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Feysand + 6 for the AU thing! :)

AU Prompts:

FeyRhys + Meeting at a coffee shop au

Feyre orders another cup of tea as she gets up to stretch her legs. She’s been curled up in her favourite chair for too long; she’s got cramp and pins and needles everywhere. She rolls her eyes as she realises that her least favourite barista is back from his vacation and hasn’t been mauled by bears like she’d dreamt about and drawn in great detail.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Tam asks.

“Enough tea? It’s not exactly hardcore drugs, dude,” she says, tapping her foot impatiently, knowing there’s at least one other customer queuing behind her.

“But it’s not good for you,” he argues.

“So? What do you care?” she demands.

“I’m just trying to protect you from yourself.”

She’s about to lose her temper with Tam when the guy in the queue behind her butts in.

“Just let her have the tea, man. You’re holding us all up here.”

Tam gives in, but takes his time getting her drink. She turns to the stranger and nods. “I didn’t need your help. But, thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” he replies with a grin.

Feyre walks the length of the coffee shop before dropping back into her chair to get back to the comic she’s working on. She’s so consumed by her tablet that she doesn’t notice when the stranger drops into the seat opposite her; she only notices when she goes to pick up her tea.

“I’m Rhys, by the way,” he says, smiling at her.

“I’m busy,” she replies, turning her gaze back to her tablet.

“Short for Elizabeth?” he asks, taking a sip of his drink and getting cream on his nose.

“What?” she asks.

“Busy? Is that short for Elizabeth?” he asks with a small laugh.

“Oh my God. You are so funny,” she replies, completely deadpan.

“Thanks. So, that guy? He bother you a lot when you’re here?” he asks, sincerely.

“Yeah, pretty much, but he’s harmless.”

“You know, a buddy of mine owns a coffee shop a few blocks from here and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you hanging out to draw there. And she won’t bug you about your tea consumption.”

“If it’s so great, why are you here?”

“I’m a sucker for a pretty face.”

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hi carrie!! early happy new year (or late? idk what time zone you're in) i was wondering if you could give me some advice about getting things published? i've kind of made it my mission in 2017 to finally start writing a book since i've wanted to for years. obviously i wouldn't really expect it to actually be good enough to be published but on the off chance i manage to writ something semi good, could you let me know a little of the process of publishing etc or your experience with it? thanks :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you lovely anon! first of all this is a great mission and i’m very excited for you!  ❤ ❤ ❤

first, write your book. finish it, finish it, finish it. you can do it and i believe in you! and if you’ve wanted to for years you definitely have a story and you want to tell it and you should GO FOR IT. 

okay, your book is done. format your manuscript. depending on where you are sending it to, some people will have specific rules like what font size to use, how big your margins are, etc, so look out for those.

some ideas:

okay who do you send it to? decide whether you want to get an agent or to query unagented. there are publishing houses that accept unagented manuscripts, but either way you’re going to have to write a query letter and a synopsis, which might be harder than writing the book itself.

if you want to get an agent, you’ll have to do research on who would be a good fit for you; look at the type of books they represent, genre etc, other books they’ve sold to publishing houses. an agent is basically a middleperson who will take a cut of your eventual earnings. 

also a lot of agents are on twitter, and a lot of authors on twitter usually in their bios will tell you who they are represented by, and you can follow that agent’s twitter. sometimes there are pitching events where you can try to pitch your book in a tweet, or at least you can intro yourself to the agent this way.

 a query letter is basically 250 words (it quibbles a little depending on what the agent/publishing house once, but it’s usually very short) of why your book is awesome, what it’s about, and why they should pick it. 

a synopsis is a page long (sometimes they will let you have two, but its usually a page) summary of everything that happens in the book, cut and dry, no prose or pretty words here, just tell me everything that happens. 

that’s kind of the nuts and bolts of how to send your stuff in, the basics; just remember to format to the specifications of the publishing house or the agent you’re querying. basically you send them the query, synopsis, and the first 50 pages of your manuscript (depending on what they want), and if they’re interested they’ll reply back asking to see the whole thing.  you can query people with a WIP, but it’s harder since not everyone will want to look at it if they know it’s not done.

