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Princeling of my heart…


Or, I wanted to draw a “quick lil warmup sketch” to get back in the drawing groove after Katsucon before working on Inferno again, and well yeah, that didn’t work out… SOBS I LOVE PHICHIT TOO MUCH I LOVE HIM SOBS



Practicing my pick up lines for the Voltron Panel. Not everyone enjoyed them as much as I did, but hey, they’re missing out 😔


Terrible photos of me attempting (read: failing) at cosplaying Jaehee from Mystic Messenger. This is my very first attempt at cosplaying and it’s scary as hell, haha :) These photos are unedited and were taken with an iPhone 5 camera. I can’t stand editing photos of myself, LoL. I hope you’ll like these odd, very badly taken photos. Let me know if you do; I could use some positive feedback for my first time cosplaying x 

Thanks for taking a look!

Cosplay Help Community Drinking Game

- Take a sip for every time someone misspells “Worbla.” Take two if the misspelling is something really out there you haven’t seen before

- Take a sip every time someone suggests using “EVA foam” instead of “craft foam” or vice versa when they clearly don’t know that craft foam is made of EVA foam (acknowledging that they’re the same thing but that “craft foam” is thinner and less dense than something like floor mats doesn’t count here – they have to be acting as if they are two totally different materials).

- Take a sip for every time a post doesn’t have reference pictures. Make your drinks as weak as possible to prevent alcohol poisoning.

- Take a gulp for every “helper” who recommends something that the OP says they can’t or aren’t going to do, or otherwise where the post clearly wasn’t read carefully (or at all).

- Take a sip for every post that is vague about what they want, or that asks something very general (”how do I make this entire costume?”)

- Take a sip for every time fabric names are vague/people don’t know the difference between fiber and finish (”use polyester or satin for that” or “I’d use rayon” type posts) and every time a body paint brand is used to stand in for a particular product or type of paint (”where do I start with body painting?” “Ben Nye is good”)

- Take a sip for every post where no research was done whatsoever. Two if it is a very basic, googleable question with lots of information on the subject. Three if it is especially vague. 

- Take a long, hard drink for any of the following: “I want to make [insert very complicated, master’s level cosplay here] but have never made anything before, where do I start?”; “Where can I buy [basic piece that is easy to find, like plain high heeled shoes or a dress shirt]?”; “I want to cosplay but have no idea who I look like!” (take two if there is no information about what types of series the person is into, what types of costumes they want to do [sewing, armor, character type preferences, etc.], or what their skill level is); “What contacts should I use for this character?” (questions about what a specific pair looks like worn doesn’t count – it has to be a vague “I need blue contacts” kind of a question); “I want to make/buy [insert difficult and expensive costume here] and my budget is [unreasonably low amount]” (take two if they’re looking for a commission, three if they have actually contacted you directly for a commission)

- Take a gulp for every bad piece of advice given. Take two if it is especially atrocious. Take three if the advice is actually dangerous, but only after correcting the person and explaining why it is dangerous.

- Take a small sip for every “helper” who is just repeating what everyone else in the thread has already said. Tiny sips. You may be here a while.

- Finish your drink for every poster who is weirdly combative about taking any sort of advice whatsoever. Go make another drink and take a long, hard drink if they were also extremely vague about what their limitations are. Take another if they do this consistently across all of their posts.


One more cosplay progress update: other than trimming off the excess lace, Depa’s wig is now complete. Which means this costume is OFFICIALLY ready for ECCC, and I can now focus all my cosplay efforts on Leia. I am actually really happy with how this turned out. It’s slightly shorter than Depa’s movie hair, but it’s a passable approximation, in my opinion.

Seamus Finnigan Imagine: “5 attempts”

I am Seamus trash! Would you please write a Seamus x reader with Dean and Hermione (and nearly everyone else) are setting them up in increasingly ridiculous ways?

Requested by anon

Dean Thomas was fed up. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He was Seamus Finnigan’s friend, and he simply couldn’t understand how his pal could be so oblivious to his own feelings. Seamus was head over heels in love with y/n, but he wouldn’t admit it. Ever. No matter how much effort Dean put in it. It was useless and frustrating. That was the reason why he decided to persuade Hermione Granger into succor him.

“I won’t help you, Dean” the witch told him.

“What? Why?” he demanded.

“I don’t like to interfere in this kind of things…”

“Oh, come on! At least tell me a way to set them up. You are the brightest witch of our age… You must have an idea, right?” Dean insisted.

“I told you I wouldn’t d-“

She was cut short by the Gryffindor boy who begged: “If you help me with this I won’t ask for your help for any assignment, for the rest of the year!”

Hermione gave it some thought and finally agreed.

“But remember not to ask me anything! You promised!” she recalled.

Dean eagerly nodded. It couldn’t be that difficult to set Seamus and y/n up, could it?


Hermione had thought that, since y/n loved watching Quidditch games, he could ask her to go with her to watch a match. Dean had to do the same with Seamus and they would coincidently make them sit together. Maybe during or after the match, they would come around, after sitting next to each other all the time.

When Hermione and y/n arrived, Seamus and Dean were already there. Hermione not so subtly pushed y/n to sit next to Seamus. They greeted each other, but that was all. No matter how much Dean and Hermione squeezed them together, they didn’t react nor make any comment. They were too focused on Quidditch.

When the match ended, each one made their way separately. Dean took Hermione by the arm and growled: “What the bloody hell? They have been pressed against each other, squeezed, during more than an hour! And nothing happened, nothing! Not even a single word!”

“I know Dean! I was there!” Hermione retorted.

