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It always pissed me off that Ron didn’t believe Harry didn’t enter himself into the Triwizard Tournament. I mean, this is the guy who defended him from Malfoy in the Express, who fought a troll and smuggled a dragon with him, who shared what he saw in the Mirror of Erised with him, went through the challenges to save the Philosopher’s Stone from Quirrel and that’s just in first year! And that little shit had the gall to turn to him and call him an attention seeking liar and a glory hound? I still can’t believe Harry forgave him. That kid has no self-esteem. If it was me, I would have kick Ron in the balls and refused to even look at him again.

Teenage Angst, compared:

Me: “My parents don’t understand me.”

Harry: “My parents are dead.”

Me: “I’m losing sleep because I have too much homework.”

Harry: “I’m losing sleep because I’m having vivid recurring nightmares and waking up in a cold sweat.”

Me: “I might not get into a good college.”

Harry: “I might not live to see my seventeenth birthday.”

Me: “Most people at school think I’m a loser.”

Harry: “Most people at school think I’m an insane attention-seeking liar.”

Me: “A classmate made fun of me yesterday.”

Harry: “A national newspaper made fun of me yesterday.”

Me: “My parents are so overprotective.”

Harry: “My remaining family doesn’t care whether I live or die. In fact, they would probably prefer I died.”

Me: “My relationship is struggling because we’ve both been so busy lately.”

Harry: “My relationship is struggling because my girlfriend is still grieving over her ex-boyfriend, whose death I witnessed.”

Me: “My teacher is out to get me. She’s always criticizing my work.”

Harry: “My teacher is out to get me. She sent soul-sucking monsters to my house and made me carve words into my hand.”

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"She not that great at her job but at this point people are just use to her. " - Actually, more and more people are starting to get tired and annoyed by her. That's on both her, for being an annoying attention seeking liar, and on WWE for constantly using her instead of someone with talent and a personality. She's becoming overexposed, which is also exposing her lies.

I did see several more people question why she is on Raw for PPV and Raw Talk. Corey could easily do Raw Talk on his own or Charly and Corey could do it. 

Dark Heart: The Daughter of Darkness

Harry felt like he had nothing. The battle at the ministry had happened just a day ago and he had lost everything. All his friends blamed him for their injuries and Sirius was dead.

And it wasn’t like he forced them to go! But still it was his own fault. And now he was alone. Voldemort had left before fudge saw him so he was still an attention seeking liar…whose convince godfather had started this whole mess according to them.

He felt so alone and ostracized. He was a pariah in his house and just wished his life was different. He didn’t want to be Harry Potter. He didn’t want to be some hero just when they decided they needed him.

He moved to the edge of the tower, staring down on the grounds. He had no way out. No way to feel free any longer. And who cares. No one would miss him. Just talk about about him at his funeral. He gripped the railing and pulled himself up.

Just let go. Then he could be home.


My Own Personal Hero

Solangelo Week Prompt #2: Superheroes

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Summary:  Connor gulped, “We didn’t know the spell would- would-”

Would turn him into a child?” Nico hissed and the murmuring from the demigods around them grew with interest. They just noticed that Nico was standing protectively in front of a someone small, hidden protectively by the darkness and shadows. Therefore, the child was hard to notice at first.

“STOLLS!” A loud, angry shout echoed throughout the camp. Two guilty sons of Hermes flinched and exchanged nervous looks. The campers knew to give them a wide berth as the temperature suddenly dropped and the surroundings seems to darken.

“Think we should run?” Travis whispered to his brother, Connor, nervously.

Connor nodded hurriedly. As the two of them turned around to make a mad escape, a certain female demigod stepped forward and blocked their paths. Travis cursed and glared, as Katie stood in front of them, hands on her hips.

“Oh no you don’t.” She said with a slight ‘tut’ that Travis did not find endearing at all. “Man up for a change, and face the consequences of whatever chaos you did this time.”

“How are you sure it’s our fault?” Connor crossed his arms, “If only my brother didn’t have a huge crush on you I’d-”

But before Travis could tackle his traitorous brother to the ground and make up some crazy, wild story about Connor being a sad, attention-seeking liar, something cold and slick caught them by the ankles and made them freeze on the spot.

The two sons of Hermes turned slowly and barely got a glimpse of shadows keeping their legs in place before they looked up at the livid face of a certain son of Hades.

What in Hades,” Nico wasn’t shouting and his face was calm, but his eyes were narrowed and cold, “Did you do to Will Solace?”

Both brothers, though they would deny it to their dying day, let out terrified squeaks.

