When I celebrated my birthday a little early this year, a friend surprised me when she made this elaborate cake based on the cover art of a story I wrote about The Walking Dead Game. I can personally attest that it tastes as good as it looks. The only things not edible are the banner and the cutouts of Clementine and Sarah. The rocks are actually chocolate, and the trees were made by gluing pretzels together with peanut butter then covering them in chocolate. =)

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please don't base your opinion on american liquor on Absolut Vodka hahaha as an underage uni student who has a half empty bottle of that in their cabinet, i can attest that that is not good vodka

i’m a young australian adult i drank goon exclusively for years anything that is not cheap shit wine is luxurious as fuck


someone complimented my eyebrows today and that attests to the fact that the brow box has changed the name of the game here folks

If you are local to Boston and want to buy some neat stuff this weekend, this would be a good opportunity to do so. Some friends and I are holding a geekcentric yard sale loaded with the sort of stuff that you, the discerning reader of this Tumblr, might enjoy. Check out tons (literally, as my back attests) of graphic novels, comics, video games, books, CDs, DVDs and more!


I used to look in the mirror and be ashamed of the color of my skin, because it came with negative connotations that I felt as though I had to strive to distance myself from!

I was born in America… I think most people in this room can attest to that. I’m not completely and utterly informed about every hate crime and every action that was taken that lead me and my race to where we are today. However, I try to absorb enough knowledge that I can understand the precarious situation that African-Americans are in today.

I say African-American despite the fact that the term in itself manages to effectively tick me off. I don’t call my friends Polish-Slovakian-American or Honduran-Venezuelan American do I? Just by looking at the darker color of my skin, it’s plain as day that I’m “African-American”.

I used to look in the mirror and be ashamed of the color of my skin, because it came with negative connotations that I felt as though I had to strive to distance myself from! The popular American outlook on blacks is skewed and the ‘celebration’ of black history month, the stereotypes surrounding blacks, coupled with the dissociation of likeable qualities we might possess only further distorts this faulty perspective.

From the tender age of 3, I attended a predominantly black private Christian school, I excelled in my studies and our school was quite big on the prospect of black history. Needless to say, the transition to public school was not completely seamless. There were many stark differences, simply being surrounded by all these faces that were unlike my own was foreign, and a bit daunting. However, when February rolled around, we started our ‘black history’ lessons. 

When I say ‘slavery’ you say ‘sorry’!

Sorry our forefathers brought you to this foreign land after buying you off of your own people! It’s incredibly unfortunate that they beat, raped, pillaged and reaped the fruits of your forced labor. Sorry it took so long for us to even acknowledge you as human beings… and that even after the 1960’s you still struggled for that declaration of life, liberty, and property promised so long ago- granted your kind was still considered property then and have since then progressed [somewhat]. 

Do I think black history month is a good idea? Absolutely not. When we sit through our history classes and it comes time to talk about blacks in America we’ve been force fed the same watered down, cookie-cutter lesson since elementary school. We talk about Booker T. Washington, the educated black man. We talk about George Washington Carver- I spent a good portion of elementary school believing that he invented the peanut. We talk about Martin Luther King, though many of us have become numb to his powerful I Have A Dream speech. Most people stop paying attention to these lessons around seventh or eighth grade! 

All that the fight has ever been for is equality. Giving us a month - the shortest month of the year nonetheless- is just another way of setting us apart from the rest, and giving some reason to believe that this ‘celebration of black history’ gives us the notion of superiority. I’ve heard more people than I care to say talk about how they think that if there is a black history month, there should also be a white history month and that the entire concept is perpetuating reverse racism. 

First of all, reverse racism does not exist. What is that? The definition of racism does not limit the prejudice to just one race. Second, white history month is literally every month of the year! Let’s be real, we learn “white history ft. those unfortunate [insert race/nationality here]” every year in school!! Why should my people be set aside as though we are a separate species? Black history is American History. Yet, this month has become a time when people with little knowledge of my heritage spend pretending to care about something they haven’t even begun to understand and don’t really care to.

 It’s incredibly important educate ourselves on such things- regardless of how ‘controversial’ it is because it’s imperative to be knowledgeable about such relevant issues! If you think for one second that I enjoy watching movies about civil rights and slavery in which I have to watch the main characters be brutally beaten, dehumanized and slaughtered for no reason other than the color of their skin, you are sadly mistaken. My parents used to have to force me to watch these movies, but as I get older I understand why they are important. 

