attention whoring is fun

Your horoscope

Aries- You might call yourself an old soul, generally pretty laid-back, you are open to change and want to explore new worlds. Things you probably like: leisure activities, foreign languages, cooking, and small parties.
Taurus- You sometimes feel out of place, but have a solid group of friends who look out for you. You can be a bit of an attention-whore, but you’re generally fun to be around. I suppose you like: the summer, candy in excess, gaming, and lunch time.
Gemini- You mold together your friend group. They may not all get along, but you make it work. You have a pretty easy-going life, but get stressed out easily. You like: reading, warm baths, baking, and exploring YouTube.
Cancer- You are a bit vain, but you have a good heart. If someone needs comforting, you’ll be there. Sometimes you let beauty get in the way of things, but never the ones you love. You probably like: dance music, coffee, puppies, and the color blue.
Leo- You are an extrovert when you’re around people you’re comfortable with, but surprisingly shy otherwise. You are a powerful person who is sometimes misunderstood. You mean well, but sometimes try to be someone you’re not. You like: having your friends around, eye makeup, crafting, and science.
Virgo- You can be a bit of a party animal sometimes, and may or may not have ADHD. You believe in love at first sight, and you don’t let the haters get to you. You like: sports, pool parties, easy listening music, and talking A LOT.
Libra- You are different. In a good way. You can be a little socially awkward sometimes, but you manage to have a fair amount of friends regardless. You make wise choices, and don’t let anyone hold you up. You probably like- amazon, computers, watching sports games, and cool shoes.
Scorpio- You are a good person, and pretty funny. People like to be around you, but they also like to mess with you. You focus on what’s important, but have mild anger issues. You like: smart people, hard rock, engineering, and rough sports.
Sagittarius- You feel like you aren’t recognized enough. You don’t really have a best friend, but you have a lot of close friends. You are notoriously lucky, not super smart, but outgoing and talented. You like: Netflix, hair tutorials, doodling, and piercings.
Capricorn- You love being invited to parties and getting to meet new people. You have a super friendly reputation, but sometimes feel out of touch with yourself. You could use a little meditation. You like: kittens, chocolate, giving gifts, and little kids.
Aquarius- You remain yet a mystery. You have a few very close friends, but even they don’t know everything about you. You are very smart, and unique, though sometimes you don’t show it. You aren’t very “hip” however. You like: long walks, mystery movies, traveling, and foreign languages.
Pisces- You are not super popular, but you have a lot of friends. You try to stay away from drama, even though you cause it sometimes. You’re a hopeless romantic, but just need a little love. You have a specific talent that you’re very good at. You like: spring, geeking out, rock bands, and writing.

So, how’d I do?-