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y’know what, I feel strongly enough about this that I’ll move away from the tags. 

The same people calling out Maddie for her comment on SYTYCD are the exact same people who called Chloe a queen for talking about Brec and Ricky on her very much public snapchat. I’m not necessarily saying Chloe was in the wrong to do so, and she later retracted her statement, but she still did the exact same thing Maddie did: ambiguously called out people in public for something that hurt her, without necessarily giving the other side a say. Thus, I don’t understand how Chloe is a queen for “throwing someone under the bus”, but Maddie, a child of a seemingly bad divorce, is a manipulative attention seeking liar for saying she connected to a piece of art that had to do with a distant father. The dance was supposed to touch people, and it happened to touch Maddie. 

Again, I’m not commenting on whether Chloe was right in posting that snap, but I am saying those who gave her the right to be angry ought to grant Maddie the right to feel hurt. 

My Rainbow Story

When I was eleven years old, a girl spread a rumor about me that I was a lesbian. And back then, it had been a barbed insult, one I vehemently denied because growing up around here, that’s what being gay meant. It made you defective and ostracized from your peers, and I refused to be anything like that. I’m not weird – I like boys, boys, boys, as long as it means I’m still normal.

When I was thirteen years old, my mother ranted for an hour about how bisexual people are attention seeking liars. And back then, I had believed her, something I actively agreed with, in fact because, growing up with her, that’s exactly what those people were like. You could have one or the other, not both, and to think you did was a cry for the world to look at you, and I refused to be anything like that. I’m not troubled – I like boys, boys, boys and only boys, as long as it means I’m loved.
When I was fourteen I realized that Mother and that girl and the world around me was wrong, and when I was fifteen I realized that maybe I’d been lying to myself a little bit, and when I was sixteen I realized that I could explore and find myself if I wanted – and I did.

So now, when I’m seventeen and I have realized that I like all people – girl, boy, or neither – but I don’t want to do anything regardless, I have been told that I’m too young to decide what I want for myself, and that if I do, I’m defective and broken. And I have spent months believing those words, forcing myself to do things I don’t want to do to please someone who says he loves me but is honestly just holding out for me to change because I’m a hot piece of ass. I feel sick and tired and like I can’t say with finality NO because nobody – NOBODY – around me can know who I am or what I feel trapped in this airtight closet.

But I have found my own little crevice where I feel safe and whole, where I can proudly say that I’m ace and stamp a badge of support on my icon to tell the whole world that I’m here to help. I have found somewhere to go where my colorful voice can be recognized and heard. Where my sexuality will not be held against me, not among friends.

This is what Rainbow Direction has done. This is what Take Me Home From Narnia has done. This is what the rainbow flags and the rainbow badges and the welcoming inboxes do for closeted people like me. Please don’t undermine that.

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What are your favorite books/movies of the series? I personally really hate Goblet of Fire the movie, but I'm slowly starting to really like the book (I've read it once and have listened to the audio book twice now). I LOVE Prisoner of Azkaban the book and the movie. I like Order of the Pheonix the book, but I really dislike the character develop Harry goes through-lots of douchey teenager stuff. What's your opinion?

Hooooboy. My favourite book is Order of the Phoenix because it’s the transition book so it never feels slow or boring. And touching really quick on Harry’s character development there, it’s really important to consider where his anger was coming from. He had JUST witnessed the death of a classmate, the rebirth of his mortal enemy, barely escaped that situation with his own life, was attacked by dementors for no reason, was told he was going to be expelled from his safe place for defending himself, felt like he was being kept out of the loop by his best friends and people he’s meant to be able to trust, and then returned to the wizarding world where he was being called an attention seeking liar. I think he more than earned the right to douchey teenage moments. In fact, I am completely impressed by how he handled himself. He didn’t let it defeat him, he just yelled sometimes, and anger will never ever ever ever ever ever be a character flaw; it’s a pretty normal human emotion and we all experience it. It’s very…bizarre to me that some people label Harry as a douche for his behaviour when he’s angry but then turn around praise angry Hermione Granger for keeping a person hostage in their animagus form in a jar. ANYWAY

My favourite film is Sorcerer’s Stone, because I feel like it’s the truest-to-the-book adaptation, and I experience a similar flutter when I watch it as I do when I read the books. 


