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favorite fancasts: ju xiaowen & huang zitao as thalia & jason grace

“He watched Jason’s face—looking more and more devastated as Thalia described their mom—and for once, Leo didn’t feel jealous of his friend. Leo might have lost his mom. He might have had some hard times. But at least he remembered her. […] He felt bad for Jason, not having memories like that—not having anything to fall back on.”


Damn, I’ve met unexpectedly a translation issue in the dialogue. I couldn’t imagine that Lucy’s swearing was actually “Jolly good!” in the original version. Which was rather like a “Good god” or “Goodness!” in french (Bon sang !)

Anyway, I attempted to make a graphic novel adaptation of Lockwood and co : the screaming staircase. As the project just failed, I thought it could be nice to share with you the few pages I’ve made. For those who’ve read the book, may noticed my free interpretation of the scene. As it was recommended to show not more than 5 pages to convince the publishers, I choose to make it entertaining and dynamic in a short lapse of time. So I put forward the gloomy atmosphere, the scary ghost and Lockwood’s fencing skill :’D.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 

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Apartment 2B - per request and loooong overdue, here’s my best attempt at Bonnie and Caroline’s digz. Floor plan here.