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So I took the trouble of making a video clip, but apparently I can’t upload a video and pics in one post. Go figure. Here, have a gif instead!! :D

I had always wondered what Genie had written on that waiter pad, so I opened up my translator app, and clumsily drew it with my fat fingers! :D (phenomenal cosmic smartphone, ITTY bitty screen space) Thought it was Arabic, shows how much I know! Apparently it’s actually written in PERSIAN, and Genie ordered him a whole, delicious, oven roasted turkey…..(I’m not drooling, you’re drooling, shut up!) ._.

Side note: Just so no one hurts me: that first non-gif pic is one I got off google. I took the rest myself (including the gif) .-.

In case you’re interested @phenominalcosmicpowers


The post ends with the line “it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.”






Keith and Lance are Harry and Neville

(more under the cut because this is long as fuck)

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Local Fool Makes Au Just For The Aesthetic Of It All.

Also only god knows how 2 draw chairs

thetoxicrhythm  asked:

Hi yes So your art is just really attentive and the way you capture likeness and detail is basically right on. If you could share any tips on how you go about studying features and laying down facial structure I would be really really happy.

Thank you!! Here’s a quick rundown haha ;;

These are the standard proportions of a human head:

When you start tweaking them you get different looking faces!

You can also take the same proportions and change the shapes of the features and get a new face as well! Amazing!

So if you want to draw your favorite characters what you can do is figure out their “facial blueprints” and reference them. Let’s draw that smarmy bastard Hannibal Lecter. Use as many lines as you need to gauge the spacial relations between each feature. 

What shapes make this face uniquely Hannibal’s?

Let’s apply it all together now.

It takes practice of course but it’s a good way to study the character’s face! I hope that was somewhat helpful lol Q__Q

Thoughts on YOI winning the “Best Animation”Award

Animation is about creating an illusion of movement by quickly playing multiple successive pictures together, and in this way, bringing a story to life.

Clearly, the Yuri!!! on ICE artwork during some of the latter skate scenes was not the quality we’d expect from a “best animation”-nominated show, but the attention to detail and actual animation during most of the scenes was quite evident? The YOI staff hired multiple choreographers and ice skating professionals so that they could get even the smallest details like sound, color, and positioning right. 

Here’s an example of the attention to detail, as shown by not only the leg movement but also the ice movement:

Handpicking and comparing sub-par YOI screencaps to the best screencaps from another show is honestly quite unfair, as animation is not about a single picture. It is about playing multiple slightly-varied successive images quickly to create an appearance of movement. 

To better argue my point, just looking at the following picture is not equivalent to evaluating YOI’s animation.

Even looking at this screenshot, which is clearly nicer than the prior one, is not a sufficient method of evaluating YOI’s animation

The following gif, however, is an example of animation:

It follows the term’s literal and common definition.

Let’s be clear. I’m not saying that YOI should have won the “best animation” category, as plenty of other nominees could have arguably taken its spot. I’m simply asking people to look at the show’s animation as a whole, rather than at a few screenshots taken on their phones.

96 hours.

Fandom: Law and Order SVU

Pairing: Mike Dodds x reader 

Summary: Mike gets a little insecure when it comes to asking you out, due to your relationship with Carisi

Originally posted by svuscenarios

Mike watched from across the room as you laughed at one of Carisi’s jokes. He tried to focus on the paperwork in front of him but it was so difficult when the girl he had a schoolboy crush on was blatantly flirting someone right in front of him. In your defense, you had no idea mike had a thing for you or that you laughing with your best friend was an issue for him because you were about a thousand percent sure Mike Dodds had never showed any sign of interest in you. You were sure because your crush on him meant you paid more attention to him than the other guys at work, except of course your best friend, Sonny Carisi. 

The only thing worse than watching you and Carisi make faces at each other from across the squad room was him having to hear about your weekend adventures together every Monday morning. Neither you nor Carisi were shy about your relationship, when it was brought up, you told it how it was, leaving a huffy Mike in your wake.

