Freyfaxi or Hlæfæst

Freyfaxi (aka Hlæfæst) is said to be the time when horses were sacrificed to the God Freyr and was said to fall in early August. 
Many modern heathens however usually coincide the date with that of Lammas (July 31st-August 1st) since they are both revered as times of fertility and harvest. Not much is attested about holidays in the Eddas besides Midsummer and Yule, so there isn’t too many sources to gather on this specific day or how to celebrate it… One thing I am sure of is that we are no longer sacrificing horses to our gods! Many use this day to give thanks to Jörð(Earth) and to honor Freyr. So, generally, this is a day of harvest celebrations, fertility and peace.

Last year when me and my family celebrated Freyfaxi, we made dishes with seasonal ingredients such as berries and grains. I shared stories about Freyr and his legacy with the Ynglings (royal Swedish house), listened to old Swedish folk music and drank wine.

To make the best of your day, (even if you’re a little confused about how to) as a Heathen, give thanks to Earth and Freyr. Offer prayers and blessings of peace and abundance to those around you, communicate with the Wights, read Skírnismál (the most popular story about Freyr) and if you’re magically inclined; fertility magic and divination are very powerful this day.

Whatever you are celebrating, have a good time doing so!
What I posted on facebook

Okay, so I’m going to make a rather long post. And this is rather important to me, but I can understand if you don’t care.

So, as some of you know, I have issues with depression. It’s the kind of shit that is really debilitating, making it where I don’t want to leave my bed, or my house, don’t want to talk to anyone, no matter how much I care about them. I can honestly say that more friendships and romantic relationships have been ruined by this than anything.

I’m not looking for sympathy.

Some issues I have deal with being manic, which any one who has spent any amount of time with me can attest to. I can be really high energy, really happy, ready to tear everything down and build it back up again and grinning from ear to ear, and then it just all flips and you’re lucky if you can get me to get out of bed to take a shower and put on clean clothing.

Some issues are related to some of the stuff I’ve seen as a firefighter in the past five years. It doesn’t effect me much, but sometimes smoke, screams, or gore can make me have pretty intense flashbacks to certain events. For all I know that could just be me having trouble or could be related to PTSD, I do not know at this point in time.

I think the best thing I can do at this time in my life is to try and get help from a doctor. Even if it’s just someone to talk to, or they put me on some kind of medicine for it, I think it may be for the best at this point. I do not want to have to go a medicine route for this, because I’ve seen a lot of people who have similar issues get fucked up from that route. But at the same time, if it can help me, then it may be for the best for me to go that route.

Again. I ain’t looking for sympathy. I never have, never will consciously ask for it. I’ve been dealing with all of this mostly alone for a very long time. And I’m really tired of dealing with it alone. I know it’s going to make some people angry or dislike me that I’m ‘going public’ with this, but you guys might not realize what it’s like to feel like you’re fighting these kind of monsters alone. Even if you know you’re not, that doesn’t change the way it feels. Being told to be happy or to calm down or that it’s going to be okay doesn’t matter to your head sometimes.

I’m going to get the help that I need. I just hope that you can hang with me while I do, and hopefully still be around when I get myself to the point where I’m a better person to be around

birdmad--girl asked:

in regards to that post about mental health: i have my bachelors in social work & i work at a mental health clinic & i can attest that this is 100% percent true. coloring is especially good for relieving stress; there are countless studies on it. they even sell "adult" coloring books with pictures of mandalas & the like at most commercial book stores. check out huffington post: "coloring isn't just for kids". toys & cartoons are the same. they increase feelings of optimism & make people happy.(:

Thank you for the insight :) I love the idea,I’m just skeptical about taking things on the internet for face value. Your info is much appreciated!

A rant to the void about the metal community.

Let me start this by saying I am massively into metal music. Like, very much so. If you know me, you can attest to this. Which is why it pains me to say what i’m about to.


