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I think you guys genuinely forget there’s a 6 person alliance.
Why didn’t neda put up Kevin and Bruno? They’re in an alliance.
Why is ika giving Kevin information?
They’re in an alliance.

Ika was flipping a little last week but she’s back fully committed to the 6 person alliance and for right now none of them are going after each other and they’re all giving each other information.

I am back. Here’s a merLance (based of the Voltron merfolk) been what I’m guessing is probably the queen most distracted guard ( also that armour is useless). I may do more like this for ’#MerMay’ Still struggling with my colour but i’m working on it. If there is a mistake then I don’t wanna hear about it 😓. For those of you that followed the progress of this peice in the ‘story’ posts, what did u think of that? Should I do it more often? As you may have noticed I’m back from comic con and for the next 11 days you have my attention and then I go to New Zealand to meet family. So in that time I’ll be drawing my arse off and trying to finish 2 mini comics for you while keeping up with my post every 2 days rule. For those of you that came to see me at comic con thank you so much, it was a pleasure to chat with all of u and Big Cheers for the support, hopefully I’ll see a few of you again at SupaNova.
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Playing a highly competitive game of foosball……

Natalia:  “Are you scared of getting older?”

Daniella:  “Becoming a teen?  A little but I’m also excited because I get to use better lab tools.”

Natalia:  “Aren’t you nervous about dating or anything?  Finding the right guy?  Like mom did with dad?”

Dani laughs:  “Naw, that’s the last thing on my mind.  You better pay attention, I’m going to beat you.”

Naty:  “Never!”

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It's becoming more and more obvious that Sony is getting exactly what they wanted in a Harry Styles superstar. The more his campaign is rolled out the more I also have a feeling of dread. Harry disengaging himself completely from the fandom to now have his solo rollout start without reengaging is something I think he would only do if forced. It's a haughty aloof image, not him @all. Add to that Louis still in stuntsville & I also unfortunately don't have a good feeling about what's going on bts

I agree, I think. I don’t think him making a big splash by necessity means anything bad about him or the band. But doing it like this? And Columbia has no interest in supporting anyone who isn’t making them money, so if the band isn’t signed to them, they don’t care much about the One Direction fan base – they’ll want to co-opt it into the Harry Styles fan base, or leave it behind entirely so they can make him look like a Cool Kid™.

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IT IS HER FAULT. If she doesn't like it, choreograph to prove it.

“Having a romantic quality.”

If they didn’t have that, everyone would be all pissy about them not showing a connection. They can’t win. Yes, she choreographed a romantic dance. She was supposed to. Yes, she contributed to the shipping and the showmance and the rumors. 

But who said she doesn’t like the showmance? Honestly, I think she welcomes the attention. I mean that in a positive way. It’s something that brings in viewers and votes and fans. USE IT! It’s no different than any other couple using whatever they can to get the attention they need to go far. 


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

What’s really funny is that it seems that the same people screaming that “humans are naturally herbivores!!” are the same ones screaming “dogs are actually omnivores!!”

That’s not how evolution works, you ass backward baboons.

Dogs have only been “dogs” for the past couple thousand years. Domestication of them is actually quite recent relative to geological history. Up until a few thousand years ago, dogs were still wolves. They are still pretty much very genetically identical to wolves in the same way humans are very close to chimpanzees.

It takes MILLIONS of years for a species to convert diets like that. Dogs didn’t instantly become “omnivores” the second they were domesticated. It took a our primate ancestors millions of years to adapt to omnivory before becoming hominids. This stuff does not happen overnight.

Dogs are descendent from the wolves who were able to survive off the food scraps the humans left behind, even the plant matter. Surviving is NOT thriving. They got minimal nutrition in order to stave off starvation. It’s not meant for long term diets. They lived longer than the wolves who could not get nutrients from the scraps and had more puppies, which led to more dogs being able to handle plant matter scraps. They didn’t suddenly become omnivores and started thriving off plant matter.

Modern dogs are OPPORTUNISTIC CARNIVORES. They are meat eaters who can eat plant matter and get SOME nutrition from it. It is a survival tactic. NOT a dietary need.

Dogs are not true omnivores. Dogs will “survive” on vegan diets but will NOT THRIVE. Anemia, pancreatic issues, digestive issues, severe peridontal disease from all that starch, and diabetes is what a “vegan” dog can expect.


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12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.

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*Jungkook* Faster, faster! [18+]
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                        2016 Favorite Korean Album Releases

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