Just last week, Rollins asked you about your weekend because Sonny had mentioned that the two of you went to visit his parents. You told her you had a great time, Sonny showed you around where he grew up and you heard a lot of crazy stories from his family over an amazing dinner. Fin was intrigued by this, suggestively asking about meeting his family. You asked him why he thought t was interesting because you saw it as normal, after all Sonny already knew your family. 

“He’s staring at you again.” Sonny said, grinning. You frowned instantly, pretending to be more upset about the fact that he wasn’t listening to you than the fact he was being childish. Of course Sonny knew how you felt about Mike and that just means he teased you about it until no end. 

“Sonny.” You said sternly. 

“Hey I have an idea!” He said, perking up. “Why don’t you ask Mike to go with you to Sheila’s wedding?” He said, referring to the event he was supposed to escort you to this weekend. 

“Let me count the ways.” You hummed, quoting Shakespeare. 

“I’m serious Y/N, if you asked him he would 100% say yes.” He said, sipping his coffee. 

“I’m serious too!” You exclaimed. ”First of all you promised to take me. Secondly, even if he did say yes-he doesn’t know any of my family, it could turn out to be really awkward. And if it goes horribly I will have ruined my relationship with my sergeant.-”

“Okay, okay, I get it.” Sonny said, cutting you off in the middle of your tangent. “You’re chicken.” He stated. You punched him in the arm, hard enough to bruise. He jerked his body back in pain, yelping as your fist made contact with his hard bicep. You both laughed and Sonny looked from you to Mike. He was pretty sure Mike felt the same way about you but neither of you were about to but your heart before your mind in this situation and one of you needed a push. 

“Sorry doll,” he said, picking up his coffee mug and carrying it to his desk. “But I am officially dumping you.” Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. 

“Wha- Sonny you can’t be serious.” You stammered, following him back into the squad room. He plopped himself back in his seat. 

“I’m doing you a favor, trust me.” He said. You watched in amazement as the smug bastard smoothed down his tie and pick up a pen. Your eyes flashed over to Mike, only to meet his eyes for a split second before he looked away. You sat at your desk and began to wonder what would happen if you did ask him. But with every good beginning, each scenario only had a bad outcome. 

“Carisi, Y/L/N in need you guys to steak out this tattoo parlor for a suspect.” Liv said, walking into the squad room, eyes glue to her phone.  

“Sorry Lieu, Barba just called and said he needs me for something, could Dodds go instead.” Sonny said and even though his voice was sincere, he was smirking at you with every word. You made a face at him, hoping h would get the message and the the hell up but he only grinned at you. 

“Fine, Dodds, Y/N go. I’ll send you the details on the way.” Benson said waving off Carisi’s obvious attempt at getting you and Dodds in the same situation. 

2 hours was about as much silence as you could take, and apparently Mike was thinking the same thing because he was the one to start the conversation. 

“Everything okay with you?” He asked, not taking his eyes off the entrance of the shop. 

“Yeah? Why?” You shrugged. 

“You seemed tense ever since we left.” He said, pursing his lips together. 

“Yeah, Carisi is just pissing me off.” You said angrily, followed by a small chuckle because you weren’t actually that upset with Carisi. 

“Lovers quarrel?” He asked, raising an eyebrow and apparently his interest as well.

“Wha- no!” You exclaim. “He just bailed on me last minute.” You say, rolling your eyes. 

“Am I imposing if I ask what for?” He asked. 

“No, it’s just my cousin’s wedding this weekend, he was supposed to come with me.” You say, anger starting to bubble inside you. 

“Let me guess, bringing a date is a mandatory unsaid rule?” He chuckled. You laughed, agreeing with him. “I know what that’s like.” 

“Yeah and now I have less than 96 hours to find a date, acceptable enough for my family.” You sigh, throwing your head back. “Everything was fine when Sonny was my date and now I’m so stressed I’m pretty sure I’ll have a nervous breakdown by the end of the week.” You grumbled. 

