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hi! sorry if this seems a little too 'lmgtfy' or whatever, but your (excellent) post on finding your skin colour on foundations really confused me. i am very pale, and i have purple/blue-looking veins AND blue/grey eyes (which is why i got personally confused by the post). does this mean i have cool undertones, and if so, should i look for foundation on the yellower or pinker end of the spectrum (if i have to look for these colours at all)? sorry, i just know i am being really dumb here.

I guess my post wasn’t very clear! I’m sorry about that. If you have cool toned eyes (like blue or grey) and cool toned veins (like blue or purple) then you probably also have cool toned skin (pinkish). Cool tones usually go with cool tones, across a person’s whole personal “palette”, if that makes sense.

But you can’t buy foundation sight unseen, so you really won’t know for sure until you try on some swatches. If you don’t want to go into a brick and mortar (and who the hell does), there are a lot of online retailers that will send you cheap samples, for example Meow Cosmetics (I like them! I have ordered several of their samples of powder mineral foundation but not a full size yet), and Coastal Scents.

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mermaids, please! ✹

ooh love a good mermaid

3 book recs

the odyssey 

the little mermaid by hans christian anderson (better than the disney version) 

the love song of j alfred prufrock by t.s eliot i ran out of books but poems totally count

3 song/artist recs

mermaid // regina spektor

nocturnes - 3. sirenes // claude debussy

bottom of the river // delta rae

and 1 movie rec


put a ✹ in my ask for 3 book recs, 3 music recs and 1 movie rec for any theme u want!!

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new witch hunter abellona!!!!! guy, you should definitely pick up the first 4 books and then this, because each short story/novelette is less than the price of a single biscuit in starbucks and is much, much sexier. do you like witches? yes? how about gay witches? you like that too? Gay witch porn with a different themed witch (and different kind of sexual scenario?) each story?
Then get your copies. Seriously, I look forward to each new release a lot.

wow you are a sweetie

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hi! i have a marimo and it recently got covered in brown algae. i spent ages cleaning it off, changing its water and tank lots, and now the algae is back? i've cleaned it 3 times now. i don't know what to do!

There could be a couple reasons while your getting brown algae-

  • Light
  • Rocks or sand containing silicates and silicon
  • Excess waste in the water
  • Still or stagnant water
  • Hard of mineral rich water

(The rest is under the read more, this reply is quite long!)

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uhhhh i currently student in the east end! bethnal green area is cheap and is close to central, but also is near to trendy restauranty places

my only concern is that it might be really far away from kingston upon thames if i want to visit the university but if it’s cheap i will def look into it! also my knowledge of london is very rudimentary so if it’s actually not that difficult or long to get there that’s fine. thank you!

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hey, i was wondering where you found the spoilers about bev's death on hannibal? i was really glad her death wasn't shown onscreen (like abigail's wasn't- thanks bryan fuller) but now i'm panicking abt it a lil bit? ugh.

bryan fuller basically describes the state in which her body is discovered and it is p gruesome

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is it 10% now or is the price we see the 10%-off-price? And do we pay now or when they are released? :)

sorry if it’s not clear! the prices you see have been reduced by 10%. and you pay at the same time as you place your order - ie now. the reason for this method is tbh that I’m a small and new business, and to be able to afford to produce the collection at a decent scale I need some help from my customers!

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skulpine fresh (skul/serpine), romantic cliche: lingerie gifting

im screaming just so you know. i had to pause my music because i was laughing too hard to hear it. anyways here’s the fic

Skul was sitting in his room being all “oh no boo hoo” because Val was FUCKING DEAD (or might as well be at least). A sudden knock on the door made him jump, both physically and metaphorically jumping to the conclusion that it would be Val knocking on the door. It wasn’t. “Hey baby,” the figure said, smiling really seductively like wow Skul was totes floored. “I’ve got a present for you,” Serpine said, and held out a pink box containing a bra. Skulduggery’s only response was to stand there, dumbstruck — there was no snarky comeback for a bra in a box.

“Boy, do I love chicken strips. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some chicken strips fresh out of the oven and rub them in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way they feel running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. Yum,” he finally said, leading Serpine to the bedroom where they had steamy skeleton sex. Not as steamy as sex with Val, though, so Skul kicked him out and kept the bra.