Please explain to me why Sakura’s feelings are romantic and Naruto’s are not.


- Wanted Sasuke to come back to the village

- Cried over Sasuke

- Talked about how much they cared for Sasuke

- Missed Sasuke


- GAVE UP trying to save him because she didn’t get his point of view

- Tried to kill him

- Acted more like a fangirl than a love interest

- Wasn’t really willing to sacrifice much for him. Although, to be fair, she did help him in the Forest of Death and maybe attempted to help a couple times. 


- Literally never gave up on Sasuke, even after he had made his intentions clear. 

- Never tried to kill Sasuke, fought to protect himself when necessary. 

- Saw Sasuke as a real human being, versus a trophy, and actually cared about him feeling lonely. 

- Was willing to die with Sasuke, let himself get beaten up over Sasuke, fight dangerous enemies like Orochimaru, go against the wishes of his beloved village, etc. 

- Spent FIVE hours straight thinking about Sasuke.

- Left his home for three years to become stronger, for the purpose of rescuing Sasuke. When he got home he brushed off their team photo and said, “Sasuke, I’m home.” 

- Clutched his heart and whispered Sasuke’s name when he saw a shooting star…nothing more needs to be said about that.

- Released Karuma’s power for the first time because of Sasuke.

- Had a panic attack at the thought of Sasuke dying.

- Was the one whose feelings had the most impact on Sasuke.

Please, tell me what I’m missing here. The only advantage Sakura seems to have is a vagina, which Sasuke has shown no interest in. 


Hi!!! I love ur imagines, btw. Could u do a Julian Albert x-mas imagine where it’s his first Central City Christmas and the reader wants to make it special???

“Come on you,” you speak airily, doing your best not to surprise scare your boyfriend as you gently place a hand against his arm, pulling him back ever so slightly from his desk.

“Y/N?” Julian greets in question, somehow making your name also ask exactly what you were doing there.

With an encouraging smile, you slide your way between the arm of his chair and his desk, leaning against it softly in an attempt to steal his attention away from the work he could not help but glance back to.

“We are going out,” you answer, your expression light, yet your words resolute.

With a small smile playing on his lips, his eyes already holding an apology, Julian takes your hand in his, resting it against the edge of the table. “As lovely as that does sound, I’m afraid I have quite a lot of paperwork to get through before I can even think of leaving.”

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Chapter 10 - Hunger

Note from Author:  I hope everyone enjoyed Interlude 7.  It didn’t get as much feedback, but I’m hoping that people stick with it.  Its an important aspect of everything that comes next.

And thank you so much for continuing to read my fic!  It means the world to me.

Part 1

When she awoke to his voice this time, it had been on purpose.  His finger pressed closely to his lips to keep her from immediately speaking and she sat up, completely alert.  He was fully clothed in his jacket with sword sheathed.  He hurriedly motioned for her to follow and she grabbed her pants as she met him in the hallway and he whispered carefully in her ear, “Into the vault below … go now.  I will wake the others.”

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Are the Captioned Videos Okay?

I’ve been thinking about captioning videos for a while and I’m not sure I’m doing it right but I am making an attempt!

I’ve always found captions really helpful. First so I know what’s in the video (if it’s loud, got talking etc) which helps if it’s untagged. Second because sometimes I might be confused by what is happening? Like captioned videos were really helpful with things like glass-blowing which I didn’t recognise. And thirdly I sometimes watch them with the sound off it’s it’s too loud or I’m overstimulated as I’m very sensitive to sound and fast movement.

I hope this is okay for everyone?

anonymous asked:

Please be more helpful than Chaos. I want to know some things you think are essential to characters. ~ small insecure fangirl anon

Sure! I haven’t written too many characters but here are a few things that I try to take into account when I do:

Flaws. It’s important to know what your character is good at and their ‘nicer’ traits (kindness, selflessness, optimism, etc.), but you also need to balance that out. Do they hold grudges? What happens when they get angry? Are they prejudiced? And so on.

Another thing is relationships, past, current, and future. What has your character gained or lost from past relationships? What abiut their current ones? How do they act in a given situation, and how does that change depending on who they’re with?

Morals and beliefs, too. What crosses the line, and what’s acceptable? What would they stand for? Are they religious? How does that affect their lifestyle and morals? 

Hope this helps!


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asoiaf female characters + defining quotes | part 2 of 3
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