attend concerts

cute wlw ask meme
  1. neon sign wlw or vintage poster wlw
  2. silk wlw or velvet wlw 
  3. rent a movie wlw or check out a book wlw
  4. dawn wlw or dusk wlw 
  5. see a play wlw or attend a concert wlw
  6. lipstick wlw or lip balm wlw 
  7. hike through a forest wlw or stroll along the beach wlw 
  8. glitter wlw or matte wlw 
  9. bask in the sun wlw or relax in the moonlight wlw 
  10. sweet candy wlw or sour candy wlw
  11. go to a cafe wlw or eat at a diner wlw 
  12. bath bomb wlw or bubble bath wlw
  13. take a picnic wlw or go to a museum wlw 
  14. iced coffee wlw or hot coffee wlw
  15. see an art exhibit wlw or visit an aquarium wlw 
  16. summer wlw or spring wlw
  17. ice cream cone wlw or snow cone wlw
  18. write her a love letter wlw or give her flowers wlw 
  19. dine out wlw or eat in wlw 
  20. tell her your feelings wlw or show her your feelings wlw
  21. cuddle on a rainy day wlw or go out on a sunny day wlw
  22. oversized sweater wlw or warm flannel wlw
  23. bold wlw or soft wlw
  24. make the first move wlw or wait on it wlw 
  25. poetry wlw or novel wlw 
  26. sleep under the stars wlw or snuggle in a cabin wlw
  27. sharp sophisticated wlw or casual comfy wlw 
  28. smoothie wlw or milkshake wlw
  29. candle wlw or incense wlw
  30. spontaneous wlw or by-the-book wlw
  31. stargaze wlw or pick flowers wlw 
  32. binge watch tv wlw or read for days wlw
  33. dreamer wlw or doer wlw
  34. express your opinions wlw or listen to theirs wlw
  35. explore space wlw or explore the ocean wlw
  36. mint wlw or cinnamon wlw
  37. fall asleep to music wlw or fall asleep to the sound of rain wlw
  38. cake wlw or pie wlw
  39. fall in love fast wlw or fall in love slow wlw
  40. chocolate wlw or vanilla wlw
  41. leave her a sappy voicemail wlw or send her a heartfelt text wlw
  42. iced water wlw or no ice wlw
  43. big party wlw or small gathering wlw
  44. fall wlw or winter wlw
  45. hard at work wlw or hardly working wlw
  46. pancake wlw or waffle wlw
  47. honest at all costs wlw or protect others feelings wlw
  48. classical art wlw or modern art wlw
  49. hug her to death wlw or kiss her til she can’t breathe wlw
  50. dance in the rain wlw or play in the snow wlw
AYH Tokyo Dome 26.12.2016 sakumoto~~~ SPOILERS

└ Spoiler warning for tonight’s concert (and my last for this trip).

A totally happy sakumoto shipper as…

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I saw a post last night discussing how it’s okay for Yuuri to retire now that he “won his prize” (aka Viktor) and just. No.

Here’s why:

Yuuri did not start skating because of Viktor. Canonically, he says he spent his childhood in Minako’s ballet studio until she suggested he take up figure skating. The youngest clips we see of him skating at the Ice Palace make him look far younger than twelve, when we see him admiring Viktor (not that he necessarily discovered Viktor when he was twelve, but I digress).

How about in episode one, he feels he’s given up on competitive skating, and meeting Viktor, and tells Yuuko that he wants to get his love of skating back.

His love of skating.

He loves this sport, guys. You don’t make a career out of something just because you really, really admire someone or have a celebrity crush. Most people follow them obsessively on social media and buy backstage passes to concerts and attend every public viewing they can attend.

That is not what Yuuri did. Yuuri is a skater. Not because of Viktor. Because he loves skating. He loves it so much, it’s what he does when he’s stressed out to relax.

Of course, later that very episode he thinks, “What do I need so I can continue skating on my own.”

Because he wants to skate. And if he meant that non-competitively, he wouldn’t be so angsty about it.

Or, in episode nine, when he’s thinking about skating without Viktor, and we hear that he wanted to win the last Grand Prix Final. A final Viktor was competing in.

