attempting the smokey eye

kaycebrewer  asked:

Do you know any youtubers that are good at smokey eye? Thank you I am just starting

It’ll be super helpful to understand the blending process of a smokey eye before attempting one, so I recommend checking out these videos beforehand:

[1] [2] [3]

You’ll notice that everyone’s application and blending technique is slightly different, but the end result is the same: seamless, blended colors. This can be time-consuming and oftentimes tedious, but try to be patient! 

EMAN - Easy Smokey Eye for Beginners 

KATHRYN BEDELL - Beginner-Friendly Smokey Eye Talk-Through 

ALISSA ASHLEY - Smokey Eye for Hooded Eyes 

Good luck! Smokey eyes are a lot less intimidating than they look, but just remember that practice makes perfect. 

- Sabrina 


Starlit Blue Moon | black smokey eye with navy blue lips

new attempt on makeup tutorial, I think I’m getting better with it.
hope you enjoy it, any feedback would be very appreciated :)