Don’t get me wrong, there are great aspects to the community. The sense of comradery I feel at concerts is immense, the passion for the music is amazing, and it’s one of the reasons I love seeing bands live, especially ones with a passionate fanbase. But this is a double edged sword, because this passion for our music is often used to invalidate that which others feel for non-metal music, and this is something that needs to stop. We get it, we have a very close love of our music, but others feel the exact same love. I, personally, have no real investment in rap, or pop, or many other genres (not to invalidate the non-listed, but those two receive the most hate in the community) But, if someone feels an intense passion for that kind of music, it’s not our place to invalidate that passion. And I get that many of you have had your passion invalidated, I have as well, metal is far from mainstream, and while not outright hated, it’s not exactly pop culture. My parents make fun of it, I’ve had friends that made fun of it, it hurts to have your love of something invalidated. But that doesn’t make it ok to do it to someone else. Please, be passionate, love the music with as much joy and vigor as I know you do, that’s what makes you great, and this community great to be part of, but please stop invalidating other peoples love of music you don’t see the appeal in.

#TrishDennison = the REAL instigator of tonight's chaos in #Ferguson.

#Ferguson Mayor Flees When “Conversation With the Community” Demands His Recall via @seanjjordan

— Vicki Walden (@TheVikChick)

July 31, 2015

#TrishDennison = the REAL instigator of tonight’s chaos in #Ferguson.

— Justin Gibson (@JGibsonDem)

July 31, 2015

I just spoke with @dotcw48 who says a girl struck @ShetheStreet and the police tackled her. She gave a written statement attesting to that.

— Bob Hudgins (@Bob_Hudgins)

July 31, 2015

13) Trish Dennison, at the center of so much conflict, left the protest with a police escort.

— Sean Jordan (@seanjjordan)

July 31, 2015

#TrishDennison from rural IL attended Ferguson city meeting, hit black child, & drove away while child was arrested.

— t.c. (@tchopStL)

July 31, 2015

#TrishDennison aka @Cowgirley1 has been stalking #Ferguson activists for months on end now she attacks a child & THE CHILD gets arrested.

— D (@Delo_Taylor)

July 31, 2015

#Ferguson PD #FreeAlicia @ShetheStreet

— Heather ♿ (@MissJupiter1957)

July 31, 2015

just an open letter to all the aspiring interior designers out there, never ever under any circumstances put picture frames right next to the light switch i mean jesus christ i can attest from personal experience that it’s just a horrific accident waiting to happen

Why I admire Trina

I have admired the actress Trina Mcgee from Boy Meets World ever since she first started on the show. First and foremost, she is an amazing actress. Her portrayal of Angela was spot on. She and Rider made me feel so many things for Shawn and Angela. They both inspired love, and passion, and made me both laugh, and cry. Trina is not only a great actress, but a great person as well. Ever since I started following her on twitter, I have learned so much more about her as a woman. She stands up for herself and what she believes in, and I think that is so awesome. It’s commendable, especially in this day and age when everyone has an opinion about you. She knows exactly who she is, she is opinionated and not afraid to be herself. She talks to her fans and is very sociable and friendly and I can attest to that, because she has spoken to me before. I feel like I am getting to know the person and not just the actress. For anyone out there who doesn’t like her and says bad stuff about her, then they are just immature. Don’t follow someone that you don’t even like. She is gorgeous on both the inside and the outside

First of all I just want to say thank you all so much for making this dumb little side blog fun to update.  I really love all of the stuff I’ve learned in the last year and a half since starting this blog, and I’m very appreciative of the awesome people I’ve met because of it.

trollmonk can attest to how many times I’ve thought about doing some sort of graphics giveaway, but I always eventually chickened out because I was like ‘noBODY WANTS THIS STUFFF’ (or it would turn into a battle pet giveaway which would then be dropped because lbr none of my bpets are cool).  NOT THIS TIME THOUGH.  I really want to give back to you all in the only way I know how;  SO, without further ado

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Alright, so here’s my thing and why I’m not buying the bullshit, “Well it doesn’t matter what Nicotero, Gimple, Norman, Emily, and even LC and Sonequa say, because that doesn’t equal canon.” Because I’ve watched this entire war between Bethylers and C@rylers unfold from the jump–the very beginning. And let’s be real, this is what it ultimately boils down to.