“I’ll be your date, if you want.” Your head snapped towards him, wide eyed.

“What?” You stuttered. 

“Only if you want.” He said again, trying to clarify the fact that you didn’t have to go out with him unless you really wanted to. 

“You would do that for me?” You asked softly. 

“Well, yeah,” He shrugged again. “Honestly, I’ve always really liked you, I just saw the way you were with Carisi and didn’t really think there was a point in mentioning it.” 

After a few minutes he turned to see you grinning at him, he laughed, shaking his head and turning his attention back on the shop’s entrance. “We can discuss details later, right now we need to focus.” He laughed. You giggled, turning back in your seat. 

“I’m gonna kiss you later.” You smirk. 

“I’m gonna let you.” 

Happy Birthday Hachi!

Hachi was born Komatsu Nana, the middle daughter of three, on November 30, 1980.  Her 7th birthday was celebrated with her family in her hometown, smiling and laughing.  Her 21st birthday was celebrated among her friends in Tokyo, smiling and laughing.

Today, her 36th birthday is hopefully being celebrated with her own family and old friends, smiling and laughing.


Oscar Peterson - Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

Unbelievably pleasant listening, it’s always a wonder that such a big guy could play so delicately and with such attention to detail

A few favourite moments:

2:56: The right hand drops into a tasty blues phrase after the chordal opening to the solo.
3:42: The right hand again, this time with a particularly well articulated straight-8 bebop-style lick.
5:26: Full extent of OPs virtuosity begins with effortless sounding two-handed runs/phrases up and down the piano, riding over the ever-building string backing.

I think this version of Jobim’s classic was recorded in 1969, appearing on various Peterson ‘best of’ and compilation albums, as well as on “The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook” on the Verve label.

Pretty Bird Pt. 2 (BTS Angst)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |


Members: Namjoon/Yoongi 

Genre: Angst and a tiny tiny bit of humor. 

Summary: You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look. 

N/A: There’s some swearing, FYI. I still don’t know what I’m doing, I just imagine them being super protective to one another. Again, sorry for my english, I’m still trying to learn how to put words together and not sound… well, forget it. ENJOY!

(Feedback is more than welcome)

Originally posted by hugtae

You ran down the stairs, breathing heavily, as you tried desperately to catch up with the members, who were already waiting in the van with grim expressions. They were fuming, but even so, none of them paid attention to you as you struggled to enter the car, jumping between the bodies to find a seat in the back, cheeks burning with embarrassment.

 ‘Breathe in and out, slowly, but please, please don’t touch any of them.’ You thought, diverting your eyes from them as you fought to control the loud pants that threatened to escape your throat.

As soon as you sat, you let out an anguished sigh, thanking one by one every single god you knew, because for once you had managed to avoid Namjoon’s furious scolding. The silence was total in that empty space, and they stood still as statues, their attitudes cold and hostile.

Jungkook was the first one to give in to boredom, as he started pinching Jimin’s cheeks discreetly, trying to make him burst in laughter. Soon, the seven boys came back to their joyful selves, amused by Jungkook’s ability to annoy his elders.

You were used to see that cheerful side of them in TV, but from the moment you met, none of them had shown that facet to you. But now, you were witnessing what you dared to consider their true nature, characterized by their bright faces and loud laughs filling the air. Smiling faintly, you paid attention, trying to record every detail before that beautiful moment withered right in front of your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

I was looking at the pictures you posted of the Yokohama production - side note: DAMN I love the shadowing on that mask! - and I have to ask: is it only Asian productions that have the large red rose on the bust of the Aminta costume? I noticed that your Aminta dress has one, but I was wondering if it was fairly common and I just never noticed it or if it was something that just struck your fancy?