Turning a blind eye on history only leaves us impaired and unaware of a glaring issue that will not go away due to a refusal to acknowledge it. Perhaps it is this ignorance that makes way for the sickening stereotypes that have latched onto blacks and rattle and drag behind us like the chains that once held our ancestors in bondage. When people meet me, they’re often shocked to know that I can pronounce my words with all of their syllables and am a pescatarian. 

What? Intelligent negro woman? What? You mean you don’t love fried chicken? 

So naturally, I’m not actually black. I’m clearly white. “I don’t see you as black.” Wow thanks, I’ve achieved all of my goals! “You know you’re white.” Maybe I missed the part where the color drained from my skin, but telling me I’m not my own race because you would rather associate my likeable qualities with a race you are more partial to, is not okay.

“You’re [one of] the only black people I trust/like/talk to.” Contrary to popular belief… it isn’t my deepest desire to be a white girl. There was a time when I would strive to achieve this label, to be told I was white as if it were this intangible stamp of approval that was a necessity for my social survival. I’m the exception for you because I have an abhorrence to most R&B, rap and gospel music? Because I’m not the ‘crazy, ghetto, ratchet’ girl that you immediately profiled me as? I listen to rock, indie, and punk music that rejects the ideals that make your typical black female, so I’m tolerable? 

In the Italian Renaissance they would paint the heavenly as fair skinned light people and the devil and his followers as evil dark disgusting creatures. Because our history is saturated with racial inequality, and it may have been buried beneath semi-remorseful reforms, but the roots run deep, ‘African-Americans’ are still written off. It shouldn’t have been an almost controversial event when a ‘man of color’ ran for president. 

Has anyone ever turned on the news to see the headline: ‘White man runs for office’? Darker skin has become indicative of evil, as it has been taught as such for centuries. The doll test is a study performed several times, in which children are sat before two dolls- one black and one white. The children are asked questions about which doll is pretty or ugly, which doll is good or bad, which doll they would rather play with. Take a wild guess which doll was ‘bad’? Even black children thought that the doll that was closer in color to their own skin was ugly and bad. 

I refuse to keep my opinions on these matters to myself. I can no longer turn a blind eye, I care too much. I can no longer laugh at jokes in which the punch line is the color of my skin, I know too much.Is my plight so shocking? Should I hide my indignance at the way that things are?

 I was born in America. I am black. I am an American. And I demand change.

[thank you exstntl for having strong opinions that inspired me…. I wouldn’t have gotten to a place where I could write this if I’d not found your blog]

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OHOHO, Rin is most definitely a violinist. He can be a real diva sometimes, and violinists are the instrumentalist divas (as a soprano AND violinist, I can attest to both). He’s also an absolute hardass as a concertmaster, but he does it because he loves the ensemble and he wants them to be the best. I feel like Rin would also make like he does in the series and go abroad to study violin further. He’s that dedicated, and his dream is to be a world-class violinist.

I always liken Sousuke’s voice to the sound of a cello, and a cellist he will be. I know I’m not the only one who can see him with that cello between his legs, fingers splayed across the fingerboard––seriously, have you watched a good cellist who really understands how to execute a vibrato? We all know that Sousuke is even more of a theory freak than Rei after all, so I imagine he spent quite a bit of time perfecting his technique. (I also just came up with this bit after writing Rin’s, but Sousuke as the first chair cellist is the one who stands to let the rest of the orchestra know that Rin is coming on stage, and he does it with the cheesiest smile every time. He’ll be there to support his concertmaster in any way and at the end of the day, he’s so, so glad he gets to be on stage with his best friend.)

Nitori, my sweet little duckling, was originally a French horn player, but because he is a duckling, I kind of like the idea of him playing the oboe as an homage to his spirit animal. And the more I think about it now, the more cute I find Nitori being an oboe player. I imagine for one piece, he’s got this long solo section where it’s difficult to find a good place to take a breath without breaking the melodic line, so he practices and practices until he finds the perfect moment to do so. Finally, on stage, his baby cheeks are just puffed out as he pours every last bit of air into his performance, and everyone in the orchestra congratulates him on a job well done.

