attempting yoga

MBTI as ways I have procrastinated

INTP: learning morse code

INTJ: learning every country’s flag

INFJ: having a 30-minute long existential crisis

INFP: writing emo poetry

ISFJ: baking an abnormal number of cookies

ENFP: eating the abnormal number of cookies

ENTP: researching serial killers

ENTJ: coming up with a philosophical theory

ENFJ: giving my friend an hour-long therapy session via text

ISTJ: reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ISFP: drawing an intricate skull and crossbones to hang on my door

ISTP: attempting to climb a tree in my garden that really shouldn’t be climbed

ESTP: researching poisons

ESFJ: composing a piano piece but forgetting to write it down

ESTJ: trying and failing at liquid eyeliner

ESFP: attempting advanced yoga and pulling a muscle

You Want Me To Do What Now?

Fandom: The Sidemen and The Pack
Summary: Simon, Lachlan, and Calfreezy attempt to do yoga with Y/N.

You hadn’t been to sure about the video idea the trio of tall dirty blondes had come up with, but you’d agreed to help. They wanted to film a three-guy awkward yoga positions video, and you were the only person that knew yoga that they could ask.
Lachlan was trying to be the base. Simon was on his back facing the opposite direction and Cal was on Simon’s back facing the same direction as Lachlan. They hadn’t injured each other yet, key on the yet. You helped Cal and Simon down so they wouldn’ get hurt.
“You’ve got to sit down, holding hands and your feet are going to be pressed against each other in the air,” you said, laughing as their expressions changed.
“Okay, you want me to do what now?” Cal sassed. You were laughing as you showed them the picture. They all groaned and sat down as you moved the camera around.
They were holding hands and trying to get their legs when Harry showed up at probably the worst possible time. “I, uh, I, what are you doing?”
“They’re trying to do yoga,” you laughed. They were still struggling to get their feet up in the air and failing miserably. “I don’t think you guys are going to do it.”
They let go and got up, each groaning about the horror of this challenge. You reminded them that it was their idea and that they had insisted. They tried a few more positions as you searched for one that could be taken as dirty, just for the fun of it.
“No,” Simon said when he saw what you wanted them to try, “No, we’re not trying that.” You pouted until he caved and they tried it. “Okay, that’s it we’re done. That was the three of us trying to do yoga, I don’t even know anymore, see ya!”
“Never again,” Lachlan said, letting himself drop to the floor. Cal and Simon joined him and they left a spot for you. You curled up between them and actually ended up falling asleep.

Hoo knows Atticus Owl

A long since retired cartoon star who goes about his mediocre life, at his Starbucks job. On weekends he does yoga and attempts to date while tending to his bonsai and spice garden.

“I used to watch your show”

“Oh yeah?”

“You haven’t done sh– sicne have you?”

4 tips for beginning (and loving) a yoga practice

Finally getting around to doing this @rudegyalchina But you asked for some tips on starting a yoga practice and even though I haven’t exactly mastered the habit, I can share some things that have helped get me going in the times I kept it going strong for long:

1: Take baby steps. Find a yoga style that speaks to you and start on the most basic 10 pose chunk and work on those until mastery. For example, my last attempted yoga practice I made the mistake of jumping into a more difficult yoga style (Ashtanga) for the superficial reason of wanting to take pictures using inversions. When it didn’t work out, I became discouraged and turned off from yoga practice. Now I know and understand that superficiality does not trump self improvement, and I’m looking at studying yin yoga to teach me about patience, growth and being present in the moment. Outside of that, the first thing I am doing every morning is sun salutation, which is a sequence of asanas that I dreaded doing before any practice. If you focus on growth you will see the power of the baby steps you are taking and will be more inspired to continue on the path. Start with a 10 minute routine, and build by 5 minutes every week.

2. Pick out a specific time, area, and playlist to do so, and stick with it.  This is how habits are formed. Making it a part of your daily routine will mean you’re committed to your growth. Practice in a positive, comfortable environment with your favorite music to set the mood and your mind and body will naturally look forward to the experience.

3. Tell others about your journey- Share the experience with a friend, Join online yoga communities especially if they’re targeted toward your demographic, document it through tumblr, let other people know what you are doing to give yourself a sense of responsibility and ownership over the experience. Allow the positive energies of others to motivate you and draw light into your life, then share that energy with others.

4. Enjoy your time- Make this time the one moment in your day that things go silent and you give your mind rest. Even if you can’t stretch as deeply as you want, or can’t nail an inversion pose you were aiming for, just lay on your mat and take the time to breathe and meditate in gratitude for the solitude you’re being given then and now.

     🔮With Love🌌💋 

  • [attempting a relaxation exercise they found on the internet]
  • April: [reading an online how-to] It says to release all of the sounds that are trapped in your mind.
  • Donnie: [prolonged screaming]
  • April: ... Donnie, are you okay?
  • Donnie: I'm a little messed up.
New Instagram

Hey y'all I know that I often don’t make personal pats on here, but I have recently started to try and make some changes for the better in my habits, and I’m recording them on here (, and it would be really great to have some encouragement and support in there if you are willing to give it? Thank you all so much! ❤️❤️ 

 (Note: the Instagram will occasionally discuss mental health and weight loss, but is mainly about me developing healthier habits, which will include the gym and attempting yoga)

hey naoki here!
apparently it’s national stress awareness day.
so, tips if you’re stressed:

1. drink a nice cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm milk, whatever you like.

2. pick a song and dance to it, you’ll forget what you’re stressing about.

3. message your friend, if you don’t have friends, make friends on tumblr, twitter, or some other “social” site.

4. do yoga! let’s rephrase that; *ATTEMPT* yoga!

if all else fails, have a phanathon (phan marathon)! :)
& if you need someone to talk to, i have kik: fultimeinternethomo (spelt with 1 l) talk to me about all your problems :)


I’ve been trying to go to yoga classes so I can take care of my body and stuff and today the teacher leads me into this thing called Eagle pose where we stand like this for like two minutes.

External image

If you’re having a bad day, picture someone you hate attempting to hold this pose because whether or not they succeed, it’s still really funny.

(I fell like six times.)

Doing The Yoga Challenge Together (Requested)

* You and your fave were attempting to do the yoga challenge but at the end, you both fell and started laughing and decided to go get some ice cream instead*

Jack J 

Jack G














Have A Great Day and Happy Holidays and New Year! <3