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Thank you to @holtzmann714, I’ve been blessed with this absolute GEM. I’ve died and been resurrected, YET AGAIN, by THE Kate McKinnon™

Check out this YouTube video for fetus Kate singing and dancing (and doing an incredible job at it) in a college production at Columbia University where she plays a sassy, snarky, womanizing Greek God (Zeus) who doubles as the story’s infamous villain and seduces (and makes out with) all of the story’s ladies with swagger and might I mention IN HEELS.

Also catch some cinematic parallels of some Holtzmann lines that she borrowed from her lines in this production!!

It’s 2 hours and 24 minutes long but IT IS SO WORTH IT. (I watched the entire thing and, though I may be bias because I’m a musical nerd, I thought it was phenomenal!)

Follow this link to watch! 👇🏻

On one hand I’m glad Kate is getting the attention she deserves then on the other I’m like she’s shy and private and has literally said she hides from being noticed on the street etc so I’m not excited about the invasions of her privacy and the intrusiveness that comes with this stuff yikes

Okay, the new Adam Sandler movie on Netflix, “The Ridiculous Six”, is not getting enough discussion about how staggeringly racist and sexist it is. The three Native American female characters are called “Wears No Bra”, “Beaver’s Breath”, and “Smoking Fox”, who is at one point referred to as “Pocha-Hot-Tits”. The degradation of Native American women is fucking astounding. In addition, the Mexican character wears a sombrero and speaks wistfully of “taco trees”. TACO TREES. Can we talk about how fucking awful this movie is, please?

Attention Kate Bush fans: there is a version of the epic “dark lipstick/double Kate Wuthering Heights performance” that doesn’t cut off early! 


On 9 January, 2007, after rumours of an engagement were at an all time high, Kate Middleton was ambushed by her paparazzi upon leaving her flat for work. While all the paparazzi had originally had a gentlemen’s agreement to stay on the other side of the road, that quickly changed when a few began to run to the other side. Kate was immediately trapped between cameras as she tried to get to her car, only to have every step documented. The then private citizen, Kate was said to be frightened and upset” by the encounter. This was one of many encounters with the paparazzi for Kate, and she would soon deal with worse. Prior to her engagement with Prince William, Kate was seen at an airport by paparazzi who proceeded to call her a  Bitch! Whore! Slag!” to get her attention. Kate never responded. 

I just can’t with these fuckers anymore...

It is 2016 and there is legit a post on this hellsite that calls the attention Kate Mcinnon is getting - and I quote - “creepy and terribly pathetic”.

The VAST MAJORITY of people giving her this attention are young gay girls who have been starved of on-screen representation all their lives, and this person believes that they are being “creepy and terribly pathetic” for fawning over an out lesbian playing a (confirmed) lesbian character.

This person believes that young gay girls should instead be focusing all their attention on the much older, non-gay women. Yeah, you read that right: if you concentrate on Kate Mckinnon because she’s young, attractive, gay, and playing a gay character, instead of Melissa Mccarthy then you are being “creepy and terribly pathetic”. 

William was unfailingly polite. The first thing he said to me was, ‘I’m so pleased to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you. Thank you very much for letting us stay in Ibiza.' So I just sat down on the sofa and chatted to him and Pippa while Kate cooked. Pippa and James treated William as if he was their sibling. At one point one of them said to him: ‘Go and make the tea.’ So off he went to make it. He was just like one of the family. He was so relaxed in his own skin, but he does try very hard to be a gentleman. It was a very funny supper and everyone was just cracking jokes. He was very attentive to Kate. He was very much at home in the whole family setting. Some ornaments – large glass pyramids – had been broken when a ball was thrown around. I jokingly accused William and he immediately jokingly dumped the blame on James. It was all good-natured fun.
—  Gary Goldsmith on that infamous Ibiza trip (x)