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onedragon_102: jacksonwang852g7: In being sorry that he wasn’t able to attend (wedding) because of his schedules. This lovable dongseng recorded a congratulatory message in the cold outside and sent it over. How would hyung be able not to love you? Thank you.

translation: haetbitmark

i am amused


a new trending tag #BoycottHamilton from conservatives after the cast of Hamilton gave a message to Pence after he attended a show. 

Like conservatives were gonna go see that show anyway?!?!?!

also… #TrumpCup

Trump supporters get their Starbucks drinks under the name Trump as a f*ck you to the coffee giant. But Starbucks is still getting their $5-10 per cup anyway?!?!?

I think you guys spent too much time learning the second amendment to know how the first one works. 

lowkey liking the idea of assigning gods and goddesses to batfam blogs


whore4batfam - Hestia, goddess of hearth and home. forgettable but always there. generally sweet-tempered until she decides to scream about random shit like your mother does when she’s had an off day. likes family, keeps it gen. never really attends meetings or answers messages.

Thank you for all your gifts!!

I really had a nice birthday thanks to all of you! Your fanarts, your messages (I’m still attend them, ther are lots of them!! :D) Now it’s time to sleep.

While I was streaming, I received a message from Stereohead Studios (The guys that compose Underverse Soundtracks) In a couple days, finally it will be ready!!

I couldn’t make today Inktobertale’s challenge, but I think I can make it tomorrow with the 11 th challenge.

Anyway. Thank you so much for this day. I’m so happy :3. I’ll be posting your submissions during this night and next day, so, I’ll close it for a while.

Aaaaand before go to hug my bed, this is the result from my today’s serious streaming. Thank you for all your company!!!

Me and Cross.

Mom, the horrible butterfly and me.

Having fun with Fresh - Special thanks to @alainaprana

Then, CQ joined the party - @loverofpiggies

How do I become a flight attendant?

Ok guys.
I get multiple messages every week with the this question and I’ve publicly answered it multiple times. Seriously- there is no secret. Apply, hope they call you, have a pleasant interview, dress professionally, and wait for that call. Customers service experience is appreciated. You MUST have a clean and drug free background, but there are not many other requirements. Your biggest problem is the amount of applicants every time applications open. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world and get paid for it? If you are bilingual (not necessarily with Spanish) you may have a better chance. Online flight attendant schools are just scams. You don’t need any training before getting hired. Your airline will train you. There’s no secret to get in so don’t let anyone tell you there is. Just apply, apply, apply to every airline looking for applicants.
Good luck to all you wanderlusters out there!

J'suis là, assise sur mon lit, en regardant dans l'vide. Mon téléphone est posé à côté de moi, j'attends que tu m'appelles, que tu m'envoies un message. Je t'attends, alors que toi tu ne penses sûrement pas à moi. Je t'avoue que je trouve ça pathétique moi aussi.. Mais qu'est-ce que tu veux que je fasses? Tout ce que je fais me ramène à toi. T'es constamment dans mes pensées, t'es absent mais partout à la fois. Je rêverai de pouvoir te sortir de ma tête quelques instants. J'aimerais réussir à arrêter de faire semblant de ne pas t'aimer alors qu'au fond, je sais très bien que c'est le cas. Comment tu fais toi, pour ne jamais avoir envie de me voir ou d'entendre ma voix? Comment tu fais pour t'amuser et penser à autre chose qu'à moi?
Dis-moi que pour toi aussi, la page ne veut pas se tourner. Dis-moi que toi aussi tu m'aimes mais que tu ne veux pas l'avouer.

“I hang out mostly with friends from school. We know each other inside out, so I feel at ease with them. We make sure to meet about once a week. Just like a club, we have a mailing list consisting of 13 people, which we use to message everyone simultaneously to meet. We check attendance thru Excel. Sometimes we just have a normal meal together, and other times we go barbecuing, snowboarding or go on a trip to the hot springs.”

in 8 days


Anyone currently attending college willing to message me about good yet reasonable socal private uni recommendations (I’m considering dorming) or if not that, any good colleges for part time classes? I’m not sure in a major but I know art (specifically illustration/animation) will be a partial focus so schools w good general education AND art programs are a plus. USC looks good (my mom even went there) and I’ve researched them before I would just like to widen my options


The start of the last 5 episodes ever. Which after tonight, leaves us with 4 more episodes ever. Let’s begin.

