attention all artists

ATTENTION! CALLING ALL PHAN ARTISTS!!! Are you searching for a network to connect with other artists? Then Phan Art Support Group is exactly what you need!

What is it? PASG allows you to meet the people behind the art. This will be a great place to:

  • Discover new artists
  • Organize collabs, art challenges, and community-wide projects
  • Request advice on your work and offer constructive feedback to others
  • Throw around ideas
  • Share useful resources
  • Alert others of reposting and plagiarism
  • Vent about art block, posting anxiety, etc.
  • Debate over whose face is the hardest to draw
  • Make the friendships (⺣◡⺣)

Please note that this group is a support system meant to build a stronger a sense of community among artists- not just to promo your finished work for more likes/notes.

Who can join? Basically anyone who draws phan art. Artists of all skill-levels, styles, and popularity-levels are welcome. All-age ranges are welcome, but everyone is expected to maintain a certain level of maturity.

What are the rules?

  1. Be civil.
  2. Be respectful of race, gender, sexuality, and religion.
  3. Don’t always expect a reply; people have things to do, and time zones are weird. But please answer when you can!
  4. Be respectful of people’s art when giving feedback. Don’t be mean if you don’t like the art. Give nice feedback.
  5. Participate. In order to keep the group chat running and helpful, everyone needs to participate.
  6. No spamming or trolling.
  7. No inappropriate discussion or content (depictions of abuse, excessive violence etc.)
  8. No nsfw art.
  9. Give trigger warnings.
  10. HAVE FUN!!!

How do I join?You will sign up with this form (CLICK HERE). Once we reach the minimum number of new members, we’ll send you an invitation through email (the email address associated with your Tumblr account). Once you accept the invitation, you will be automatically a member of the blog.

When does it start? We will add members to an official PASG group blog once we reach new 10 members. There are no member limits or deadlines because we want this to be a resource available to all artists in the phandom.

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Don't mind me, just pressing dat like button on all your art. <3 love your stuff!

thats so!! hecKIN SWEET!!!!! tthank u i am Glad u enjoy my art

Attention all artists that have a part time/full time job

Never feel bad or apologize for not doing as much art as your peers. 

You are very lucky to have a source of income you can count on.

Work can be tiring, if you are too tired to draw, then don’t draw.

You’ve worked a long shift, you come home and feel worn out. You want to draw, but you just can’t do it. DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT THAT. You’ve earned some rest, you can always draw another time.

Never apologize for taking longer to finish things because of your schedule.

If someone tells you “ I’m not gonna support/follow you because you don’t post as much as this artist”, ignore them. They obviously don’t support you in the first place.  

You are a great artist to balance both art and work. <3

Attention, anyone below 18 years of age following me

It’s fine, you can stay. This blog is here to spread a bit of positivity, point out some bad things that are happening and send you lovely people to others who need some help and love.

BUT, it can happen that these people are moderating a NSFW/18+ blog.

I just want to ask you that: 
If a blog is marked as NSFW, 18+ only, etc., PLEASE RESPECT THAT.
If you are below 18, don’t follow any 18+ blogs I mention, reblog things from, etc.
I’m sure sending them some nice messages when they are in troubling times is fine, but please refrain from following them…
( Please correct me if this is too much/too dangerous! )

The problem is that these artists/blogs can get into trouble when minors or anyone under 18 is looking at their blogs and nsfw content.
And getting people into trouble is THE LAST THING I want to do.

If you really like someones art (or other kinds of work), you can always ask them if they have a SFW-blog and if they want to share it with you.

Don’t be shy to ask, we are all just people and we all just want to enjoy our time here!

Just remember to be nice to each other and respect each other, no matter what age you are.
Stay safe… and keep others safe as well.

I just wanted to mention this.

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Attention all Ozqrow artists!

I am going to start working on another Ozqrow AMV and would love to include artwork in it! If you would like any of yours to be included please send it to me! (through message, submit, or email:  

