A 3DS/2DS & ANIMATES IN 2D

If you have created a “My Nintendo” account, Nintendo’s new rewards website, you can download “Flipnote Studio 3D” for FREE until April 30th, 2016! Animate or even plan animations on the go! :D You can even export your animations as an AVI or GIF file!!

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To sign up for a “My Nintendo” account, just go to :)

Guys with the marina joyce situation, its good that we’re trying to make awareness on what could be happening to her but we NEED to be more careful on HOW we do it. Unless the person behind it is living under a rock, there is a HUGE chance that they’ll be reading the comments and posts about it with people worrying about her.
There could be a reason why marinas telling people that shes ok. Maybe us exposing her subtle warnings are putting her in a more dangerous situation. Exposing the little signs like ‘she said help me’ could be exposing HER to the GUY.
I think awareness is really REALLY good but we need to think more of the position shes in and WHO we’re making aware.
So if you are bringing attention to things be careful where you’re posting it (not in the youtube comments where anyone can read it )
Idk guys sorry we just gotta be careful