A magical variety of raven, Nachtkrapp are as dangerous, if not more so, than their Nordic cousins, Valravns. Originally found in Germany they have now spread throughout Europe and have been introduced to - and indeed are common in - North America, often competing with domesticated Valravns for territory. Pale in colour, Nachtkrapp happily travel alone or in groups, but are known to mob children in incorrectly warded gardens - at present areas known to be inhabited by Nachtkrapp must be correctly bespelled to protect all children - magical or muggle - within their areas by ICW mandate.

Like Grims Nachtkrapp are considered omens of death, however, where the existence of Grims is still hotly debated by those who do and do not believe in some of the more imprecise Divinatory arts, Nachtkrapp are known to exist, and their ability to induce states of shock in those who look into their eyes is well known, attested to and recorded. While not immediately deadly, the body parts of Nachtkrapp are known to have severe degrading effects on mental wellness unless properly spelled, and as such the body parts of all Nachtkrapp require special permits in order to trade in - permits also kept by those few who have successfully domesticated Nachtkrapp and trained them to, instead of inducing shock via eye-contact, instead induce a soothing almost meditative trance.

Nachtkrapp feed largely on carrion and, when they successfully kill a child, they will feast on the corpse for as long as possible - carcasses of Nachtkrapp prey are picked clean with startling rapidity. Domesticated Nachtkrapp are usually fed mice and frogs, though rabbit meat is often used in training, and they are known to much enjoy pufferfish eyes, often depleting potions stores. The feathers of Nachtkrapp can be used as wandcores but due to the difficulty in finding and obtaining them, the ease of finding the equally powerful feathers of Valravn, and the fact that Nachtkrapp body parts are generally not traded this is very uncommon. Experimental wandmaker Pastor Edmund Bream has been known to use Nachtkrapp feathers before, and notes that owners of such wands are often exceedingly morbid.

White Ravens by Michael

(Read about the Nachtkrapp of lore Here. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.) 

GeekyCon Panel: A Whole New World

Speakers: Anna-Marie McLemore, Daniel Jose Older, Kat Zhang, Cindy Pon, and Megan Whalen Turner

This session was all about the process and problems with world-building. The authors speaking range from science fiction, magical realism, and both high and urban fantasy. Despite the genre disparities, they found common ground as they attested to conscious decisions to not fall into tropes while creating their own world elements. For example, Megan Whalen Turner writes high fantasy, but didn’t want to create another ‘Middle-Earth’, so while on a trip to Greece, decided to model her world on a more Mediterranean landscape. The gods she created for her story were her own, but did have certain inspirations from the Greek pantheon.

Lots of world-building stems from symbolism, and metaphors are abound. From snake tails in place of menstrual periods, to rose-growing wrists, the magical elements their characters and worlds contain often are a decisive nod to universally relatable struggles of oppression, growing up, and power.

Best quote: “We have enough white boys going on journeys!” -Cindy Pon

to attest to what a rotten “human being” my ex roommate was, she was the only person in the history of me having my half-blind, toothless, happy little old granny pomeranian that said granny pomeranian would bark and growl at

the sweetest pomeranian in the world hated this shitlord and honestly i dont blame her at all

ok so i have been thinking about what eiffel would do after he got back from space and i like to think he opens a flower shop? 

  1. flowers are way more colorful than space
  2. they need a lot of natural light to live, in contrast to the harsh lights and darkness of the station 
  3. he can grow them himself and take care of them and surround himself with living things instead of the dead emptiness / ghosts of space
  4. they make people happy, usually, and eiffel is tired of seeing people sad 
  5. communication through flowers!!!! 
  6. in loving memory of the plant monster

+ bonus: lovelace sues goddard industries and wins and the reporters ask what she plans on doing next and she ALMOST SMILES!!!!! but then she glares at all of them and says “i’m not going to tell you that” and a week later she shows up at eiffel’s flowershop and asks if he’d like an extra pair of hands

Consciousness is Self Awareness

Self awareness is not thinking. That is cognition. A dandelion doesn’t think as we do as it has no brain nor nervous system. Yet it “knows” that it is this and not that. A stone or a star doesn’t. It is a conceit of human beings to think that the consciousness of other beings is somehow inferior because it is not like ours. A dandelion will fight for its survival as anybody who has ever maintained a lawn can attest. It will compete for water, soil, sun and growing space. Yet even at a smaller level, within the cells of the dandelion are machines made of just a few molecules. These machines bend proteins. They move within the cell with directed purpose carrying out the actions which need to be done for survival. Life is all about purpose. 

Here is a transport protein in action. It has no brain. No nervous system. No onboard intelligence of any kind yet it reacts with the world. It will transport this molecule where it is needed within the cell and then go back for more. It is clearly self aware. Again, not with thought. But by its purposeful action.