“We have to do something else…” the Gryffindor boy said exasperated.

“We will” she assured him.


This was simpler. Hermione would make y/n admit that Seamus was handsome, and Dean would do the same with Seamus, so that he admitted y/n was beautiful. Once they did it, they would have to let slip that the other thinks the same.

“So tell me, y/n, who do you think is the hottest guy in the school?” Hermione asked innocently.

Y/n frowned: “Since when are you interested in it?”

“Since now. So tell me” she insisted.

“W-well, I don’t know. Draco, I guess”

Hermione paled. “D-Draco?”

“Draco may be a git, but he is also very handsome” y/n reasoned.

“What about Seamus? I think he is attractive” Hermione tried, to see her reaction.

“I still believe Draco is the most handsome boy around Hogwarts…”

 Meanwhile, Dean wasn’t any luckier either.

“Seamus, what do you think about y/n? She/he is beautiful, right?”

“Well Dean, you find all the girls/boys pretty, so of course you’d say that”

When Hermione and Dean met, she said: “Draco. Can you believe it? Y/n thinks the ferret is the most handsome guy!”

Dean shook his head and replied: “We better think something else…”


“I got it! Hermione shouted excitedly. “You have to tell him to meet him somewhere! I’ll do the same with y/n, but we won’t go. This way they will be together, let’s say…to take a walk around the Black Lake? It’s romantic. We can make up excuses for not showing up. It’s easy, right?”

Dean and Hermione followed the plan and Seamus and y/n found each other alone.

“Hi y/n! Have you seen Dean?” he asked.

“No, sorry. And you Hermione?”

He shook his head.

“I guess I’ll get going then. Bye, Seamus!”

Another failed plan. They hadn’t even talked for a minute! Hermione and Dean were arguing loudly, and McGonagall, who had been passing down the corridor, immediately approached the teenagers.

“Miss Granger, Mr. Thomas. May you tell me what’s the matter? You cannot talk this loud on the corridors, and even less by the library” the Professor said sternly.

Dean’s face lighted up and he blurted out: “Maybe the Professor can help us Hermione!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Dean! She’s busy!”

“We can ask”

“Ask me what, Dean?”

When they finished telling her their problem, McGonagall smirked and said: “I know exactly what to do…”


The plan wasn’t complicated. McGonagall had to make y/n fall so that Seamus came to the rescue. Hermione had told Harry and Ron, who gladly joined the mission.

Hermione was hidden on a corner, from where she could see Harry and Ron talking to Seamus and distracting him while descending the stairs. When she saw Dean and y/n approaching the scene, she gave thumbs up to Professor McGonagall. The old witch took action and transformed herself into a cat. She ran quickly in her animagus form and made y/n stumble and fall down with a thud. The Professor hid behind a wall, next to Hermione and turned into her human form once again. Both of them were eavesdropping the scene and praying that this would be the definitive attempt. Seamus saw his crush falling down and immediately forgot about the Quidditch discussion he had started with Ron and Harry. He approached y/n and ignored Dean.

“Y/n! Are you ok?” he demanded putting a hand on her/his shoulder.

Y/n had fallen on her bottom, but like hell she/he was going to admit to Seamus that her/his bottom was stinging with pain. It wouldn’t sound good at all. So she/he stuck for replying: “Just fine, thanks”

“You sure? I can take you to the Hospital Wing… I’ll carry you if you need it!” he offered, really worried about her. His preoccupation made y/n feel butterflies in the stomach, but she/he shook her/his head and mumbled: “That won’t be necessary, Seamus. But thanks again. I have to go, see you later Seamus. Bye Dean”

And just like that, y/n disappeared from the corridor. Dean, Hermione, Ron, Harry and Minerva groaned in frustration.


By now, nearly all the Gryffindor students knew what was going on; all except Seamus and y/n, of course. Hermione thought about playing Spin the bottle. She explained it was a muggle game which involved kissing. Ron, Harry, Dean, Ginny, Katie Bell, Hermione were playing, as well as Seamus and y/n, hoping that a kiss would make them confess their feelings once and for all. They couldn’t believe their luck, because on the first spin, y/n had to kiss Seamus. All the participants held their breaths in anticipation. Seamus and y/n turned bright red, but y/n got closer and softly, kissed him. It was intended to be a simple peck, but it developed into something more.

When they pulled away, Hermione mumbled: “Er- I think I don’t want to play anymore!”

Ginny, Dean, Harry, Katie and Ron followed her lead, making up excuses, despite the complaints of Seamus and y/n. The game had just started after all, but on the inside, they were glad that they were leaving them alone.

“Seamus… That kiss… Did it mean something to you?” y/n bluntly asked.

His cheeks turned pink and he gulped.

“I-It d-did” he finally stuttered.

“Good, because I want to kiss you again” y/n confessed. Before they knew it, their lips were crushing once again. Dean and Hermione could finally breathe and relax.

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An Awkward Conversation

Late Saturday Night
Remus’ Return From His Date

Sirius: …You’re back

Remus: Yeah… You’re awake late.

Sirius: Yeah… couldn’t sleep.

Remus: Oh.

Sirius: So, how did it go?

Remus: Good… good.

I have another date next weekend.

Sirius: *struggling* Yeah?

Remus: Yeah…

What did you get up to while I was… out?

Sirius: I-uh- went to visit Alison.

You know, Hufflepuff… great kisser.

Remus: Oh…

I didn’t know you were seeing someone.

Sirius: I’m not.

Not really.

Remus: Well, don’t stay up too late. You promised me a study d- session in the library tomorrow.

Goodnight, Pads.

Sirius: Goodnight, Remus.