Damon. Okay. I understand Elena is the love of your life but HONESTLY? Could you PLEASE not ask Bonnie how Elena is as the first thing you say when you call her? It’s ridiculous. And then you steal the Maxwell journal (but it’s kind of okay because I’m pretty sure you figured something out), but still. You’re an impulsive thinker and you have been from the start. (No hate on Damon. I love him but he gets on my nerves sometimes.)

Caroline. Love you Care Bear:) but HONESTLY I really feel like you should’ve gone looking for Bonnie or done SOMETHING for Bonnie other than leaving her messages and attending to the now vulnerable Stefan. I know he needs you, since he’s human and all now, but the love of your best friend’s life just died so…

Stefan. Human Stefan. Welcome back to the (weak) land of the living, my friend. It’s what you’ve always wanted, right? It sucks not being able to shut off your humanity, right? All that guilt just came flooding back. And then you got arrested, and stabbed. But hey, one of your victims survived and you survived that stab the normal way. 

Alaric. Glad you’re back. Saw you weren’t taking anything of Damon. That’s really all I can say for you from tonight.

Matt. Matty baby:) it was nice to see you in a flash back with old time clothes. It’s really nice to see your history and your(first) real plot. Also sad to see how Maxwell’s/Donovan’s have been used and pushed around since forever. Humans will never win, will they? But yeah, I’ve really liked seeing you actually have a plot this season. It’s long overdue.

Bonnie. Your mom came back. And it was exciting. Until she burned Enzo’s body because there’s something about it that’s luring you in that’s dark. I really wish that your happiness would just happen. Easily. Because out of everyone, you deserve it the most. (Followed by Matt) You are strong Bonnie. I really thought this would be your episode for Enzo to come back.

Matt&Bonnie. Your families go way back. It was really nice to see that too:) WHAT I APPRECIATED WAS the scene you two had together. Matt just waiting at your house, understanding how you feel and knowing there’s nothing he can say to make it better. He kissed your forehead. And he was just there for you. A true friend. At the end, he was the only one who showed up. And we really need more scenes like the one we got from you two tonight.


Who was the hooded figure who took Stefan away?

Kai Parker is back.

Did the “darkness” or whatever that Bonnie opened somehow bring Kai back?

OKAY. I get it. Most everyone loves Elena. I don’t really care about her. Listen, when I first watched it, everything was great. When I re watched it, I just kind of really started to dislike Elena. (Not trying to hate! Hear me out) Everything is basically about her and Kai just announced “What if I brought Elena back?” Like sure that’s great and stuff but BRING BACK ENZO. Everything still manages to be about her. 

I know they still have to mention her and stuff but this is the LAST SEASON. And Bonnie’s world got turned upside down. She was finally happy. Delena has had happy moments together. More than Bonenzo. So I really don’t care about Kai bringing Elena back. I just want someone to somehow bring Enzo back. Then they can focus on Elena.

Anyways, again, no hate. See you next time, with another night of heartache.


dear whomever reads this,

guys I am so so sorry. I’m honestly the worst and most selfish person right now, I am currently going through personal issues which is why I am taking forever to answer messages. I promise I’ll start getting better at it I promise. But right I need to deal with something, so I’ll attend to the messages later tonight.

Biggest apologies.

Much love x

Sincerely a friend.

C'est dingue comme inconsciemment on attend un message, un petit signe de quelqu'un de particulier, pour savoir qu'il pense à nous.

Heading over to the Third Red Dragon Con or waiting for live updates on social media? Feel free to keep track of what is discussed during the con’s panels by playing bingo! You can also use the cards to inspire questions to ask the cast if you’re attending (message or tag me if you’re using any of the cards)!

Here’s the thing I submitted to the tatinof art thing!!! Didn’t get chosen this time around, but no big deal, I had so so so much fun!!!  I did Dan’s a while ago, but I added phil so we would have the complete space kid and plant boy set <3

Anyone that has already attended should message me so we can pick up the pieces of our broken souls together

Demain c'est l'enterrement.

J'en profite pour m'excuser, j'ai des messages en attende.. je répondrai ce week-end. C'est juste que je m'isole un peu en ce moment