Momo is a percussionist. Fight me. He started out on drumset when he was really little and as he grew up and found out that there was more to percussion than just the drums, he got sucked in and never looked back. He’d probably end up being a really awesome marimba player––he just has so much fun being able to travel up and down a five-octave marimba with the mallets. At the end of the day though, he still likes going back to the drumset and rocking it out.


Seijuurou started out playing guitar at home when he was younger. I like to think he and Momo had a little two person garage band when they were younger. However, upon entering Samezuka Academy (where, in this AU, I would imagine there would be a really rigorous program, like pre-conservatory), he discovers a deep love for classical guitar. He connects strongly with the passionate music in the repertoire, and always gets really intense when playing.


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Graduation on Tumblr: Into the great perhaps 

Fandom will not remain contained on Tumblr; it will spill itself onto graduation hats and then the photos of those hats will circulate back around to Tumblr, as two of the ten most popular graduation-related photos (as seen above) will attest.  

The third reflects Tumblr’s wry sense of self-depreciating humor well with the caption I’m glad 20 years from now i’ll be able to look back at this picture and realize how ridiculous I looked at my college graduation and laugh

Other popular graduation-related posts covered inspirational commencement speeches, celebrities like Taylor Swift (taylorswift) and Mark Ruffalo (markruffalo) attending grad ceremonies, gifs to celebrate feelings and cakes to celebrate new jobs

Post caption: This is how excited I am about seeing my classmates again at graduation

And as you head out into that great wide world, children, don’t forget to laugh. It will keep you sane. Congratulations, Class of 2015! 

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I've never tripped shrooms before but I've tripped acid 5 times. I'm doing it in a week and I'm super excited! What are some differences between the two trips? BTW love your blog

thank you for the love ☺️❤️✌️🍄

as for the difference, I would say acid is very much human, we synthesized it (from the ergot mushroom) and I’m sure you can attest to still feeling like yourself on acid, but just much more enlightened and aware of everything :) the hallucinations are very much similar, however with mushrooms they are accompanied by this incredible sense of oneness with everything. if you take 2 to 3.5g your ego should dissolve, and you will feel a loss of all sense of time.

I like to think of acid as a rocket ship and shrooms as more of a potent plant elixir that makes you a pseudo plant for 6 hours. There is no other way of putting it into words personally, other than “booming” :) as long as you let go and enjoy it for what it is, practicing to Be Here Now for 6 hours, you will love it :)

Acid has never once made me cry… It’s enlightening don’t get me wrong,

But shrooms have made me weep tears of joy, I’ve communed with my soul and universe within me, and I owe my life to the mushroom. It helped me dig my way out of a deep depression I had found myself in for over a year.

This blog is a representation of the positivity that can come out of psychedelic experiences ☺️❤️✌️🍄

so there’s this cattle egret that hangs around my local clearwater mcdonalds and it is ruthless. if it smells your food it’ll jump on your car and chill until you either feed it or leave. it also isn’t afraid to basically sit on your lap so long as you feed it fries.

i named it trash bird

What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does If They Like You


ISFP: Inserts themselves into the same social circle as you and parties with you regularly until the two of you inevitably hook up.

ESFP: Puts X’s at the end of all text messages and finds fifteen excuses a day to hug you.

ENFP: Teases you mercilessly and uncharacteristically does not flake on any of your plans.

ISTJ: Rearranges their schedule in order to spend more time around you but fiercely denies their attraction until you make it clear as day that you’re interested in them.

ESTJ: Orders you to go on a date with them.

INTP: Is actually motivated to spend time with you, especially if they don’t know you very well. Stares at you when you’re talking as though they are studying you.

ENTP: Finds out exactly what makes you tick and then uses it to convince you that YOU like THEM.

ESTP: Shows off in front of you at every available opportunity.

ISTP: Becomes uncharacteristically protective of you.

ESFJ: Asks you ten thousand questions about yourself and remembers every. Single. Answer.

ENFJ: Somehow gets you to open up about your deepest childhood trauma over coffee.

ENTJ: Takes you out to dinner and grills you about your long-term goals.

ISFJ: Develops a keen interest in everything you’ve ever even remotely mentioned liking.

INFP: Writes about you on their secret blog while fantasizing that you’ve been following it all along and will write them back.

INFJ: Gives you a look that implies they are staring directly into your soul without collecting $200 or passing “Go.”