also, if you want to self publish, that’s a great route too if you know your audience and can tap into a niche market. you do have to do everything, though, like design the cover and format it for an ebook– there are people you can hire for that if you like, but some advantages of self-publishing includes keeping all the profits for yourself. disadvantages: you have to do all the marketing yourself.

some advice posts on self publishing:

some other good reading pieces:

don’t lose heart– rejection is a part of the process, especially if you’re going the agent/ publishing house route. just because your book isn’t a good fit for that person or publishing house doesn’t mean it’s not good, it means it doesn’t fit with their very specific thing. for example, if you write young adult sci fi adventure novels and you submit to an agent who represents only dark gritty crime thrillers, they’re not going to be able to sell your book. 

find your niche! there are a lot of publishing houses that will post what they’re looking for, too, for example tor this year asked for  fantasy that is based on non-european cultures, which is awesome; there was a three month period where anyone could submit. keep an eye out for publishing houses that you like that will open submissions for a certain time, and be aware of deadlines, because they do sneak up on you. 

also a shout out to interlude press and duet books, because if you write LGBTQ+ genre fiction, their submissions are currently open

all the best of luck to you, and if you have any questions feel free to come back!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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for your consideration: poem "The Man to the Angel" by George William Russell (1867–1935). I just encountered this in a book from 1913 that is crumbling in my hands and stopped short as my brain crumbled from destiel. wanted u to know

Well, thanks for that! I found it online. Anyone need a good brain crumbling?

The Man to the Angel

George William Russell (1867–1935)

I HAVE wept a million tears.
Pure and proud one, where are thine?
What the gain, though all thy years
In unbroken beauty shine?

All your beauty cannot win        5
Truth we learn in pain and sighs:
You can never enter in
To the Circle of the Wise.

They are but the slaves of light
Who have never known the gloom,        10
And between the dark and bright
Willed in freedom their own doom.

Think not in your pureness there
That our pain but follows sin:
There are fires for those who dare        15
Seek the throne of might to win.

Pure one, from your pride refrain:
Dark and lost amid the strife,
I am myriad years of pain
Nearer to the fount of life.        20

When defiance fierce is thrown
At the god to whom you bow,
Rest the lips of the Unknown
Tenderest upon my brow.

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Deresute has such nice 3d graphics and I'm just wondering how they get it to run so smoothly and look so good? I think they look better than the 3D for project diva F and F 2nd for ps3/vita and I'm like wow

Well, this is a question really more suited for the developers, but I can try to offer some insight. The game uses lots of optimization tricks like

  • Models don’t have a ton of polygons
  • most lighting and detail is painted onto the texture (they only need to look good in a limited set of environments anyway)
  • even though 5 characters are onstage, they mostly use the same animations (look at footage from Viewing Revolution and there’s a huge difference)
  • The game generally avoids very wide shots so it doesn’t have to render everything at once
  • its all on a little tiny screen (as compared to a TV) so imperfections aren’t as noticeable
  • pointed out by m1kudayo: deresute also runs at 60 fps, while many other games are only at 30.

Regardless, it’s impressive that they got it all on to mobile devices. And in general, it’s not always about power to make something look good. Art direction is what counts!

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I apologise - I don't mean to belittle your experiences and what's happened. Yes, his actions have been, and have continued to be, very wrong in the past. If you, and many other people, would want to cut yourself off from everything to do with him, you'd be more than justified. But people can be dumb. Sometimes, it might take 5 or 10 years for something to sink in. We can't control that. It sucks. I just want people to try and be patient because it's less likely to create a worse situation.

i’d say neo-n@z!’s publicly appraising your work and saying keep it up is a pretty bad fuckin situation and for most would be a sign that some messages need to change immediately.

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I think I'm pathetically in love with the guy I lost my virginity to. He is kind but he doesn't want me. He's taking up everything in my mind and it's not fair. When I'm drunk I just want to be with him and I think he feels sorry for me. I want to not care about him anymore and I don't want to feel embarrassed or pitiful anymore.