I was one of the first main Bethylers on here along with bethylforever and a very selective handful of other girls who can attest to this, because they were there for the whole thing too. So newer shippers might not be aware of the entirety of what fans have had to endure from the C@ryl side, and how hypocritical they can be when it comes to “shipping rules”. Whatever the fuck that actually means, considering these “rules” somehow managed to just pop up out of nowhere. Surprise, surprise.

When all of this first happened, and even now– what constitutes as canon to C@rylers has been extremely double standardized. Considering one of their prevalent shippers who writes the long metas based on her interpretations of what’s going on between these characters, while simultaneously trying to present them as “facts” and “evidence” as to how everything is going to lead up to canon.

This was especially true during/around the time that Beth was first kidnapped and she was writing metas on Beth as well and how Beth “wouldn’t be coming back”. But during that timeline whenever a lot of interviews and articles were coming out, C@rylers were using all of the pro-C@ryl material, and once again, presenting it as evidence that C@ryl would be heading into/already was “canon”, and whenever our tags (and the general twd ones) were being bombarded with these things, Bethylers attempted the same thing by saying, “An article doesn’t mean it’s canon.” And for that, many Bethylers were ridiculed, anonymously hassled day in and day out about saying that. So the double standards have got to stop. There’s a vast difference between practicing what you preach and crossing your fingers at the alter. Because really, what it’s sounding like at this point is that it doesn’t matter what anyone says, not even the Executive Producer, The Showrunner, majority of the cast or even a good chunk of the general viewers think, the only thing that can constitute as evidence, proof or otherwise is only specifically things that cater to the C@ryl ship.

Because saying Bethyl isn’t canon over and over, or screeching at us that Beth is dead still doesn’t change the fact that canon things have gone on on-screen as well that constitutes as “canon”

▫ Daryl carrying Beth bridal style through the doorway; canon.

▫ Daryl telling Beth that she’s what changed his mind about good people being left in the world; canon

▫ Daryl watching Beth play piano and sing intently; canon.

▫ Daryl making the decision to try and stay and make a life with Beth at the funeral home even though the rest of Team Family was still out there; canon

▫ Daryl and Beth holding hands and intertwining their fingers; canon

▫ The “serious piggyback”; canon

▫ Daryl nearly shanking that guy for talking about Beth and saying she wouldn’t last long; canon

▫ Daryl being extremely depressed after losing Beth, self harming, isolating himself because of her; canon

▫ Rick saying, “I know you lost something back there.”; canon.

▫ Carol recognizing that before the fall of the Prison, he was like a boy, but after he and Beth escaped together and once he was back, now he’s a man; canon.

Among many others, but the point is that you can’t sit there and spout out old interviews from back before Alone had even aired yet, using them as a weapon against a ship if you’re going to say interviews don’t count for that ship. Because essentially what you’re literally saying is, it doesn’t count unless it’s about C@ryl. And it has been that way for a long, long time.

All I’m saying is, you can’t discount the fact that in several more interviews, not even articles, but interviews–with people who run the show, see the scripts, all the outtakes, gain the final footage and that the people who literally play these characters have seen Bethyl as a thing and then turn around when you get ones catering to your ship and use those as irrefutable proof/evidence. That’s not how it works. Not to mention trying to say that AMC Official is just mistakes is a bit of a stretch too considering how much and how often Bethylers and cstans alike have been freaking out over those character bios for quite a bit now. Surely they would of fixed it, had it been an error. And not only that, but it’s a bit naive to discount things that the Executive Producer, The Showrunner say in regards to these stories, and all three actors involved who play the characters of these ships say about the characters they play and know. That’s a bit presumptuous and honestly silly.