That’s an impressive attention to details, my friend! And you’re right about the Japanese costumes featuring a red rose on the bust area. It’s actually a very rare thing. Most productions to a heavy fringing and/or fichu instead. Reason why I included it in my replica is that Sarah Brightman also featured a flower there in the original West End production, albeit white:

True to tradition, the Japanese team has kept lots of the original West End staging and costume details, so also the flower over the bust. Not for every dress, but quite a few at least. But since newer Aminta costumes feature less white than before, and I guess to just make everything blend better, they do a red/pink rose instead: 

I did the same for my costume - going for a pinkish rose. It is however only needled on, so if I ever get around to add the white apron in front, I could be tempted to also do a white flower :)

As for the shading on the Phantom’s mask, I sometimes think they’re a bit heavy on the grey, making them very dark. Buuuut they tend to look good on stage, and I certainly prefer the greyish shading to the extremely white World Tour masks, which has little or no highlighting.


One thing i’ve always noticed about A:TLA and LOK is that there are so many characters who have this habit of clasping their hands behind their backs. I first noticed it with Amon, and I thought it was so cool, because it made him seem so damn confident. Then, I began to notice that freaking everyone in this series does it. I looked up the posture, and it’s meant to either showcase apprehension or confidence. 

So, the question becomes is this just easier to animate…or are the animators so damn good with details that they’re shoving it right under our noses, that YEAH GUYS, Kuvs, Amon, Unalaq, and Long Feng (etc…I’m sure there are more) are calculating muthafuckers and they own it. (Not sure about Tonraq; I feel like he may be either feigning confidence or he’s apprehensive.)

If someone can find a screenshot of Azula doing the hands-clasped-behind-back, I’d say it’s official. She was a mad calculating machine.

anonymous asked:

I literally adore this blog with my whole heart! You guys are all amazing! Also, if you could do Deidara Headcanons I'll be forever grateful. ❤


♦ Deidara has a habit of bragging about his “exploits” as a bomb terrorist when he was still working under the orders of Ōnoki. One might think it’s because he just wants attention, but it’s actually because he feels really nostalgic when it comes to his home village. He acts as if it doesn’t bother him to be seen as a criminal by his former teammates, but it does, and he often finds himself wondering what his life would have been if he wasn’t forced into joining the Akatsuki.

♦ Deidara is surprisingly good at profiling people – he could almost pass as some kind of mentalist, even. He immediately know what kind of person someone is by just watching them from afar for about ten minutes or so. He pays attention to every single detail and can almost always tell right away when someone is lying to him. When he’s bored, he likes to make use of this ability to push other people’s buttons just for fun.

♦ Deidara has a really dark sense of humour. He can makes jokes about just any topic, as horrible as some may be. Everytime he hears someone venting about another person that got on their nerves, Deidara will automatically suggest murder as a solution to their problem, and no one can tell if he’s actually serious or not.

♦ What Deidara likes about blowing his enemies up is that he rarely gets to see blood. He doesn’t like the sight of it – he’s not scared, but it makes him feel really uneasy. Well, that and the fact that he just loves blowing things up in general.

♦ Although being more of an extrovert, Deidara doesn’t like working with other people that much. He prefers doing things his own way, and he can be very stubborn when he wants to. His “comrades” of the Akatsuki also secretly freak him out more than anything, too – the only person he can somewhat tolerate is Sasori.

anonymous asked:

(for the tarot reading) how will my family react when i come out to them as trans? (and/or) how will they react to the thought of me wanting to change my name and go on T?

Disclaimer: I am not altering the cards I draw in any way. I will not change a card to make your answer seem better or worse. I am just going by what the cards tell me, and you can take what they say however you like. Nothing negative that appears in any reading is a result of me being mean, or too nice, it is simply honesty from the cards I draw.

Deck: The Art Of Tarot by Liz Dean

Spread: Celtic Cross


1. Your Current Circumstances: Temperance, right side up: What or who you are dealing with right now can be likened to a chemistry set. Attention to detail is essential to obtain the right balance and combination of parts, or potential rewards will evaporate. A harmonious equilibrium is possible, and this can also mean reconciling with who you were before, and who you are now.

