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You are such a caring and kind person. Thank you for making such wonderful videos. You're amazing!

Thank you for the kind words. But I want to use this as an opportunity to address something: I seem like a caring and kind person. I try to be. I think that’s who I am, and that’s what I put out there. But obviously I control almost everything that goes online.

I’m not saying that you’re going to find out anything horrible about me, or that I am keeping any secrets - I hope that my friends can attest to my “true” character - but it seems that 90% of the time we put someone up on this pedestal of being “the nice guy” (or worse yet, when they put themselves there) we inevitably find out that they’re a complete piece of shit.

I really try to be as authentic as I feel comfortable with - if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have documented a lot of my struggles and frustrations with life. But there’s also a lot of stuff that I don’t share, good and bad, and I’m sure that goes for all of my fellow creators out there. Despite the daily vlogs, Q&A videos, and Snapchats, you can never truly know the people you watch. Even your friends might surprise you one day.

So this is really just a message for everyone to remember that most of what you see online is a performance of some kind, and that everything is mediated. I’m not saying that I’m a bad guy, but just keep in mind that we are all human and no one is perfect. Even Beyoncé steals song credits so.

Anyway, yeah. Fall in love with the content, not the people!


Buckley’s Slender-legged Tree Frog - Osteocephalus buckleyi

The commonly known as Buckley’s Slender-legged Tree Frog, Osteocephalus buckleyi (Hylidae), is a species complex of arboreal and nocturnal frogs, containing more than one species, some of them undescribed. This group has taxonomic problems which attest the difficulties of correctly identifying species boundaries on the basis of morphological evidence alone.

Osteocephalus buckleyi-like individuals are grouped in four clades, each one having unique morphological features indicating that each represents a species. Osteocephalus buckleyi sensu stricto has dorsal coloration consisting of a dark green background with brown spots; it has tubercles distributed over the dorsal surface which give the skin a granular appearance, and also has conspicuous tarsal tubercles; the venter is cream with brown speckling and the iris is golden.

This species occurs in the Amazon Basin from Amapá, Brazil, through the Guianas, Venezuela (Amazonas State), to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credit: ©Frank Deschandol | Locality: Peru (2013)

For once the grass really is greener...

After the horrible person I had to endure for 3 of my 4 weeks of general internal med, I have seen the other side. Today was only my first day at this hospital for my IM subspecialty rotation in Gastroenterology. 

I already love it.

The people I have talked and worked with don’t have the same defeatist attitude that the last hospital had. People seem to want you to succeed and not just be another one of their charges for the month. 

This is also the IM residency that I would consider applying to and ranking high on the list. I knew some of the people involved with it before starting here and had only heard good things about the program prior. Now that I’m there, I can attest from one day’s experience that this is a program I would thrive in. I am considering arranging a sub-internship here. That’s if I fully decide against OB/GYN and EM. 

Guy just check all my incoherent posts about show-related stuff for justanotheridijiton's real reply with the facts. :P

dubiousculturalartifact you probably have a point there - isn’t season 8 onwards hailed as the sort of Netflix era Supernatural where everyone catches up to it? Even if the viewing numbers are roughly the same between all the seasons there’s a massive influx of new people who only joined and attest to that so the actual demographics are different, and anyone binge-watching to the end of season 8 in one go is way more likely to unquestioningly accept Cas as part of the show.

I mean it’s weird, I love the early seasons and watched them before season 4 was out so I *could* be all bros only if I wanted, but the early seasons almost feel like backstory flashbacks to the show which starts in season 4 for me by this point, Cas is such an integral part. :P My brain re-structures it so he was always there.

f-ckyeahfutbol I have the best anons. :3 

Where is Your Compassion?: Javert's Suicide and Reproductive Futurism in Les Miserables (2012)

I’ve gotten really into Les Miserables lately, as anyone whose been following this blog can attest. While this fascination is new, I’ve been aware of the novel and the film adaptations for a long time, and as sad as the story is in general, there are two events in particular that always move me the most: Fantine’s downfall and eventual death and Javert’s suicide. In most versions of Les Mis, these characters have absolutely nothing in common. Fantine’s first priority, in every version, is keeping Cosette alive, even as it costs her her own life. We’re told repeatedly, in the novel and the musical, that she lives only for Cosette, never mind the fact that she would not find living so difficult in the first place if she did not have a child. Javert, on he other hand, is motivated by such a strong belief in the justice system, and his faith in this system is so definitive of his identity, that he literally cannot survive having it shaken.  However, in the 2012 film, a child, or rather “children” are as much the cause of Javert’s ruin as Fantine’s

Rather than conveying Marius from the sewer to his grandfather’s house with Valjean and then leaving Valjean at his own house, as happens in the novel, the libretto’s Javert allows Valjean and Marius to go free in the sewers before singing one last song, in which he makes no mention of anyone except his old nemesis and himself: “It’s either Valjean or Javert.”  Then he throws himself into the Seine. In the 2012 film, though, what causes Javert (Russell Crowe) to “derail” is the sight of the row of youthful corpses near what remains of the barricade. He stops by the body of Gavroche, the littlest insurgent, takes his medal from the breast of his uniform and pins it to the boy’s lapel. It’s a powerful, sentimental gesture that seems to come out of nowhere. In this rendition, Javert is so emotionally distraught by the time Valjean appears, Marius flung over his shoulder, that he cannot look him in the face, let alone arrest him.  Far from being the cause of Javert’s distress, Valjean merely reaps the benefits of it.

So, what the hell happened to the stony-hearted inspector? Russell Crowe responds to a more carefully worded version of that question in this interview as follows: “I always saw a connection between the death of the students and [Javert’s] own demise because he could have stopped that, and when he realizes that he is responsible for all those children, that’s when he really starts to unravel.” I argue that this interpretation serves to underscore the limits of compassion in a film that seems to pose this virtue as the ultimate social good.  Not only does it put Javert beyond the possibility of compassion, both as giver and recipient, his suicide constitutes a surrender to a vision of the social order that has no room for him. He is punished—indeed, he punishes himself—for denying a future to the only people the film positions as actually deserving one: children

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All the lights, turn them off


Creature Swap AU — Life is crazy in Beacon Hills, anyone can attest to that. Just ask Erica Reyes, a very unwilling banshee who is none too happy about all the recent murders. Or maybe ask Scott Mccall, the emissary to a pack of completely insane werewolves including his best friend Stiles Stilinski, a beta with a spectacular habit of getting into trouble, and Allison Argent, an alpha of the ‘talk shit get hit' variety. Then, of course, there's Lydia Martin, the youngest in a long line of hunters who really doesn't care about the supernatural and kind of just wants to go shopping. Last but not least, don't forget about Derek Hale, the all the human guy just getting dragged along for the ride.


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