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it really bothers me that sophiam is only just now being questioned and even so i see so many people who are like, "but liam is Uber Straight™" as if the sexuality of liam (or zayn for that matter) somehow threatens to overshadow the almighty Larry™. it's just uncomfortable how much ownership some larries take over harry and louis' relationship to the point that they're acting sort of homophobic trying to "defend" it. sorry if this comes across bitter or mean, it just frustrates me idk

No need to apologize nonnie. I feel you. The struggle is real out here in the 1D fandom. LOL

I guess this is about people grudgingly taking baby steps towards acknowledging that they read certain situations wrong. I said a while back that it’s a process. People gotta work through their stages of grief and all that. Some bloggers are working through it faster than others.

Some have already done a 180 and pretending they knew Sophiam was fake all along. I saw one post today that made me wanna punch a wall because it came from a nasty piece of work who not only used to blog about Sophia being hot and Liam being lucky to have her, but also was one who was trotting from blogger to blogger to tell everyone her inside source said Zayn would be revealed as a drug addict and would go to rehab Fall 2014. Like, if her followers can’t recognize that she’s either a shady attention seeking liar or easily fooled nitwit at this point, they are clearly too weak minded to ever see it.

Some are still bargaining, claiming it was a PR relationship but not exploring why Liam would “need” to engage in a PR relationship with a no name whom the fandom initially didn’t care for at all. I haven’t forgotten about the fandom gleefully dissing everything from her lips to her weight in the early days of Sophiam. Some are claiming they are still a real couple but engaged in PR stunts including Chiam. But again, they aren’t exploring why Liam and Sophia would be motivated to disrespect their relationship via Liam saddling himself with a B list (and very very much a D list in the US) stunt girlfriend who holds little to no appeal to his fanbase.

The other unexplored elephant in the room is clearly and obviously Liam’s sexuality and his relationship with Zayn. And yep, some Larries sense of ownership over Harry and Louis’ relationship plays into that. Honestly, I do think some feel acknowledging Ziam as a real relationship would take something away from Larry. And it would also take something away from their perceived status as bloggers for not jumping on the Ziam bandwagon. That’s incredibly immature, but hey, you know how this fandom is.

I think in time there will be no more excuses left to make. We’re in an interesting phase of 1D’s evolution because we have the benefit of a lot of hindsight and all the “evidence” that comes with it. So many things are looking faker and faker these days when contextualized with everything we’ve seen go down in the past. People should welcome the insight, period. This has been a long time coming.  

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I identify as pansexual, demisexual, panromantic and demiromantic but people keep telling me this is impossible. I experience attraction to all genders but cannot truly feel anything until I have formed and emotional bond with them. I don't want to be continually branded as an attention seeking liar so could you please tell me if this is okay or not?

It’s not impossible and completely and totally 100% okay. Anyone who suggests otherwise needs to mind their own business and stop trying to police everyone else’s labels.

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You gotta wonder why people think Alcor and Mizar are married seeing as he's shown up to summons in a "World's Okayist Uncle" sweater. How has nobody figured out that WoodStar is canon?

Willful Denial.

If you’re invested enough in a conclusion and have no respect for any sort of scientific model, you’ll find yourself perfectly capable of twisting any evidence possible to fit that conclusion - and if there’s evidence you absolutely cannot twist, you will do anything to deny it.

Clearly the uncle thing is symbolic, or an inside joke, or something. Clearly Alcor has at least one demon sibling somewhere who has offspring. Clearly Alcor and Mizar are both siblings and spouses so their kid is naturally both daughter and niece but it’s okay because they’re demons and human rules totally don’t apply!

Or, clearly those few people who witnessed it, lived to tell about it, and dared come out with that tidbit of information are attention-seeking liars or something.

See how easy that was? People do it all the time. Twin Souls “Canon” is gonna be no different, much to Alcor’s never-ending frustration and disappointment.

sometimes I feel bad and guilty because of the amount of mental illnesses I have

and then I remember that the guilt is a result of society’s hatred of people like me and the overwhelming idea that people who speak about their illnesses are attention-seeking liars

A Place For Us To Dream || When It All Falls Apart

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (24/?)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!

****WARNINGS: Mentions of rape****

Rose was a bitbetter in the morning — clearly sleep deprived, but she didn’tfeel as horrible at least. “Are you sure you don’t want me toopen the shop for you?” Martha asked gently as Rose got ready toleave.

“No, I’m fine,” Rose said,hooking her bag over her shoulder. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Martha didn’t completely believe that, but she let it go. “Alright. I’ll be in about noon.”

“Okay. See you later.”

Rose felt horrible and exposed as she walked down the street, hands shoved into her sweatshirt pockets. She felt safer once she got to the store and she was inside.

That lasted for about an hour.

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