Thoughts on Lemonade and Osetura

I don’t usually post my writing, however being where I am in the world  and at the suggestion of a friend I wanted to express my thoughts on Beyonce’s Visual album “Lemonade” and my perspective on the poignant references to Yoruba, religion and philosophy encoded within it. This perspective is my own and I do not claim to be an expert or intend dismiss or devalue other perspectives, I am simply drawn to comment due to the nature of my work and the fact that I have been living in Nigeria (Yorubaland to be more specific) for the last seven months.  I want to start off by saying that Beyonce is not the first artist to incorporate these themes sonically and visually into their work.  Angelique Kidjo, Ibeyi ,Oshun NYC and Azaelia Banks are but a few others who have delved into this realm, Beyonce is simply the latest and arguably most well known, (within the realm of pop music) to do so. Throughout the video there are numerous references to the many facets of Oshun, one of the most prominent Orishas in the Yoruba Pantheon.  Oshun like the other female Orishas is representative of Yoruba concepts of womanhood and the feminine powers of the universe, She is the embodiment of fertility, love, coolness, patience and wealth. She is the spirit of the Oshun river and the sacred mother Of Osogbo a town built  along its banks.  As recorded in Osetura one of  the 256 Odu of the Ifa literary corpus (the sacred corpus of Yoruba poetry used in divination to reveal one’s destiny) , she was among the first Orisha (Irunmole) to descend from Orun (Sky, Heaven, abode of Olorun the creator and sustainer of all things)  into the universe to create the physical realm and the only female among them. It is in this Ese (poem within the Odu) that both the creative and destructive powers of Oshun are demonstrated. When the Orisha attempted to form the world they excluded her, devaluing the awesome and essential power that she contained. Their heads fell into chaos, and life on earth failed to prosper. When they returned to Olorun they asked why they had failed and Olorun (who is far beyond gender) responded by asking “ What of Oshun? What of the Woman that I sent with you? They responded by saying that she was but a woman. Olorun then told them that they are knowing what that did not know before. The other Orishas returned to her and begged her forgiveness and only then could creation resume unabated, the male and female forces were then in equilibrium. It is said by some Babalawo/Iyanifa (ifa priests and priestesses) That the failure of the first attempt at creation was due to Oshun forming the Iyami (the witches or more accurately our powerful mothers) The Iyami (Iya=mother Mi=my) are the powerful unseen feminine forces that can work both for and against mankind. They demand recognition, inclusion and respect and wreak havoc on societies, families and individuals that ignore their relevance, their importance and their essential function of balancing creation. The Iyami are addressed and respected each time a babalawo/Iyanifa casts the divination chain and in the numerous prayers and blessings associated with Ifa.  The Orisha all possess contradictory aspects to their nature, Oshun is love, beauty, fertility, coolness and abundance, but when pushed to extremes, when ignored, when disrespected, she can be wrathful, her anger and  her sadness can bring  chaos and destruction. In Yoruba lore the Orisha are the manifestation of nature, art, creative and destructive forces as well as the deified ancestors who came to embody these forces on earth. They are the manifestation of the Yoruba perception of the visible  and unseen energies personified in human forms, Black forms. Throughout Lemonade there are numerous references to not only Oshun but the Iyami.  In the visual album Beyonce emerges in a rush of water dressed in Yellow (Oshun’s color representative of the sweetness of honey and the glimmer and luxury of brass) smiling as she smashes windows, pipes and signs. She has been betrayed, excluded, devalued and disrespected by her husband. The family and by extension the world reams in the chaos that ensues.  The film also included Sybrina Fulton, Gwen Carr and Lezley McSpadden, the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Mike Brown, three women, Three mothers, who have faced unimaginable loss, pain and sadness. Their pain, their narrative as well as the narratives of the countless other Black mothers, our mothers, have been ignored, disregarded and dismissed. They have been told through the injustices of our legal system that the lives of their children as well as their pain as mothers don’t matter.  Such is the dilemma of the Black woman. As stated by Malcolm X whose famous quote is used in the film, there is no one in America today as disrespected as the Black woman. This is an unfortunate reality faced by Black women in the Americas, both within and outside of the Black community. Their beauty, strength, intelligence and essential value to our society is constantly disregarded. They face continuous disrespect not only from society as a whole, but even from some Black men who unabashedly spit some of the most vile and hateful vitriol at women, who are our own sisters and our own mothers. Oshun as well as Oya, Yemoja, Obba, Iya Mapo and the countless other female Orisha represent the power of the feminine forces of the universe as embodied in women, as embodied in Black women. To me this is a visual ode to the Black Woman, Her power, her pain and society’s need to respect and to include her. It is about about the chaos that ensues when she has been denigrated and the prosperity that comes only from her inclusion, reconciliation and healing. I am not a Beyonce fanatic, however I can appreciate the symbolism artfully used in this work. She is not the first artist  to explore these issues of Blackness and womanhood, by any means. However I hope at this very crucial time history we begin the question and explore this issues of identity, history and social activism, giving attention to all artists using them creatively, while pondering these issues ourselves.


