attention everyone i can do cool things with text

the cool thing about reading and analyzing a body of text is that there are multiple ways to interpret it and not everyone has to agree. entire diverging philosophies and schools of thought can be applied to every text under the sun and you’ll get a different result. esp if you believe in death of the author. I find it useful and enlightening when reading fandom meta to pay close attention to whether the person discoursing seems like they are more interested in explaining why they feel the way they do about something, or in tearing down people who disagree with them. When you start paying attention to who is saying “I find this interesting and for whatever reason it inspires me to create content” vs those who are saying “the people espousing opinions that differ from mine are bad and wrong and bad” it can be a p interesting exercise.

I personally prefer my experience within fandom to be a positive one that encourages content creators b/c it’s actually very easy and simple to curate my experience to include things I like and exclude things that upset me without feeling the need to attack ppl who identify with things differently than I do, interpret things differently, or have opposing interests. idk. food for thought