INTJ: Lets you touch them without cringing. And/or replies “Yes” when asked directly whether or not they like you.

1.) Jessa Duggar’s father-in-law said that the Duggar parents should be “commended” for the way they handled the situation:

Jessa Duggar’s father-in law, Michael Seewald, published a long blog post in support of the Duggar family and argued that Josh’s parents did exactly what they should have. Josh “attested to the reality of his repentance and faith by living above reproach In their efforts to salvage the wreckage that these transgressions brought, and bring healing to all involved,” Seewald explained. “Jim Bob and Michelle [the Duggar parents] are to be commended.”

2.) In a Facebook rant Carrie Hurd, wife of Heritage Covenant Church Pastor Patrick Hurd, said Josh Duggar was just “playing doctor” and wondered what the big deal was:

Carrie Hurd might have made the most disturbing defense of Duggar when she took to Facebook in an attempt to normalize his behavior. “When I was a kid, it was often called ‘playing doctor’, there were just as many girls initiating this kind of behavior as boys. Most of those never went on to perp horrible things,” wrote Hurd. Why or how this scenario is comparable to Duggar molesting multiple girls is unclear, but Hurd is part of the same Quiverfull Christian movement as the Duggars which eschews all forms of birth control and promotes  patriarchal gender norms.

3.)“Creationist Activist” Eric Hovind Blamed Duggar’s actions on evolution: 

“If evolution is true, then there is no absolute right and wrong. If evolution is true Josh should not have admitted his faults over a decade ago because what one evolved bag of molecules does to another bag of molecules just doesn’t really matter,” explained Hovind.

4.) Mike Huckabee said that there was no purpose in trying to discredit Josh Duggar: 

The former Arkansas Governor took to Facebook to defend the Duggars quickly: He and his family dealt with it and were honest and open about it with the victims and the authorities. No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story. Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things,” wrote Huckabee,”The reason that the law protects disclosure of many actions on the part of a minor is that the society has traditionally understood something that today’s blood-thirsty media does not understand—that being a minor means that one’s judgement is not mature.”

5.) Blaze Blogger Matt Walsh somehow manages to blame progressives:

The Duggar story is so disturbing that it’s hard to imagine right-wingers using the moment to push any sort of agenda. There were some who vaguely suggested that the attacks on Duggar were hypocritical, but few tried to establish an argument that steered the focus toward progressives. Matt Walsh, a blogger at The Blaze was one of these few. It’s always interesting to watch progressives discover sexual morality just in time to denounce a right winger, only to shed the pretense as soon as the next liberal pervert comes out of the woodwork,” wrote Walsh, “ They are moral opportunists. They are the actual hypocrites. This outrage is a charade. A circus. A show. A political ploy.”

Read the full article

sometimes I think about the fact that Kavinsky is from New Jersey and it just?? like warms my heart?? THINK ABOUT ALL THE JERSEY SHIT HE PROBABLY DOES

  • Like how he’s always pissed that the only place he can get a decent pork roll, egg, and cheese is in is his dreams (Additionally, if you don’t live an SPK appreciation life you can get the fuck out.)
  • And he’s also SO annoyed by the fact that people in Virginia have no clue what a real diner is??? If it’s not open 24 hours and run by a Greek or Russian family involved in the mob than it doesn’t count.
  • He definitely either grew up in or spent his childhood summers in Seaside Heights and has, on more than one occasion, eaten too many fried Oreos before getting on the Shore Shot ride and then thrown up off the side of Casino Pier
  • Still occasionally will scathingly refer to people as Bennys
  • Bought himself his first gold chain from a vendor on the Seaside boardwalk
  • He’s 100% convinced that people in Virginia have never tasted and/or seen a real pizza in their lives
  • Also - what the fuck even is sweet tea??? Gross
  • Has gotten kicked out of no less than 5 different WaWa’s
  • One of the first times he ever got high was in his cousin’s car on the way to The Devil’s Tomb
  • Knows that mischief night is the second best night of the year (only after the 4th of July) and has perfected the speed and swing necessary to take out a mailbox with a baseball bat in one fell swoop
  • If he weren’t capable of dreaming up cars that run without gas, he’d think that pumping your own gas is fucking stupid and beneath him. (Actually, he still thinks this regardless.)