7/15/16 - 7/24/16

  • Discretion is always worth exercising. Just because you have the right and ability to do or say something doesn’t mean you should. Situational awareness is especially when your actions can affect others, even inadvertently. 
  • Building off the last point, know how much to say when revealing things. In the movie Interstellar, an artificial intelligence system named TARS reveals that it’s programmed to be 95% truthful with the human crew members of its ship and cites our emotions as the reason. It’s true, many of us can attest that more than once, we’ve slightly left out a detail or two when recounting a story or expressing a thought. Although I personally try to stick to being 100% truthful all of the time, I do support this cause like I previously said, discretion should be exercised. Just keep in mind that the people around you can also be 95% truthful with you by omitted whatever details they deem unnecessary at the time, and you can’t fault them for that if you yourself are the same way. 
  • Own your feelings and emotions. I’ve mentioned this before but you really  should accept and embrace your feelings. People still seriously feed into the whole “low key” thing and take it to heart but if you’re really trying to convince yourself that you don’t care for something or someone as much as you actually do, you’re in for really shitty wake up call. If you don’t like something, act on it, make it known if you’re questioned; and vice versa. 
  • Be you, and unapologetic so. Don’t fake interest in people or things you don’t like just to appease others. Don’t try to emulate someone else’s actions cause you think doing exactly what they did will net you what they have/had. If you’re trying to achieve something or capture someone’s attention or interest, you really might as well do it while being as genuine and true to yourself as possible. 
  • Communication will always be the most essential aspect of accomplishing anything dependent on more than one person. From an 8th grade group project to marriage, it’s the one true make or break factor. Closed mouths don’t get fed so if you have something to say, say it, and don’t let pride or fear of the answer stop you. It’s baffling to see two people that really like each other have some silent stand off because of miscommunication. You’re not gonna get anything accomplished by spending hours, days, or weeks, avoiding each other waiting for the other to crack. As for fear, it’s not easy to ask tough questions, especially when you have an answer in mind that you’d like to hear but your gut tells you you’ll hear exactly what you fear the most. 
  • Going after what you want vs. letting things play out. Things will work out, just let it be, let go and let god, what’s meant to be will be. All things I’ve heard at some point, and that I’ve said to others as well, usually when struggling with wanting a particular outcome that we have limited control of. While I respect this stance cause it promotes patience, there’s only so much standing by and letting things play out a person can do. For the most part, you do have the ability to alter certain situations in your life. Yes, there comes a point when you’ve done all you could and you’ve no choice but to leave it alone but even thing, situations aren’t always gonna stay in that state. They waver between that and giving you the chance to have input and influence, so remain vigilante and on top of things if you want to have as much say as possible. 
  • You’re under no obligation to be the same person you once were. You’re changing by the second, information alters our stance and opinions and for someone to accuse you of being fake or any less genuine than you actually are because of a shift in views, is nonsense. You’re supposed to change and adapt with time, it’s called growth. On the flip side, integrity is a hell of a nice thing to develop. Saying something and sticking to it time and time again proves to others, and more importantly to yourself, that you’re capable of making good on your word. Finding the middle ground between these two attributes really boils down to not rushing to make claims and giving yourself room for setbacks.

I used to be a super optimistic person, then I went through some stuff and that was shot. For the past couple of years though I’ve been slowly reclaiming bits and pieces of the old me and it’s really about counting your blessings, no matter how small. Cherish the people who continue to display their investment in your wellbeing, the ones that always answer your calls and reply to your texts faster than the screen can go off. If you don’t have any of these things then that’s just fine, time will grant you the opportunity to have them, and they’re very much worth the wait. Someone asked me today what I wanted for my birthday and I told them I have a friend visiting me soon and that’s really all I could ask for. Then came the brigade of questions. Is that your girl, she your best friend, what are you guys? I didn’t answer because I refuse to put a label on something that I honestly find solace in. I don’t like titles or classifying my relationships, platonic or not, with anyone. The point I’m trying to make is that on an occasion where many people, rightfully, go all out and spend a lot to make their special day as they picture it, I’m simply looking looking forward to enjoying someone else’s company. 

I saw a screenshot of a tweet earlier and I can’t remember exactly what it said but it was something like “create the life you want with the love you have.” I found it really genuine cause it’s kind of a catch all saying that you can have the life you want with your own brand of love. We all love and express our love for others in different ways, and as hard as we try, we sometimes slip into thinking our form or affection and care isn’t enough. It’s enough, often times it’s more than enough, but we compare ourselves with our peers, many of which aren’t in the same predicament as us and facing the same struggles. Who you are as a person, flaws and all, is enough. White, black, dark, light, tall, short, skinny, big, rich, struggling, it’s doesn’t matter. Metrics are just that, categories and measurements created to help us advance as a species but we label and confine ourselves so much we in turn create mental boundaries and somehow convince ourselves that we’re not deserving of what we want. So no matter how much you’ve been through, or how little, wherever you are along your personal journey, you’re worth it, and you’ve got just as much to offer as the next person.