2. What Is Helping Or Hindering You: The World, reversed: You feel an inability to move forward. This feels suffocating and unfulfilling, so break the cycle of stubbornness and fear that holds you back.

3. The Best You Can Do At Present: The Devil, right side up: You feel ultimately unsatisfied. Follow your higher instincts to protect your long-term future. In one jump, you can be free, but make sure to consider the risks.

4. Hidden Factors Around You: Ace Of Wands, right side up: Masculine energy, and good ideas coming to fruition. You are about to, or have, embarked on a successful enterprise or trip. This card is a good omen for family matters.

5. The Effect Of The Past: Justice, right side up: A settlement is about to be negotiated. You are summing up a long-standing project or situation. Agreements will be reached to your advantage, provided you have acted with kindness and fairness in the past.

6. Your Next Move: Four Of Cups, reversed: You are feeling dissatisfied and depressed, and ultimately bad. Wether your confidence is high or low, you must take action, no matter how hard it may be to make the first move. 

7. How You See Yourself: Ten Of Cups, reversed: Your social life feels out of kilter, and you may not feel very good about this. However, this is a temporary irritant, and life will soon return to normal.

8. How Others See You: The Magician, right side up: You have all the ingredients at your disposal for success. Even if your goals and dreams feel out of reach, this card suggests you consider every opportunity in a positive light. Have confidence in your ability to manage your life at all levels, as you are blessed with your own internal power and the support of those around you.

9. Hopes And Fears: The Chariot, right side up: Completion and triumph. Hard work pays off, and you are crowned with success, which is entirely deserved. You may have to constantly defend your position in order to get through difficult times, but now you can afford to relax and enjoy the rewards of your efforts, as you won’t always need to protect your personality with battle armour. 

10. The Outcome: The High Priestess, right side up: This card shows a desire for guidance and knowledge, especially when making a major decision. Listen to your intuition, yet seek inspiration from others. 

My Interpretation: Things look pretty good to me, but trust your gut and your own interpretation of the cards. Good luck friend! xx

Also, Do you also see a similarity between bellarke and Abby/Kane? (because I do)

So, this was part of a message an anon sent to me and I forgot to answer it. I was answering it on the newest message she/he sent me and got so carried away I decided to make a meta/ answer about it. (sorry about how long it took)

Yes. Yes I do see it.

 They are freaking EVERYWHERE. 

And they are still happening, the latest ones being Kane and Abby’s  “ No matter who wears the pin, we’re in this together “ (3x03) paralleling bellarke’s “together”( 2x16 ) and then the cheek kisses (Kabby on 3x06 and Bellarke on 2x16).

 But they have so many more parallels as ships and individuals (abby and clarke parallel each other while kane and bellamy parallel each other SPECIALLY on those episodes around and after 1x08. wow. ). There are vids about it, which I LOVE : LINK (this vid is pretty amazing cause it doesn’t only show us “exact” parallels but “theme” parallels and how kabby and bellarke’s stories intertwined and affected each other)


 And, okay, I can’t leave things just like this. Cause the reason why this reply got long was because ,as I rewatched that vid, i’ve noticed a few things here and there I haven’t before. I need to talk about them.

Let me start this analysis by explaining something: recently I’ve joined a fandom (GMW) which there are some incredibly talented people that know a lot about storytelling and how television work - they teach us how to pay attention to the right details while watching anything. They make us all realize that nothing in television is an accident, that if the directors and editors allowed a certain scene to be shot in a certain way and to go on air, then they want it to be that way. No scene is ultimately an accident, no scene is “just there” (as it is taking precious time and money to be there).

(@shippertrash37​ - i’m so tagging you as promised, let’s see how well i’ll do in this post!)

