attempting to make a photoset


That’s when I remembered a line I heard on a TV show long ago; ‘Rugby is just lawful brawling.’ Get it? I mean, the whole point is to send your opponents flying. The stupid stuff I always used to do was a sport!

“And what kind of guy wants to lose a fight?”

ebumi masaru in episode 6


Her mother was traveling and asked me to put together a little surprise birthday party for her. With the help of some of the producers, we lured her to the studio. Rashad was there with some of his friends, Timbaland and Missy were there. It was just her friends. I got her a pretty cake and she seemed genuinely surprised when she arrived. Everybody had a great time just hanging out and it was just like her style, it was very low key.“


TENEBRARIUS | listen here

                      ❝i can feel their claws scratching
                                        screeching in desire
                                  as they flourish each breath i take.❞

I know we’ve appreciated Phryne’s hats plenty, but I really do love her assorted hair tiaras/combs/flowers/headbands as well. So I thought I’d put together this unnecessarily large post about them.

BTW, Essie, could you please STAHP being so lovely and perfect! It’s getting a little absurd

@kayleigh-83 replied to your photoset “Sabrina attempted to make turkey for the first time, in hopes of…”

Hahah awww burnt the turkey while entertaining the headmaster in her PJ’s…. was kind of doomed to fail I suppose!

I didn’t realize that she was in her pajamas, until I was editing the photos. I had a good laugh when I finally noticed. So yup, it was pretty much doomed from the get-go!

@phinae-simblr replied to your photoset “Peek-a-boo!”

my favorite interaction

It is so cute! There are so many nice little interactions like that one in the game. Another reason why I love ts2 :)

@sinneblommen replied to your photo “Sabrina invites the headmaster over… His last name of Hoogenboom! Ah!…”

hoogenboom aka high tree. i kinda dig it as well

Oh! I didn’t know the name had a meaning, I thought it was made up aha. I googled it, and apparently it is Dutch, right? I dig it even more now :D