attempting to draw a scene hahaha

Hey, who wants another out of context Frozen AU scene doodle? Apart from @zarla-s? Well here it is anyway!

Of course, I say out of context, but I might as well just admit that this is the AU’s equivalent of the “Reindeers are better than people” scene from the movie; I actually based most of the color palette for this off screencaps of the scene in question! I did my best to kind of capture the cozy feel of the scene with the warm yellow light source that only takes up a portion of the shot.

I also may have just wanted to draw Juan playing guitar again.

This is my first real attempt at drawing Juan’s reindeer, or really at drawing a reindeer at all, hahaha. Turns out there are more varieties of reindeer out there than I imagined, so finding a good reference image for this was an adventure, and I still ended up stylizing it more than a little. Art! (Zarla, I’m not sure, does the reindeer’s name count as a spoiler, or am I being over-cautious by not mentioning it directly?)

This one is almost entirely color pencil on toned paper!

I attempted to draw my favorite scene from my favorite fic, “for there is nothing lost” by @ceruleancynic, from her absolutely amazing series “All that you love will be carried away”. I haven’t used watercolors in over a decade, so its definitely wonky. OTL

Anyway read it here cause this pic definitely does not do it justice hahaha