienna there’s ten pretty women 
There’s a shoulder where Death comes to cry 
There’s a lobby with nine hundred windows 
There’s a tree where the doves go to die 
There’s a piece that was torn from the morning 
And it hangs in the Gallery of Frost 
Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay 
Take this waltz, take this waltz 
Take this waltz with the clamp on its jaws 
Oh I want you, I want you, I want you 
On a chair with a dead magazine 
In the cave at the tip of the lily 
In some hallways where love’s never been 
On a bed where the moon has been sweating 
In a cry filled with footsteps and sand 
Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay 
Take this waltz, take this waltz 
Take its broken waist in your hand 

This waltz, this waltz, this waltz, this waltz 
With its very own breath of brandy and Death 
Dragging its tail in the sea 

There’s a concert hall in Vienna 
Where your mouth had a thousand reviews 
There’s a bar where the boys have stopped talking 
They’ve been sentenced to death by the blues 
Ah, but who is it climbs to your picture 
With a garland of freshly cut tears? 
Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay 
Take this waltz, take this waltz 
Take this waltz it’s been dying for years 

There’s an attic where children are playing 
Where I’ve got to lie down with you soon 
In a dream of Hungarian lanterns 
In the mist of some sweet afternoon 
And I’ll see what you’ve chained to your sorrow 
All your sheep and your lilies of snow 
Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay 
Take this waltz, take this waltz 
With its “I’ll never forget you, you know!" 

This waltz, this waltz, this waltz, this waltz … 

And I’ll dance with you in Vienna 
I’ll be wearing a river’s disguise 
The hyacinth wild on my shoulder, 
My mouth on the dew of your thighs 
And I’ll bury my soul in a scrapbook, 
With the photographs there, and the moss 
And I’ll yield to the flood of your beauty 
My cheap violin and my cross 
And you’ll carry me down on your dancing 
To the pools that you lift on your wrist 
Oh my love, Oh my love 
Take this waltz, take this waltz 
It’s yours now. It’s all that there is
10 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was only a Category 3 hurricane when it hit New Orleans in August 2005. But circumstances conspired to make it one of the worst disasters in U.S. history. The ingredients for disaster were in place before Katrina even hit.

  • New Orleans is almost entirely below sea level and surrounded by water.
  • City officials had known for years that a major hurricane could cause the levees (walls that hold the water back) to fail. But the problem was never addressed, even as the planet warmed and sea levels rose.
  • Meanwhile the canals and floodwalls built to make the Louisiana coast habitable for humans have displaced the sediments that support its wetlands.
  • Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, which form a natural barrier against hurricanes, are disappearing at a rate of 33 football fields a day.

We won’t soon forget what happened. People trapped on rooftops after the water had risen through the floorboards, poured through windows and filled the attic. Mothers and small children—and children without their mothers—stranded for days in the overcrowded Superdome. New Orleans, one of America’s most vibrant and visited cities, underwater.

Hurricanes have many ways of doing us harm: high winds, storm surge, flooding. But people contribute to the problem. We build on vulnerable coastlines and below sea level. Our industry erodes the land that protects us. There will always be natural disasters. Are we turning them into unnatural disasters?

Learn more about hurricanes and their causes

A Place to Grow

After nightmares plague his sleep, Ford awakens and decides to go to his favorite place in Gravity Falls while the Sun rises. To his surprise, he’s not there alone.

Special thanks to krisonastar for the prompt/idea and song recommendation to write to by puppycrunch. This fic wouldn’t have been written without you guys. Thanks a ton! :D

A Place to Grow

  Ford jolted awake, heart racing. He adjusted his glasses and glanced about, hoping that the shadows from his nightmare hadn’t followed him into reality. Thankfully, everything was just as it’d been before he’d been claimed by sleep, though the smell of burnt skin still clogged his nose.

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So I was digging through some of my old books this evening and stumbled upon this, which I had totally forgotten about! Just seeing the cover put a huge smile on my face, and I’m planning on rereading it before tucking it away for future generations. Does anyone else remember this series? Do you have any other old children’s books featuring characters of color that you look back on fondly? 

-Jocelyn (Dot) 


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