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… okay so i definitely was going to animate dre under the lovely @cursetale‘s blessing and… then i couldn’t get Dreby outta my head so here we are

i’m totally working on Dre but man i just could not resist that face and those bunny ears are you kidding me

from this gorgeous chain from last week or so between cursetale and the also-fantastic @blesstale because just… hell yes. hell goddamn yes.

From NCT’s extra lifestyle:

taking the team concept seriously😂 (every team into its own world)

Ok @sgarrett49​, as hot as this gif is, imma have to go angsty with it. 

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist


You watched him play with the cuff of the shirt. 

God, he really did look good. 

The way the shirt hugged his body, showing off everything. The waistcoat, firm against his chest. 

His hair. Combed and slicked down, yet he looked so damn stunning. 

You sometimes wondered how you managed to land Jensen Ackles. 

Well…land was a bit far. You were fucking. Had been for over a year now. 

Hell, you’d been on dates. Had your anniversary. Everything. 

But there was one thing that you hated. 

He never defined the relationship. 

Each time you’d ask what you were, he’d avoid the conversation, opting to either fuck you or just switch the topoc. 

You hated it. Sometimes, he’d make you feel so loved. So happy. 

But then it’d all be over when he’d avoid talking to you. It made you feel like you were some sort of bootycall. 

And maybe you’d be ok with that role, if you hadn’t been ‘together’ for over a year. 

But a few nights ago, you realized this wasn’t going anywhere. 

Especially not when you saw the texts from her. His ex. 

They’d been together for a few years. Of course, you’d met her, being the costume designer on set. 

She was…nice? She wasn’t necessarily the type of person you’d ever get to know. But you could see he loved her. 

So when you saw her texting him, asking to get back together, you realized why he’d been so distant lately. 

He was preparing to break up with you. Leave you behind for her. 

Well, there was no way you’d be humiliated or thrown out like that. 

No. You weren’t the type to cry and beg. If he wanted to go back to her, that was fine. Let him be miserable. 

So you watched, Jensen looking sexy and getting ready for his scene. 

Bastard. Why did he make you fall in love with him, when he still loved her?

You were gonna go home tonight. Pack your bags. Move out while he was with Jared. 

Yea. You’d already handed in your notice, making sure it’d be kept quiet. 

No one knew you and Jensen were together anyway. He kept you a secret, most likely ashamed that he’d gone from a sort of celebrity, to you, the person who worked in wardrobe. 

Yea…you were gone after tonight. And you’d make sure he couldn’t find you. 

Jensen watched you, his heart racing as he caught your eye. 

You looked so stunning. God, he knew he’d been distant. He knew how messy he’d been. 

But after getting his heart broken, he wasn’t going to do that again. Especially not with you. 

So he took it slow, avoided anything he did in his previous relationship. 

But recently, his mind was made up. He was going to propose. 

He loved you. Hell, you were the reason he broke up with her. 

So he had the ring sitting in a drawer, waiting for the perfect moment. 

He knew he’d been distant, but he was getting everything ready with Jared, the only person who knew about you. But not for long, because he was ready for the world to know that you were the love of his life. 

He just didn’t know, when he got home tonight, you’d be out of his life. 

He just didn’t know, by keeping you at an arms length, in attempts to keep his own heart safe, he managed to destroy yours. 

He just didn’t know that by trying to avoid everything he did wrong with his ex, he managed to do everything wrong with you. 

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This is the second draft for this story. I wrote out a potential plot and then decided I didn’t like it, deleted it, and wrote this instead. I’m much happier with the result, even if it is necessary that I apologise in advance for the angst. The request was made by @agentpiku. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Would you be okay with either a Bucky x reader or Loki x reader fic where all of them go on a vacation of sorts after all their missions have been finished?? I’ve been listening to “The Nights” by Avicii and it has me think of all of them on a vacation on one of those private islands that Tony probably owns

“Attempts at Reconciliation”

It was only a matter of time.

Only a matter of time until they found him. Found you.

You threw your legs over the edge of the boat and your feet hit sand with a gentle thud and a cloud of gold. The minute you and your backpack were entirely off of the boat, a sleek black Mercedes emerged from the forest and pulled up in front of you.

The island was the definition of remote, bordered by miles of ocean. In front of you was a jungle that tempted you with protective shade. The heat was almost unbearable. Almost. You adjusted your shades and sunhat and approached the car.

“Are you Miss (Y/l/n)?” The driver rolled down the window to ask.
“I am. Presumably Stark sent you?” He smirked and stepped out to open the door for you.
“He did.”

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Libra in Living Harmony

If there is any sign that has flowers lining the spinal cord and a heart full of winsomeness, it is Libra. With Venus as their ruling planet and the powder of Air ascending him through life, the Libra is highly attuned to his surroundings and experiences the world through his senses and intuition. The Libran archetype is forever seeking perfect balance, like a dancer on a balance beam. This extends toward relationships, emotions, work, friendship circles, left and right brain activity and the perfect harmony of surroundings. He thinks in musical notes, a symphony between the planets and converts the stationary words on paper into living poetry.

Librans prefer relationships to be chaos free and tranquil, and he will instantly act as mediator if this is not the case. The compulsion for balance propels the Libra to see both sides of the argument, draw equalities, and teach others a way to empathize with every perspective. His gift to the zodiac is creating and monitoring social harmony, and his gift to himself is gorgeous colour co-ordination, sweet scents and candles, tactile fabric, luxurious jewellery and the attitude imperative to forming many friendships. Especially for those with heavy Libran influence (namely on the ascending) they have faces of exact symmetry. His direct urge to restore justice and balance causes him to compromise his own innate beliefs - although, like erratic air, these seem to be quite changeable anyway. Ideally, justice to Librans means the attainment of virtues such as peace, equality, beauty and integrity. The Libra can be found dreaming up new realities and perfecting the ideal world. In attempts to save his own distress, many Librans would prefer ignore the darker and hostile side of life, and direct focus to restoring and maintaing beauty in their own worlds.

Abstract theory consumes most of the Libra’s mind, and he exudes some of the most heightened senses of the zodiac. Dark, unkempt and inhospitable surroundings can cause much internal chaos and anxiety, all whilst sensory pleasing environments replenish peace and stability. Being so perceptively intense also means the Libra would relate many of his memories to sensory memory, such as remembering a familiar smell and being unable to take themselves away from that time or place. Like cool, flowing and light air, Librans express like a free floating love bubble. Libra energy ubiquitous, like celestial music crossing frequencies of emotion and thought, one that knows no boundary between the self and others.



( insp. ) monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid. 


Apparently, Miss Cullen and Miss Hale have a presentation for us.


“Chibi Kenma is a clever, psychic setter. It can easily pick up on other Pokemon’s movements and just as quickly decipher a new play of attack with its sharp eyes and even sharper mind. However, this Pokemon is weak when it comes to video games because it loves to play.”

Pokemon Trainer Kenma and Chibi Kenma!
↳ Happy Birthday Marissa @kenmasan(〜^∇^)〜

… A good life. For you and Henry. You’ll have never have given him up. You’ll have always been together. […] You’ll have the life you always wanted.


i got a copy of leann rimes’ “blue” for my birthday when i was a kid that i never listened to. i know it says do not attempt but come on it would make a perfect windsock.