attempts a sleepy peep talk

I don’t get involved in these sorts of issues, but it is all over my dash so … Look, as an unbiased view, we all have rp friends. If you talk to them, that is great. I’m not going to judge you for using skype or whatever because I probably do a similar thing with my friends on msn/other places. 

These blogs are for rping great characters. So just get out there and do that! If someone doesn’t want to rp with you? Oh well, it is their loss. Really, just go and bug someone else. New ships, new character loves, new plots and new friends.

But if you think you are being ignored, send an ask/submit at least. Most of the time people have a stupid, but sincere reason for not responding to your awesome thread. (like me with forgetting Zargs password AGAIN or School/collegework) Everyone can get sidetracked or busy. And you will not be bugging people. I do it all the time. (yeah, just message me. Seriously, it is the only way how remember things.)

Also, to anyone that feels replaced, don’t. Just because someone new came along, doesn’t mean you’re not still the amazing rper you were. We all love these characters and we all have our different views on them, and that is what makes rping so great. Everyone should be allowed the same amount of time, that is what independent rping is about … well at least to me.

So a small message to anyone following this blog. I will rp with you even if I am rping with another ten duplicates. I will try to make interesting threads with you. I will try to finish these threads because it is amazing when that happens and it is polite. I also hope that I can rp my character to the best of my ability for you guys!

PS: And I am definitely not scary. Just derpy