Oh nonny, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. I’m not sure how old you are, and I know how overwhelming being in love can be–and how irrational it can make your thoughts and actions–but if there’s one piece of advice I wish I could go back and give bb recently deflowered Holly it would be to not waste my time dwelling on someone who doesn’t feel the same way about me that I feel about them. 

I know that’s so hard to do though because, again, love is irrational and agonizing, but I’ll just tell you what my mom always tells me when I’m feeling hopeless: this too shall pass. One day you will look back on this period of your life and wonder why you were so in love with this person to begin with. I’m basically the worst with love advice, and these days I don’t dabble in relationships at all because romance, other than the fictional, has lost its appeal for me, but I do hope this gets easier for you soon, and that you can take some time to reflect on your own worth and what it is that I know you deserve. You’re stronger than you realize nonny. <3

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Does Kitten ever flirted/charmed their way through a difficult situation? Will their flirting skills be at its highest level since they are older and more experienced? XD

THEY ARE POSSIBLY THE WORST FLIRTER!!! They’d rather solve the matter with a fist than flirt their way out of the situation.

The game of flirting/charming is too difficult for Kitten to handle. If they ever come off as flirting/charming, it’s probably unintentional. XD

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I'm enjoying how characters from the Mob AU would react to the other counterparts. Your art is so clean as well :3 I love it. It makes me wonder, how Kitten would react to other AU Sans'. For example Murder!Sans. I feel like that would be quite the fight. I wouldn't know who would win tbh. What do you think?

Kitten against Murder!Sans?! I imagine there’s going to be a fight for sure! Depending on how much LV Murder!Sans has, Kitten will either be on par or losing against him. It’s hard to win against a skilled magic user with just a fist!

Though if Kitten was in violent mode, maybe there might be a chance…..

(But Kitten is, after all, just a human that has a stronger SOUL than other humans and can turn violent. Not much of a skill compared to some other AU Sans-es out there! XD)

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Wait so when we were told that they aren't able to go back to anytime they existed, did they say they weren't able to, like physically weren't able to, or that they weren't ALLOWED to, because maybe they were trying to trick us with that wording and that they actually could if they wanted to, it's just not allowed. If that's the case then I definitely think Flynn is from the future and he just doesn't care about that rule.

Quoting Rufus in the Pilot:

“You can’t go back to any time where you already exist, where you might meet a double of yourself. It is bad for the fabric of reality. … We tried it once. The pilot came back, but not all of him.”

Rufus really has no reason to lie about this. And even if he was lying to Wyatt and Lucy in the beginning (since they were strangers and not privy to certain information), he surely would have told them by now. Heck, Anthony would have told Flynn from the beginning. So we’re kind of taking it at their word that if you try to go back to a time you exist, it will physically destroy you. (Or maybe just mentally destroy you. Maybe the wording here is obscure. But the implication is it’s physical.) It seems it would only affect the time traveler though and not both past and present versions of the person. Otherwise, ya know, that pilot would have been wiped out in the past as well and unable to become an employee at Mason Industries and then you have a whole paradox.

I do think they are eventually going to break this rule though. I don’t know how. I don’t know when. But just in the original draft of the Pilot, crazed future Lucy is outside her house watching herself at the end. I can see why they cut it. They don’t want us to know it will be possible yet. It will happen one day, but right now it’s against the rules. Of reality.

I don’t think Flynn’s from the future? I know that was a bit of a theory going around for awhile, but 1.08 probably nipped it in the bud. We met his mother. We know this exact woman is his mother because he talked about all the memories he has of her. And then at the end of the episode, Agent Christopher gives the team Flynn’s file. He has a very well documented life in the present. Born in Croatia in 1975 to Maria Thompkins and Asher Flynn and charted from there. By all accounts, he didn’t accept time travel as possible, or even probable, until two years ago when he was looking into Mason for his job. He just got caught up in it like the rest of the team.

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goku, gohan, goten

     “I don’t even WANT to tell you the other options I got before – 
I would shoot my father because I’m certain it wouldn’t affect him physically. I’d compliment my wonderful older brother on his family and success! And I’d prank my little brother -” 

     “I’m NOT childish at all but if he tries to prank me I will wage war.”