So let me bring you all to 2x08:

Did you notice the  “detail” (lol) of Bellamy and Clarke side by side as we watch Abby watching Kane returning to camp? (or how both abby and clarke are wearing blue while the rest is wearing black?)

…. Let’s talk about this whole scene,shall we?

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20 Narimiya Hiroki facts you may or may not know

So Narimiya’s retirement announcement hit me a little harder than I expected. I’d never thought of myself as a big fan, but as I said, I’ve been watching a number of his interviews this year. And of course, the year I start to really be interested is the year he decides to leave. For me, I feel that it’s wise of him to take care of himself first, but there’s also a part of me that is sad about it. 

But anyway, I digress. There’s been a lot of information and probably misinformation floating around about Narimiya. He is a generally private person and does fewer appearances, and very few of these appearances are subbed, the English speaking fandom may not know that much about him. 

So for people who are interested, I’m going to pull out facts from interviews and appearances that I’ve watched. Please note that these are not exhaustive and also most of these facts are from recent appearances. He really is an interesting person. 

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Ship Request #43

Would I be able to be shipped with a female character from TWD? I’m 5'4, a little on the pale side and I basically have the same body type as Tara. I’m very quiet but I pay very close attention to detail, and I get flustered very easily, but I’m also very tough in dangerous situations. I like singing, drawing, and babysitting.

I ship you with – Rosita Espinosa

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anonymous asked:

It's the same ring. On SC, the pics and videos are mirrored. Plus, I see the three diamonds on the ring CP has on.

You have an attention to detail, I see, Anon. ;)

You’re right, ofc. I was just briefly confuzzled. All good now. 😊


神々の悪戯 InFinite/Kamigami no Asobi InFinite sketches have been updated with colored versions on the official website. They’ve also released a sample of the bear that’s included in Animate’s B set!

Here’s some translations of the drama CD samples listed on the Spec page~

First press limited edition tokuten drama CD samples:

Apollon: The light from the sun is the light of me wishing for your happiness. It’s my light you know!

Hades: I pray that you will continue to remain happy always.

Tsukito: The moon is always there, watching over you.

Takeru: If you’re ever going through something tough, just think about me.

Balder: I hope that your days are all filled with bright and warm light.

Loki: This is my surprise present to you, after all~

Anubis: If you’re having fun, Anubis is having fun, too!

Thoth: Revere me. You’ll attain happiness if you do.

Dionysus: I hope you’re never troubled and spend your time cheerfully and carefree~

Akira: Always carry the sun within your heart. I’ll illuminate your path.

Thor: Happiness… I’m just praying for your happiness.

Melissa: If you’ve ever got a problem, tell me. ‘Cause I’m a reliable man.

Animate limited situation CD samples:

[During a Nap]
Apollon: Noooope. I finally got to be this close to you, Fairy, so I’m not letting go. I won’t let go, okay!

[The Meaning of Happiness]
Hades: I find myself getting more and more selfish when I’m with you. I can’t stop myself.

[Entranced by You]
Tsukito: I want to express all the burning desires in my chest. Conveying them to you is my assigned mission.

[The Amount of Love]
Takeru: How much do I love you…? Well, I… Like this much, I guess.

[A Calm Moment]
Balder: I want you to always be reflected in my eyes… Is that not okay?

[Braiding Hair Together]
Loki: That part of you is really cute. It makes me want to tease you on purpose to see your reaction~

[Adult Anubis]
Anubis: Anubis has decided to be bold like an adult today! Anubis wants to become cool!

Thoth: If you’re going to be here, sit obediently at the very least. But I won’t allow you to leave my side until I grant you permission.

[I Want to Tease You Because I Love You]
Dionysus: It’s all right, I’ll teach you with an exceptional attention to detail.

[The Face of a Man]
Akira: Well then, should I show you some of my manly side now?

[Spoiling You]
Thor: Right. So… Would you let me hold you for a bit?

[The Distance Between Us]
Melissa: I can hold you up in the air! Ain’t that incredible!