This is a not a ripoff-overwatch logo, this is the symbol of a right-wing party called “The Identitarian Movement”.

I have read some shit about these, and it is clear that they have pretty extremist intentions, as well as some quite xenophobic/racist posts when you look at their online pages, just look at this for example;

“Too beautiful for a Hijab/Niqab” 

(’Schleier’ is used in context with a bride’s veil or a muslim’s headscarf)

Just saying, but using a blonde, naked women for your racist propaganda is as low as you can get. But wait, doesn’t a blonde, likely blue eyed woman remind you of something?

Well, what a coincidence we got ourselves here; if you fill out the logo of the Nazi-Sturmabteilung (SA), one of the first two Nazi-departments, you get something looking surprisingly similar to the logo of the Identitarian Movement. Coincidence? I think not. Wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You know what’s the motto of the Identitarian movement?

Their motto is “Integration is a lie” and “Fortress Europe

Like, I am not trying to act like Nazis aren’t obvious as fuck in other parties as well, but I can’t believe that they think they are a fuckinkg legitimate party. They are straightup fucking Nazis that abuse pop culture to look like they honestly care about people. Like, let’s just look at this other shit;

“Ladies and Gentleman, multiculti is not a law of nature!” - Using Sheldon Cooper, a gay american, for their conservative, european-only purposes.

Or this fucking abomination. 

Yep, this is Gordon Freeman from Half Life as a Nazi-hero. He is fighting “Gender-Craze”, “Self-Denial”, “Political  Correctness” and “(National) Socialism”. Of course.  classy as always, because if you act like you fight Nazis you can’t be Nazi, am I right? And since ‘national’ is inside brackets they are also fighting regular Socialism!

Please, if you see anyone supporting the Identitarian Movement, unfollow them, stop contact or try to convert them into any ideology but Neo-Nazism.

PS;  Honestly I don’t want to be identified with these pieces of shit, I’m going to change my blog-design tomorrow, because I sure don’t want to be associated with these Neo-Nazis.

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