MMB has said that C@ryl was a fanmade ship. Norman said on multiple occasions, especially more recently (Post 4B) that Carol is like Daryl’s sister. Emily said that the way she interpreted it was that Daryl cared about her in a very special way, that they wee kind of together but Beth didn’t know because he never really said it.

So when I say “canon”, I’m speaking in terms of what I’ve seen ONSCREEN and what the perceptions of the people who’ve helped create, shape and play these characters have to say about it, and what their takes on what is going on with them, because really, when it comes down to it, TPTB have the ultimate say and as far as Bethyl goes, it’s already a done thing. That’s why I’m saying, even though Beth is dead, they were still saying Daryl was ready for romance and that supposedly never happened (or it did, and it just wasn’t with Carol, so a lot of folks are refusing to acknowledge it.) That’s not to say C@ryl can’t still happen down the road or something, it’s just saying that with what we were shown on screen, what we were told off screen and behind the scenes of it all, yeah, technically in a lot of ways, Bethyl is canon.

TRUE: No Irish Need Apply signs were once a major factor in American life.

 Whoa. Ok. Is It Fake doesn’t know what to say here. Is It Fake is ashamed to admit that Is It Fake not only believed the original contention in this case, but probably told people about it confidently and douchily in arguments.

Professor Richard Jensen wrote a famous article “debunking” the presence of No Irish Need Apply signs in America, saying that no such signs had ever existed, and furthermore that anti-Irish discrimination was not the force it had been painted in American historical memory.

This is completely bullshit. As high school student Rebecca Fried has demonstrated, No Irish Need Apply ads were completely real. Here is a link to a page with tens of them, as well as a thorough description of Jensen’s response, which Is It Fake feels is at best disingenuous.

Jensen confidently stated that there were no window signs; they’re attested. He claimed that very few newspaper ads existed with these words–hundreds if not thousands do. He claimed that there were no contemporary court cases over the words–there were at least two. He claimed no contemporary commentator ever mentioned such a sign with any specificity–addresses and professions were mentioned in the press. And everybody believed him.

Is It Fake has taken several morals from this story, but first and foremost among them is: it is often easier in the academy to trust that discrimination did not exist, than that it did. Even when the group is now politically privileged, and even when the evidence for it is actually overwhelming.

Mermaid Tail Makers

The following is a list of people and companies that sell mermaid tails made of either fabric, silicone, neoprene, latex, partial silicone, or other materials.

I cannot attest to the services and products from each company, as I only own a single tail from The2Tails. This is also not a complete list of every tail maker in the world, it is simply here as a reference for those of you who would like to do some research.


Full Platinum Silicone

Partial Silicone, Latex, Neoprene, Other

Monofins Only

//Heeeyy, in addition to some exciting work that has suddenly sprung up, it’s gotten to the point where being myself is… kind of a hassle and feeling low is part of my character now, hence my sporadic activity. Thanks for your patience as always.

anonymous asked:

Other than the falls what did you enjoy most about Classics?

I think the Juniors were fantastic! Some of them had a really rough meet but I’m pretty sure the whole time I was watching I was wowed by Gabby Perea (VT, UB, BB, FX) from Legacy Elite. Her gymnastics are clean and lovely to watch because of her gorgeous lines and gets an incredible amount of height on her tumbling.

Mermaid Tail Makers (7/30/15)

Updated with a few more companies that produce fabric tails.

The following is a list of people and companies that sell mermaid tails made of either fabric, silicone, neoprene, latex, partial silicone, or other materials.

I cannot attest to the services and products from each company, as I only own a single tail from The2Tails. This is also not a complete list of every tail maker in the world, it is simply here as a reference for those of you who would like to do some research.


Full Platinum Silicone

Partial Silicone, Latex, Neoprene, Other

Monofins Only