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You know I am quite surprise that no one ever made a post about the articles on this newspaper 

*Judge declares “A Dog can adopt a Boy!” BY: JJ Riordan
Earlier today the Honorable Judge Michael E. Nolan declared Mr. Peabody fit to adopt a human boy. “Mr.’re a Nobel Prize winning scientist, an adviser to heads of state, a captain of an industry…are you sure you’re capable of raising a human boy?” The world famous beagle offered a compelling argument in front of the court offering his many accomplishments as proof he is well educated canine.

The Herald Examiner has obtained an exclusive interview with Mr. Peabody at his penthouse apartment located at Central Park South. Mr. Peabody declared that he is proud to be the first canine to adopt a human boy remarking that this “ is a small step for a dog but a big step for the canine community” I am confident that I can raise Sherman to be a value member of society. Mr. Peabody went on to explain that his childhood played an important role in his decision to adopt a child. “ You see ever since I was a pup it was clear that I was different. I tried to fit in, but never could. As I grew I saw more and more of my litter mates being chosen by their new families but for some reason I never was. Mr. Peabody went on to say that "without a family of my own, I dedicated myself to pursuit of knowledge, culture, and athletics. I received my degree at Harvard. Vale-dog-torian or course. And then I devoted myself by helping mankind. I pioneered new techniques in alternative energy. Resolved geo-political conflicts. And in my spare time I invented the fist bump, planking, tearaway pants, auto tune, the backside ollie, and Zumba. But now Mr. Peabody is most proud of his son Sherman and is committed to being the best father he can be "When I adopted Sherman I vowed to be the best father I could be, to prepare him for all the wonders of the world, present and past. Sherman has inspired me in so many ways.”

*Culinary Tips from Mr. Peabody BY: David H.A. Philppe
Food critics in the city are quite familiar with Mr. Peabody as he is a known gourmand in Manhattan. Having studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and the Academia Barilla in Italy Mr. Peabody has developed a refined palate. Last September he did a three part TED talk on “Thai Fruit Carving” which led to role as guest chef judge on “Master Chef”. While the notoriety he has revived is flattering, he says his real joy is teaching Sherman to appreciate a full palate of flavors and culinary techniques.

So what should we talk about: Mr. Peabody’s overwhelming love for his new son? Peabody attending Le Cordon Bleu and Academia Barilla? The fact that Mr. Peabody was on TED Talks and Master Chef? Or that the head of character design for this movie, Tim Lamb wrote one of the articles? 


Sole Meunière

Sole Meunière was the first dish that Julia Child, patron saint of french cooking, had when she first arrived in Paris. She described the meal (and the wine that accompanied it) as to The New York Times as “an opening up of the soul and spirit for me.” While in France she attended Le Cordon Bleu and went on co-write ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. I am of the opinion that any dish that can woo a woman like this should be an staple in any kitchen. 

Now read on for fish, lemons, and quite a lot of white wine to go along with it!

- MJ & K

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