ATTENTION: All artists or anyone who does anything that other people critique: You should watch this. 

I love it for several reasons, but the most important one is: 

  1. He turns the haters and their speech into a work of HIS art
  2. He points out that the haters don’t know THE PERSON just because they know the work. 

Two really important things for anyone who makes art to remember.

so instead of that aforementioned work, in light of tday’s update, here’s sweater time

I rly love how Hero immediately went I LOVE IT when Cell said she looked like Madras :>


the instagram account princess_serena_moon i stealing our artwork, they have hundreds of stolens drawings of all kinds but all with sailor moon characters, and 9000 followers who don’t seem to mind that it’s stolen.
Please go check if they have stolen your art too, and report them! both the post and the account so we can get this thief shut down as soon as possible!!




lightboxes are super expensive, so I decided to make one for myself. This is how I did it^ 

I hope this helps some of you!

How To:

1: materials- tape, duct tape, large white sheet of paper, plastic sheet, large box, scissors, a bedside lamp

2: cut out the size screen you want

tape box flaps down

tape the white sheet of paper into the inside of the hole

duct tape the plastic sheet onto the top of the box, seal in the spaces

cut a hole in the bottom for the bedside lamp


hope this helps!

Fad Artist?

So on twitter tonight, in the marvelous world of art baes, a debate broke out about faux artist, thirst traps, talent vs no talent and all that in between…
More specifically Kaylin Garcia and her recent discovery of paint brushes and paint.
And no shade or ugliness, this is just my honest train of thought about the entire topic…

Artist have one of the most difficult professions ever in the terms of being able to be taken seriously and being able to actually feed yourself.
Especially freelance artist.
There are STILL people in the world who think being an artist is not a “real job”.
That’s why when some if y’all get on here and get chewed out by a creative individual for not properly giving credit and sourcing or removing tags and captions, because essentially you are taking money out the person’s pockets to be able to support themselves. Being a full time artist may very well be their only source of income so while it may not be a big deal to you, it is very much so to them.
You’ve been struggling for years to get noticed by an array of supporters who will actually BUY your work, networking on various social networking platforms, because… THEY CAN AND WILL bring in money if you do it right.
So here you have a swarm of already popular IG models and reality stars, talentless or not, start calling themselves artist cause…

Fat asses and paint always go together right?

Then here you are… The underdog.
Struggling and hustling.
You’re like, “Damn, I’m gonna have to start posting thirst traps in order to sell some fucking prints!!!”😂😭
You get a little discouraged sometimes when you see things like that.
You’re already trying to be taken seriously and get noticed without selling yourself short or selling out in general.
Not sure if you are supposed to start sketching topless and smear graphite all over your titties and post the flicks to IG or hustle harder…
Most of us were conflicted not because she might of found her niche in painting…
But it’s like, ok, if you wanna be an artist, why you posing in your panties painting?
In like every picture.
It seems so corny and fake to me. Lmfao

Like are you trying to showcase your art or ass?

I guess I’ll raise questions as so why even care so much about what another broad is doing….
And the answer to that is….
Fuck you.
Art saved my life and is a huge part of who I am and nothing about is a fad or a popularity contest on IG.
So naturally when I see folks claiming to be artist for likes, it’s insulting to my craft.
If you don’t understand, that’s ok.

I think art is subjective.
Always has been and always will be.
I don’t think I can say
“Oh this person’s art is trash…”,
it’s not my place to say that.
I can only not care for it on a personal level.
We all had to start somewhere and as artist we are always learning and evolving our skills.
But we all know….
Attention artist vs authentic artist.
They do exist. Let’s not pretend they don’t,

regardless if the skill and talent even exist.

So I can understand why it can frustrate some of us because while were struggling to make a name and build a brand…

There are some who are doing it for shits and giggles, which is cool, express yourself…
That’s ok too.

Just don’t turn something that is a passion and a life saver for most into a fad.
That’s how art gets brutally murdered.



With the success of the Fate Foretold kickstarter, we’re looking for a few more artists to add to our team for the final game release. If you or someone you know might be interested and is a talented artist, please send us an email at with a link to your art portfolio and we’ll be in touch! :)

Attention all fan artists: I'm getting a tattoo of the lyric "I want it so bad if shoot the sunshine into my veins"

I desperately need someone to draw me the visual representation of this Fall Out Boy lyric (27, Folie á Deux)

I would like a sun that has an IV line coming down from it and has drops of sunshine it , the IV line connect to the inside of the elbow (showing the syringe and stuff into the arm)