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Could you please do an analysis of Steven's main character flaws?

I can try, I guess?

Steven’s hitting a point where he’s gotten… meddlesome. After a large portion of the show where his greatest feature is how he brings people together and helps everyone figure out their problems, he’s now having a little trouble with the realization that he doesn’t always know best, and his attempts to help are not always wanted. We see it in Sadie’s Song and The New Lars, where he assumes his standards and desires are the same as everyone else’s, and ends up making them stressed and miserable trying to deal with his imposed standard. We see its more malicious side in Bubbled, where his assumptions of what Eyeball needs to warm up to him results in nearly getting murdered.

I think a lot about Message Received, and how he almost learned the lesson that Not Everyone Wants To Be Saved. However, Peridot immediately overturned that lesson before it had the chance to sink in, and Steven went back to thinking everyone can be helped. Instead of that slow buildup and realization to a truth with Peridot, Steven now is learning through painful crash courses via Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball.

It all stems from a kind and caring place, of course. And when you have it in your head that you want so badly to fix everyone’s problems, it becomes harder to focus on your own. I don’t think I need to belabor the point with Mindful Education, since it’s pretty painfully clear: the kid puts everyone’s stress before his own, sees their struggles as more important and more worth worrying about, and as a result isn’t dealing with his very real and very frightening trauma. He’s becoming scared to rock the boat for his own sake, and puts others’ freedoms and revelations first.

It’s a distressing conflict: he assumes that what he likes and wants and sees as freedom is the same for everyone else, but at the same time he’s putting himself second. As he’s starting to learn the former better, it may lead to even bigger problems with the latter.


Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway visited Nome High School on September 28, 2016 with Young Invest AIB, in an attempt to help students who have dropped out of regular secondary education by learning methodology for success around the country. Various group exercises were held, including listening to students’ best and most successful experiences from school.

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How come Eric's parents won't talk about him

Well because Wayne and Kathy have never gone public since the massacre this is all my opinion based on my knowledge of the case. I believe they won’t talk about him because they knew Eric was troubled. They are said to have found a pipe bomb he made which is a giant red flag. Wayne (his dad) also kept a journal of all of the things Eric did and attempted to help him work through his problems. The Brooks Brown incident was recorded in his journal which noted Eric was being little bully. The day of the massacre when the police went to search Erics room Kathy tried to stop them from entering. I think that they knew there was something wrong with Eric and that he was capable of violence. He had a anger problems he couldn’t keep under control.I think they haven’t talked because they were ashamed of what Eric had become, I say this because they didn’t handle his body after the massacre showing me that they had written him off completly. If Wayne and Kathy gave an interview it would just end in a lot of blame being put on them. It wouldn’t benefit them they would just end up back in the spotlight and it would reopen the past and things they aren’t willing to face publicly. I hope that answers your question!
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i mean i sat here on my futon and tried to use my tired brain to dust off my old math skills and come up with something coherent because it read in such a way that order seemed pretty important and i now realize that i know nothing and i even tried to rationalize that the order of multiplication mattered and punched numbers into my calculator and came up with different answers to things so Aha ! but really i have just not attempted math in years and it didn’t help that i’ve been reading marx for like 15 hours. still don’t kno how my calculator gave me different answers tho. just used the exact same numbers as earlier and it came out correct so what the hell. who would pull such a prank on me and make me look bad in front of all my web followers


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asoiaf female characters + defining quotes | part 2 of 3
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