There’s an Oregon Trail board game. It has cards that look like the original computer game and dry-erase gravestones that allow you to write down your name and how you died along the way. Source Source 2

The Ant-Man poster featuring Ant-Man on Black Widow’s bust is fake!

That poster is one of (albeit the most creepy and sexist) a group of parody posters made by fans of the MCU. Other such fan posters include this equally abhorrent creation:

And my personal favorite:

The only official posters released by Marvel are the ones depicting Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. 

There’s a post rolling around attempting to blame Marvel Entertainment for the fan-made posters, calling them sexist and worse. Marvel does have trouble with representation in their works, but even they wouldn’t make a mistake this large. Spread the word!

  • Dress Up Nice
  • Caroline Sears
  • Caroline Sears's Album

dress up nice–caroline sears (original song)

I can just imagine you crying between the trees.
Young, already broken, and you’re shaking at the knees.
A scab on your lip from where you were hit yesterday.
I’d do anything to fix you, but there’s not much I can say.

I don’t know why we’re crazy or how we’re supposed to deal.
You without a shirt and me in black high heels.
You love the thought of disappearing into thin air.
I prefer to burn out bright, but I could vanish if you were there.

CHORUS: So dress up nice, darling, let your eyes shine bright.
I promise, darling, I’m gonna treat you right.
We can’t be touched, sweetheart.
We’re infinite tonight.

I see us in the future, laying on the couch.
Drinking slow and quietly, with everything to talk about.
But for now you drink fast so you can finally sleep.
I think of those who hurt you and I pray to God they weep.


for fred

  • Dear John
  • Caroline Sears
  • Caroline Sears's Album

dear john–caroline sears (original song)

Dear John, I’m sorry for being like this
I’m strong in the head but I’m weak in the heart
And that’s just how it is

Dear John, thank you for sticking with me
Saving the world one soul at a time
And solving the rain-slicked streets

CHORUS: I know that I’m no Heaven’s angel
But thank you for thinking me one
I know that I’m stepping out on the things
That we just might have done
I know that I’ve hidden but I’ve never lied
To the face of the morning sun
I know that there’s no such thing as heroes
But thank you for making me one

Dear John, I’m sorry you had to see this
I had no way to go but down
And that’s just how it is.

Dear John, thank you for staying with me
Quietly playing the night away
In apartment B 


Team Downey and the intern

This happened about nine months ago and I greedily kept it to myself (I was just busy but now I no longer have a life) but I have finally decided to share this with my fellow Robert Downey Jr. fans. 

About nine months ago or so I started working at The Arclight cinema at the Hollywood location, and due to the area a majority of the staff consists pf people attempting to break into the entertainment industry—this includes myself. A few weeks in I instantly hit it off with a fellow co-worker and we started talking. At one point we started discussing Superhero films (anyone that knows me would tell you that that’s a common occurrence) which of course naturally led to me talking about my love for Robert Downey Jr. (had to tone down the level of obsession!) in which he nonchalantly responds,“My friend worked with him at his production office.” 

My head nearly exploded!

Like I had said before, this job consists of people trying to make it into the entertainment business, so my fellow co-worker, along with his female friend, graduated with what I believe were degrees in Film/ Television. Having a degree of that sort in the entertainment field allows you to apply for internships at studios and production companies. This was a few years back and at the time Team Downey was accepting internships.

As excited as I was to hear this, I was also fearful that I was about to be crushed by the knowledge that my favorite actor was actually a terrible person; I took a breath and decided to take the risk. I nervously asked my co-worker what she had said about RDJ, and was so relived to hear that she had said Downey was a “nice and real chill guy”. He preceded to tell me a funny incident that had happened to her while she was interning for him.

Apparently there is this security code that everyone needs to use in order  to open the automatic gate leading to the office. So like any other day she punched in the number and drove her car through, but when she closed the gate she neglected to see that RDJ was starting to pull in! So the gate came down and hit what I am assuming was a really expensive car. Luckily by this time she was out of sight and made a mad dash for the office.

By the time RDJ entered the office she was already casually seated at her desk. So RDJ comes into the office looking very bewildered and says “Who did that?”. She said that he didn’t even seem angry, just genuinely confused, but she stayed quiet the whole time and pretended to be busy, and RDJ never managed to find out what had happened.

I am so happy to hear that Robert Downey Jr. is genuinely a nice guy and not one of those celebrity assholes that would go insane over something like that. 

Although I wonder if he spent the whole day trying to figure out just what the hell happened with the gate.


To me, American Candy is anything without a heartbeat. The gluttony and overconsumption we are born and bred to exercise. Basically, anything that attempts to please or entertain with complete disregard for integrity and character. That said, this wasn’t necessarily a focal point on the lyrical side of things save for a few tunes (specifically the title track). However, I kept my viewpoint in mind for the entirety of the writing and recording process and truly feel like my soul is in this project. I don’t want the title’s meaning to overshadow my true goal for this release: to inspire and awake the dormant happiness that sleeps in all of us.
—  John O'Callaghan (x)
  • Crossroad Dirt
  • Caroline Sears
  • Caroline Sears's Album

crossroad dirt–caroline sears (original song)

I was made to drive through twists and turns
With a fire inside that everyone sees burn
I expect to take it easy and still learn
But all I’ve mastered is where ego is concerned

‘Cause I have learned to warm my bones
And lean on my own shoulder as I stagger home
And I fight dirty towards the feeling of being alone
I’m a zealous soldier that stands for my avid souls
My heart is filled with ardor, ache, and hope
And when I die, mark a star on my tombstone 

I made a deal with a devil at a mere thirteen
Digging in crossroad dirt on bloody knees
With nothing in my knapsack but a knife,
A patchwork quilt and a price on my own life

I take solace in the fact that I’m made of paper skin
I am college ruled and inky blue within
I’m wedded with the rings wrapped around my eyes
I smile to myself as I sing into the sky


Pajama Sam by Lovely Lady Artist

  • Okay
  • Caroline Sears
  • Caroline Sears's Album

okay–caroline sears (original song)

I don’t wanna wake up tomorrow
Can’t I just spend the day away?
Can’t I just travel out west and spend a little time out on the lake?

Hey, you say, it’s gonna be okay.
It’ll be better in the morning.
Hey, you say, I’m gonna be okay.

I don’t wanna put on my armor
And make myself into a smile.
Can’t I just head up north and hide up from the cold for a while?

Hey, you say, we’ll float along okay
Wait until you spot the sea
Hey, you say, we’ll float along okay
Hey, you say, I’m gonna be okay
Wait until I spot the sea
Hey, you say, we’re gonna be okay