attention seek

  • Chanyeol: I'm not being dramatic and attention seeking.
  • Yixing: You literally just yelled "Someone give me attention or I'm going to die."
  • Chanyeol: But you guys haven't given me attention in an hour. How am I supposed live like that?
  • Yixing: Awwww
  • Kyungsoo: Yixing, no.
  • Yixing: *crying* He just wants to be loved and we just ignore his cries for attention. I'm so sorry, come here little baby.

its so fucked up that they are using jay to bring this ugly back into the picture like harry was at louis performance emotional and she was faking a hack … thats the girl currently being his rock … the one who jay loved … the one who he reached out to … faking a hack over the other attention seeking cunts ig account the night he was pouring his heart out for jay … i fucking hate them.

thanks for the kind messages everyone sent me after i posted that last anon. Thats kinda another reason why i dont like posting anons like that because i dont want people to feel bad for me or think im seeking attention. I want attention but i want to gain it in a positive way?? if that makes any sense. I want people to naturally care about me not because i posted something negative or sad.

regardless thanks everyone

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How would Shu, Ruki, Kou, & laito feel about you being goth?

Admin Mawile: ( ^∇^) 


-So what? It’s not directly bothering him, so you can do whatever you want. Unless you somehow manage to annoy him with your style choices, he’s not going to micromanage something that insignificant. 


-That kind of style is unseemly and inappropriate. You’re making yourself look bad, like some kind of attention seeking child, and he’s not going to stand for it. As long as you’re his, you must reflect well upon your master. 


-Since you’re with him, you’re going to have to look better than that. Being all ugly and dark just isn’t going to work for the partner of an idol, and you’d better change your style before any fans see it. 


-You’re entertaining regardless of what style you like, so he’s not going to do anything worse than use it to tease you. That, and purposefully getting you in trouble with Reiji for dressing so “disrespectfully”.

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Does Brianna have any friends besides Ashley than again I wouldn't be friends with someone who loves being a attention seeking and full of detox tea shit

she has olivia but she’s not even a genuine friend she’s being paid specifically to engage with this stunt yoinks

@anon keeps calling people out for their posts, but clearly, they are the ones seeking attention by nagging all over the place. Just unfollow, simple as that. You don’t own tumblr, you don’t own our blogs, you don’t own us, and we are not liable to answer your petty remarks. May Allah guide you and grant you peace, Ameen.

Also, perhaps next time, try talking to people as whoever you are instead of hiding behind anon, it may just make someone’s day a bit better.

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@ your anon about the Brits, in the article from James Arthur in the metro released today it said that "the pair would reunite at the Brits this wednesday" so I'm not sure if the newspaper is also just assuming he's going because the is in London or if they have confirmation, but considering they've already linked louis to trash with regards to the Brits, i'm sad louis can't just be free from attention seeking leeches

Anonymous said:
about the brits, actually that sun’s article that was praising trash that is JA said he is going


  • me: [doesnt get attention for fifteen seconds]
  • me: [drapes self over the lounge] it is fine. i am Okay. i suppose it is simply my destiny to die alone. Abandoned. Without a soul in the world to care for me. [delicately wipes a glistening tear from my eye] i'm not bothered. i Understand why you all Hate Me and wish me dead. after all, maybe it is all for the best....... [i stare forlornly into the middle distance, allowing my limbs to go slack as i lie back and wait to wither away, ignored forever]

Biphobia is still very gendered and exists differently for bi men and bi women, in that bi women usually get shamed for dating men and get called straight or attention seeking, whereas bi men usually get pigeonholed as being “basically” homosexual and somehow have to “prove” they are attracted to women too. biphobia is not just biphobic, it’s also very sexist in a way. don’t even get me started on biphobia directed at nb ppl..

Me: *talking about me*
Friend: oh, haha that reminds me of this other thing!
Me: …… uh huh, ANYWAY, *continues talking about me*

reblog/like if you have ever done these things for attention

- deactivate facebook

- leave group chats

- send yourself anonymous hate/questions

- be passive aggressive (give short responses, act moody etc)

- post attention seeking stuff on social media

i want to know that i’m not alone because sometimes i feel like a horrible person for doing these things sometimes