The Best Summer 2016 Anime For People Who Love Pretty Boys and Gay Subtext

We’re now a few weeks into the Summer 2016 anime season, and by this point it is no secret that a larger than usual number of shows airing this season are adapted from shoujo manga or are otherwise aimed at a female audience, be they otome or fujoshi shows. This  means, without putting it in terms that imply these shows have appeal for just one gender, we have a lot of shows this season with good-looking guys that we can easily imagine being really gay with each other. After watching all the shows in that might fit this description, here are the three that I feel are most worth watching.

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period tip!

if you’re worried about staining your sheets or clothes while you’re sleeping, consider getting fleece sheets and wearing fleece pants! fleece is made of polyester, and it’s REALLY hard to get it to stain. like, really hard.

you can actually use fleece as guinea pig bedding like i do, and I can personally attest to the fact that it’s strong as hell. I’ve had my piggies pee on it, poop on it, I’ve washed it once a week in hot water on a heavy cycle with bleach and vinegar, and that stuff has yet to get even a little discolored – and I’ve been using it for a year.

additionally, fleece is a relatively waterproof material, which will help protect your mattress.

so yeah, if you have an issue with staining your bedsheets or pants, invest in some fleece sheets and pajamas. they’ll save your life.

Just Like the Movies

Summary-    Dean is on a hunt for a ghost murdering people in a movie theater, little does he know that theater is hosting a movie premiere for the latest Hollywood Horror Blockbuster. He ends up running into the star of the film and ends up getting more than he bargained for when she turns out to be more than just an actress.

Written for @kittenofdoomage​ ‘s Summer Lovin’ Challenge. I decided to do a twist on the Blockbuster idea that I hope you all will enjoy. (Ao3 Link) 

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1858

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Squad Appreciation Post

Listen Joe, Caspar, and Oli are really funny and definitely deserve their fame and appreciation, but they have a group of friends who are lesser known and kinda ignored and I want to raise awareness to their amazingness. 

Jack Maynard 

This lil cutie is Jack Maynard. He is really funny, is hungover a lot, and a bit of a player. However, he is really devoted to his friends and family (as they’re in about every single video he puts up). He knows how to annoy his friends (especially Mikey) but in a really funny manner. And if you don’t love him already go binge watch his videos

Josh Pieters  

This is tol but smol guy is Josh Pieters (my husband). He is so SWEET, his friendship with Caspar can attest to that and his first weird but now very close friendship with Joe. His videos are classic youtube and he is very dedicated to them (the guy went days without sleeping!). So I highly recommend you go visit his channel.

Conor Maynard

This bundle of joy is Conor Maynard. He is hilarious, often saying the inappropriate joke and he gets so funny around his friends. Most importantly CONOR’S VOICE IS THAT OF AN ANGEL. His explicit cover of Panda is amazing and you have to listen to it. Also his original songs like R U Crazy are gifts from the heavens. Please do yourself a favor and check out his channel. 

Micheal Pearce (Mikey)

This pure lil bean is Mikey (friends call him LP sometimes). He is pretty new to us, the viewers but that doesn’t mean you should ignore him! He is a very relatable guy often tongue tied and bursting into laughter from his friends. They give him a bit of a hard time but he enjoys the banter. I suggest you watch Josh’s video where they prank him (First Youtube Video! Prank!) and you’re heart will just fill up with pity for him as they stress him out. Go watch his very recently made channel it is pretty funny so far and will no doubt continue to be funny.

Anyway I really enjoy this group of friends and hope you’ll give them a chance because they are all pretty great and if you watch one of their friends your bound to see them.

anonymous asked:

Just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the sdcc trailer vs setlock breakdown. It's like... a narrated visual spreadsheet (does that even make sense), and it's awesome. Thank you for being amazing!!!!!

Thank you, nonny! That actually makes a lot of sense because this really is essentially what my setlock spreadsheets look like, except this has pictures added and full sentences. :) Glad you found it helpful!

I just realized that I would be that person who would enter an old asylum and would strike up a casual conversation with the ghosts of the patients like, “Hey, hi, how are you, are you doing okay, do you want to talk about it, can I get you anything?” I don’t think I’d really get scared until I saw a ghost of one of the old doctors. 

Seriously anyone who knows me irl or has followed me for awhile can attest to this. I would absolutely be that person who would be thrown into an asylum in a horror film and while everyone else is screaming and running around, I’d just be like, “Yep, we need to advocate for disabled ghosts. Who’s with me? Why are you screaming? Knock it off. They’re going to get overstimulated.” And then I’d spend the next hour repeatedly trying to put a weighted blanket on a ghost and watching it fall through before repeating the process.

spiky-hope  asked:

what did lance mean by:"call me tailor because how well i thread the needle." like....????

Okay so, I will try my best to explain this phrase lmao.

Threading a needle is ridiculously hard, anyone who sews can attest to this. Passing the string through the eye of a needle takes so much skill, dedication, and concentration, it’s frustrating to say the least. 

Because it’s so hard to do, when you say someone ‘threads the needle’ it basically means that they have mad #SKILLZ and can do something like a major professional. 

Tailors work with needles because they’re… Tailors.

So Lance is saying that he’s so good at flying (which is a hard skill to master) that he’s basically a professional at the trade, much like a tailor is at threading a needle.