He wanted to beat Viktor, guys. Not because it would impress Viktor. Because he hates losing (did we forget that canon quality, too?).

What about Minami, who asked Yuuri to keep competing until they could skate in a Grand Prix Series together? Is that a goal worthy of achieving? Sure, Yuuri didn’t look super interested in it at the time, but Yuuri was also flustered and overwhelmed, and hey, that doesn’t mean he won’t do it for the kid.

Yuuri has so many reasons to keep skating competitively, personal and non-personal, that have absolutely nothing to do with Viktor.

Viktor’s love is not a damn prize that made figure skating worthwhile. He is a human being. Figure skating is the field on which Viktor and Yuuri first connected.
Leonard Cohen Dead at 82
Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned five decades, died at the age of 82.

This is a sad day. I feel like I have lost a loved one although I never met him (for attending a stadium concert and vibrating with the excitement of realizing I was technically in the same room as him does not truly count, does it?). I am struggling to write this - the power and beauty of his poetry and music has honestly been an integral part of my childhood, my life. His words touched me more deeply than even some of my personal relationships have, and in my darkest hours I could always find solace and a crack of light by reading or listening to him. For that I thank him, I will always remember him, and I hope he is at peace. 

In Cohen’s letter to Marianne Jensen (Ihlen) in July of this year: 

“Well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.”

F(x) is honestly one of the if not the best girl groups around. They’re all so versatile and talented in their own ways. Making the group a unique charm amongst the rest. I’ve tried to get into other girl group but I just keep coming back to them again and again. They’re all so funny and the bond between them is so beautiful. My dream is to attend one concert and my life is complete. They’re the ones that brought me into Kpop back in 10’ and I never regret loving all 5 of them. F(x) Fighting!!!!

Out of all the members, Yoongi was never the one to outwardly show his emotions. He had often shared this thoughts and feelings through twitter, yet none of them made such a profound impact on me as this one (160110 tweet) did. 

The fact that he went back to Kobe World Hall during his break to feel the emotions and disappointment of his fans, that he cried because he felt that it was his fault and it was him who let the fans down, that he now feels like he can’t look into his fans eyes honorably, made my heart break. We mean that much to him.

I remember my view about Yoongi first changed when I learned that his parents didn’t support his dream at the beginning. They didn’t want him to be a rapper and because of that, his parents didn’t attend his concerts at first. (They completely support him now and are proud of their son). To him, we are the fans who supported his dream, who attend his concerts, who anticipate his works and his mixtape.

I realized that I never knew exactly how important the fans were to Yoongi because he always seemed to want to be left alone by media. But today, I now know that within his personal space, we are there. We exist, and beyond just existing, we are vital.


2016 mbc good friends concert ♡ 161116
translation: z0eyyy

after performing “1of1”, the announcer mentioned that they were really thankful for shinee because, when they first stated the purpose of the event and sent out invitations to several artists, shinee was the first one to accept and even said they’ll move their schedules no matter what (in order to attend the event). [note: the concert runs like a charity concert, and for those who were wondering why shinee didn’t attend the 2016 asian artist awards, it was likely due to their putting precedence over attending the charity concert.]

anonymous asked:

jonghyun is so greedy. two concerts in two years and he might have more this year when taemin deserves one more and could sell better? and people say that jonghyun gets treated bad!

between this and the anon fytaem got …, aren’t you bored, anon? (but this could easily be someone else too. there’s a lot of trolls out there.)


considering the lack of hype / little amount of money that sm put into she is (and how badly they messed up the promotional cycle), how he didn’t get a mv for either of his station singles, etc., i feel like jonghyun more than deserved his second concert, but that’s just me. (also say hello to the 17,000 people that physically attended jonghyun’s recent concerts.) taemin deserves one as well but the timing probably hasn’t been right. he’ll get one soon.

“Clouding My Mind” - Simon Dominic X Reader (Angst/Fluff)

Description: You and Simon have been dating for quite a while and attending his concerts was always fun, until your insecurities got the best of you and you started noticing the way Simon looked at his dancer. 

  • Word count: 2.538

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