attention seeker

This is why I build walls.
  • Me:-Crying. Alone. Upset.-
  • Friends:Stop being so dramatic, you're such an attention seeker. Get over yourself.
  • Family:I know you're a teenager but that doesn't give you the right to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. When I was your age I just had to get on with it. Don't be so pathetic.
  • Society:Just stop trying. You're never going to fit in anyway.
  • Teachers:We need to have a talk about these grades. You have to work for it or you're going to fail life. You don't want to fail life do you?
  • Peers:God, look at you. You're a mess. Pull yourself together.

How predictable and ridiculous is this from “1 to zerrie is fake stop trying to make us believe they’re in love”?
I mean yesterday she spent the day posting pics of Tiger, horses, cakes and something like this from HER account but today she posted the ONLY pic that reminds of Zayn from the little mix’s account. What a coincidence hah! Now tell me that she’s not an attention seeker and that they’re not only trying to promote little mix using Zayn! Oh you can’t because it’s evident that I am right. Bye